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    [FanZ]:Ridin’ Dirty

    Super King

    King Kai is shaping up to be a major player in the ally & control worlds, with cards like Bubbles – Curious ready to crush the dreams of anyone looking to turn the tides with a specific card.  Knowledge is always a good thing in games, and especially DBZ, where deciding not only WHAT to do, but WHEN to do it, can secure victory or ensure defeat.

    King Kai’s Joy Ride shares a rare parenthetical with cards like Tug of War and Dr. Wheelo’s Revival, in that it will trigger off of mill (self-inflicted or not) and damage.  You can also take advantage of the parenthetical AND trigger it for endurance, a la Tug of War, adding some extra value to an amazing hand reveal (yes, there’s that pseudo-keyword that will trigger many a Black Style card).
    When not used for its passive effects, it’s an ally tutor for a non-constant ally, and it lets you rejuvenate Bubbles or Gregory from your Banished Zone in case of emergency.  Since it has a skip effect, you can run this card without being worried that whatever ally you search for will just get blown away by your opponent’s next action.
    You can check out King Kai’s other named card launching this weekend on TCG Top Tier!
    Organized Play Notes
    Some notes on submissions to FanzOrganizedPlay@gmail.com for Kai events:
    Be sure to include the following: venue capacity; expected turnout (estimated); whether or not you will be pre-registering. Please do not request a specific ‘Style’ for the create a card prize; this will be determined once all the locations are locked in Popular Pikkon
    Pikkon has been getting tons of love after his reveal on TAK Games earlier this week!   Check out these sweet Booster-style personality levels.  Which one is your favorite?

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    [FanZ]:Thunder Flash! Pikkon Named Cards Reveal

    With the debut of Pikkon – the third and final MP set from Celestial Tournament – only hours away on our partner site TAK Games, we wanted to give those of you in the US time zones a look at his powerful named cards!
    Pikkon is focused on anti-event powers — but not simply in terms of canceling or ‘sphering’ the events your opponent plays.  His abilities will punish your opponent for using events in the same fashion that ‘Future’ Gohan’s Level 2 and 3 do with personality powers.  As a nod to his sometimes-Namekian history from past Dragon Ball Z games (remember, he can NOT use Namekian Style in FanZ!), Pikkon also has a mild rejuvenation theme that can be found in both his named cards – Pikkon’s Thunder Flash and Pikkon’s Hyper Tornado.

    Pikkon’s Thunder Flash is one of the most powerful Named attacks ever made.  At 6 life cards of damage for 1 power stage cost, it’s already an incredibly efficient Energy attack.  Add in 3, potentially 4, immediate effects PLUS great anger control as part of his parenthetical, and you have a top tier card.  The ability to eliminate 2 copies of an event from the game at once is super strong, and this card will undoubtedly be the centerpiece of any Pikkon deck.

    Pikkon’s Hyper Tornado has much fewer text than Pikkon’s Thunder Flash, but its simplicity belies its quality.  An omni block that isn’t banish after use is already worth attention, but giving you the option to Rejuvenate 2 during combat adds wonderful flexibility.  This card could buy Pikkon the extra time he needs to finish off an opponent at the end of a game.
    We’re almost ready to start rolling out Styled previews — the graphics team is working hard to get all of the cards finalized and looking awesome.  Don’t forget to check back before this weekend to see King Kai’s named cards as well as his sweet looking HT promos!

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    [FanZ]:Prepare for Battle! OP is Here!

    One of the biggest draws of the Dragon Ball Z card games has always been the competitive tournament scene.  Without a company sponsoring cash prizes, the task once again falls to the fans to keep it alive.
    This year, expect 6 “Kai” level events – including the always popular North Kai event that has its origins back in the “Retro Z” days.  Each event will have a specific Style attached to it; the winner of the event getting the right to make a card of that Style for an upcoming FanZ release!
    In addition to the create-a-card prize, the FanZ team will be serving up physical copies of promos from FanZ sets, and of course the specific store hosting the event can sweeten the pot with prizes of their own!
    Want to submit a request to host a Kai event?  Send an email to FanzOrganizedPlay@gmail.com with your name, store you represent, store contact info, and preferred event date (send a couple to increase your odds!)
    More prizes, events, and excitement to come as FanZ continues to develop!You’ve already seen the new King Kai MP set which debuted on TCG Top Tier earlier this week, and people have been dying to know what the King’s favorite friends, Bubbles & Gregory, bring to the table.
    Harambe would be proudDon’t mess with filler characters!  Both Bubbles & Gregory live in the afterworld (and get their halos once Goku decides to denotate Cell on King Kai’s world), so it is fitting that they both can make their way back into your Life Deck if they would leave play.  Bubbles adds a viciously strong control element to King Kai’s game, at the cost of a card from your hand.  Being able to keep your opponent from using cards like Time is a Warrior’s Tool or Stare Down will easily turn the tide in any match.  I’m sure someone can find some good synergy with cards that trigger on discard…..
    Gregory brings some bite to the battle, with a solid poke attack that can be used twice per combat.  He can really add some potency to a Blue Training deck, triggering mill twice via Blue Waiting Drill!
    We’ll see you soon for more spoilers as the countdown to Celestial Tournament continues!

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    The King Has Arrived!

    King Kai makes his debut! 

    On the surface, King Kai may look like a "gimmick" personality however, he can generate actions with the best of them and his set also gives player's more control over the game. 
    King Kai- Mentor offers a lot of versatility. At the end of any planning step, King Kai's level 1 can fetch either Bubbles or Gregory ally and put it into play. Whichever ally you decide to grab, will change depending on where you have established your game plan: Maybe you played a copy of King Kai's Joyride during your planning step and you decide to utilize Bubbles to lock your opponent out of choices, or do you grab Gregory for action economy and generation? Finally, King Kai - Mentor has a great ability to filter cards - note that it's one of the rare abilities to draw a card FIRST then decide what you want to pitch!
    King Kai - Joyful offers a very rare ability in the game: Powering a personality in play to it's highest power stage. This is crucial against decks trying to deal stage damage and even helps aliviate costs towards playing key attacks like Blue Ki Build Up or King Kai's Tactics. On level 2, your Gregory and Bubbles will always be able to generate actions and all attacks performed by them will do +3 life cards o damage! You also get a bit of rejuvenation!
    King Kai - On the Move ramps the stack even further. Your Bubbles and Gregory allies can continue to make actions, and you gain the ability to search them out of your deck again! He also has a very sizable physical attack that deals 6 life cards that has the potential to always gain value! If Bubbles and Gregory are in play, the attack will always do 3 life cards at minimum!

    King Kai -  North Kai shows the true power of his MP stack! To start with, his ally related powers are now geared towards ALL allies, whether it's protecting them from removal, generating advantages from Bubble's or Gregory's parenthetical effects OR allowing allies without constant effects to perform printed actions! Like his level 3, he also has a physical attack for straight life cards, however this one has a HUGE hit effect - Your allies will do +5 life cards of damage! 

    The Celestial Tournament set is fast approaching for it's March release! Make sure you check out FanZ's offical blog ( https://fanztcg.wordpress.com later this week for more previews!

    Announcing TCGTopTier.com

    Soon, this site will be added to a new website dedicated to multiple trading card games, including the Star Wars Destiny Collectible Card and Dice Game. Don't worry - we'll have all the same content we had before but an expanded user base. This will ensure your favorite site is around for years to come!
    During the transition time, there may be some site downtime. The outage is expected most of the day today until Wednesday, 2/8/2017.

    FanZ, the Dead Zone, and the Michigan 1k

    A Preview of things to come for the Dragon Ball Z Trading Card Game.

    In case you haven't heard, some of the original developers of the game are going to continue working on the DBZ TCG, now affectionately titled FanZ. It will stay alive in virtual releases. This means you can just print out the new cards yourself!
    You can check out our downloads section here to view an overview of things to come from the community!
    - A leadership group has been established by former DBZ TCG game developers and some other community figureheads. Judge support for ruling questions, with a more direct line of communication and faster turnaround!
    -FanZ will have its own blog called THE DEAD ZONE which will launch next week. We haven't set a rhythm for regular updates, but all future updates will be posted there. Top Tier and Retro will still be your places to discuss the game!
    - Two new formats for organized events: Open and Eternal.
    - The name of set 8 is The Celestial Tournament, and is scheduled for release in late February. Pikkon will be one of the main personalities. Top Tier will also have a special preview of a card that Phil McGrath (former World Champ 2003) will be gun-slinging with at the upcoming Michigan 1k at Eternal Games - January 21st 2017. You can check the event out here. I hear [REDACTED] is pretty good with with Android 18's Toss!

    The Ever Evolving - A Look at Black Conflict Gohan

    Justin gives you a look at one of his favorite decks for the current meta - Black Conflict Gohan.

    Hello!!!! I've been pretty quiet since worlds happened, and I thought I would show you guys a deck that I have been working on for the past couple of weeks: Black Conflict Gohan! It sounds pretty trashy you say??? Well take a look at the list first before you tell me it's trash...
    Black Conflict Gohan
    Gohan, to the Rescue
    Gohan, Unlocked
    Gohan, Unassuming
    Gohan, Undeniable
    Allies: (7)
    1x Chi-Chi
    1x Piccolo
    1x Icarus
    1x Ox King
    1x Baba
    1x Bulma
    1x Yajirobe
    Drills: (2)
    2x Black Smoothness Drill
    Setups: (3)
    3x Black Memories
    Dragon Balls: (1)
    1x Earth Dragon Ball 7
    Events: (10)
    3x Confrontation
    2x Heroic Energy Sphere
    3x Black Strength Display
    2x Black Barrier Destruction
    Defense: (11)
    2x Black Swipe
    2x Black Speedy Dodge
    1x Black Evasion
    1x Black Halt
    2x Black Delay
    2x Black Easy Block
    1x Time is a Warrior's Tool
    Physical Combats: (8)
    3x Black Flashback
    3x Black Defensive Burst
    2x Sobering Hammer
    Energy Combats: (18)
    3x Assisted Kamehameha
    3x Overpowering Attack
    3x Black Swirl
    3x Black Energy Web
    2x Black Empowered Sword Slash
    2x Black Destructive Beam
    2x Blinding Energy Move
    I initially got the idea for the deck from my brother Jarrett. We were talking about how much we both have loved Gohan's play style for the last few weeks. Seriously, if you haven't yet, try him out. He is insane. He's great in any color you decide to put him in (which happens to be all of them). He can be controlling or aggro. Anger or Ball. Seriously he is fantastic.
    A few hours later, he sent me an image of a Black Gohan deck he was working on that was DRASTICALLY different from this (maybe he'll share it sometime in the future). I liked some of the ideas and decided that I would take a crack at building one myself.
    I was going through different ideas, when I came across an interesting outlet to discard cards for Gohan's Level 2 power, as well as the Conflict Mastery: Black Memories and Black Strength Display.
    The idea of the deck is to setup a control board specific to your match up and control the hell out of your opponent's hand, while slowly building the game to head in your favor.
    The idea would be to try and limit the actions your opponent can make during combat. 3 Black Memories and 3 Black Strength Test allow you to use Gohan's 2 Power to become a +1 card advantage by forcing hand disruption. Black Empowered Sword Slash forces disruption as well. The idea would be to create a hand lock deck which players haven't played against since the days of the dreaded Black Devious Mastery.
    Black Barrier Destruction and Black Destructive Beam into Ox King give the deck tons of rejuvenation. Black Memories is especially powerful here, because it's parenthetical effect is when it is discarded, so it is re-usable. Also Memories is insane against the Restored Gohan decks at creating a huge hand advantage by using the card's actual effect: Use it while you have no setups or drills, then grab their Namekian Assistance Drill, follow up with your own Black Smoothness Drill for a +2 hand advantage. The deck may be weak to anger, but by keeping their hand size in check as well as taking advantage of smaller critical damage threshold it is manageable.
    As for the attack package, Black Swirl, Baba and Black Flashback create huge openings to allow attacks to punch through, meanwhile Assisted Kamehameha just gets to eat away at the life deck because of it's unstoppable/unpreventable effect. This deck packs 3 of each Defensive Burst and Energy Web in hopes of locking out combats in your favor. Earth Dragon Ball 7 and Blinding Energy Move help round out keeping total control of the game. Baba is an all-star here, because perfect knowledge is PRETTY good in this type of deck.
    Ox King is a HUGE factor at being successful with this deck. Knowing when to bring him in and when to bounce him out is a serious business. Targeting him with your own Black Destructive Blasts protects him from removal and his bouncing allows you to put more cards back in the deck. Making sure he is in play against Goku's higher levels also ensures you will get maximum damage from your attacks.
    Do I feel this deck is absolutely perfect? Of course not. However, I can see with eventual tweaking and more games under it's belt it can be a decent choice to bring to an ARG winter championship or your locals. The deck is a lot of fun though, and seeing your opponent squirm when you have larger hands than them (while controlling your own draws) is incredibly delightful. It will definitely catch them off-guard. Let me know what you think in the comments.
    Justin McBride