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    I am not for or against Time, for the record. But Broly sphering a time is a game winning moment. I am pretty sure without time in this game I would have to run an extra set of physical blocks in most of my decks. Maybe that’s not meta-defining and we have a different idea of what meta defining is. At this point I don’t care anymore.
  3. Like, he doesn't need to be a full stack, he could just be an alternate level 4, but I've always really digged his design, and Supreme Kai being tricked into fusing with Kibito is one of my favorite scenes in DBZ. Hell, they could even just make a Supreme Kai named card based on Potara Fusion where you banish/shuffle an ally to advance a level similar to the flavor of Cell's absorbing effects. (Cell's Draining Attack and Blue Vision.)
  4. Let's get an Android 21 stack to really muck things up~
  5. Decks & Stories Post-Escalation

    I've got two from PanZ. The first one being when I faced against Sundeep in a Regional event. He had already won a Regional and for the most part I think he was just fooling around with deck ideas. It was a fun but oppressive, in his favor, match. But he saved my but from disqualification and he didn't have to. From my experience him and Tim Batow are both upstanding opponents to go against. The second memory was building a deck with Shoryu. We messaged back and forth for some time and honed our Blue Gohans to what I would call near perfection. I guess there was that time my Red Roshi went against a Black Roshi and I won without a single combat happening. That was fun.
  6. New CRD

    From my perspective TiaWT is nothing more than an "oh shit" button and for the most part has always been. In the early stages of PanZ it was a bit oppressive, but this wasn't because of TiaWT's design. Namekian at the time was extremely oppressive given its ability to push all three victory conditions efficiently. At first, it could achieve two of those victories without ever entering combat. The only way to really win was to get in one or two really good combats, capturing a few balls and gaining an advantage on Life Cards. However, Namekian could efficiently cycle TiaWT over and over again. Hell, by the end of set three I played a Slug deck that damn near could use TiaWT every turn. So for the most part, I think most TiaWT protesters are still experiencing the bad taste the early state of PanZ left. However, by the end of set 6 TiaWT, while in every deck, did little more than stall for a turn. In many cases, most of my decks including some aggro would still win despite a TiaWT being played. While I understand it's in everything it doesn't define the meta. If it disappeared today, it wouldn't affect any of my 30 decks at this point. Even Namekian decks that continuously recycle the card would just recycle other things and continue to have what equates to 100+ life card decks. There was a time I would say TiaWT could be consider oppressive, troublesome, or even centralizing, but it isn't at this point.
  7. New CRD

    Oh, I 100% have. I actually used to build decks SPECIFICALLY to deal with Broly when I first came into the game, because I HATED him. And to this day, I uphold that Broly is way too strong of an MP since he has no trade-off, or downside. He's not spectacularly weak to anything, nor does he really have bad match-ups. But let's not pretend like Time balances Broly out. He's still a strong MP, and he can still compete even WITH Time around. Time hasn't discouraged people from playing him. In that argument, BROLY is the meta-defining card. As I said, Time is a wild card that shuts down all aggro decks for a turn. But it's not really influencing the game beyond that. As for the staples thing, I'm really more focused on game plans than deck make-up. Like, Ret and Double Bicycle Kick were both meta-defining cards, the latter because decks were actively changing to abuse it as much as possible (Uppercut and what not), and the former because it changed a LOT of Orange decks. Blue Neck Beam and its kin resulted in a Blue playstyle that can be entirely focused around Life Card damage and delevelling.
  8. New CRD

    Well let’s remember that 90% of decks don’t seem to change to begin with. We have our staples. Broly only needs 1-2 combats with your pants down. Time is a get out of jail free card. It’s that simple. It sounds like you have never been in jail with Broly
  9. Honestly, that just sounds really limiting and boring from a design perspective :/ Even from a gaming perspective, it's not exactly enticing. Especially since I'd say some of the strengths of MPs like Gohan and Cell now come from them having so many different traits. Right now, that's overpowering (mostly because these MPs weren't designed with traits in mind, and so it's become an added bonus), but down the line, that could really serve to give some diversity in deck building. Also; Goku did, or does, have Earthling. Did they say somewhere that he's no longer an Earthling? Regardless though, I just don't think Gohan should have Namekian. Let him use Namekian Masteries, because there are cards that ONLY work with him now (otherwise, he shouldn't even get that), but the cats already out of the bag, so eh. I stand by my previous statement though. They should make an icon that translates to "if it doesn't have THIS trait" (even if it's just a red cross over the trait symbol), and printing that on cards they don't want Saiyans, or Cell, to get to. One personality, one trait, while easy to balance, is honestly just boring.
  10. New CRD

    I don't actually know how much the meta WOULD shift. Like, would Broly get stronger, or would he just perceptively get stronger because more people would feel more confident running him? It becomes a question of how good is something VS presence. Like, when Tachikaze first launched in the new era of Vanguard, they were a top deck. After a couple of weeks, and the hype around it died, it became one of the worst performing decks. And the only difference, since this was before another set launched, was that there were less people playing Tachikaze. Thereon, less chances for the deck to simply luck out. We're actually seeing a very similar thing right now after Exculpate's release, where RP decks have become a fan favorite from hype, but aren't actually that great in performance. Just, when you have enough people playing it, luck of the draw will eventually tip the scales. I'd argue Pan/FanZ is similar to Vanguard in that luck plays a VERY definite part of it. So it stands to reason, if we see a lot more Broly decks, that Broly would perceptively be in a stronger position in the meta. But I don't know if the simple removal of Time would make match-ups that are historically bad for Broly, no longer an issue. Likewise, I don't know if anyone would really change their builds too much if you removed Time. It's a 1-of card that's not really formative for the majority of decks, so realistically, people would probably try to replace it with either an omni-block like Enhanced Reflexes, or would go for another tech. In that way, I wouldn't say it's meta defining. If 90% of your deck and game plan wouldn't change because of a card's removal, then that card isn't a defining part of your deck. (also, if your deck is entirely dependent on drawing 1 card out of 60 to win against Broly, then your deck has a terrible match-up against Broly.)
  11. We should disregard any lore perspective in my opinion because there isn’t any consistency. Gohan is Namekian because he was trained by Piccolo, but Goku isn’t an Earthling despite being trained by earthlings. We are talking about the gaming perspective: give each personality one trait. Done. Now the system becomes easy to balance and not clunky to actually implement.
  12. New CRD

    Well... if Time is banned, then I am fairly sure the meta would shift. Broly would be stronger. Period. Therefore, it’s safe to argue that Time is Warrior’s tool is a meta defining card.
  13. New CRD

    To be honest, I could never get on board that train just because I liked the presence of a Joker/Wild Card that could swing an entire combat your way just by being dropped. And hell, Time doesn't even really do that, it just negates the opponent's offense. If you have a dead-hand, Time won't magically fix it and give you any advantage. Now in an ideal world, sure, there'd be something set-up so every Personality/Trait got one such card, but from a design/balancing perspective, that would easily become a nightmare. I don't think I'd call Time a meta-defining card though. It's a one-of staple run in every deck, but very few decks are actually based around any substantial abuse of Time is a Warrior's Tool, or really designed to combo with it. Presence =/= Defining a meta. Like, I'd say Orange Retribution Mastery was a meta-defining card because of how it changed the face of Orange decks. Likewise, I'd agree that cards like Blue Betrayal and Neck Beam are style-defining (if not meta-defining) because of how they've influenced the entire style. Time hasn't really influenced anything, it's just always been... There. The first, and pretty much only, wild card of the game.
  14. New CRD

    I honestly think Card Advantage and "bricking" in this game aren't as tight as they are in Magic or Yugioh, so I kind of like the current lack of side deck as it makes matchups feel more meaningfully different. I'm glad that Visiting the Past is gone from my arbitrary bias against staple cards or anything too good in colorless in TCGs. I used to be all aboard the Ban/nerf Time is a Warrior's Tool train simply because I didn't like seeing it in every deck, but it's so meta-defining and I really don't want to see beatdown go more rampant than it already is. I'm primarily a Namekian main, so my color isn't really hurting for defense in the event of it getting removed....maybe it would've been smarter to give Namekian and Blue a Time equivalent card instead of actually just reprinting Time from the old Score game....but the damage has been done.
  15. From a gaming perspective, I agree, but from a lore perspective, I really can't. Honestly, I think it'd be easier if they instead worked with things like "Allied Blitz," which specify a trait that it doesn't work with. Give cards that are both Earthling Trait, and that don't work with Saiyan-trait'd MPs, which locks off both Cell and the half-Saiyans. Hell, it locks out Goku too.
  16. Dragon Ball Super Anime Discussion

    Toriyama's not beholden to some other writer's version of his main character's origin (regardless of how much he's said he likes it). We already saw this version in Dragon Ball Minus - it's not a new development. We're simply seeing another divergence between "Toriyama-continuity" and "Toei-continuity" play out on screen. Just like Roshi's story of the Dragon Balls' origin or Dr. Frappe: "Our Lord Creator came up with something else, so we have no choice but to adapt that and quietly ignore what we came up with by ourselves." The Lucas comparison is a good one - the Expanded Universe was not his story or under his control, so he had no problems overwriting whatever he wanted when creating new material. And really, why should he? It's not his problem that some people treat these ancillary things like immutable stone tablets handed down by Moses. If somebody wrote an origin story for my protagonist as a tie-in novel or something, I'd probably ignore it if I wanted to tell that story myself, even if it was good - because chances are it never lined up with my notions of what that story would be anyway. Toriyama and Toei had a real opportunity to do something different with Dragon Ball Z, and that was to explore the history of the Super Saiyan or Saiyan God. They could have decided to tell us more about who those individuals really were and what they went through to get to that state, however; they decided to rehash some old idea that was done before. Stupidity. I get that they don't have as much creative space for new material due to the 3 year time gap between the end of the Buu arc and the 28th Tenkaichi Budokai but that isn't any excuse not to put in the effort.
  17. There are not enough Earthling villains. So I think it’s the best course of action personally. It’s not perfect but it’s good enough, you know? He gets benefits from energy toss where Ginyu/Frieza do not. Another thing, traits were designed to give some underdog MP’s a better chance, but by giving tier 1 MP’s like Cell and Gohan a lot of traits, we effectively have the trait mechanic being narrowed down to “If your MP has only 1 trait,” in all of our cards anyways... I’m not even sure if there is an earthling clause without that effect (There is that one FanZ Orange energy attack). I say remove the earthling traits from any half-breed Saiyans and Androids. Earthling should be the trait in the absence of any other trait from a gaming perspective.
  18. Xenoverse MP Stacks

    He seems more balanced now that you've more or less limited his stack abilities to the screening utility, I'm not entirely sure I get how the distinction works as far as "Trunks" personality cards" you mean "Trunks Named Cards" right? I'm assuming that he counts as a separate character like the Future Gohan or Kid Trunks situation. Side Note: I guess I thought the weirder race'd Time Patrol stacks would be a good way to expand support for Alien/Namekian/Majin, but with potential reps from Super as of the Tournament of Power arc and Android 21 as a more defined videogame Majin rep...there's better material to pull from now.
  19. Like, yes, he has strong mythological ties to Earth, but so the do the Namekians. I kind of wish that Majin or God had been rolled into a Celestial/Magical/Demon trait category. He's a Makyan, they have a named homeworld: http://dragonball.wikia.com/wiki/Makyo_Star. Although, I get that things like the "demon realm" existing as a place you can go to in universe muddies the definition of what we think of as an "alien"
  20. Decks & Stories Post-Escalation

    I’ve got a pretty good story. This may reveal my identity haha. I had time for 1 game Thursday night before bed. Got on OCTGN to play my buddy. He loads up Amp Drawku. I hate this freaking deck he knows it. He taunts me before revealing it saying “It’s gonna be hard for you to win.” I load Knowledge Cell. A deck I haven’t lost with for 2 weeks now. Red Energy is a bad matchup for my deck. Trapped is your only way to mitigate the damage attack after attack and drawku level 1 handles the -1 from Trapped. He wins the roll and enters without thinking about it. I search trapped and draw my cards. Chest Explosion, Ball 2, and Unleashed. Sweet. His deck just goes off. He used Static 3 times. Left Bolt. Just laying the beats on me. He ends combat on 2 with 3 anger. I’m level 2. After I drew my 3 cards the score is 18(me) to 50. I draw Ball 7, Ginyu, and Stare Down. I held Ball 2 obviously. Play both balls, he’s level 1 again, ball 7 top decks Time, Hybrid, and Chest Explosion. Mill a ton with Whack attached. Didn’t hit a Reverse! We pass a few times. I’m holding Time, he’s waiting for an answer. I stalled him out with this alone. He never saw his answers. At one point i draw 3 Dragon Balls. I’m milling the hell out of him with Tora + Whack. They’re banishing his Tandems, Combined Blasts, Spheres, and Confros. We entered a combat where I stare down’d him and he drew dead. Leveled to 3 and continued to hold my time. Game ends with me drawing the last 2 balls when I could have entered and just threw my level 3 power to win by survival anyway. He was pretty mad. I random banished all his answers to time. He never drew what he needed and just lost. His deck runs so many answers too. Over 10. Sorry man lol.
  21. Dragon Ball Super Anime Discussion

    I actually really, really don't want to defend any of this. At all. I'm actually really frustrated and annoyed at all these changes, and I just... Why did they need to connect Broly by some random fate to Goku and Vegeta? Can't he have just been some random fucking Saiyan who still existed? BUT. I do somewhat need to defend a different color scheme for Frieza. I don't know if we ever canonically saw flashbacks to the Frieza of yester-year, and his race can freely mold and change their bodies and colors. So in theory, he could've just rocked out that first form for a few years, then slowly molded it into something he likes more. God I hope the rumors that Broly is going to become a Z-Fighter are just fucking false. My god, it's just... Enough. Enough. Please. EDIT: Alright, so I watched a video by TeamFourStar, and I can freely admit when I'm wrong. It seems like Toriyama's "retconning" a lot less than we think, and more like a lot of what we have already was filled in by someone else. It's still frustrating to see so many changes to the story we know, but at the least, I have to give it to Toriyama that he's not "forgotten details," and from his perspective, is probably just working to fill in the blanks. After all, we know for a fact that he didn't watch too much of Toei's anime. I'm still bothered by him connecting Goku, Vegeta and Broly by fate though.
  22. Dragon Ball Super Anime Discussion

    Fair enough though I do find it odd that the trailer says that Goku, Vegeta, and Broly were born "around the same time" even though Vegeta is 6 years older than Goku. At this point why don't they just retcon more of the Dragon Ball mythos by making Mr. Satan Vegeta's grandfather or that the fusion dance was only a dream that Goku had since nothing's canon anymore. This is arguably the worst thing to happen to the Dragon Ball franchise since One More Day in Marvel Comics. What made characters like Goku and Bardock so appealing was that they were low-class nobodies who are essentially forced by random circumstances (whether it was a prophecy or a bump to the head) become heroes and overcome adversity. Now they're being turned into destined heroes which makes the original source material a lot more trite and boring.
  23. Dragon Ball Super Anime Discussion

    They did. Just as he did before he's taking on the family roles that Goku neglects. He's now the grandfather that Goku isn't. Probably keeps Chi-Chi company at this point.
  24. Dragon Ball Super Anime Discussion

    Based on the new trailer for the upcoming Broly film, Dragon Ball Minus is now canon. Apparently Toriyama decided to make Raditz non-canon, retcon Goku and Vegeta's past including Bardock's rebellion against Frieza, change Broly (which was obvious), and Paragus (as If that wasn't enough already). Then for some reason he decided to change Frieza's base form color scheme just like he did with Future Trunks' purple hair. Gogeta isn't safe either. All of these unnecessary changes happening 20+ years later when we could've just had like I don't know, A NEW STORY!?! The Dragon Ball Super anime has been confirmed to continue after the Tournament of Power arc next year with another retelling arc based on the upcoming Broly film. Really? After Battle of Gods and Resurrection 'F' they have us wait for ANOTHER new arc in the anime? Apparently Broly is going to be joining the Z Warriors as If we needed to add another Saiyan to the "roster" or should I say "peanut gallery". Why not focus on Gohan or Piccolo for a change? At least do something with Piccolo.
  25. I have been playing Red style mostly. Ascension Yamcha “anger resource” with the Unleashed/trailing blast package. I’m also toying with ruthless Drawku hybrid beats but I’m not a believer in the deck. Oppressive Future Gohan and Enlightened/Radiant Piccolo are on my “to do” list when I can muster some motivation. With the ToP deck lists released, I have to say I like/respect the Tag Vegeta deck the most.
  26. https://magic.wizards.com/en/articles/archive/news/experimentation-2018-09-21 Amazon officially announced that they're cutting 37.5% MSRP on all new Magic booster boxes to $89.40. Since they're going toward a Direct-to-Consumer model, you probably don't think it's a bad thing since Amazon's been selling products directly to people for years. However when you buy on Amazon right now and for the last 10 years you bought Magic product from Local Game Stores across the country, they all listed their extra product on Amazon, eBay, or TCGPlayer in an attempt to liquidate and sell the remaining product they have to recoup their capital. Wizards of the Coast / Hasbro stepped in and said that we aren't allowed to do that anymore. So for those who own a Local Game Store or are a staff member at said store should not be paying more than $89.40 MSRP though it's more than likely that Wizards of the Coast / Hasbro is going to contact Amazon to try to raise that number. So regardless of the Expected Value (EV) of individual cards, $89 to $92 a box is the new MSRP for all Standard Magic boosters moving forward. So the next time you walk into your Local Game Store be sure to tell the owners and staff members that their price on Standard Magic boosters needs to be below the average MSRP. Doesn't matter If they aren't able to make money to keep the lights on or that they're unable to pay $1 thousand for overhead, that's their problem not Wizards of the Coast / Hasbro's. So when these Local Game Stores are paying $4 thousand a month on overhead or even $8 thousand a month depending on the employees, they're only allowed to make $5 a booster box at the most and If they have to sell online then they're required to lose 10-20% of their income as a penalty for buying too much product and it's their fault. So go ahead tell them that it's your fault for ripping them off by convincing them to match their MSRP with Amazon's to ensure that these Local Game Stores won't be around in 12 months by helping them go bankrupt. I wouldn't be surprised If other Trading Card Game / Collectible Card Game companies started following suit by partnering with Amazon as well. Wizards of the Coast / Hasbro asks: "How come you're not buying our Magic products after we partnered up with Amazon?" Consumer replies: "Well I don't have a place to play Magic as a way to hang out and socialize with my friends." Wizards of the Coast / Hasbro replies back: "Sucks to be you I guess."
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