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  2. Yay! A member!

    I think what makes him great is that he doesn't lose speed when he uses Hypersonic. I can't stand Superman though. Most of them are built like a tank with too many good powers on and single click. They can easily take a team alone if you don't play 110% and it just leads to slow games where you're trying to figure out getting around him.
  3. DBS new pplayer

    Welcome. Make sure to have a fun time, check out the clubs, and socialize with the awesome people that make Top Tier the best place on earth.
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  5. Why don't Living Card Games get more popular?

    Just a guess? Last I checked they're bringing back Core Sets and they finally managed to make Standard playable again. You really had to criticize me about run on sentences again? Anyway you make a valid point though, last I checked on the contents for Iconic Masters there's not enough cards in the set to devalue the entire game since the Reserved List contains more than 200+ cards dating from Alpha/Beta/Unlimited through Mercadian Masques. However there have been cases where they've gotten away with reprinting Reserved List cards regardless If they've been reprinted in a previous Core Set. Otherwise the set would be too expensive to purchase as the MSRP price would be through the roof not to mention how expensive booster packs would be compared to Modern and Eternal Masters where boosters were like $10-15+ a pack. There's just no incentive to do so when it would anger the collectors who are keeping the game alive compared to the people who actually play that struggle to obtain expensive cards in their decks.
  6. Worst TCG you've ever played?

    I had a buddy who was crazily addicted to WoW. He would buy boxes of cards. (Ended up getting a lot of good loot cards since they have cards that had codes you could put in the game for in game stuff. Made those specific cards worth quite a bit of money, especially now that you can't get them anymore.) The WoW TCG was a lot of fun with the raid decks. Or maybe I just had way to much fun playing the raid decks and trying to crush my friends. Guess this post is somewhat counter productive to the thread, but ill come back and post the worst TCG I've played when I think of which one it is. (curses being at work and not having much time to respond. >.<)
  7. Worst TCG you've ever played?

    Two friends and I bought some World of Warcraft cards while we were in high school cause we played the game. Although we never got to do a raid game (where 2-5 players play against a person playing a raid deck) that was probably the coolest thing about it. We played some 1-on-1 games and were pretty disappointed in the game. The only thing I remember about that game is one of my friends opened up some amazing rare card in one of the boosters that came with his starter deck and it gave him a crazy edge in every game.
  8. Phases

    @The Bear Thank you for your response and clarification!
  9. Why don't Living Card Games get more popular?

    Those run on sentences tho. o_O Seriously, WotC is not going to take their huge money pit and drop it down to LCG. there is no reason at all to do that. If we needed any other evidence, they just announced a HUGE shift back to Core+3 format. Why would they do that and then swap to LCG before the new release format has even begun?
  10. Phases

    Attacking with a battle card or leader card is an action that you can take during your main phase. When your main phase begins you enter free timing (section 6-3-1-2), allowing you to take any action that can take place during your main phase, such as playing battle cards, attacking with battle cards or leader, playing extra cards, activating abilities, etc. These actions can be performed in any order as many times as possible given that you have the resources to carry out a given action. So to answer your question, yes you can attack with Cabba and then evolve him into Raging Cabba to switch him to active mode and attack again in the same turn. It may also be helpful to point out that if you use Saiyan Cabba's ability to give him +10k power and double strike for the turn that these effects will carry over if he is evolved into Raging Cabba on the same turn. While double strike becomes redundant at this point the +10k bonus is still nice.
  11. Phases

    Hey all, this may have been answered but I could not find the thread. My question is: Once you are done in the main phase and proceed to battle, can you go back into the main phase? EX: - Cabba atk Leader - Cabba goes into rest mode After Cabba is in rest mode can I now evolve him and proceed with another atk? - Cabba evolve into Raging Cabba - Raging Cabba atk Leader - Raging Cabba goes into rest mode If this does not work then what or how would you use\utilize Raging Cabba? Thanks,
  12. Card ruling

    Guess I never really read the card. Always thought it said to KO a Battle Card, but if it is just KO a card in your Battle Area you are right. You learn something new every day
  13. Mono Yellow Frieza Players - Question

    I feel like stalling an opponent at 5/6 life is becoming a much more prevalent strategy, which is why cards like Result of Training are starting to see more play. The problem I have with splashing blue (or any color for that matter) with the Golden Frieza leader is that it clogs the deck up significantly. If I were to splash blue into yellow I would change to the Frieza leader that puts your own battle cards into active mode and play the 3 and 4 cost blue battle cards with critical. Splashing red gives you access to Cabba which can help you awaken and provides early and mid game aggro. Splashing green gives you access to Furious Yell Vegeta which gives you board control at the cost of life.
  14. Why don't Living Card Games get more popular?

    The game has been in the shitter since they stopped the Core-1-2-3 yearly release schedule, and the meta prior to the shift was pretty garbage too.
  15. Card ruling

    Correct, Broly's skill does not give you the option whether or not to choose 1 card from the battle area to place in the drop area.
  16. Why don't Living Card Games get more popular?

    WotC makes so much damn money off of MTG why would they do that?
  17. Card ruling

    Yeah I mean think about it, it is flavor. When Broly turns into the Legendary Super Saiyan his ring is destroyed. As far as gameplay goes you want to keep your ring in as much as possible. Even if you just have to summon a cheap 1 drop or something to keep it in play. Ideally though of course you'll want your Bio Warriors for the loop.
  18. Mono Yellow Frieza Players - Question

    You don't, that's why I stopped playing Frieza. All your opponent has to do is nothing and they beat you. I think switching to Ginyu (if you are dead set on Yellow) is the best way to go, but you could splash in blue for Result of Training if you felt the need to keep Frieza. I think Ginyu is better than Frieza currently because he gets almost the same benefits as Golden Frieza without stalling you out on 5.
  19. DBS new pplayer

    Welcome to the forums. I promise you will learn a lot lol.
  20. Card ruling

    So if you have no other cards in your battle area and attack you are forced to destroy your own ring? O.o
  21. Red-Yellow Champa Deck

    Thanks! And yes I'd really appreciate it if you can.. still learning the game really wanted to try a red/yellow deck
  22. I'm just curious, but how do the local Yellow Freiza players here deal with the opponent preventing you from awakening by stalling you at 5 life and just gaining absolute and total control of the game? I have a Mono-Yellow Frieza deck, and while at first it was doing some wonders, people have adapted and using this strategy completely dominates me as it feels like there is almost nothing you can do (especially against Blue-Yellow Vegeta, whom has access to a lot of the same tricks we do, but just amasses a greater card advantage). Any suggestions? Either switching to Ginyu (to be able to awaken when needed) or I thought about playing Blue in the sideboard and playing Results of Training, among other Blue control cards. Any other ideas?
  23. Red-Yellow Champa Deck

    Not sure what happened to the picture but here you go, also note this deck has gone through some changes since I posted this. If you're interested I can post the the changes in this forum or I might make a new topic.
  24. Card ruling

    That's definitely where it came from I totally agree...it's more frustrating then anything
  25. Card ruling

    I think the confusion came from it being a extra card, not a battle card, in the battle area.
  26. Card ruling

    Hopefully they change that that's horrible...thanks for the clarification
  27. Card ruling

    Currently it can only be destroyed by awakened Broly's skill.
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