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  2. His level 4 is by far the weakest level on paper and in testing. Each of his powers are so easily played around on level 4. The prevention effect can easily be blown through by multiple attacks in the game. If it were “deals no damage” it would be a significant boon. AK, Sin Choke, and a ton of other no prevention options make that power significantly worse than the consistent recovery on his earlier levels. Otherwise all of his other effects are HIT effects. Inconsistent and slow. Cooler whips out a zero cost rejuvenate 7, Drawku can tutor Saiyan Tantrum for a Rejuv 3 and an auto crit, and Krillin is automatically tutoring multiple setups with a ton of other effects attached. All of these are zero cost level 4s. To get a significantly game-changing move on level 4 you’re going to need 2-3 turns of setup to possibly rejuvenate more than 3. Board control is popular right now because of Orange and Krillin’s popularity. All your opponent has to do is either block the first instant so you don’t have a setup for the attack’s hit effect,block the attack on level 4 so he can’t rejuvenate, or just banish your setups as they enter play because you have an action to interact with it. It’s pretty weak even compared to his 3. Level 3 automatically blanks one of your opponent’s board and adds consistent auto recovery. I’d take that over a few okay hit effects any day.
  3. Nintendo E3 Direct

    Honestly I wish they would add the new characters to the Wii U and 3ds versions. I understand they fixed some jank but I spent allot of money on Smash 4 and I don't feel like this new one is worth it to upgrade to a switch.
  4. You are absolutely crazy if you think his lv4 is just “okay”. The first attack against him does no damage... He has board control on command. He has an EIGHT stage physical... and you think his HIT effect is underwhelming even though it’s a reliable Rejuv 3 but potentially a Rejuv 9... This level 4 is more than okay to me, and if you are not convinced it wouldn’t be difficult to demonstrate... IT HAS EVERYTHING except maybe a crit effect. Let’s add crit effect + Rejuv 3 because I don’t think he is strong enough... I think orange will be best just for devouring drill assist Unleashed in turboing to lv4.
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  6. Honestly, it's kind of sad that he's unable to be played in Namekian. The rejuvenation synergy would really work wonders there. As things are though, I'd say he works best in Orange. He's got some alright anger gain, and Retribution should help you jump up a couple of levels rather quickly to rest comfortably on his level 3 (and just have his level 4 there for when it's needed). Add in a bit of Orange's innate rejuvenation and a couple of drills to help bulk out his overall kit, and you should have a decently defensible MP. The issue still sits with his offensive kit; He just doesn't really have any. His attacks just don't do enough right now. One good thing about him that I feel needs acknowledging though is that he's got amazing power levels. He is going to be a BEAST to try and AT stage beat down into submission. Only probably relevant in a handful of match-ups in the current meta game, but it might really help out with other Escalation MPs. Time will tell.
  7. I want to like him but his named package is flawed. There are a few direct counter cards for the gimmick. That generally leads to a very losing matchup. I think levels 1,2, and 3 all have the makings of great MP levels and after a few changes for the release Buu could be very good. Level 4 is okay but the HIT effect is extremely underpowered compared to other 4s in the already in the game. Overall I’m excited for the rejuvenation effects. I like the level 3 constant working even during your rejuvenation step and the he’s got Cooler’s level 3 constant on his level 2. what styles do you think he will succeed in, in his current version?
  8. And he is weird. And that is honestly fantastic. |: I don't know how good he is though tbh. He's kind of a utility-counter stack, but that kind of creates what strikes me as the biggest weakness of the stack; It just pales in direct-beatdown match-ups.
  9. My only concern would be that your main attacks are going to be Life Card damage. That doesn’t seem to synergize with MV much. But I think it may be worth testing out. Majin Buu is up on Deadzone guys.
  10. Nintendo E3 Direct

    I didn't plan on quitting DBS a month ago but that's pretty much how it is playing out. I haven't gone to any tournaments I said I would, havent hit up any drafts; hell, my wife and I only got a few games in over the last month. I still want to draft some time but I haven't been paying much attention to new stuff at all. Getting into D&D really phased DBS out of my hobby rotation. I don't even own a Switch and I'm excited for a new Smash. Ridley is an awesome addition. From what I read, the damage scales different depending on the number of players that started the match; so damage is higher in 1v1 than a 4-man free-for-all, which is awesome. New Gamecube controllers made for this game too; perhaps they saw pro player's crutching on old controllers or the Smashbox and finally decided to compete? Maybe they'll start having a hand in competitive play? Nintendo had their stuff together this year (I think they're on a roll at this point). Companies like Squeenix, on the other hand, advertised big things and then shit bricks.
  11. Nintendo E3 Direct

    They're doing great so far with the Switch. They continue to regularly add titles and deliver 1st parties that are fun. They recently started cross play with Xbox on Paladins and with it coming soon for Minecraft, I got a feeling that library of cross play will grow which is a great thing for gamers in general. Now if Sony will jump on that bandwagon, there may never be a stale or dead multiplayer again.
  12. Perhaps, but he would have reliable blocking and anger hate. I'm actually kind of liking the idea of blue protective. MPPV is (in theory) one of his harder match ups and it would help immensely with that. Should still be able to get to 2 reliably as well (which lv 1 would probably depend on the number of cards with anger in them that you're running).
  13. I’ve thought about Blue Protective with Overpowering Drill myself. There may be something to that. However I think against other Majin Vegeta’s, he’s going to lose the mirror because he can’t reliably run Prideful Challenge.
  14. It's also probably worth mentioning his viability in a Blue Tag Team deck, with access to Turles, King Vegeta, Raditz, Nappa (for the mirror match), etc. I don't know if it's his most potent home, but it's definitely got some insane viability when versing other Majin Vegetas.
  15. I’ve been toying with Mischievous. Black Face Off, Final Flash, and Prideful Challenge to lock your opponent out of actions. You’ve got some decent anger physical attacks in Black too and really good block options.
  16. Nintendo E3 Direct

    So I quite DBS a month or so ago and haven't really played any CCGs lately, but I had to post this somewhere because I'm still hyped. The Nintendo Direct for E3 was, frankly, a bit meek on new titles aside from the smash bros coverage. Some good titles (Fire Emblem, MHGU, Fortnite, Mario Party with multi switch gimmick, FighterZ) and also a bonus for new Pokémon, with Mew included in the Pokeball+ controller. But considering they spent half the direct on Smash, they made it COUNT. Some highlights: *EVERY FIGHTER FROM SMASH HISTORY RETURNS - Even Wolf and Ice Climbers *New Fighter Classification - Echo Fighter - these are fighters that are built off of other similar fighters, like Dark Pit and Lucina *Only 3 new fighters - Inklings, Daisy (Echo Fighter off Peach) and FREAKING RIDLEY *Omega stages are back *New game balances for 1v1 as opposed to 3+ players *GAMECUBE CONTROLLER COMPATIBILITY *Amiibo support *Louder for the people in the back: FREAKING RIDLEY So yeah, the hype is real.
  17. I think I am whining about how Ret will probably be the best deck for him. For beats/mppv I don’t think there is really a contest unfortunately. I will try him in Red as well. Red Restriction + Prideful Challenge should really mess with some decks. I think Ruthless and Ascension have a place for him. If I do go the Ruthless route I will be running Unleashed though. I am a bit pessimistic on Dynamic in general. I don’t think it’s good, but I would def go Unleashed with Dynamic as well.
  18. You joke, but he actually probably would be pretty great in retribution. That said, dynamic and ruthless seem the obvious contenders for best deck. I want to put him in resourceful, but I wish his named card didn't shut down your set up attacks too (especially because there's lots of ways to tutor it since it's styled).
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  20. I can’t wait, I am gonna play him in my Retribution deck /s
  21. I like this stack a lot as well. I think he’ll open new avenues of play rather than being Broly 2. The level 2 and 3 will definitely be his sweet spot and 4 is his end of game swing. I think he’ll be successful in all of the stage beats-capable masteries printed so far.
  22. And why I still ride the Awesome Sauce train.
  23. Majin Vegeta and Escalation revealed

    Oh man I LOVE this stack. Even more evidence how FanZ is better than DBS lol
  24. He's neat. I like the setup. Bit frustrating that he stops skips and combat ending, but tbh, that's so abundant in the meta that it's probably a positive. It also kind of means that Oppressive isn't his Level 2's friend. One thing I really like is that THIS is a personality that is built for Saiyan Dynamic, since he's definitely worth level 2 camping and he has in-built protection against anti-levelling. This means that he's dropped the main weakness you're working around with Dynamic, you have innate disruption built in, and your opponent can't make you budge. And while I don't think it's nearly as good as the Dynamic Cell build at it, it can even employ the delevelling strategy to hop between the level 1 and 2 (with the level 2s attack replacing the card lost in hand). His level 3 is where things get weird for me. He's a bit less interesting than his first two levels, but that's got a lot of oomph to it. A free card to hand, hitting the board twice, and then drop banishing when you gain anger (not to dismiss the extra damage he's giving). His level 4 is pretty boring, but efficient. Unfortunately, I kind of feel like it means that MPPV isn't a highly viable strategy for Villaingeta as a result (although, who knows, maybe there's something waiting with his classic stack? Smeh.) 11 cards of unpreventable damage is pretty interesting, 1/6th of the deck gone. I'd find it more interesting if the HIT was actually just a cost for using the attack, so that you're punished to swinging into a block, but hey.
  25. Namekian Sword Archetype

    I actually didn't know that kind of parenthetical extended to cards while they were in the drop/life deck o-O I had always assumed that kind of thing ONLY applied when they were in the throes of being played. But I think I'm still working on Yu-Gi-Oh, where cards in deck are considered "unknown" and graveyard rulings are... Honestly, a god damn disaster. Fair dues, I have learned something new. As for his level 4, the main reason I don't mind it too much is because it needs a few turns to build up. But eh, this might be a Frieza's Supernova moment where I'm just missing how quickly it ramps damage. I'd need to see it in effect before I change my stance though, honestly.
  26. Hey guys new post on the DeadZone Blog. What do you think of him?
  27. Namekian Sword Archetype

    Namekian Sword Chop has been scrapped at this point but I didn’t make that clear. Thinking of changing the hit effect to “HIT:Raise your anger X levels. X = the number of “Chop” cards in your discard pile. Another thing may be to just reduce the damage output to ensure the card is only active when Radiant Mastery is active. Gohan’s Sword Juke as it stands also works with resourceful mastery, and is perhaps even stronger than in Radiant. One easy change would be to count sword juke as an earth dragon ball and remove the parenthetical from the personality.
  28. The lv 3 is totally broken. Because it makes your sword cards styled it can trigger an infinite loop with dashing sword and your namekian sword chop with a single attack. Namekian sword chop is probably overpowered as is by adding a card to hand from your banish zone, and probably needs a total rework. Even without that the level 3 allows dashing sword to chain with itself for as many as you have in your discard pile +1 sword card of choice. Which is likely a game ender. Too punishing for not drawing a block. Parenthetical should be your attack cards with sword in ty he title are considered styled. Then it will work like awakening gohan. But at that point Denithan would be right and it could use a little something extra to compete. The level 4 modifier seems broken to me. You could easily get up into the +9, +12, or even +15 life cards range. With every attack. One namekian backhand would be a game ender. Yes you have to get to 4, but leaping kick working with the dragon ball effects and unleashed would make this pretty easy and even if you get there early his other effects are plenty good for early game. Possible fixes could be capping the modifier (+5 maybe? ) or having it only apply to his personality attack. The discard banish should probably just be an immediate effect either way. On the reworked lv 2 the hit effect has a similar problem to the lv 3 parenthetical. Being able to rejuvenate ANY banished card on lv 2 seems a little too powerful/abuseable. Maybe limit it to sword and named cards. But you could probably make the setup tutor work with even non-sword set ups. I see no issues there and the better ones tend to be sword anyway. Gives him more targets when life deck gets low. I really don't like the styled sword cards = EDB parenthetical. It brings up to many rulings questions. For example radiant mastery would allow you to place any sword card into play including types that aren't supposed to do that like physical or energy combats. Would the attacks be useable at that point? I don't know. That's new ground. And on 2 and 3 this includes your freestyle sword cards too. I'm with Denithan that an effect like that belongs on a namekian card/s (probably drill or setup to avoid the above situation). And it helps keep the stack from being shoehorned to one style. I might suggest making gohans sword juke into a namekian card, giving him a new named card with a broader effect, and creating a namekian sword drill that synergizes with the stack. That said I really like the flavor and thought you've put into this. Joey did say the next gohan stack would not be sword focused though. But that doesn't mean he won't be able to do something with swords. I'm personally ok with this because I'd rather gohan have more broad appeal.
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