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    [FanZ]:Legends of Tomorrow

    The next release of FanZ will be here on July 1st!

    Legends consists of a 45-card set pulling from the popular Bardock specials, as well as a subset called Reflections that will bring a MP stack for a character never before playable in Panini’s Dragon Ball Z game!  Reflections will also bring additional support for characters that aren’t prominent in the current sagas covered by the game’s regular releases.
    There will be 2 new MP’s in Legends – Bardock and Chilled.  They will each receive 2 powerful named cards, so expect them to make their place known in the post-Legends meta!  There will also be 2 new Legacy MP levels for older personalities, and 4 new Ally cards.
    Kai Locations – Locked in!
    After careful deliberation, the locations for the 6 Kai events this year have been chosen!
    With North Kai taking place tomorrow, March 25th, at Xtreme Games in Lindenhurst IL, store owners/tournament organizers who requested events need to check their email ASAP and confirm the necessary details — anyone we don’t hear from by Monday 3/27 will lose their eligibility to host a Kai event!
    There will be the following Kai events this year:
    North Kai – 3/25 – Xtreme Games, Lindenhurst IL
    East Kai – TBA
    West Kai – TBA
    South Kai – TBA
    Grand Kai – Gencon 2017 (exact tournament day TBD)
    Supreme Kai – TBA
    The season will be split into two distinct halves — at the halfway point, we will update the Frozen List and CRD in order to keep the meta fresh and balanced for the home stretch.

    Midwest Madness
    While not a Kai event, don’t forget to check out the Midwest Madness event at the Collector’s Cache in Lenexa, KS!  The event is on Saturday April 22nd and more information can be found here.

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    [FanZ]:FanZ CRD & Frozen List Update

    Hey FanZ faithful – check out our first ever CRD & Frozen List update on our new Rulebook & CRD Page.
    A couple of comments on the changed items:
    Gohan, Armored – with the unfreezing of Namekian Knowledge Mastery, the unintended loop on Gohan’s Premiere Level 4 is unbalanced and too strong for the game.  We have clarified his shuffle trigger to an instant power, making it effectively once per combat.  This will prevent abuse, especially when combined with his FanZ levels. Red Trailing Blast – this card was being abused with certain personalities and Unleashed.  It can still be taken advantage of, but only as an ‘underdog’ card now. Blue Terror – This card creates an unfair advantage for the Blue Style, and when combined with Blue Rebuke from Awakening, creates excessive actions and card selections. There are several other interactions we are looking at closely, but would like to see the meta take shape and the playerbase develop, especially with multiple new sets on the horizon.  We will commit to a Frozen List & CRD update after the first 3 Kai Events are completed — and of course if any other negative interactions reveal themselves in the meantime.

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    [FanZ]:Celestial Tournament PDF & Card Updates

    Click the link below to download the Celestial Tournament PDF!  This will let you print copies of cards quickly and easily.
    NOTE: The images in the PDF are compressed and lower quality than the images found on the checklist.
    Click here to download the PDF!
    Card Text Updates
    We have updated multiple card images based on typos and community feedback!
    Included in the updates are:
    Puzzler – Gains “Banish After Use” Afterimage Technique – New text Frieza’s Arrogance – the ability now ‘plays’ the ally instead of ‘places it into play’ Red Reverse – You may now only have 1 copy of “Red Reverse” attached. Saiyan Tactics – You may not search for “Saiyan Tactics” with its effect.
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    [FanZ]:Final Previews + A Look Ahead

    With Celestial Tournament dropping tomorrow, March 1st, we wanted to share some final preview images with you!  Thank you to all our partner sites, as well as the Retro DBZ Facebook Group, for helping to drum up excitement for our first FanZ release.
    Below you’ll also find a “Preview Card” for the next set of FanZ.  Just like in the old Score Z days, these cards are fully playable upon the release of Celestial Tournament, even though their art & content comes from the next set.

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    [FanZ]:Styled Previews: Round 3

    Here’s another batch of Styled previews for Celestial Tournament, which drops on March 1st!
    Developer Notes 
    The text for ‘Red Panic’ is being updated to prevent your opponent’s banishment effects from triggering the parenthetical Dragon Ball search.  This follows the intent of the card’s design.  It will also only be able to trigger once per turn so you can’t multiple search in a single action or combat. There is a typo in Orange Assistance Drill, spoiled below.  It will be updated before release. We are going to assemble a PDF file for all the cards for the March 1 release.  It will have 3 of each card for easy playset purposes.

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    [FanZ]:More Styled Previews



    Check out Red Panic, Blue Easy Knee, and Namekian Choke*, all officially releasing with Celestial Tournament on March 1st!
    *Namekian Choke is a place-holder title and will be reworked to Namekian Grab prior to release!  It is not a MRP of C26 Namekian Choke from The Movie Collection.

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    FanZ Preview #2

    King Kai's Tactics



    In Dragon Ball Z, King Kai was a character who trained and taught Goku (along with a couple other dead Z-Fighters) many interesting techniques, including Kaioken and the Spirit Bomb technique. True to that nature, King Kai's Tactics allows your allies to perform a very powerful attack in the form of a setup. In a King Kai type of deck, paying 4 stages from a combination of any two allies to perform a powerful physical attack will be a piece of cake. When you do get two (or more) allies to perform it, in becomes incredibly powerful, because it gains unpreventable damage! 

    [FanZ]:Pose with Style

    Styled cards will make up a lot of the Celestial Tournament set – all the styles are getting handy cards, ranging from solid upgrades to filling out playstyles that didn’t get a lot of focus during the printed run.  Certain Masteries such as Black Conflict Mastery and Red Ascension Mastery introduced new themes in Awakening that did not have the proper time to marinate.  We will be dropping a ton of Styled previews over the next few days leading up to the release of Celestial Tournament on March 1st – so stay tuned!

    King Kai HT’s
    Check out these awesome King Kai HT variants!  The King can be played in a variety of styles, which are you most leaning towards?

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    [FanZ]:Ridin’ Dirty

    Super King

    King Kai is shaping up to be a major player in the ally & control worlds, with cards like Bubbles – Curious ready to crush the dreams of anyone looking to turn the tides with a specific card.  Knowledge is always a good thing in games, and especially DBZ, where deciding not only WHAT to do, but WHEN to do it, can secure victory or ensure defeat.

    King Kai’s Joy Ride shares a rare parenthetical with cards like Tug of War and Dr. Wheelo’s Revival, in that it will trigger off of mill (self-inflicted or not) and damage.  You can also take advantage of the parenthetical AND trigger it for endurance, a la Tug of War, adding some extra value to an amazing hand reveal (yes, there’s that pseudo-keyword that will trigger many a Black Style card).
    When not used for its passive effects, it’s an ally tutor for a non-constant ally, and it lets you rejuvenate Bubbles or Gregory from your Banished Zone in case of emergency.  Since it has a skip effect, you can run this card without being worried that whatever ally you search for will just get blown away by your opponent’s next action.
    You can check out King Kai’s other named card launching this weekend on TCG Top Tier!
    Organized Play Notes
    Some notes on submissions to FanzOrganizedPlay@gmail.com for Kai events:
    Be sure to include the following: venue capacity; expected turnout (estimated); whether or not you will be pre-registering. Please do not request a specific ‘Style’ for the create a card prize; this will be determined once all the locations are locked in Popular Pikkon
    Pikkon has been getting tons of love after his reveal on TAK Games earlier this week!   Check out these sweet Booster-style personality levels.  Which one is your favorite?

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    [FanZ]:Thunder Flash! Pikkon Named Cards Reveal

    With the debut of Pikkon – the third and final MP set from Celestial Tournament – only hours away on our partner site TAK Games, we wanted to give those of you in the US time zones a look at his powerful named cards!
    Pikkon is focused on anti-event powers — but not simply in terms of canceling or ‘sphering’ the events your opponent plays.  His abilities will punish your opponent for using events in the same fashion that ‘Future’ Gohan’s Level 2 and 3 do with personality powers.  As a nod to his sometimes-Namekian history from past Dragon Ball Z games (remember, he can NOT use Namekian Style in FanZ!), Pikkon also has a mild rejuvenation theme that can be found in both his named cards – Pikkon’s Thunder Flash and Pikkon’s Hyper Tornado.

    Pikkon’s Thunder Flash is one of the most powerful Named attacks ever made.  At 6 life cards of damage for 1 power stage cost, it’s already an incredibly efficient Energy attack.  Add in 3, potentially 4, immediate effects PLUS great anger control as part of his parenthetical, and you have a top tier card.  The ability to eliminate 2 copies of an event from the game at once is super strong, and this card will undoubtedly be the centerpiece of any Pikkon deck.

    Pikkon’s Hyper Tornado has much fewer text than Pikkon’s Thunder Flash, but its simplicity belies its quality.  An omni block that isn’t banish after use is already worth attention, but giving you the option to Rejuvenate 2 during combat adds wonderful flexibility.  This card could buy Pikkon the extra time he needs to finish off an opponent at the end of a game.
    We’re almost ready to start rolling out Styled previews — the graphics team is working hard to get all of the cards finalized and looking awesome.  Don’t forget to check back before this weekend to see King Kai’s named cards as well as his sweet looking HT promos!

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