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  2. His stats are also very solid. Str 1 isn't that exciting obviously, but the second stat with the other at rank 7 means he's tough to take down either way, and he can play any Special BC in the game. Versatility!
  3. There's only 3 people in my playgroup aside from myself who play FanZ at our locals while other players I've talked to who used to play PanZ had no interest in it due to how Panini sold us out with Bandai Namco again like in 2008 especially with the low player turnout my area had at the last Midwest Madness event at Collector's Cache which was to be expected but they had at least 20 players based on what one of my friends told me who participated so it could've been worse.
  4. I sincerely doubt Roy or Brian effected anything. Both are gone now too.
  5. See, I didn't really get exposed to any other variants of the game (other than small local variants that would pop up on this forum and die off a day or two after), but I can kind of see how that would cause issues. Beyond that though, weren't there entire Kai events that went unmentioned and unannounced on The Dead Zone? 2-3 months of no real sound on a subject, including TV shows, can straight be the end of them as they become a bit less relevant on a day-to-day level. Also, not saying this is the reason it's struggled, just addressing that it is definitely one of the reasons.
  6. Oooh, you were the Tien that just went full wombo combo on one of the players in my group I think. I heard good things about your deck =D
  7. Nope. I played Tien. I think I barely beat out Black Tao for it. He was seated two seats down from me and I won my last match.
  8. I was actually talking to a local player about the potential an eFN/Vader-Sith Lord could work. Unfortunately, Blue and Red are really lacking in 2 cost upgrades. I'm sure if that changes in set 3, it could be a reliable deck.
  9. Some people have been asking and experimenting with Orange Adept Gohan after reading the East Kai 2nd Place story I posted. I wasn't going to post the deck list because I figured Fan Z would put it up like they did with North Kai. But they didn't. So here is the build I used! Gohan 1-4 all Awakening Stack Orange Adept Mastery Physical Combat 3x I'll Dig Your Grave 3x Android Arm Breaker 3x Shoulder Slam 3x Devastating Blow 2x Wall Breaker 2x Stomach Crusher 2x Heroic Dashing Punch 3x O. Uppercut 3x O. Knee Strike 3x O. Extension 3x O. Collision 3x O. Enraged Bash 3x O. Leaping Punch 2x O. Refocus 1x O. Quick Dodge Energy Combat 3x O. Stare Down 3x O. Energy Catch 3x O. Bicycle Kick (Yeah BOOOOIIIII) Events 3x Confrontation (considered not using these so spheres would be dead draws, but it's too useful...) Drills and Setups 1x O. Join Restraint Drill 1x O. Checkup Drill 1x O. Intimidating Drill 1x O. Distracting Drill (helps against enemy physical beats and shoulder slam fun) 2x O. Freezing Drill 1x Orange Snoozing Drill 2x Visiting the Past As stated in my other thread, I just wasn't in the mood to let my opponent set things up or do things anymore. It's all about freezing drill shutting off popular blocks (including time which I despise). Very little defense in the deck. Go hard. Orange Bicycle Kick shenanigans. It's pretty neat. It is packed with plenty of endurance because you are going to be taking hits. This deck operates under the simply principle of "empty their life deck before they empty yours." It does huge damage and leaves a lot of your opponents draws as dead cards, especially since it can easily stage lock with a single attack. It has an answer to all kinds of decks! Just...maybe don't run this deck if the Black Style ever takes off again. My Black Perceptive Tien deck defeats this deck fairly easily what with the defensive bursting and the board hate.
  10. Ironically, post death is the most I've played the game since Premier. Still haven't touched Fan Z though.
  11. Congrats on that by the way! You were the black goku right?
  12. I also had fun at Western Kai. While I got Top Black, I just missed the cut. It was great not to be judging since I did it in the last two regionals there. A lot of good vibes there for a "dead" game. I also find it amusing how people say they can't go play DBZ because of X excuses and wonder why some people have stopped playing. It's a self-fulfilling prophecy.
  13. It would be the shortest of all reports - I didn't play test, I went against my original plans, I had a really close game one where I could havewon if Freezing Drill had been one card lower in my deck during a damage flip. I messed up sequencing in round 4 against a Blue Yamcha who top cut and it cost me the game. Round 5, because I failed my sequence i end up playing against a Red Ascension Trunks that proceeds to show me all the reasons I hate Red Trunks. In the end, I spent 22-23 hours in the car to go 2-3. The real story is with the Orange Frieza player who top 4'd from my play group. - Also, there were 28 players there. Had a ton of fun with almost everyone I met. The best match was against an empowered broly that got locked down by wall breaker, arm breaker and had snoozing drill in play. Poor guy couldn't do anything.
  14. We require a report, ASAP!
  15. How man you people were there though? Was it worth it? I also didn't want to sleep in my car and get all sweaty and smelly. That's a big no for me.
  16. how many ppl attended these kai's?
  17. One of the problems was to many people starting there own version of the game confusing ppl, instead of focusing on one project it was going ever which way. I do hope they continue the project though
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  19. Dr Fate is very interesting. On one hand, he takes up your one character play and nets you no MP, but denying your opponent a VP is REALLY good.
  20. Hey guys and gals. Stryyder here trying out this whole "article writing" thing. Many of you have seen me in here since the beginning of PanZ, giving input, helping with rulings, getting promos to the players. I have mostly stayed away from article writing because it's a bit daunting and I tend to be better at reacting to others' statements than putting my own down. But hey, let's take a chance. Today I'm here just to break down the preliminary info on MetaX. Unlike many modern games, MetaX is breaking out with new gameplay mechanics, though admittedly with a spark of inspiration from some of the older generation of games. The first set, Justice League is said be dropping on August 4th. After that, they will be adding new IPs to the game, creating a crossover battle where anything goes! Step 1 - Gameplay So, how do you do the things in MetaX? Card are split into 3 types: Characters - Your main fighting force. Characters will be played to the table where they will be pitted against your opponent's characters. Each one has 1-3 stats, comprised of Strength, Intelligence and Special, ranked in values of 1-7. The higher a stat, the bigger an attack can be performed in that stat and the more HP a character has. You are not limited in what types of characters you can play, so teams of Joker, Superman and Zatanna, or Batman, Bane and The Riddler are completely legal! Events - One time use cards that give you good effects at the cost of Meta Points (MP), more on MP later. Battle Cards - This is where the action lies in this game. Battle cards have one or more stat and a rank (1-7) and are used to attack your opponent. They are separated into regular Battle cards, which come in booster packs and often have extra effects, and "Basic" Battle cards, which are inserted into starter decks and can be used to flesh out decks in Limited play (Draft or Sealed). A standard turn lets you play ONE character from your hand, as well as any number of event cards. You then have an attack step, in which you play a battle card from your hand onto one of your characters (that character MUST have an equal or greater rank in whatever stat is on the battle card). Your opponent may then play their OWN battle card on a character to block the attack (using the same stat/rank requirement), though it need not match the attacking stat. If an attack goes through unblocked, you get a point (your opponent puts the top card of their deck face down in a side pile that counts as your victory points). If it was blocked, players take their played battle card and attach it to the opponent's character. If the total rank on attached battle cards ever exceeds that character's highest rank stat, or if it has the same # of different stat typed battle cards as the character has stat types, that character is KOd and sent to the discard pile. (i.e. - If your Harley Quinn with INT 6 and SPL 3 ever has 6 rank worth of battle cards attached, or 2 different types of battle cards, she would be KOd. However Solomon Grundy, with STR 6, will ALWAYS be KOd with only 1 battle card, because he only has one stat type) First player to reach 7 VP wins! Step 2 - Currency is key Every game has a currency; MTG has Mana, Pokémon has Energy. These are used as systems to either play cards, or use their effects. MetaX has MP, or Meta Points. MP is granted by playing certain cards and is then spent to play other cards. The most common way to gain MP is by playing character cards. Nearly every character card in the game grants MP and so far NONE cost MP. This means that ANY character in your deck can be played during your turn, as opposed to a game like MTG where you have a mana curve and must wait several turns to play your more powerful creatures. MP stays in your supply until used, so it does NOT go away between turns, and you can not have more than 10 MP or less than 0. Step 3 - the meta within Meta So now you know the basics. The next obvious question is, how deep does gameplay go? Are we just whacking away at each other aimlessly to grab some points? Well, you could. Aggro is always a viable option. But yeah, the next step is to find the archetypes. One way that nuance has been added to the game is with Traits. Each character card in the game has a trait, in set 1 these are either "Hero" or "Villain", but will be expanded in future sets. As stated before, you are not limited by these traits in deckbuilding, instead they denote certain themes. In Justice League, generally, Hero characters have effects that help you as the player and Villain characters typically have effects that hinder your opponent. Other themes work through different factions, though these factions are not printed on the cards, such as the "Bat family" having effects that lean toward Team Attacks. With spoilers rolling out, combos are already starting to appear. There's a small smattering of information to get you started. Keep an eye here for more as it is revealed, as well as exclusive previews! ~Stryyder
  21. Myself and the three I traveled with drove 11 hours, got there, crashed, woke up, played, and drove 11 hours. If we can do it, you can do it =P
  22. I've been wondering if any effects would allow you to manipulate the victory piles. Both of those character cards sound awesome.
  23. I live in California and it was still a 7 hour drive for me and I worked that friday. I'm not driving 7 hours from 11 o'clock the night before for what's basically a local and to be tired the whole day and still have to drive back the same night because I worked Sunday.
  24. New Spoilers posted on Reddit and the Panini Games FB page: R102 Doctor Fate Agent of the Lords of Order MP+0 STR 1/SPL 7 (when played): You may KO this card to place a random card from your opponent's VP pile into your hand. R108 Zatanna Magician MP+1 STR 2/SPL 6 (CONT.): At the beginning of your turn shuffle this card into its owner's deck to shuffle target Character into its owner's deck. C27 Overboard MP-2 Discard a Character from your hand with a maximum rank of 5 or less to draw 2 cards.
  25. Hahaha can do! I wish I could have gone to West Kai so very badly. It's just too expensive considering I live in Virginia. It's not even that I can't afford it, but it is very tough to justify spending so much money just to play a little bit of cards. How many people showed up? I have SO MANY decks I want to try out!!! It's driving me crazy. They have been tested extensively and are all ready to roll, too!
  26. I'm jonesing for more product info...
  27. The red and Orange physicals are pretty, pretty good
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