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    Card Spotlight - Black Foreshadowing

    This week in our Card Spotlight column, we have a few staff members review Heroes and Villains card, Black Foreshadowing.
    This week's Card:
    Black Foreshadowing
    Black Foreshadowing, did Black Style really need another monster of a card? The answer is simply no, no it didn't need another terrific card that could have easily been suited for another Style that could have really benefited from it "cough" Red Style "cough". That said, Black Foreshadowing is an awesome card that compliments Black Style very well, milling a possible 7 cards from your opponents Life Deck without modification is obviously very good and as a caveat you gain equivocal power stages as the amount of cards destroyed which is always helpful, and to top it all it has Endurance 3! This card is awesomely offensively defensive and when building a Black Style deck this card gets an easy two thumbs up.
    Rating: 8/10
    This card has easily got to be one of the new best cards from Set 2, for Black. With all the banish power black has, this card can easily destroy 5 cards or more and gain you as many power stages, giving you a chance to throw more energy attacks, stronger physicals, or take more physical damage, making this a great offensive/defensive card. On that note, it has Endurance 3, giving it & you, more defensive capability. Personally, I feel there is no downside to this card & it is practically a must for Black.
    Rating: 9/10
    The closest card I have for comparision is Black Reflection, despite it doing competely different things. Like Black Reflection, this card truly shines towards the end of the game when your opponent has a good chunk of cards removed from the game and it can discard a good chunk of cards and gain you a significant amount of stages. Unfortunately, just like Black Reflection, it's almost pretty much useless at the beginning of the game since you get zero effect from it . The saving grace for the card is the Endurance 3 on it, which Black Reflection is lacking, making this a solid choice in decks that want to focus on direct damage, like Black Krillin. It also destroys cards, so if you hit a bunch of dragon balls, you pretty much wasted this card except for the stage gain which is pretty solid. And like other events, it can be cancelled in a sphere-heavy environment..
    I'm torn on the card. In most decks, I would probably only run one to two copies, since typically its only going to hit around 3 cards, and that to me is just not worth the inclusion unless you have other effects that raise that amount. However, a lot of decks right now (Black Krillin and Raditz) like to do direct damage and not have to worry about hitting attacks. In a deck like that, this card truly shines. It's just a shame (or a good thing) it's banished after use.
    Rating: 7/10
    Overall Score - 8/10