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  2. Ascension Yamcha deck

    Well, to be fair, prideful challenge can’t touch relaxation. I have just encountered too many Nappa/Yajiribe allies recently. in regards to battle pausing: this deck was originally a ruthless energy beats deck, but I quickly discovered I needed more stages/anger for what I was planning to do. The inspiration comes from here: https://dbztopcut.com/deck/red-ruthless-yamcha-15 where battle pausing allows you to better sculpt your hand for that killer combo. I am also debating on whether I should run more anger to misguide my opponent, but there simply isn’t room in the deck for that.
  3. Dragon Ball Super Anime Discussion

    Alright, so coming back to this again because I finally got to see the Broly movie myself, and; Honestly, it was fantastic. Surprisingly, they didn't retcon half as much as we all thought, if anything at all (Goku isn't as old as Vegeta/Broly, Bardock still has a final stand against Freeza [alluded to, but not depicted]), and just... Yeah. Broly is a much stronger character. Both in power scaling, but also in terms of writing. You don't get to see a dramatic amount of his character in this sadly, but what we do see is more than enough to develop some kind of emotional connection to him and it's really interesting to see an "innocent Saiyan" discovering their universe again (ala. Goku, Gohan). Some mild criticisms remain. I didn't like how they chant Broly/Gogeta's names. It was unnecessary and... Weird. Kind of pulled me out of the moment since the music prior to and following those moments was perfect. I'm also incredibly indifferent to Broly just naturally being able to reach Gogeta-esque levels of power. It feels like they threw the baby out with the bath water that he was introduced at such an insane level of power. Hrm. As for what it did for the greater Dragon Ball story? Well, Broly is now an ace in the hole. For either Freeza, or the Z-Fighters, we'll need to wait and see there. He's also been likened to Beerus in raw ability. Goku and Vegeta now canonically know the Fusion Dance. Gogeta is now always in the cards so long as they're both featured characters. Bardock doesn't have precognitive powers, but was able to sense that Freeza was going to wipe out the Saiyans, and was depicted as battle damaged and tired when he attempted to stop Freeza. He also cares about Raditz, at least in a fleeting, curious sense. Freeza only owned the Saiyans for some 5 years before wiping them out. Cold owned them prior to that, and was previously the out-and-out galactic emperor, so a bit more lore for the family (even if we could infer it prior). And I think that's it? If I've missed something, feel free to throw it in. Not a perfect movie, but definitely a strong movie, and easily the best Dragon Ball movie to date. Probably an 8/10 for me? Would definitely be interested in an extended cut.
  4. Ascension Yamcha deck

    I don't hate the idea of ditching your setups because of prideful challenge and I definitely like the idea of using quick blast to counter(?) supreme kai. Super curious, why battle pausing? Is there a combo I'm not seeing here?
  5. Hey guys, thought I would break the ice here and post some decks I am fooling around with. Here I will present Ascension Yamcha combo energy beats. Red Ascension Mastery Yamcha - Sleeping Yamcha - On the Move Yamcha - Surprised Yamcha - Happy Yamcha's Expert Assistance x3 Red Relaxation x3 Unleashed x3 Heroic Energy Sphere x3 Confrontation x3 Battle Pausing x2 Time is a Warriors Tool x1 Yamcha's Rescue x3 Red Reverse x2 Red Blocking Hand x3 Red Disregard x3 Red Flee x3 Red Brace x3 Energy Toss x3 Quick Blast x1 Red Trailing Blast x3 Red Energy Blast x3 Red Static Shot x3 Red Left Bolt x3 Red Tandem Blast x3 Red Downward Burst x2 Red Combined Blast x2 Red Android Twin Beams x2 Attacks: 25 Blocks: 18 Events: 11 Planning: 6 Endurance: 41 Ascension Mastery was chosen for this deck because I liked the anger it provides for my anger resource cards and its ability to slime a level or two throughout the game. 'Lower Your anger 3 levels to do x' is effortless with Ascension seeing as you get a free anger at the end of combat and then you can mastery for the 1 anger + skip. This has proved to be a simpler fool-proof method compared to Amplified+Embarrassing drill. In addition, Ascension's 2 stage gain per crit proved to be invaluable when I finally get that dream combat to start chaining red trailing blasts with unleashed/tandem blasts. At the end of the day, it still doesn't have an answer to Black Power up regrettably. Red Team Fire being banished after use and no endurance proved to be too clunky (couldn't recycle it with the lv2). I am exploring the idea of Namek Ball 4, and Red Observation and ditching my set-ups completely (Maybe run x2 Moment of Peace). Quick Blast has proven very useful in disrupting SKai's ability to recycle blocks, so that's a card worth running x2-3 of, especially with bio-broly's selective rejuv nonsense just around the corner. Tandem/Combined Blast also provide amazing control, as is already established. -3 Red Relaxation -3 Yamcha's Expert Assistance +1 Quick Blast +1 Red Combined Blast +1 Red Observation +1 Namek Ball 4 +2 Moment of Peace Any comments/advice are of course more than welcome!
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  7. Anyone else going to be picking up the Nintendo Switch Heroes game? Looks interesting and I think I will be picking it up.
  8. Dragon Ball Super Anime Discussion

    I feel as though we only have ourselves to blame for what's currently happening with Dragon Ball. The reason why I say this is because we as a community have been begging for Dragon Ball to come back ever since the franchise ended during the 90's in Japan after watching countless reruns of the English Dub and for what? By settling for mediocrity in an overly saturated anime / manga market where animation studios don't have to put in the budget to tell a good story while constantly pandering to otaku culture? People tend to forget that writing matters more than visuals and Toei completely lost sight of that when Toriyama made the bone headed decision to bring back Dragon Ball in 2015 right when the animation studio was pre-occupied with other anime projects such as One Piece and Pretty Cure. They have little to no interest in bringing back the Anime adaptation of Dragon Ball Super next year after the new Broly film when they're much better off having Toyotaro finish Dragon Ball Super through the Manga adaptation. Tite Kubo did the same thing with Bleach after the Lost Substitute Shinigami arc.
  9. Merry Christmas!

    I just wanted to wish all you dedicated TCG Top Tier users a very happy holidays and merry Christmas to you and your families!
  10. Balance, Value, and Realization

    How's it going TCG Top Tier. Artificat has recently updated and while small in size, brings a significant change in how develop plans to go forward. Originally, Valve was intent on keeping Artifact as close to a physical TCG as they could. However, it seems they've realized that a digital card game presents unique opportunities that TCG's do must go to great lengths to accomplish otherwise. Your buddy Majin Goo is going to go over a few important points and provide my opinion on the subject. The first thing to note is that the update adds in account levels and skill ratings. The skill ratings are separate between constructed and draft. Account leveling will show your experience, essentially track how much you actually play the game, while providing you tickets and packs as you advance. This is a minor addition as most games today have content like this and it's important that valve continue to add features that give players a reason to play the game. The major part of this update is their change in design philosophy. Originally, Valve had committed to the idea of not changing cards and using bans as a last resort. From their prospective, this would ensure card value and build consumer confidence in the marketplace. While I applaud the idea and love the marketplace, balance and competitive progression is what keeps players buying cards and pushing their limits. Valve has done a lot in regards to listening to their player-base and realized the problems that come with such an issue. Much of their concerns had aligned with my own and I'm glad to see them adapting to the environment. Stale Meta focused around power cards are incredibly difficult to build around and deal with, this will allow them an opportunity to ensure previous sets will not hinder future development and creativity. There thoughts on the subject can be read: "Further consideration also made us realize it was the wrong approach from the development side. An extremely high bar for making iterations will indirectly cause future set development to be worse off. Long term set creativity will suffer if we are reluctant to try new ideas because of fears around not being able to make adjustments." Now this brings up the question, "What about the cards I bought that will lose value due to balance?" This is a good question, one that valve was prepared for. While it doesn't do much to help players that bought cards early on when they were their peak, it does show they are concerned with the success of the marketplace. Valve has decided to buyback any singles you bought in the marketplace that were changed in this update. They will give what the market peak was up to 24 hours prior to the announcement of the changes going live. While traditional TCG players are no strangers to balance affecting a card's value, I assume newer players to the model will have concern. The key here is to remember that it is more important in the long run for card value if you have buyers. As people leave because balance is ignored, it will become harder for you to sell as the demand drops. In the long run I believe this will help the overall value of Artifact cards. Now, let's talk about the changes. Not many cards were changed and the changes are not crippling. In fact, from what I can see, more cards were buffed than nerfed which is good to hear. There were 6 buffs and 2 nerfs to be exact. The notable nerf being to the card that held the top spot for value for some time, Axe. As someone that plays an Axe/Tinker deck, I've always felt Axe gave you too much for nothing. Not only is his signature card good, but he is capable of providing aggressive board presence for several turns. This can make it difficult for slower decks to really get going. Axe was adjusted from a 7/2/11 (Atk, Armor, Life) to 6/2/10. While the change is minor, it does make him slightly easier to deal with. The key here is that his armor remained 2. Armor in Artifact provides an "actual" change to damage. What I mean by this is that if armor is positive it reduces the damage, if it is negative however, it will increase how much damage the unit takes. Think of armor as not just equipment, but state of health. A unit with negative armor could be seen as poisoned, sick, or weakened, so they take more damage. While a unit with positive armor could be seen as well equipped, in extraordinary health, or made stronger by magical enhancements, so they take less damage. What makes Axe powerful is the natural 2 armor that he starts with, essentially making it to where champions themselves need to deal with him and even then he has the advantage in the first 2 to 3 turns. If he continues to shape the meta I could see the Armor being changed in the future. Let me know what you think and make sure to comment below so we can have a good discussion about the changes going forward. Lets talk about your favorite changes and what you think could make the game more appealing to a larger audience. Remember as indicated by Valve, they are listening to us and discussing our ideas and our concerns: "Since the release of Artifact, there have been a lot of discussions surrounding this topic. Input came in many forms, some from online discussions, some from direct feedback with players, and some through discussions among our own team members. This caused us to take a step back and spend a bunch of time debating the merits of the different arguments presented." Full information can be found at: Skill Rating, Leveling, and Balance Update
  11. New guy from Louisiana

    Hi there, My names Shane. Im live in the wonderfully humid state of Louisiana and have just started playing the DBS card game. A couple of the local game shops around here have tournaments but I havent really given it a shot just yet. So if there any other people from my area or from any where for that matter hop in and say hey.
  12. Dragon Ball Super Anime Discussion

    So, now that the Broly movie is all-but-released everywhere, and spoilers are abound, what is everyone's thoughts about what's happening with Dragon Ball? Heck, if you're one of the people who's seen the movie already, what are your thoughts? I've not really seen the movie yet myself, but having seen a bit of the spoilers, it seems... Cool? I would never argue that Dragon Ball is a very deep, philosophical story, but it seems to hit a lot of the notes people would want from a Broly movie. Still a bit meh about Broly being a good guy, but his new backstory is kind of touching (in an abstract way), and I would probably like him if he wasn't unreasonably powerful. Like, put this at the end of the original Dragon Ball, pre-GoD stuff, and yeah, I could get behind it? My biggest chagrin from the movie is mostly just that the future of Dragon Ball is pretty much tied to the train that is the 3 U7 Saiyans.
  13. Let's get this thing going. Add me on steam if you want to play some games. https://steamcommunity.com/id/jmcb/
  14. Game Launched! Initial thoughts...

    Still playing and still think it's awesome. I didn't get a chance to make content over the weekend because of guests. I do however plan on doing a gauntlet of games over Christmas break. Hoping to get through an Expert Constructed, all on film, and an Expert Keeper Draft, all on film.
  15. Game Launched! Initial thoughts...

    Well yeah. You still have to deal with combat at least and they won't be able to stop your heroes from being put in. However, it is slightly annoying when it happens and can really muck up fast aggro for a moment.
  16. Game Launched! Initial thoughts...

    If you play against BG Control, they came make it to where you can't do anything for the longest time, then play a card that gives them Initiative then pass. It's possible to be non-interactive, but its either you're going to win fast or lose fast.
  17. Game Launched! Initial thoughts...

    I think I'm going to try to make something this weekend. Hopefully, after the season, you can join us. I might run though the basics of the interview and a game using the starting deck against the bots.
  18. Game Launched! Initial thoughts...

    I respect that, quite a lot actually. But again, my issue is more that this time of year takes a lot out of my bank, and with how many things tend to go wrong in the few weeks leading up to Christmas, I tend to just not spend anything until we're into the new year (and I'm determined that I won't buy a game to knowingly get the refund later). But I would sincerely be interested in any content you upload, so be sure to post links if you do go for it.
  19. Game Launched! Initial thoughts...

    I actually was thinking of doing content for this game. I built a competitive deck last night, including what is the most expensive card so far, and spent $35 doing it. I'm confident in it and am going to start playing online tonight. It should be noted, that if you don't like the game after the two tutorial games you can decline the starter decks and packs and ask for a refund. I think my favorite part of the game is that it makes non interactive play impossible. You have to engage in combat which means even control decks have to interact with combat. No turtling and refusing combat in this game. So while control is powerful in this game it's a lot more engaging.
  20. Game Launched! Initial thoughts...

    Somewhat of an ask, especially since there are a few videos here and there online regarding the game, but is there a chance that any of you have uploaded a few videos of the game? I tend to find this time of year somewhat taxing financially, so I'm not really in a situation to spare the money. But I'd still be interested in seeing someone run through what they think are the strong-suits of the game, and in watching some high-tier play.
  21. Game Launched! Initial thoughts...

    I got a feeling that TCGs will still be around. As you stated, there needs to be a clear example of harm. While someone's "crack a pack" addiction can get a bit in the way of things, TCG's aren't as consuming on the consumer market, even on the digital front. Although if I had to cite an example of pure negligence in "over manipulating" the game of chance on packs, it would be PanZ's set 7, and the way it handled UR's, hands down. I have a feeling in all of this, hobby gaming will likely be placed in its own category, as such minor things often are, and be regulated much more lenient. At this point, the conversation is diverging from the topic, which is the initial thoughts on the game itself, so I'll likely not be discussing the affects of gambling in general on gamers any further in this thread. Nothing against the conversation, I just think this topic should stay focused on people's thoughts and opinions on the actual game itself and how it rates in play-ability and collect-ability to other games of this nature.
  22. Game Launched! Initial thoughts...

    What If that zero value option is considered illegal? Gambling in the U.S. is defined in three parts: Consideration Chance Prize If all three attributes are present in an offering then it's considered gambling. Consideration means payment (not necessarily money). Do you pay anything for a booster pack of Pokémon TCG cards? If so then that is consideration. Interestingly, it doesn't matter who receives the money (in most cases) or the amount of money. If you pay one penny for a booster pack of cards that is guaranteed to contain a card worth $100 then that is still consideration. Does skill or chance affect the offering? If so is it over 50% chance or 50% skill? If the offering is over 50% affected by chance then it's a game of chance. Do you receive anything of easily quantifiable value for your participation? Then that's considered a prize. If you answered yes to the above three questions then what you're doing is considered gambling. So why hasn't the Trading Card Game / Collectible Card Game model been stopped in federal court? Well the short answer is that they aren't harmful enough. After a review of cases it appears that the most prominent lawsuits brought against trading card publishers have been dismissed. Beyond the test to determine If something is gambling or not, all U.S. courts (and most courts worldwide as this comes from common law) have requirements that must be met for a lawsuit to be filed. Almost all courts require a plaintiff to have standing - that is essentially a good reason to be the person bringing that particular lawsuit. So far the cases regarding this subject matter have been dismissed as the courts claimed the plaintiff's failed to show that they've been harmed in some way whether it was physical or psychological. In other words, Trading Cards have a strong chance of being recognized as gambling. However courtrooms are serious places so unless someone was seriously harmed through the purchase of trading cards, it's highly unlikely to be considered by court. The real test will come in the next 5-10 years as our generation grew up on TCG's with the next presumably on digital versions (as much as I hate to admit it). We'll soon have more data on the behaviors of adults who grew up with these "gambling simulators" and what their behavior is like as adults. Given that most mainstream TCG's (MTG, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Pokémon) are made up of high stake gamblers from Wall Street as well as Crypto Investors, it's not looking too good for the defenders of this business practice from insider trading with prior knowledge of the release of a product before release day to preferential treatment for people who shill for these companies.
  23. Game Launched! Initial thoughts...

    This is the very idea I had when I mentioned you. Has me a bit excited.
  24. Game Launched! Initial thoughts...

    Good article, though I laughed a little when the author stated that the $300 dollars for the set in Artifact was comparable to getting a full set in Hearthstone or Magic. The key issue people are having is that they continue to compare this to Hearthstone or Arena. It is only similar in that its a PC game. The entire model is designed to emulate a traditional TCG and that's where Artifact shines. It gives you that experience and makes collecting and competitive play far more accessible than it normally is in digital card games. You can literally just build the deck you want and spend only about $40 to $75 dollars. Even if someone just grinds on Hearthstone or Arena, once you consider the time it takes to get competitive for constructed you're still looking at hundreds in cost once you translate the time to money. Now I agree with the gambling concept on loot creates and packs. I've seen people that can't resist the, "just one more pack", and it can do financial damage if an intervention doesn't happen. The key difference with a TCG model though is that your pack always had value because of the secondary market where as loot crates and gambling have a zero value option as a result.
  25. Game Launched! Initial thoughts...

    Thought I'd share this article with you guys in relation to Valve's new digital card game 'Artifact' - https://motherboard.vice.com/en_us/article/xwjv8w/valves-new-game-artifact-is-a-perfect-machine-for-making-money
  26. Game Launched! Initial thoughts...

    Yeah, I really like this idea. We could do a Top Tier Tournament Circuit for cash prizes.
  27. Game Launched! Initial thoughts...

    I think the real appeal here @Jarrett is the ability to host community tournaments through the game. That's something I think is going to be great as a standard.
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