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  2. Am I reading this right? A board wipe, can't combo against, triple attacker, that you can realistically drop in turn 2.....
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  4. Set 10.5

    My initial impressions: Starting from the first reveal and working down. Nail level 1 - Dude is cool. I'll be curious to see what people do with it. If his trigger power was constant, then I think he would be a lot better, but still being able to force a Defensive Burst upon your opponent or any other such nasty hit effects could be fun. He's really close to good (I feel) but I honestly do think he is missing enough to make it a big splash (Like most of the one off levels). We'll see, but right now it seems Black is the only stand out to make use of that power. Red Shining Sword Attack - Great... more named Sword cards. I know how this card came to be, and my utter dislike for Future Trunks creates some biased against this card. it's overall a decent card for sword decks and I know I'll be playing it in my Red SworDura (Sword Dabura) deck. We'll see if the whole swords want to deal stages but this does life thing becomes a problem or not (I don't imagine so since red has ways of making both sword and named card damage unpreventable) Guru ally - Potentially cool. Not great for Nail, we'll see once Dende gets his stack if he becomes worth playing. Raditz Ally - Only thing that comes to my mind is Blue Resourceful Ginyu. Maybe it could be a thing? Doubt it. I feel like I'm missing something with this card. Feels okay but not great. Namekian Planetary Countdown - This thing had me lose my mind when I first read it. Then I realized it was shuffle not rejuvinate and I calmed myself. It's a cute card but ultimately I am not sure how much I like it when it gets compared to Namekian Growth. (Growth doesn't have the requirement to only work when you lose, allowing you to work around opponents removal. Growth Rejuvinates instead of shuffling, which for ball decks means you get to top deck your balls when close to death. Growth has other uses if you are in a position where rejuvinating isn't a concern). Overall this card is cool, but I don't think it's as big as people make it out to be. Blue Stylish Pose - OMG YES FINALLY GINYU BABY YOU'RE BACK. *cough* So I enjoyed playing Blue Ginyu. What I didn't like is playing Tag because my playgroup loved banishing my allies. I might rebuild the deck with this card. Feels really strong. Already talking with someone in our play group about a deck that might be able to abuse this for some fun shenanigans. Will see how that goes. Saiyan Swift Sword Drill - I don't know how I feel about this. It's another trunks card, which I already dislike and in the hands of trunks we can now make Trunks Knee bash stay in play to be used twice? It's a fun card that has some strength behind it but it helps everything I dislike about Trunks and this makes me sad. Black Judgement Rush - Cool art, cool endurance, more "considered named" card and it's black with anti anger. I have yet to come up with a deck that wants to play this in my head outside of Mischievous Broly/SworDura but I'm sure someone will find a way to put this neat card to use. Orange Luxury - This card is a trap. You have been warned. Don't do it. Resist the urge. All in all, feels like Trunks came out of this the best with the Red and Saiyan card literally being designed for his stack, which frustrates me the most about this mini set. Only thing I'm truly excited for is that new Blue card. TONS of potential in that setup. The rest are pretty mediocre but neat additions to the game. Now, to wait to lose to the new namekian setup.
  5. Set 10.5

    Heck yeah to new sword cards, I'm just the slightest bit saddened that there's not a new Blue Sword attack. I know we got a set up fairly recently, but it's pretty genuinely not worth the deck space in I'd say just about any deck, and the deck just really needs a plain attack card to drop from hand without the set-up. On the topic of Blue though, I god damn love that new Setup. Utterly useless if your opponent isn't countering your allies, BUT WHEN ISN'T YOUR OPPONENT BURNING YOUR ALLIES. Probably a really good time for people (me) to actually go back and make Red Sword Trunks. I tried it a few times before, and didn't really like how it played, but maybe with Red Amplifying preserving my A. Sword Drill, I'll actually be able to get behind it a bit more. I just know I'll probably spend most of my time with the deck missing my Blue variant. ... or I could make Red Sword Dabura. Probably going to make Red Dabura. ... F*ck it, I'm also going to make Red Sword Trunks. An MPPV Sword Trunks might be fun to actually play. Hello to Black Judgement Rush. That one MAKES me want to play more Black Physical beats pretty much on it's own, though is anyone else getting a bit jumpy with how many "stays in play" attacks we got running around? I don't know how good that Nail is. Can someone tell me? xD The Saiyan drill feels lackluster to me. Someone will almost definitely prove me wrong in feeling that, and I look forward to it, but I just don't care about it right now. Saiyan masteries are designed to hyper-level, especially with Trunks, so it comes across as though you'd be putting down a Drill for maybe a single combat, get 1 "alright" Sword swing to repeat over, and would probably be leveling again almost immediately after, removing your own drill. So while I can see the potential for it, and how it could probably decide some match-ups after a few turns of use, Saiyan (with it's current Masteries) just doesn't feel like the right home for it.
  6. Set 3 Masked Saiyan Aggro

    I thought with super combo cards there was only a max of 4 allowed in the deck? Or did that change?
  7. Didn't see a post for this yet: https://fanztcg.wordpress.com/#jp-carousel-1740 Discuss
  8. The Games We Play

    On a side note, I picked up the Aliens VS. game and it's actually a bit fun. I didn't realize they had redone the game and did stand alone set buys instead of a traditional booster model and this might be something I collect.
  9. The Games We Play

    I generally only get to play on weekends right now. My focus is FighterZ, FFXIV, and Paladins. Everything else is kind of on the back burner until I get to my next set of classes.
  10. The Games We Play

    I too, Denithan, am playing Gundam Versus. I just bought a ps4 and that was the first game I bought. Had to by Mudrock DLC and I've made him my main. That's pretty much the only game I'm playing. An online bud and me are going to do a team-stream of us doing co-op Donkey Kong Country 2. I'll be rocking Dixie Kong for the playthrough.
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  12. The Games We Play

    Doing a second run in Fallout 4 for the platinum trophy. I also need to finish Pokemon Moon I got during the Christmas sales, but it's so fucking boring. After I finish Fallout, my little spare time will be devoted to Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth Hacker's Memory.
  13. The Games We Play

    Eh, I'm feeling a bit bored lately and thought it could be fun to talk to people about what games people are playing. Kind of a slide from the other thread regarding what we're looking forward to, but different enough. On my end, I've been trying to finish up Trails of Cold Steel 2. I beat the first game sometime last year, and OH MY GOD, that one was the best (worst) game I've ever played. Like, 90% fetch quests splitting up the story with some actually pretty interesting characters (once you get past Rean Schwarzer being as compelling and original as a wet brick). Luckily, the sequel is a lot better, actually making use of a lot of the mini-games and giving me hunts so that I get my fill of the pretty (comparatively) solid gameplay. That said, I am notoriously bad as a completionist, and the unbridled load of side quests that they don't hint at or give you visual denotations of are driving me nuts. On the other spectrum, I have also been playing a LOT of God Eater 2 Rage Burst on PS4. I get a lot of crap for liking the game from my friends who are into Monster Hunter, but honestly, the lack of any narrative structure and the dramatically slower pace kind of killed that series for me. That and the lack of a lock-on just... I've heard it's better with World, but eh. Probably an objectively better game, but it's not to my preference. On the other hand, I really enjoyed God Eater Rage Burst's narrative (excusing the blank protagonist), and I liked the world they set up, and GE2 has kind of kept in tone. Honestly, if anyone else has the game, they should hit me up. We'll go kill something |: Besides the above though, I'm kind of hoping to get around to Persona 5 in the near future. I played and beat all the other Personas, and loved all of them (4 the least, admittedly), and god knows, I've heard it's praises sung SO DAMN MUCH. Just aiming to knock out Trails of Cold Steel first. I also have Gundam Versus, Agents of Mayhem and the new Star Ocean lined up to play after the fact. I'm just slack as anything to change discs over until a game's done, and GE is in there <> I should also probably go back and finish up Bloodborne. I love the game to absolute dickens, and it's probably my favorite game on the console. Just, the chalice dungeons don't stop, and I can't... I just can't not do them |: They must be done, or the games not done. What about the rest of Top Tier? I imagine most of you are hitting up FighterZ, MH: World, maybe some Shadow of the Colossus HD. Xenoverse 2 has some DLC coming-up down the line, so I could also see people returning to the game. God knows, I probably will AFTER the DLC drops. But again; One game per console at a time |: 3DS is occupied by FFTactics A2, if anyone cares. I also have Rune Factory 4, Dragon Ball Fusions, and Final Fantasy Explorers digitally downloaded, which kind of breaks the rule of one at a time |:
  14. Set 3 Masked Saiyan Aggro

  15. A Few Rules Questions

    Hopefully one of you can help me with a few rules questions: 1) If team attacking is the combat damage always exchanged, whether the team attack is successful or not? 2) If I tag an enemy character with a multi-stat battle card and I declare it as Intelligence, does it stay that way or can I make it a Strength/Special stat later? 3) Can 'The Flash - Scarlet Speedster' attack on the first player's first turn of the game? Thanks in advance. I hope these forums pick up with the new expansions coming out. The game is really fun and OP is on the way!
  16. Set 3 Rule Updates - Layman's edition

    Alright, we got hit by a LOT today in the rules update. There's a lot of confusion going around on what cards actually still work, what cards were affected and how some of these new effects actually work. As such, I'm going to bring back my old "What Does It Mean?" series (which I truthfully only did 2 posts of) to try and filter some of the confusion. So where to start. We'll start simple and ramp up from there: Erratas There were 2 important Errata today, in preparation of set 3 releasing. These are now added to the previous errata, which changed Divine Aide Vados, Boost Attack Piccolo, Trunks Protector of Children and Dodoria, The Emperor's Assistant to include the new "Super Combo" keyword. All of these Errata will come into effect on March 9th, the day that set 3 releases. Mind Controlling Babidi (BT2-022) - In light of the new red 4 drop Trunks card which lets you play a card with power 15000 from your hand, Babidi has been errata'd to read "If you have 6 or more red energy, when you play this card...", to ensure Babidi cannot be played prematurely with such a powerful effect. Not only that, but since your energy have to be red, it severely limits Babidi's usefulness in multicolor decks, aside from those using SS Vegito leader. Think's He's the Best Hercule (BT3-044) - in what is the first pre-release errata NOT related to a printing error, Hercule's Auto has been changed from 2 sentences to a single one with a comma. This was necessary because as Auto's have been clarified in the past (re: Mecha Frieza set 1 and Psych Up Gotenks), Autos that trigger on play generally are resolved "as much as you can" sentence by sentence. This would have made Hercule very powerful in non-Buu led decks, as the first sentence would do nothing and the second sentence would give them 2 energy with no downside. Rules Manual Ok, so the next section is the rules manual. As always there are several things here that were updated for simple wording fixes, but there are a couple big things to pay attention to. 3-1-7-1 - A quick housekeeping rule based around cards that take control of other cards (Black has a few of these). If a card would go to an area other than battle or combo, it always goes to its OWNER's area. This means if you take control of a card it will never go to YOUR hand, discard, warp, remove from game or deck. 6-3-1-2-2-1 - When an Activate Main skill is declared it opens a counter window. This will be discussed below under "New Counter Timings" 9-5 - New ruling regarding cards whose battle power is reduced. If a card's battle power is reduced to zero or less it is KOed. 10-2-5 - If a leader card is flipped due to awaken, any continuous effects affecting its POWER are retained. This is one of 2 new rules that eliminates all floating effects on cards that are Flipped, Evolved or otherwise overlayed, except for effects that alter Power. (Ex. If you draw a life card with SSB Vegeta leader to gain Critical and then awaken, you do NOT retain critical on his Awakened side) 10-10-3 - The counter timings have been updated. There are now TWO timings when activating abilities that would draw a counter, one when the skill is activated and then another when the skill is resolved. This will be discussed below under "New Counter Timings". 10-18 - I point this out, because it's going to cause misplays early on. When a card is played via Xeno-Evolve, unlike standard or EX Evolve, the new card played COUNTS as a new card. It does not retain position or power bonuses that were affecting the card that it evolves from. This is because it is not placed on top of the old card, the old card is sent to Warp. Meaning the Xeno-Evolution comes into play in active mode with no prior effects carried over. (This is confirmed by the Xeno-Evolve section in the Q&A) Most of the rest is just definitions of the new terms. Q&A Yeah, going through the Q&A is time consuming and tedious, luckily they started marking new entries with "NEW" so we know WHAT was added. I'll try and touch on the major things: "GAME Q&A - Skills" Q17-Q22 in this section reiterate updates to the Rules manual discussed above for 10-2-5 and 9-5) "GAME Q&A - Keywords" Counter - Q7-Q9 Mostly more questions about the new counter rules, see below under "New Counter Timings". Q9 outlines the info about using Bad Ring Laser and that you can't start activating more once one the chain starts resolving. Union Absorb - Q9 - If you place a card on top of a card whose effects have been negated does the negation carry over? No it does not. As with the new Evolve/Union rules above, ONLY Power modifications carry over. (Ex. You play Goku 1 drop, opponent uses CBL to negate its effects. Then you play another Goku on top using evolve, the newly evolved card is not Negated, as it has been in the past) Barrier - Notable because it confirms 2 things: 1) Barrier ONLY applies if the opponent's effect SPECIFICALLY says to "CHOOSE" a card. 2) Even if YOU are the one told to choose a card, if it is your opponent's effect you MAY NOT choose a card with Barrier (i.e. your opponent attacking with Awakened Broly leader). The majority of the remaining GAME Q&A additions outline and confirm rulings discussed above. "CARD Q&A - Starter Deck 3" Bardock - If his power puts 2 non-black cards in the drop, do you get +10000? No. His power says if you put any non-black cards in the drop you get +5000, but this does not stack if multiple of the 3 cards are non-black. "CARD Q&A - Set 1 Booster" Jeice - Confirming that you can draw cards one by one and stop at any time. You don't have to declare how many you are looking at when it activates. Cold Bloodlust Q1-8 - This outlines the new counter window structure for cards that are played due to skills. Read more about that below under "New Counter Timings". Crusher Ball - Reiterates everything mentioned under Cold Bloodlust. "CARD Q&A - Set 2 Booster" Mostly just reiterations of things discussed above. "CARD Q&A - Set 3 Booster" I'm not going to go through all this, I'm just going to mention one card that was the subject of scrutiny early on. If you have specific questions about the new cards just ask. Dauntless Spirit Vegeta SSB (BT3-060) - Q3 When is this card considered to have "dealt damage'? After Vegeta is the winner, before damage is actually dealt. So you can discard for his auto to give him crit before damage is actually drawn when he attacks. "CARD Q&A - Promo" No big additions with the new cards. Just generic reminders of normal rulings. Ok, that's about it for erratas and updates, but, as promised several times above, we're going to go through the new Counter timing for cards played via Skills. NEW COUNTER TIMINGS Via the new rules and clarifications listed on the site, there are now TWO counter windows when a card is played via a Skill. As stated, this ONLY applies to cards played via skills. Examples of these are Evolve, Union, Babidi, new GT Trunks, etc. If you are simply playing a card from your hand as a Main Step action by paying its normal cost these new guidelines DO NOT APPLY. As normal with those types of plays you just declare and pay for the card, counter window, then play the card to the field, as it has always been. Now, the new ruling is that you may activate a Counter: Play effect at 2 separate times when a skill would bring one or more cards into play: 1) When the skill is activated(before it enters play) 2) After the skill resolves (after it enters play) The main distinguishing feature here is that if your counter negates the card's skills and you activate your counter during the second counter window, the target still gets to use any Auto skills that trigger (When this card is played...). To illustrate, lets look at the example of Babidi: Player A declares they are playing Babidi and pays 6 energy Normal Counter: Play Window for Babidi Babidi enters play, triggering his Auto ability (Look at the top 7 cards of your deck, choose 2 red cards with cost of 25000 or less and play them) Counter window 1 Play the cards you chose Resolve any "When Played" autos on those cards Counter window 2 So, what happens when you play a counter to negate? As stated above and in the example, if you play the counter in window 1 it negates all the cards skills, including the "When Played" autos. But in counter window 2 they get their autos but everything else is negated. So here are some other common interactions to looks out for: Crusher Ball - So here is when it gets more important to know the difference. Playing a Crusher Ball in window 2 will have absolutely NO effect, since the card has already entered play. Crusher Ball MUST be played in counter window 1, when the skill is activated and before it enters play. Evolve (standard, EX and Xeno) - These new counter windows largely have no effect on any of the Evolve skills. You must still declare your intent to evolve, at which time a counter window opens, you play CBL or CB and then the card enters play. A new timing window opens after Autos are resolved for you to play another Counter Play, but that interaction is mostly useless in this situation. Union Absorb via Cell - Cell is quite complicated when factoring in the new counter window. Here are the different interactions with Cell, depending on when you play Cold Bloodlust: Growing Evil Lifeform Cell (3 drop) - Union Absorb Counter Window 1 - Played after opponent declares Union and puts an A17 under Cell, if player searches and chooses a Cell it is negated. However, the opponent may choose not to evolve (choosing 0 since the skill says "Search for up to 1 cell"). In that case, they may then Activate this skill again by putting another A17 under it and the process starts over. Counter Window 2 - Played after opponent declares Union and puts an A17 under Cell and they have already searched their cell and placed it on top. Resolve the Cell's new "When played" auto, then play CBL to negate the rest of the card for the turn. Evolving Evil Lifeform Cell (5 drop) - Union Absorb Counter Window 1 - Played after opponent declares Union and puts an A18 under Cell, if player searches and chooses a Cell it is negated. However, the opponent may choose not to evolve (choosing 0 since the skill says "Search for up to 1 cell"). In that case, they may then Activate this skill again by putting another A18 under it and the process starts over. Counter Window 2 - Played after opponent declares Union and puts an A18 under Cell and they have already searched their cell and placed it on top. Resolve the Cell's new "When played" auto, then play CBL to negate the rest of the card for the turn. I think this covers just about everything. Any more specific questions or if you find some mistake I made just let me know and I'll address it. ~Stryyder
  17. Set 3 Masked Saiyan Aggro

    LEEEEON!!!! HEEEEELP! Sorry, couldn’t resist.
  18. Set 3 Masked Saiyan Aggro

    Yes, I meant Unbreakable Super Saiyan Son Goku (the one in this deck). It isn't actually a "Super Combo" because it costs 1, but it is a 10K combo that draws you a card. And, since you rarely ever hard cast it, its basically just a good combo card, and another red card for the deck as either energy, or a target for the leader. You very consistently get a black card and a colored hard with his self mil for +5K and Crit every turn.
  19. Set 3 Masked Saiyan Aggro

    I believe he means Unbreakable SS2 Son Goku from the new red starter. I was confused at first cause I saw OP say 8 supercombos.
  20. Set 3 Masked Saiyan Aggro

    Which red Goku are you talking about?
  21. Set 3 Masked Saiyan Aggro

    Set 3 Masked Saiyan Aggro: 8 "Super Combos" (counting Red Goku as a +10K draw 1) Cabba and Increasing Evil Masked Saiyan for self-awaken. Destructive Champa for double strike - obviously works best with Crits from Leader, Mira, and GT Trunks Towa - Space Time is a great 1 drop. Looks for other Mira and Masked Saiyan (for pressure, self-awaken, board control, etc.) Xeno Trunks - good card. 6 counters - 2 of which are Toppo (at 2 cost) There are 18 Over Realm cards. I feel this is a pretty good number - but maybe even a little high. You always want to cast 1 Over Realm per turn, but it feels bad when you have too many Over Realm Cards in your hand which you can't fully use or utilize. If you have more than 3 Over Realm in your opening hand, mull them away. Even being at 1 or 2 is fine if you have Towa - you'll find more. The true key to the deck is it tops out at 2 cost. Nothing costs more than 2 (with certain restrictions met). Use this to your advantage - you don't always need to charge after turn 3 or 4, and this is where you get your card advantage the way other decks don't. You should win by turn 4 anyway, or else you've probably lost. 4Supreme kai of Time, World's protector 4Increasing Evil Masked Saiyan 4Saiyan Cabba 4Furthering Destruction Champa 4Unbreakable Super Saiyan Son Goku 4Vados's Assistance 4Towa, Space Time Unleashed 4Mira, From the Darkness 2Power Aura Mira 2Relentless Destruction Mira 3Masked Saiyan, the Mysterious Warrior 4Miraculous Comeback Ultimate Gohan 2Pride and Justice Toppo 3Time Patrol Trunks 2Quick Rush Trunks Thoughts?
  22. Set 3 official preliminary info commercial

    get that idiot off my internetz
  23. Set 3 official preliminary info commercial

    Why do people still keep saying black is colorless? IT IS BLACK. BLACK IS A COLOR. (in the art world technically a shade, but in card games a color) "Black is colorless" is a false statement any way you look at it. There just aren't any cards currently that require black energy. There is no rule yet saying you CAN'T build a straight black deck and the statement they made is ambiguous. We'll have to wait for the new rule updates at the end of the month.
  24. At least someone here understands the downside of going full digital over playing at an LGS for those who still have the privilege of going to an LGS. I'd rather not derail this topic any further so I'll just leave it at that.
  25. that would be terrable, I like to have the cards in my hand and the player in front of me. playing someone online dont seem real, feels like I am just up against another AI. also the game is fine the main guys told me themselves: Our card game is about Dragon Ball series and not only for Dragon ball SUPER
  26. Set 3 official preliminary info commercial

    Under SS3 Bardock
  27. Set 3 official preliminary info commercial

    what I believe I read before: 1) black is colorless, it can count toward a cards color requirement on there cost to play them 2) I believe somewhere on the site there a sentence that read you can not play a mono black deck YET, yet being the keyword. you can assume that means that black decks will be able to play mono if they want to
  28. Set 3 Leader Opinions

    I just noticed, a13 is a deck I want to run Tien in.
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