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  2. Dragonballz ccg (buying cards)

    (Bump) Any advice on how I can find someone who has these cards would be great too. Thanks!
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  4. Holy Spirit Bomb balls.... This is the most anticlimactic thing yet! TALLY HO!
  5. Mystery Announcement Tomorrow, February 22nd!

    That and a nickel will get you a nice hot cup of jack-squat!
  6. Mystery Announcement Tomorrow, February 22nd!

    Perfect. Now I can stream DBS while I'm hanging out in MY VAN DOWN BY THE RIVER!
  7. Mystery Announcement Tomorrow, February 22nd!

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  9. Set 3 Masked Saiyan Aggro

    Sorry for the confusion. There are only 4 actual Super Combo cards in the deck - Supreme Kai of Time, World's Protector. The other card used solely for comboing is Unbreakable Super Saiyan Son Goku. Both cards are +10K that draw a card - Goku just costs 1 energy. I edited the post so it says "8 cards for comboing". Muzzy, I WISH I could run No Openings Son Goku, but my leader isn't Yellow . That card is nuts. Black unfortunately doesn't have any of the "play this 15K for 1 and put it into play in Rest Mode" cards. ....at least not yet.
  10. The Games We Play

    I've mentioned it a few times before. The anime shop in STL has battles every other week, as well as build jams and build competitions. It's really a fun place for gundam fans.
  11. Mystery Announcement Tomorrow, February 22nd!

    This game isn't going to die any time soon if Bandai has anything to do with it. DBS has a large scene and continues to grow at an incredible rate. Give it another year or two and DBS will probably be the largest card game in the country. As for the announcement I'm not sure what it could be. The SCR hasn't been sown off yet, so that is a possibility. Another possibility is a general website redesign or expansion of the app's capabilities. Doesn't the Japanese version of the game have computer chips in the cards in order to interact with some sort of digital system they have? Perhaps it's possible they wish to move this game in that direction...
  12. Mystery Announcement Tomorrow, February 22nd!

    Naruto expansion!
  13. The Games We Play

  14. Mystery Announcement Tomorrow, February 22nd!

    Don't think the thought didn't flash through my mind lol
  15. The game dies! Though legitimately I could see it being full OP Tour's or Online/app play.
  16. The Games We Play

    All this talk aboutTCG's is reminding me why I love Gundam Skirmish. Models that have a purpose outside of a game, but still a game to play with other nerds. We don't even have tournements, just free play and a conquest league, and more people show up for those than any TCG I've played. I'll be playing this saturday, maybe I'll take a few pics for my customs thread, as it's nice to see other people bringing their painted kits to play with.
  17. Man I REEEEEAAALLYYYYY hope this is an announcement for a Worlds/Nationals type of event. Thoughts? Post will be updated tomorrow when news drops. (Admin can delete other post, was put in wrong section)
  18. The Games We Play

    What's strange is that, in the same vein as this, every "new" competitor who rears their head in the market seems to work off of these Japanese trends for the first few sets. The Final Fantasy TCG was incredibly cheap, at least for Queensland stores and players, upon launch. Consequently, we saw it get adopted throughout EB Games, JB Hi-Fi, and most independent realtors alike. Similar can be said for when Vanguard was starting up, where I genuinely saw the first few sets sold everywhere. But in both cases, by the 3rd set or so, we started to see a small but noteworthy trend with rarities and pack pricing that shifted towards the standard "Western" model. This especially holds true for Vanguard, which is starting to average prices comparable to the bigger 3. Ultimately, while people may want to point the finger at online and decry how it's killed local scenes, the reality is probably more that the industry, and community, has done this to itself over time. But, to be blunt, all of this is really departed from what I was asking here. I just wanted to know what games people are hitting up |: TCGs in the west are going to be fine. They'll evolve and adapt, just like the rest of society will, over time. In the short-term, we might see the hobby start to fade out, but god damn vinyl has made a pretty loud come-back. It's just up to the companies to catch wind.
  19. The Games We Play

    This TCG issue is a strictly western problem and an issue with the western market in general. Japanese Boosters for Pokemon, for example, have the same pull rates as English, half the set size and are 150Y. This very low cost is common among most all JTCGs and their own singles prices reflect that. With the low cost, it's affordable for kids, boosters are easier to move for LGS without massive discounts, singles sellers can profit despite the lower prices and is just generally accessible for all. The games' R&D, Marketing and Art can all be covered because Japan goes for quantity and accessibility. In the west, I don't know how or why Wizards squanders money and make poor business decisions/not taken influence from Japan, but it's set in stone what the western market will 'take' and it's strangling it to death. Packets may not have gone up much in cost over the years for the player, but for the store? From what I've heard, 50%. Of course the stores can't profit, Wizards is doing something that's increasing their costs beyond what is reasonable and Online just puts that final pinch. I'd wager Wizards are pissing money away on overpriced artists and too many staff members. Everyone else follows suit because Wizards is the market leader, so nothing is truly profitable. I'd like to see Pokemon switch to their Japanese format, make MRSP a pack 1.50USD and set a market trend. I strongly believe if Pokemon and YGO switch to their Japanese formats, the TCG market can be preserved and the entire market will have to shift to pushing more product to everyone over whales and pricing people out.
  20. Dragonballz ccg (buying cards)

    Yes I am and thank you for moving this to the proper area. Also, I left out that I am also looking for Vegeta the malevolent limited foil. Again I can pay cash for any of these 4 cards. Also, if there is somewhere better that i can go (website other then eBay) to find these cards just let me know. Thanks
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  22. Dragonballz ccg (buying cards)

    I'm guessing you are talking about the Score version, which is technically DBZ TCG (the CCG was done by Bandai in the mid 2000s). Either way, this should be in Marketplace, so I will move it there. Happy hunting!
  23. A Few Rules Questions

    Yeah, the basic premise of their KO system seems to have come from an old game from the 90s called Overpower, which spanned Marvel, DC and even Image comics. It's a good system, I'm glad someone utilized it for a modern game.
  24. Set 10.5

    I think it's great for a mini set. I'm glad we're getting some missed opportunity cards and winner cards. Ther cards range from mediocre to great. With maybe the exception of the orange card, but even that isn't completely terrible. Nail level 1 - I really like this. Definitely wants to be a camp deck. Makes me want to change my black deck from mischievous cell to perceptive nail. That said defense could be a problem and stage gain is probably a must. Other decks I could see working are ruthless, resourceful, and adept. Hell combative too, but you'll have to watch your stages very carefully. Red Shining Sword Attack - I'm a little turned off that it does life cards, but it oozes flavor and the life cards fit that. Ironically this is probably most useful for frieza, but it's decent for trunks and dabura. I like that you can search it with sword drill if you already have trunks sword slash in hand. 18 may like this too since being named means it has Android in the name. Maybe paired with the other new red sword card that does life in amplified? Guru ally - ironically not a great fit for namekians right now. Level hopping in general has kind of gone out of style. May actually be better for earthlings that don't care about drills. Or dende some day. I'm a little bummed it levels you back down considering it's already restricted to once per game and only 2 traits. Doesn't seem overly powerful to let you keep the level with those kind of restrictions. Especially compared to unleashed. Raditz Ally - Ginyu is whast comes to my mind as well. Seems like a powerful ally. I'm just not sure it has the right MP right now. Namekian Planetary Countdown - Love the flavor and call back to the old game. Seems good for ball decks. Probably not worth it for anything else. Blue Stylish Pose - really strong set up. Ally decks aren't really my thing, but I could definitely see this card seeing lots of play. Saiyan Swift Sword Drill - Honestly one of the strongest cards of the set to me. Yes it's pigeon holed to trunks, but it's strong enough that it probably should be. I could see sword getting pretty oppressive Black Judgement Rush - First of all I cannot get over how cringe worthy this name is. That aside it's great to see a solid black physical with decent endurance. It's a niche black needs filled. I don't think it's enough to make black physical a thing again on it's own, but a couple more decent attacks and we could be in business. Until then it has some solid, if niche, uses. Orange Luxury - Here was my post from retro: Yeah, the more I think about this card the more I think it's not very good. Since it has to be played from hand it's just replacing itself with a random draw. Which you could have potentially just drawn into instead of this card if it wasn't in your deck. So that part is effectively null. So basically it's a basic draw 1 then discard. This is a solid effect on a personality because it's reliable. However, for this card to be effective you have to draw it when you have something bad in your hand (and draw a better card on your random draw). You don't gain an action. Then if you still have a drill in hand you can place it. Which would actually give you net minus 1 action. And it's BAU and has no endurance. It would be a lot better if it said "if the discarded card was a drill you may place it into play" instead.
  25. Vile's custom corner [Image Heavy]

    Awesome stuff!
  26. A Few Rules Questions

    Thanks a lot Stryyder. I like the way multi stat battle cards work, can’t wait to see more of them revealed in the Attack on Titan expansion.
  27. The Games We Play

    The only time I ever game anymore nowadays is when I try to get a few EDH/Commander games in at the LGS's I go to, most of my friends who used to play Vanguard have already moved on to DBS at another LGS that I haven't been to yet. I don't play video games as much as I used to anymore yet I do feel as though today's society is constantly pressuring me to go back into that kind of gaming experience that's less rewarding in exchange for Trading Card Games / Collectible Card Games which felt more rewarding. So in a sense Trading Card Games / Collectible Card Games were unintentionally designed to take advantage of LGS owners and staff at the expense of the players' own satisfaction. I think a lot of players who have already embraced the idea of going full digital have already drawn that conclusion. Someone once told me that If there isn't a difference between an AI and a real player to you then that says a lot about your social life. At the end of the day it all boils down to one's sense of immersion and how they perceive it compared to other players. Only difference now is that today's society isn't giving us much of a choice due to prioritizing convenience above all else because that's where current market trends seem to be heading toward whether we like it or not. Video Games were something that I was once passionate about since childhood but looking back on it now compared to the current state of the industry today I feel that it's become too mainstream for it's own good. It's gotten to a point where players are willing to except it as the only form of gaming because society tells them that it's the only option available.
  28. Hello everyone, I'm new to this website. I grew up a huge dbz fan and collected thousands of cards from the old ccg game. I recently started collecting these cards again and am really 3 cards away from getting my collection where I want it to be. Growing up my favorite character was always Vegeta, so naturally I'm looking to buy my alltime favorite card Vegeta the revitalized limited foil. I'm willing to deal out some cash for it so if anyone has it and is interested in selling it I would really appreciate it!! Additonally, I'm looking to buy Goku the all powerful and Goku the Galaxies hero, both foil and limited. If anyone wants to sell any of these cards I would be very interested. Thank you for your time!
  29. The Games We Play

    I will say, I really liked their Alien skin on the Legendary engine. Made a lot more sense than Marvel and the changes they made between the two were strong. Though I will say if a player gets chest bursted and turns into a Xenomorph it is pretty much game over. I've never seen a group overcome both the game itself AND a player-turned-enemy.
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