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For all the fans of the Dragon Ball Super Card Game.

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  2. Hi guys!

    Hey guys, I'd definitely like to see more deck profiles, as well as some live gameplay. I'm fairly new to the game, and my local shop has only come across 6 booster boxes, I bought 4. I was also lucky enough to pick up a launch box from a local distributor, which is really cool but nobody needs that many half decks lolol. The official website now has events listed, though they are very far and few in between. Also, judges will be chosen soon, and some kinda club for ranking and recording gameplay. I'm preparing some competitive decks, but with a lack of an organized club and the game hard to find right now, I think things are going to move a bit slower than most TCGs. I noticed a lot of people playing Champa, Vegeta, and Goku as leaders. I'd especially like to see some more leader strategies, and people's combo strategies. I feel like combos are the hardest part of the game. Maybe we can start a discord channel or some kind of live chat as well for players?
  3. Hi guys!

    Not entirely sure what I would want to see quite yet in the club as opposed to what can be found in the forums, although posting events here would be nice. I live in Michigan and a card shop near me hosts DBS card tournaments, but that doesn't help anyone here unless they live in Michigan. I know there is supposed to be a DBS even in Gencon, but I also know there there is a spot in the forums for events I think also, so maybe this could be more to use the calendar and keep track of everything? aside from that maybe this is more for chat and banter about the DBS TCG?
  4. What do you guys want to see from this club?