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  2. Deck testing

    I play with myself all the time But really, I’ve never done a test game against myself. Although I do some demo draws whenever I make a new deck.
  3. New Pan vs New Caulifla

    I understand what you mean, and it is situation depending, but for me considering how many Double and Triple Strikers there are, and how easy it is to get them out in this meta, it is just too much of a risk imo
  4. Last week
  5. New Pan vs New Caulifla

    Completely disagree. A large part of playing leaders that can self awaken and continue to hit themselves once awakened is knowing how to control the tempo of the game and when to best use the ability. Going from 3 to 2 or 2 to 1 life is well worth it if you can win the game. Playing Ghost Attack Gotenks and then using Califa's ability is one such situation where it may be worth it, depending on opponents hand size and remaining life. Saying the ability gets blanked at 3 doesnt make sense to me because... well, it just doesnt. Using the ability becomes more risky, but that is exactly the point: a big gamble for a big payoff.
  6. New Pan vs New Caulifla

    You are right, I forgot about that. With that in mind, I would argue that leaders like Vegeta and Caulifa are blank once they hit 3 life, because in this meta putting yourself that low on purpose is suicide.
  7. New Pan vs New Caulifla

    Vegeta has to use his power for the +10k boost. He and Califa "blank" in the same way once they hit 1 life.
  8. New Pan vs New Caulifla

    This is true, but I feel like with Vegeta he wasn't dead in the water once he couldn't use his ability anymore. He still had his boost from having energy. Once you are too low, Caluifa essentially becomes a blank card outside of being able to draw on the attack. Just my two cents.
  9. New Pan vs New Caulifla

    True, but to echo Justin's point, being able to chain the unawakened and awakened powers can provide a lot of momentum. Sure, her power become suicide when awakened, but you should be close to closing out the game by that point anyway. Blue Vegeta's power became suicidal when he awakened and he was tier 1 for 2 sets; the ability to self-awaken is one of the most powerful effects in the game.
  10. San Jose ARG Cheating Scandal

    I had heard about this but havent seen the video. How bad was the scooping his energy mistake? What I mean is: did he pick up his energy and started shuffling, but THEN had to correct the board state? Or was he in the process of scooping them up and catch himself before putting them into the deck and shuffling? I feel like this is an important piece of information when deciding whether the judge was in the right or wrong. If the guy started to pick up his energy and then caught himself, I's say that would be fine. But if was already shuffling those cards in then that is another story. Another thing to consider is the game was streamed, so they have concrete knowledge of exactly what cards were in the players energy. Therefore, this is not an "irreparable game state" as the judge could go through the deck and pick out the cards that were in the energy and allow the game to continue. In this case I think it would be fine, as the Judge (and not the player) is going through the deck, so the player does not gain any knowledge related to the unknown zone of the deck. But then people will argue that the player made a big mistake and that that warrants a game loss. Well, does it? If the game state can be repaired due to the information from the stream, does the player still deserve the loss or just a warning? IMO, we all make mistakes. If this mistake could be corrected without affecting gameplay, then correct it and let the game be played. If it is truly an irreparable game state then the mistake does deserve an auto loss. The mistake regarding March of the Great Apes seems to be on everyone involved. The player that played march is a weasel. The other player needs to be more aware and make sure his opponent appropriately pays for his actions; it sucks, but you always have to be on the watch for people cheating. The judge needs to be replaced and banned from judging as this mistake shows lack of general awareness and basic gameplay knowledge.
  11. Deck testing

    I do self test to get an idea of actual chance vs. theorized chance. To see how often specific combos are drawn together and stuff like that.
  12. I think you could get away with just 1 focusing drill. 1 sphere is probably also ok since they're aren't a lot of events you're worried about. I agree on puar as well. I think the 3rd right beam is worth it since it also helps get a hit off for prevention and helps with anti anger (can be rejuvenated for additional anger loss). Helps on offense, defense, and your poor mppv match up. Focused blast is an interesting idea as well. Overall I think I would try: -1 puar -1 chaozu (you probably need to ditch another ally and chaozu is the most expendable because he isn't immediately reliable due to his cost. And after he attacks you have to find him again which you've admitted the deck is slow at doing) -1 sphere -2 focusing drill -2 sweeping blast -2 counter ball +1 right beam +1 edb 7 +2 BEM +1 orange staredown +1 power point +3 focused blast The goal with these changes was to drop some board cards for dead draws (you're very board heavy running a large drill and ally package), add some combat enders, and maximize value in attacks. With 3 right beam, separating shot, and AK you don't care much about time which makes sweeping blast and sphere less relevant. Dropping some board makes your tien draws more reliable. As you said your ally package needed to be downgraded since you don't have enough ally tech to work with. Combat enders will also help mitigate risk from drawing dead and help you use your lv 1 when entering search more often. Power point helps get drills out faster and adds endurance. Staredown helps with board hate consistency in this board heavy meta (if you feel the lv 2 search does an adequate job though you can swap this for a sphere or overwhelming power for the crit or something fun. Try to stay away from more board though.) Focused blast does (for the most part) the job of both focusing drill and counter ball while letting you trim board and be slot efficient. I will admit that I don't have a ton of first hand experience with focused blast though, so it should definitely be tested. Anyway these changes should help you get up to speed a little quicker and reduce the odds of getting caught with your pants down. But yeah it does suck that there's not more useable ally tech. I'd encourage you not to give up even if it's just a fun deck.
  13. Deck testing

    I play against myself a lot to test new decks or changes, but yeah it's no replacement for actually playing against another person. I went through a period (set 3 maybe?) Where I was testing a ton of decks on octgn against myself and i think my skill level as a player actually dropped overall. Playing on octgn you lose a lot of sensory input that let's you make quick decisions (for instance you can see the whole gamestate at a glance in person, but on octgn you have to do things like check deck counts to know if you are even ahead or behind). And the mindset of playing against yourself and playing against someone are very different. Playing against yourself you are focused on remembering the game state and trying to always make the most optimal plays while pretending you don't know what the other player has in their hand. Playing an opponent you can play on what you think the other person will do, allows creativity, mind games, when to take a risk, and all kinds of other things. These skills need to be maintained just as much if not more.
  14. New Pan vs New Caulifla

    Something that I feel everyone keeps overlooking is that Caulifa has a built in timer to her ability. Once she is awakened, using her ability more than one or two more times is essentially suicide.
  15. New Pan vs New Caulifla

    Self awaken is still really important I think. Both are good, but I feel Caulifa is a little better. Running the green vegetable package with the three drop Terror Scythe Goku Black is NUTS.
  16. New Pan vs New Caulifla

    I think Caulifa is superior in most ways: She can self awaken and draw cards. She can boost your board and the turn where you go from 5 to 3 life gives your leader and all your battle cards a +10k boost. She's nuts.
  17. San Jose ARG Cheating Scandal

    So some unfortunate news from Day 2 of the San Jose ARG yesterday. Not just the fact that 29 of the Top 32 decks were all Mecha Frieza, but cheating was caught live on stream and a MASSIVE Judge mistake followed because of it. I don't remember the player's names, but the clip can easily be found on Twitch. It was a Top 8 match, so it was streamed and being watched by a Judge. Player A uses Zen-Oh, The Plain God to Fiber Jar Player B's field. Player B, in error, scoops up his energy as well. Zen-Oh only takes the cards on the battlefield. This being an irreparable game state, an automatic loss should have been given to Player B. Not only does that NOT happen, the Judge in question intervenes, tells Player B to put his energy back and continue the game... and that isn't even the end of it. Then Player A plays March of the Great Apes, but waits for his opponent to respond with a counter BEFORE tapping the energy to play the card (and not committing to using Mecha Frieza's ability), then Player B plays Bloodlust, Player A uses Bad Ring Laser, THEN taps the energy for March of the Great Apes. Like... what in the actual hell? This isn't some dinky 10 man local. This is in Top 8 of the last Regional of the season, which purportedly had 500 entrants. Personally I can't believe this was all allowed to happen, and is disheartening for players who have not attended a Regional, or who have and are deciding whether or not to go again. The Judge test is a joke (they haven't started interviewing for the Level 2 Judge Exam yet), and allegedly (this is a rumor, completely unsubstantiated fyi) this is not the first time this Judge has allowed exactly the same thing to happen in the Zen-Oh situation. We all know this is a card game, but people put a lot of time and A LOT of money into it, especially when you consider the people that travel to events and pay for airfare/hotel, etc. Something like this is really bad to see, and for such a young game can really hurt it competitively. What say you, Top Tier? What can be done to stop situations like this from happening again? Sound off below.
  18. Oh! Yeah, I meant drop Burning Aura Drill. And tbh, I think I just like taking the hits for the most part so that I can make sure I can use my allies. But I've also been fairly lucky in my match-ups since I'm not dealing with too many of the nastier hit effects. Honestly, my mindset with this one was just to remove all the excess cards that take up deck/hand space and leave me with such bad early game turns. If you can bring it down to JUST what's necessary to win, then I think this deck is a lot more forgiving.
  19. Hmmm.an interesting approach. Since there are two I just want to clarify, you mean remove bruning aura drill not aura drill right? I agree. Puar can be dropped easily. He's an extender for when the deck is working. Right now, his engine isn't working. If this deck could spit out allies faster I would agree that two of the blocks aren't needed. However as is, I'm hesitant to remove my only two non-BAU physical blocks AND remove the passive block that so far has been working. Perhaps we just play against different types of decks, but honestly black is not why focuaing drill is at 2. Pretty much every deck in play group runs removal. Which is another reason why the deck currently isn't functioning. I can't get the allies to stay in play. In the 10 or so games this deck has now played, I think only once has the primary blocker (chichi or pickles) not been banished early on forcing me to rely on the drill engine for protection. With how my test games rounded out last night, I don't see the Ally engine being worth pursuing in my group at all. It's the inconsistent part and giving up what it does do well to double down on that weakness feels like a disaster to me. With that said, I encourage you that if you like the concept of the deck to use the now styled allies to create prevention then run with it. Unless orange gets a little more Ally support I think I'm going to try something that can focus on what is already functioning with the deck.
  20. Alright, so I've been trying to tackle this in bits and pieces on my end. But I have been fairly slow about it, and tbh, I'm trying my best not to mess too much with the different themes you've got going, or the attack line-up. About what I've gotten so far is this; - Puar To be honest, Puar isn't needed to your comboes, and is just another card to get into play, and another card you need to lose stages for. And while Puar is nice, you're ultimately just pressing an advantage you ALREADY have if you're using her. - 2 Orange Quick Dodge - 1 Aura Drill Seriously, this deck has so much in-built physical/stage protection just as a result of being an ally deck. Add on top of that both Chi-Chi, and Icarus, and you're pretty well in control. As a result, I feel like Aura Drill is in the "just another card you need to get on the board" area, and Quick Dodge just doesn't do enough on top of being a physical block. - 1 Steady Drill - 1 Focusing Drill Steady Drill is fully okay to leave in here. It's not a bad card by any means. My main focus with this deck has been cutting out the number of cards you need to get on the board, and Steady just didn't make the cut with my own testing. As for Focusing Drill, to be honest, you may not need it at all. It's nice, and it stops Black decks from ripping you another asshole, but being real, it is literally just another card to get on to the field after you've set up your board. By itself, it doesn't further any of your win cons. So put it to 1 total imo. + 2 Blinding Energy Move + 1 Earth Dragon Ball 7 This deck needs some early combat enders. Badly. If you come up against an aggro enough deck, and they get a couple of good enters on you early enough, you're going to be struggling uphill forever after. These at least give you a HOPE to slow these decks down enough. + 2 Focused Blast I'd argue to completely drop Focusing Drill and go triple Focused Blast tbh. Decent damage, easy enough stage to pay, extra energy attack to bring down your own stages, and acts as an attach that stops key drills from being blown apart. +1 Heroic Plan Honestly, I'm kind of shocked I've not seen anyone bringing this one up o-O Heroic Plan PERFECTLY fits your criteria for cards, with the only issue being that it is a set-up. I'm not sure if this is quite in line with what you're aiming for, but this is what I've worked out so far. Give it a try and let me know if it works any better??
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  22. Update after tonights games Shenron is awesome for getting back Icarus from destroy effects and the layered drill protection engine works fantastically. What doesn't work - The allies are too slow. Maybe I do need to look into combat enders or something, but I just cannot get my allies out fast enough early on against an aggressive deck and if it's something aggressive that also has access to a ton of crits on command like ascension Krillin then that ally engine just completely falls apart. Anti-anger. It's simply not strong enough. I CANNOT throttle a fast deck. I will say the deck feels REEAAALLLY close to being good. It's RIGHT there. It just needs one or two things, but I'm afraid that those things just don't exist at the moment. However, on a positive note, if you play against a lot of stage beat decks, this deck is a champ. But it struggles getting it's own stages low enough to get those attacking allies going. Would love an orange drill that let me drain stages to buff up attacks. That'd be fantastic. Currently looking at the sobering hammers again - I NEED more ways to get those allies into play. Wallbreaker - I have enough defense to keep it live, hate that it is only a speed bump against some decks and against unleash decks it can hurt me, but I am not seeing a real alternative.
  23. It hasn't changed too much as of yet. I still haven't decided what I want to take out for Shenron. Probably the second conference drill The only changes so far have been -1 Assistance Drill -1 Heroic Sphere -1 Right Beam +3 Assisted Kamehameha Here is the current list though
  24. So what does the list look like now?
  25. Looking for MegaMan NT warrior cards

    Imma bump this cuz why the hell not. Still after the megamanz.
  26. So first off - Thank you again Denithan for the AK catch. Already noticing it doing work. I realized another card that needs to be added that fits the theme of layered protection. Shenron ally. With Icarus protecting from destroy effects and needing to be hit first, shenron can then just rez him similar to the combative mastery pulling back protection drill if it gets sniped. Now I just need an ally that tutors allies from the deck =P
  27. Deck testing

    I do it when testing initial concepts. I'm fairly lucky that I have an active play group that meets almost every Thursday . However, playing against myself is something I have done in every card game I have ever played. Helps me get a feel of the deck and see if the engine actually functions before taking into a real match.
  28. Deck testing

    I do this a lot as well tbh, especially when I'm trialing out new decks and concepts. Big issue I get is that I tend to peter out in how much I care about halfway in, so I never really get to know if my deck's have the ability for a last-minute comeback until I play it against someone else. And given that I have anxiety problems and don't deal well with random strangers, that's quite rare xD ... On a side, there isn't a Discord or anything like that where I can find the Top Tier players, is there?
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