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  2. what you come to expect with ffg,
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  4. I think you're missing the point altogether. I see the direction you're going with this Changeling and your not entirely off by making the comparison but Sho has a point that you're refusing to acknowledge. With dice, the randomness happens first, there is no control over the randomness before they're rolled and modifications happen after. In UFS there is control over the randomness before it happens. Deck construction, shuffling, stacking all affect the randomness, essentially allowing you some control over the value before it is generated. Sho's point is that the systems are inherently different because of this. The dice are rolled, than modified if possible. Before hand, outside of cheating, you have no control over what is rolled until after the randomness.
  5. As I said if you are checking "on fate" outside of the end of your turn, and you're running that many two checks in the first place, and it isn't your first turn, then you and I are just playing two very different games so I digress.
  6. Flipping a 2 on fate and tapping foundations to clear it is the same as rolling a blank and playing a card to set it to another side.
  7. I'm actually somewhat impressed. Participation - Alt art card 2nd day swiss - acrylic resource tokens Top 32 - unique playmat Top 16 - medal Top 8 - acrylic world's damage dial Top 4 - Uncut sheet of the alt art card Winner - Unique mat and trophy plus travel expenses to next year as well as entry fee for them plus 1. Plus prize wall tickets for every win. Granted it's not thousands of dollars worth of alt art promos like DBZ, but DBZ had a higher threshold to get into the event. This one is pay $70 and gain entry to one or more of the 5 game events plus a branded deck box and shirt. I've seen a LOT worse. ARG all you got was MAYBE a promo for entering (usually not), a playmat and (generally useless) ARG points for top 8.
  8. No it's not the same thing. Dice in Destiny you can only manipulate AFTER the randomness has been in play by rolling them. Control Checks for top play are NOT random, it isnt the same thing.
  9. But you can do all that to the dice in Destiny. I played competitive UFS, I know a good deck, it's the exact same thing. You just didn't want to try in Destiny like you did/do in UFS.
  10. Anyone seen the prizes for Worlds? HOOOOLEEEEE CRAAAAAAAP what a joke. ARG level nonsense.
  11. Nah, son. Checks aren't even CLOOOOOSE to die rolls. Not even remotely. Die rolls are complete randomness, control checks are affected by deck construction, cards in play, and knowledge of your own deck. A good UFS player will ALWAYS know whether they will make a check or not unless they specifically make the choice of "ill see if i make this one" which will usually be the last card of their turn because in UFS once you fail a check your turn ends. Not even close.
  12. I find it tedious and I don't like the turn structure. Something I think DBZ does better with the back and forth and attacks not stopping to be modded, then blocked. Smoother and more intuitive game imo. A merger of the two's better aspects would probably be straight sex though.
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  14. I have. I own the Sophitia / Seigfried battle Box, a Chun Li starter, a Lilith Tin and a Felicia Deck, along with a ton of assorted Street Fighter cards. Why so much? I am crazy. I keep trying to like it despite never enjoying it. Made a solid effort with the Jasco games version too. Eh, I don't think the check system is too bad because of foundations being able to fix it. Not that I like it, I don't like Foundations in general and that's part of my problem enjoying the game, but the check being able to be fixed and acting more as a turn restrictor over a gambit changes the implementation a lot.
  15. I don't think you have actually played UFS sir. If one does not like dice rolls one cannot possibly like UFS's "check" system.
  16. I tried getting into UFS and thought it was boring.
  17. I have to buy cheap as possable, I don't have the money to pay extra 20 per box. I try to buy something why I am there but that's as much as I can do with my current income
  18. FFG

    it's very irratating how ffg supporters blindly support it and act like what there doing has not hurt the game by a lot. some excuses - this game is supposed to be a small community game (no where did they say this ) - all ccg's have problems when just starting - give them time if it's still a problem by dec ( maybe to late by then) - they were overwhelmed with demand - there reprinting more set 1 in june - you can buy online ( for double the price) - they don't have to give us anything things I have been called -inpatient -greedy - whiny - entitled -ect everyone there is only caring about the present and not thinking on the effects it will have in the future, they just don't get how a ccg needs to be run. - there needs to be starters avalable - needs to be loose packs for impulse buy and tourney prizes - tourney support good enough to warrent ppl to travel to events
  19. UFS is a strange beast in my opinion. I think it does a hell of a lot right where DBZ fails, but it doesn't feel as good to play. Not as organic. Kinda like Magic vs The Spoils. Spoils was arguably a better game, but Magic played better. Except UFS is still alive...
  20. Well, Afterworld is another TCG "resurrection" for them. Though the game was never very popular in the first place. They've already released 2 starter sets for it, but marketing and support is non-existent. As for DC, my guess is some sense early on that VS system redux was actually going to be big and they wanted to compete this time, rather than reconnect with UDE. I keep seeing new VS System expansions, but barely anyone actually playing. It seems the fervor for DC deck-building game is dying down too, as they haven't released a big box expansion since Teen Titans in 2015 and all we've had lately are the small "crossover" packs. They're trying to broaden the range of their licenses to get some more dough.
  21. I would agree and disagree. Most players I know that get items off the internet don't do it because their local doesn't have it, it's because it's cheaper. Most players that play CCGs intently are looking to get the most return on their money. They think if they buy low they'll make money in the end. (some will break even, most will lose out in the long run.) This site is evidence. So many people buying boxes and cases from Potomac and Hills. same on popo's on FB. Everyone looking for cases for cheap. The bulk of sales will be made via internet bulk and not through brick and mortar stores. The market is even worse for singles. With singles you not only have to contend with online sellers, you have to contend with EVERY SINGLE PLAYER THAT WALKS IN. In many games you also have to compete with online trade groups like popo's or virbank. Saying "if they don't want to support it's on them" is ridiculous. A shop selling singles is an investment. They purchase cards and put them in a case, hoping they appreciate in value and eventually they get cash for them. You know what happens to most of those singles? They either sit on the shelf or someone uses store credit they got from trading in more singles. And then when something happens like back in December with PanZ, you are now stuck with upwards of THOUSANDS of cards that NO ONE will want for fair value anymore. You now have a box of bulk, worth hundreds of dollars a week ago, now worth $50 maybe. It's not worth the investment for most stores. Why should they invest their money in cards they will get NO money for, when they can buy boxes of MTG that will sell in mere days as draft sets. In many industries high risk can equal high reward. Rarely will that pay off in the CCG/TCG market. Especially for someone who makes their living off of in-person sales in an increasingly e-business world. You can stay safe and feed your family, or you can satisfy a few die-hard loyal fans and get top ramen instead of chicken and potatoes. /soapbox
  22. It's not so much that these stores don't want to carry card singles for players to acquire for their decks when they don't want to risk losing money on appealing to niche markets. If local game stores aren't able to restock on supply in order to keep up with demand or have difficulty getting product in from their local distributors then players will get what they need off the internet. That being said, local game stores still provide a venue for players to socially interact with each other and have fun where they can make due with other ways to make their expenses on keeping their businesses up and running. If a local game store doesn't want to support carrying card singles for specific Trading Card Game / Collectible Card Game products that aren't MTG, Yu-Gi-Oh!, and Pokémon that's on them.
  23. Yea I failed to mention it was Score Z I was talking about. So if both MPs are pretty much equal 5 above 0 and the match is villain vs hero, hero goes first?? Unless hero over powers villain?
  24. I'll have to look into UFS, I have no idea what it is. If it can improve upon the downfalls of DBZ's current design, then I'm all for it.
  25. Score Z started matches kind of like how you were told, but Panini Z makes the players decide who goes first. Most commonly, this is a dice roll. In Score Z to determine who goes first: If highest power level on level 1 of one MP is twice or more than that of their opponent's MP, then the following happens: the weaker MP starts at full stages and has first turn the stronger MP starts at 2 stages above 0 If the above is not met and the match up is hero vs villain, then the hero goes first. If the double power level rule is not met and both players are playing the same alignment then I believe the weaker MP goes first or its a die roll; cant quite remember this one.
  26. Old Score Z rules if I recall had it that Hero went before Villain and then if both were the same alignment it was based on current power level (Weaker went first I think) this version of the game, like Shoryu said, it's all just random. Dice, rock paper scissors, whatever.
  27. Idk who told you that. First player is chosen at random. Usually via die roll but can be done thru any other random means like rock paper scissors, coin flip, etc.
  28. If my MP is a villain and my opponent MP is a Hero and both our MP are equal at 5 above who goes first. BC i was told Villains automatically goes last.
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