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  2. I'm not sure what style I see chilled in yet, but he definitely has potential. His named attack is pretty great. He'll do well with attacks that do both damage types like black enraged assault and that new blue zinger. Off the top of my head I believe black and blue have the most options for those. I could see him work well in red (both masteries) and orange (retribution or adept). Otherwise I'm not sure. Blue has plenty of strong physicals but no mastery really jumps out at me. Protective is always solid and might help with anger. Resolute actually could be great because the life card modifier becomes a stage modifier and the draw ability pairs well with chilleds own draw effects to reliably set up draws with things like positioning drill and blanketing blasts. On that note I guess adaptive would be viable too maybe. Probably not though.
  3. Paradox in Fargo, ND will be hosting events on Saturdays beginning in August!
  4. I 100% was expecting Chilled to be a Black Personality tbh, and am a little disapointed that he's not. That said, he'd make a god damn fantastic Blue Personality. Go tunneling off to MPPV while knocking your opponent's anger down repeatedly.
  5. Lord Chilled reeks of Broly fucking the ever loving crap out of Evolution Vegeta and Red Enraged Mastery. Not sure why Chilled couldn't have been the Black MP, leaving Bardock for being an overhaul of the original.
  6. There's the Chilled MP. Considering the discussion on Radiant, perhaps it's too bad you can't run him in it. Then again, maybe the game shouldn't want him to.
  7. If I can find one, it's mine!!
  8. Admittedly, I had no idea who Chilled was until several months ago — assuming he was some non-canon or fan-made creation. His role as the progenitor of the “Legendary Super Saiyan” tale passed on to his descendants King Cold, Frieza, and Cooler definitely helps bring a sense of completeness to Bardock’s tale. The fact that Goku’s father becomes the first Legendary Super Saiyan after being sent back in time from Frieza’s blast is very neat, as any mythos that deals with time travel tends to be. It would’ve been very easy to shoehorn Chilled into the Named card/Frieza archetype that was reinforced with Frieza’s new level 1 and the King Cold ally in Celestial Tournament. But we wanted to make sure Chilled had his own place in the meta, and saw the opportunity to create a very unique beatdown personality as the final MP in Legends. Big life card attacks are game-ending fuel in DBZ. As power creep took hold throughout the game, 4 life cards became 5, then 6, and the number kept creeping up. When 1 attack can be dealt for more than 1/10th your Life Deck, it was considered a powerhouse card that had to be included in most builds. So why convert the life cards into stages? Isn’t that counter-intuitive? We had to build some rewards into Chilled’s MP stack to make this trade-off worthwhile. Right off the bat, you have an instant power that supports the constant with a Critical Damage effect, and a burst of 2 anger. While his POWER doesn’t necessarily support the damage conversion, it’s a solid draw/discard effect (giving you more choice than a similar discard/draw) that rejuvenates 1 as well. Chilled – Space Pirate offers more cohesive synergy with the constant effect. Not only does the constant start buffing damage by 1 stage, but Chilled now has his own Physical Attack for 5 stages (6 with the buff) built in. It has immediate anger and rejuvenation, and will automatically deliver critical damage if it hits. Chilled – On the Move ….. wait, no — Chilled – Pissed starts to turn up the heat on your opponent. The damage buff is gone, but now all of your attacks that deal 5 or more stages of damage are considered to do critical damage. As a nod to the Red Enraged Mastery (should we rename it the ‘chilled’ list?), you get 1 anger every time you use a critical damage effect. Chilled’s physical attack gets a major upgrade here, with 1 immediate anger (and 1 more upon hit if it deals all of its stages), rejuvenation of 2, and a powerful HIT effect that will banish an opponent’s Setup, Drill, or Ally from the game. You might find yourself not using the free anger from his constant in certain matchups, preferring to stay on Level 3 as long as possible to control the board. Chilled – Prophet is a critical damage machine. All of your attacks that deal a measly 2 stages of damage now enable you to use a critical damage effect. On top of that, Chilled channels Evolution‘s Hidden Power Drill and caps all Personalities at 5 above 0. Now that this effect is on a character and not a Drill, it should prove much more difficult to navigate. Chilled’s POWER helps him avoid hurting himself too much with his constant, gaining 3 stages and taking 3 away (or perhaps milling) from an opponent. Chilled’s Enraged Volley is a quality card, even just from the fact that it becomes a ‘must-block’ due to the HIT effect keeping it on the table to be used again. Combine that with its quality immediate effects – 1 anger, a Nappa’s Energized Strike-esque power stage drainer upon leveling (I hear decks like to level these days), and a floating effect that can stack with multiple uses to drain additional stages every time you use a Critical Damage effect – and you have a card that can devastate your opponent. Oh, and 2 endurance makes this card even better. Chilled’s second named card, Chilled’s Prescience, already catches your eye with 3 endurance. While it may feel like Cooler’s Rebirth, it plays differently and has flexibility all the same. The parenthetical is very unique, allowing you to surprise your opponent after an attack becomes successful with critical damage, while also replacing itself with a freshly drawn card. The event’s POWER rejuvenates a solid 3 cards, while also draining any personality in play 3 stages. Which effect of this card do you like the most? Chilled is the final MP to be revealed for Legends, which releases in just a few days on July 1st. Stay tuned to the blog and all of our partner sites/content providers for some final previews leading up to the big day. Click to read the full article...
  9. Freaking scalpers.
  10. I can't wait for scalpers to ruin this too!
  11. Yesterday
  12. True enough. Only ones I still have are Mario World, LttP and Super Metroid, and 2 of those are on Handheld. I'm stoked to get some of the old standards like Mario RPG, DK Country, StarFox and Contra and trying out the classics I just never took time to try out like Earthbound and FF3(6).
  13. Man. I love the idea of these classic systems since I am a total sucker for the old-school games. Heck I was playing Sonic 3 and Knuckles not 2 hours ago. But the issue is I have most of these titles in my possession already via virtual console, remake on a new platform, etc. There's really no reason to get something that takes up more space when I can already play most of these games. : /
  14. Cards either do one of two things or both. They push your win condition and/or support you by responding to your opponent. It's less overwhelming if you break cards down into these categories when building decks. So much easier to balance out Core and Support cards than it is to balance out the 5-10 types of cards some games have. Of course with BanZ there really is only two types (outside of leaders) so it probably won't be as difficult breaking down the use of cards.
  15. More people will be playing Beerus than Hit, I bet.
  16. Well, here we go again. With the recent announcement that NES classic was going off the market after a mere 6-7 months, rumors began swirling about the possibility of SNES classic and the nightmares it would induce. Well, get your Nyquil ready, because it's here. Nintendo announce the SNES classic this morning. Releasing 9/29/17 and boasting a price tag of $79.99, SNESCE boasts 21 preloaded titles, including Super Mario World, Super Mario Kart, Super Metroid(they really loved this "super" moniker), F-Zero and LoZ A Link to the Past. (See below for full game list) In addition, the SNESCE will mark the debut of Star Fox 2, which was cancelled before being release on the SNES, due to the impending release of the N64. In a statement from Nintendo, promising that they are learning from their mistakes, the provided controllers will feature 5ft cables (up from the 3ft ones provided with the NESCE) and they have stated they will ship "Significantly more" units, than they did with NESCE. They won't give numbers though. So, if you're interested, keep an eye out. So far the only place I've seen doing preorders (aside from $300 pre-scalps on eBay) is Amazon UK. (It says they don't ship to US, but according to their twitter feed they will and my order went through without any problems) Otherwise, I would suggest subscribing to a Nintendo notification twitter feed like @Ninwire and set notifications on so you'll get a ping whenever they go up elsewhere. SNES Classic Edition Game List Super Mario World Super Mario Kart The Legend of Zelda – A Link to the Past F-Zero Super Metroid Star Fox 2 (previously unreleased) Super Street Fighter II Turbo Super Punch-Out!! Castlevania IV Donkey Kong Country Mega Man X Kirby Super Star Final Fantasy III (US port of FFVI) Kirby’s Dream Course Star Fox Super Mario World 2: Yoshi’s Island Super Mario RPG – Legend of the Seven Stars Contra III – The Alien Wars Secret of Mana Earth Bound Super Ghouls n Ghosts
  17. We have a playgroup that will be at Dreamers, St. Louis Park, Minnesota on Saturday afternoons.
  18. Ah OK, I gotcha! Yeah, as you guys have gotten to already, character turnover is a huge thing. A lot of decks will greatly benefit from the ability to turn over characters, and it's not infrequent for players to defend in such a way that none of the attackers are KOd (which is a totally different thing than most other CCGs where it's always in your best interest to remove their dudes). As far as Battle Cards with the Shield icon, there's a chunk of them for sure, but that only means "this effect only occurs when used by a defender", it doesn't outright avoid damage in some way. The "swords" icon is the opposite, of course, but ALL Battle Cards can be used for both attacking and defending - it's just that some of them always have an effect, while others only have it when being used in one way.
  19. That's a fair point, that auto damage will allow you to play new characters. I forgot about the 3-character limit.
  20. PFFT what? lol
  21. Early deck-building philosophy: Whoop everyone's ass with Red Hit while they figure out how to make the other styles work.
  22. After seeing some of the cards, I like the process. For one, it allows for intentional character turnover, since you can only have 3 in play. Plus, it allows for viable KO effects, like Harley Quinn's "Gain 1 VP when this character is KO'd". Making damage fully negateable would probably double the play time of the game and lead to stalemate stalls that would rival the crap you run into in MTG.
  23. I'm not referring to VPs. I'm referring to damage (attaching battle cards to characters). It is unclear how often battle cards will have the shield ability. So it does not seem to be a common feature, like defense cards in DBZ. I'd much rather play a game where the option to completely avoid damage is as prevalent as it is in the DBZ mechanic. Defending potentially avoids VPs earned, it does not avoid the character taking damage. That is my point.
  24. Yes, there are a few more Villains coming down the line who will fit nicely into a stun or anti-meta strategy. A few Heroes, as well, though I think Villains did end up with the lion's share of such effects.
  25. Can you clarify this a bit? I'm just a little concerned you might have a misunderstanding - When a character is defended in an attack (as in, Player A declares an attack, and player B declares a character to defend that attack), then the characters attach their Battle Cards to each other, but no Victory Points are gained (Team Attacks being the exception to this). It's only when an attack is undefended that a Victory Point is scored. And if you guys have any further questions or needed clarifications on the rules, I'd be happy to assist!
  26. Selling both Celebration promos for $50, shipping included. Mint condition, will put in sleeve and top loader in bubble wrap envelope for maximum protection. No international sales. PM me if interested, thanks!
  27. I did this same thing years ago too. I thought you needed an even amount of everything. Funny how kids think that way huh? But @Majin Goo could you go over your description again? I didn't quite understand what you meant.
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