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  3. I'll agree with the sword and android card sentiment.
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  5. Yes.
  6. Regarding making Kid Trunks interchangeable with Trunks because we won't see Future Trunks after a while, it's a disappointing possibility but I don't really buy it as a justification. I'd like to think that Nail and Raditz will some day get new levels and if they can out of the blue, so can Trunks. Putting that aside, he's still in Bojack, Super, and has a flashback in Battle of Gods. Even if we don't see him for a while, we know he's coming. With how Future Gohan was handled (which I cannot see the reasoning for), there is no lack of Gohan appearances to the point that we need to sacrifice Future Gohan as an extra MP to support regular Gohan. It makes no sense. Not to mention they straight up fumbled when they made a set including History of Trunks and designed ZERO sword or android cards. Like really, how do you do that?
  7. Dabura is tied with Burter as my favorite character, and he has a lot of powers and flavor so I hope he gets proper treatment. There's spit, weapon conjuration (for some potential Sword synergy), demon breath, meditation, and a power level at or above Cell's. Also I guess this is less likely now with such limited card pools, but for the Buu Saga I think it would be a good time to make another archetype like Sword: Magic. In general there's a lot of Magic from the Kaioshin, Babidi's family, and Buu to make the cards. Babidi could be a destructive Magic-themed MP and Dende a healing Magic-themed MP. Old Kai could be a Hero Ally that supports Magic, and Bibidi the Villain Ally. It seems to write itself but like I said they might not want to bother with that when there will only be so many cards released per Set.
  8. I am of the opinion that they should continue with super and treat GT sagas like they have been treating movie sets. So starter set of super, booster set, then GT based booster set. This also does not preclude them from doing throw back sets for the boosters whenever necessary. In order capture any personalities from dragon ball or Z they may have missed. For instance the first set could be battle of the gods, followed by a booster set focusing on missed heroes like bulma, chichi, and yajirobe, followed by a booster set focusing on the first GT saga. Then gold frieza followed by a frieza throwback booster featuring zarbon, dodoria, etc followed by the next GT arc.
  9. Yup lol But I am more so referring to like OP events with cash on the line, casuals have way more leniency.
  10. Like missing Roshi level 3's end of combat effect?
  11. Drafting in heroclix is balls though. You can see a full booster and whats cpming to you so you can meta build your team with whats coming your way. Every time we drafted one player would take forever to make his picks and he would have 5 boosters behind himso he could pick from each one know exactly what to get. Here, it sounds more enjoyable and bettee than the sealed events of "brinf your own MP/Mastery" which was always Blue protective or Black devious, and either pickles or Krillin.
  12. Added cards from a Super Friends deck (S19-36) revealed on Facebook. Supergirl - when played everyone reveals their hand and dumps all event cards. Krypto - all players draw a card at the end of their turn. Green Arrow - Push to attach a battle card rank 5 or lower from your hand to target character.
  13. For me optional.
  14. Hey guys I was able to get some time in with DBZF at EVO 2017 and here are my thoughts on it! I hope you enjoy!
  15. As soon as you see a leader card, you have to take it (but it doesn't count as a pick).
  16. Uhhh... Melee says "hi" lol
  17. I am a little confused about the drafting with the leader cards. Are they saying that if you don't draft your leader in your first pack then you HAVE to take one from the next pack, plus an extra card? am i reading that right?
  18. If it is your opponent's responsibility to trigger the effect and they don't then fuck 'em lol
  19. That would involve someone playing Black tho... lol
  20. I'm probably alone in halfway hoping they go balls to the wall with promos for a bit after Z, and throw in a heap of random Heroes personalities, or extra what-if fusions from Dragon Ball Fusions. Just some crazy shit. Also, straight up, they're probably going to do Super. Golden Frieza and Super Saiyan God Goku are already levels in the game, so they've already made moves to acknowledge and include Super. Same goes with Beerus ally. They're more likely to move into Super and provide extra support for the Super cards already in the game, than they are to build up from the ground with GT or Dragon Ball.
  21. What is the WMAT Format?
  22. Wait, are we arguing mandatory triggers like Red Enraged or optional triggers like Android 13's Impenetrable Defense?
  23. Set 1 - Justice League P1-JL P2-JL Victorious P3-JL STR/INT/SPL 4 MP+0 P4-JL P5-JL P6-JL P7-JL P8-JL P9-JL Aquaman King of the Seven Seas (SDCC 2017 Thursday handout) P10-JL The Joker Clown Prince of Crime (SDCC 2017 Friday handout) P11-JL Wonder Woman Amazon Princess (SDCC 2017 Saturday handout) P12-JL Lex Luthor CEO of LexCorp (SDCC 2017 Sunday handout) P13-JL Shazam Captain Marvel P14-JL P15-JL P16-JL P17-JL Sonic Boom P18-JL Strength/Intelligence/Special 5 MP-2 P19-JL P20-JL
  24. Please, continue. I've always wondered in the back of my mind what comes after the end of Z. Dragon ball? GT? Super? Maybe even break away from the saga to saga set cycles and just make generic support for whatever either needs it or just introduce/improve MPs for more play styles. Personally hoping for the latter but I guess I wouldn't mind either dragonball or GT. Highly doubt they would venture into super.
  25. You have very solid points there lol never thought about it like that.
  26. not much on attack on titan or green lanturn
  27. As a known Gohan fan I actually would prefer saiyaman just to be a single level, and save the full stacks for other characters in set 10. Make saiyaman a new lv 1 (possibly 2) and save the full stake for mystic. Gohan has plenty of good levels right now as it is. Although I would like a new level 4. If they do a single level now they can work adult super saiyan 2 into the mystic stack as level 2 or 3. As far as Trunks verse kid trunks goes I think it would be very unlikely that they are considered different personalities at this point. Given the wording on dr. briefs and the way they treated future gohan I think it would be highly unlikely that they're not interchangeable. And frankly it's more fun from a game standpoint to be able to mix them. Otherwise we'll never get new trunks levels to play (or at least not many), so future trunks would eventually get phased out. I know it doesn't make sense from a flavor standpoint, but I think the upside is greater if they're mixable. I know the guy in the article is just speculating, but I'm hoping the set goes something like this: Full Stack: Kid Trunks (for sure) Goten (for Sure) Videl (For Sure) Babidi (For Sure) Dabura (For Sure) Hero 18 (likely) Spopovich (likely) For the last one I'm not sure. It could either be saiyaman, hercule, piccolo (just cause he needs one), One of the other villains (yakon maybe), or even a surprise like Dende or majin vegeta as a preview (since they've been fond of those lately). But I'm hoping they do single levels of: -Gohan (great saiyaman) lv 1 -Hercule lv 1 -Piccolo lv 1 -Krillin lv 1 And do one of the other options for the full stack. I personally would favor yakon or majin vegeta just to get more villains out there. This would leave us with set 11 looking something like: -Fat Buu -Majin Vegeta -Goku SS3 -Supreme Kai Though I could totally see them doing majin vegeta as a full stack preview for set 10 then doing maybe dende for set 11. A. because it pleases the rabid vegeta fan base and B. because it gives them a namekian for set 11. Then movie set 12 something like: -Bojack -Broly -Probably lot of single levels which could include future trunks and/or kid truks (since each plays a role in the movies), goten, ss2 Gohan, piccolo, hero vegeta, videl, hero 18. Or they could do another weird combo saga and give us something like Zarbon and Dodoria MP's Then set 13 if we hopefully make it their might be: -Super Buu -Mystic gohan -Piccolo? -Goten? -Kid Trunks? -Hero Vegeta? -Goku? -Not sure what else. Maybe single levels for tien, yamcha, and krillin. Maybe we'd get bulma, chichi, yajirobe, etc. instead of some of the above? Not real sure. Could be a tough roster to round out. 14: -Kid buu -Vegitto -Gotenks -Hercule 15: -Tapion -Hirudegarn -Janemba -Pikkon/Uub Yes I'm getting pretty far into the future now and the further out the harder it is to predict. I have ideas for what they could do after they reach the end of Z too, but it might be too soon to think about that.
  28. At the moment, no. As much fun as the deck is, if it doesn't get clench, it doesn't actually do much. Any deck that can be turn one scout maneuvered out of the game will never be a realistic tournament deck. Also, if more attach hate gets printed, the deck already loses ground. As it is, the deck has a hard time against any flavor of Trunks, struggles against Broly (Saiyan Back Breaker specifically), and can struggle quite a bit against any Black deck (Scout Maneuver, Searching Technique, Defensive Burst, etc). If clench decks start topping or were at all a consistent threat, then sure. It would be too much. That's what play testing is for
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