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    Top 4 Report from Lenexa - Tag Team Ginyu

    Here is my report/story of my Top 4 at Lenexa. The story begins a month ago in Pueblo, CO......
    At Pueblo, I decided to run Devious Roshi MPPV/Survival (no ball victory). I spoke with many different people I consider good at this game (2 of which already have their invites this year). Everyone agreed the deck was solid, I have solid matchups across the board, etc. Enter Pueblo - I go 1-3 and drop. I was so disapointed but even more so mad at myself. I failed to prepare for this event. I played maybe 4 games total against Cooler and even less against Broly entering this event. Round 1 was 13, 2 was Cooler, and 3 was Broly. Long and short is I got smoked due to failure to prepare.
    As soon as I got home and recovered from the 8 hour drive (one way) I looked at ALL of the decks that had given people invites. I chose what I felt were the strongest and/or most popular and made that deck. This included but was not limited to Devious 13, Devious Broly, Tag Ginyu, Enraged Cooler, Enraged 13, Saiyan Broly. I played these decks against themselves for a solid 3 weeks. To figure out how to play that deck and also how to beat that deck. I decided early on I would be running Tag Ginyu as it's just so good. I entered Lenexa knowing my worst matchup likely is Broly and Ruthless Broly at that.
    Round 1 - Ruthless Broly
    I hate this game. I mean I love this game. But at the same time I hate this game with a passion. I don't remember much about this other than I fetch Guldo with my Mastery. I think I hit a ball 2 early on and keep him on 1 and throw my beats. I win.
    Round 2 - Enraged 13
    I've played this matchup ALOT. I fetch Guldo again (I think) and I know I need to keep his anger in check. I don't remember much but I know I win.
    Round 3 - Black Devious Promo Krillin
    This is one of my locals. I helped him change up this deck a few nights before the event. I got Beerus ally out with my Mastery and used Ginyu to fetch Frieza and kept the tempo up from there. I won fairly easily.
    Round 4 - Nick Toth - Namekian Knowledge Piccolo
    This guy is who knocked me out of topcut last year in Lenexa. I was nervous but I knew this was a great matchup for me. I got Beerus out with the Mastery and fetched Frieza with Ginyu. I tried to keep up the tempo. He runs 3 Tugs which HURT. He also runs 2 BEMs. One of which he used early on which banished his ball 3. I got a huge life card lead and used ball 2 to move him from 3 to 2 (or 2 to 1, don't remember which). I won with less than 10 cards left.
    Round 5 - Justin (or Jarrett, who can really tell?) McBride - Black Devious Cooler
    Again, I thought this was a great matchup for me. I got Beerus/Frieza out early and began to do my thing. Then I find out he's also running 3 Tugs. It's a close game but he pulls it out in the end. We're both pretty sure the 3 Stare Downs he had in the first 3 combats is what won him the game.
    Round 6 - Black Devious Broly
    I'm thinking I can't afford to lose any more games. I do not want to end swiss at X-2. I don't remember much about this game unfortunately. All I remember is that I won by the skin of my teeth.
    Round 7 - Cole Sondreal - Saiyan Empowered Broly
    Fuck everything about this game. I've played my fair share against Saiyan Broly. I've got beat plenty of times. Not once, in all my times playing this game, have I receievd an ass beating like I got in this round. It was not close, ever, at all. Additionally, this was on stream. If you care to check out my ass beating, go for it.
    End of Swiss. There's a long break. I'm pissed. 5-2 and got my ass kicked in via #JustBrolyThings. Topcut is finally announced - 4 of my locals made topcut. Including myself. Thank god!
    Top 16 - Joseph Zwack - Red Enraged Roshi
    This fucking game....have I told you guys I hate this game? So I enter combat, he Retreats. I do it again. He times. He rejuvs time. I enter combat again, he times. Fuck me. He manages to get 5 balls on the field and is now level 4 with 2 anger. Good god. I managed to finally get in 1 good combat - I used Dodoria to capture ball 3 and setup my hand (I already captured ball 1 early via a natural crit). I already had a Neck Beam in my hand which I kept - I hit with it and knocked him down to Level 3. He passes and rejuvs and I draw into my ball 2 finally which drops him to level 2. So now he's level 2 and I have 2 of his balls. I proceed to lay the smack down and once he scoops once he sees my hand of Time, Energy Beam, and 2 other energy attacks.
    Top 8 - Cole Sondreal - Saiyan Empowered Broly
    Ugh. Not the matchup I wanted to see. At all. I don't remember alot of this game other than he didn't draw the nuts like he did in Round 7. He Dev Blowed me twice in once combat both times leaving all 3 of my allies in there. I also had 2 Lunar Rays that combat which helped me get the stages I needed to survive his onslaughgt. I won.
    Top 4 - Brandon Mains - Red Ruthless Broly
    God dammit. Another Broly. I hate this game - it's so matchup based. Yes, I can beat Ruthless Broly, as I did in round 1. But it's my worst matchup. If I could have played either Troy's Black Krillin or Joe's Blue Cooler I feel I would have my invite with no problem. But alas, this game is matchup based, and I play Ruthless Broly.
    It was a solid game that was on stream. The combat that did it was when he used Stare Down to kill my Time. He also had a Static Shot and 2 Eraser Cannons. It hurt and I couldn't recover.
    I had a great time. Although I did make Top 4 I'm still disappointed in myself. I literally could taste that World's invite. I was so close. I'm 2 for 2 at making topcut in Lenexa, definitely will be back next year. Also props to Izzy Tucker, Geoff W., and Aaron Hendrickson who are all from Wichita with me and also made topcut! Nice work guys when 25% of topcut is from our own locals. Wichita will be represented in both Dragon Prix (although not myself) and the Open Qualifier (you can bet your ass I'll be there). Thanks Cache for the event!

    Here is the list:
    3x Blue Fist Catch
    3x Blue Shifting Manuever
    3x Sinister Choke
    3x Overpowering Attack
    3x Blue Narrow Escape
    3x Blue Neck Beam
    3x Blue Blanketing Blasts
    3x Stare Down
    3x Playful Punch
    3x Blue Arm Blast
    3x Blue Clash
    3x Blue Head Knock
    3x Blue Lunar Ray
    2x Blinding Energy Move
    2x Villainous Energy Beam
    2x Villainous Power Ball
    1x Time Is A Warrior's Tool
    1x Captain Ginyu's Body Switch
    1x Blue Terror
    1x Namek Dragon Ball 2
    1x Frieza - Mastermind
    1x Android 13, Powerful
    1x Cooler, Angered
    1x Jiece - Ginyu Force
    1x Dodoria - Lackey
    1x Dr. Wheelo - Intelligent
    1x Guldo - Ginyu Force
    1x Nappa - Space Traveler
    1x Beerus, God of Drestruction
    2x Blue Betrayal
    HUGE props to Kelly Cartwright. I started the base deck with his exact list. I used it for 2 weeks and finally decided to take out Blue Discharge for x2 Betrayals and Beerus ally. I feel that change was huge. Any of my opponents who I got Beerus out against (Namekian, Cooler, Roshi) all will tell you how much of a pain in the ass he was.

    11-0 Vacaville Regional WINNER Report

    Some introduction to myself and how this happened is pretty simple. I’m a player from Alaska who has VERY, VERY good playtesting partners. Without them, I would not be here. So before I further this article along I would like to thank them now: William Houser, Joseph Insinna, Terrance Washington, Eric Gaiser, Kona Cordell, Adam Syverson, Alex Orito, Terry Blackwell, Daniel Sanchez, Matt Crawford, Nathen Ferguson, Chuck Richel, Anthaney & Keith Williams (Best Group in all of DBZ TCG)

    Alright, now thats over with, I came into the event leaning heavily towards Saiyan Broly or Black Cooler. After watching many games from my buddy, William Houser, I decided that Broly was the route I wanted to take. The ability to put your opponent in high pressure situations and being able to keep momentum on your side is something Broly is consistent with. I also felt that there would be a heavy presence of Cooler at the event, due to previous weeks results. From my testing, cooler seemed to be a favorable matchup.
    So heading into the event, I was reminded by my fitness guru, Will, to eat and stay hydrated throughout the day for good results. I can honestly say, I was not nervous through the entirety of the event. I had this focus and calm about me thats hard to explain, but I’m glad it was there. I could have tilted in some circumstances, but having my Alaska group for support was a blessing.
    Going into this i felt very confident and this being a favorable matchup. Im not saying it’s 100% winnable, they can luck sack and get all there defensive bursts and blocks.
    My opening hand first turn of the game was UNLEASHED, UNLEASHED, SAIYAN SEVERING PUNCH. I decided to keep and enter knowing id be at LV3 at end of turn. Knowing Joey and his history, he wasn’t going to make this an easy game, but i ended up blocking the right attacks and getting the W.
    I remember getting a very good starting hand against him which took a chunk of his life away. But he managed to come back by playing a ball 7 and grabbing 2 Unleashed and TIAWT. In any other situation this hand would be amazing against me, but I had GOD LUCK on my side and had 3 Saiyan Face Strike & 1 Saiyan Sword Strike in my hand. He unleashed me twice to LV1 and then i face striked back to LV3. I ended up getting in some damage and got the Win.
    In this matchup i knew that Unleashed was going to be very effective if he used a Blue dominance to get into his higher levels. So going into the first combat he lays a dominance down and a few turns later activates it. We end up trading blows back and forth. He gets to LV3 & LV4 and attempts to de-level me but i have tracking blast attached. Towards the end, I draw a Unleashed with 2 attachments on and lower him to LV1 and proceed to win.
    This wasn’t much of a game, Ill be the first to tell you i got very lucky. In my testing, this is a horrible matchup
    I first turn draw WALL BREAKER, SAIYAN ELBOW DROP, BROLYS ERASER CANON. I enter, he draws no blocks. He passes his turn. My second hand is SAIYAN ELBOW DROP, SAIYAN GRAB, BROLYS FACE CRUSHER. I enter, he draws no blocks. GAME.
    This was my hardest match all day, i don’t remember the details too much. We trade blows back and forth. I get a good combat in where he has no blocks. He gets me with a good combat where i have no blocks and he gets to LV3. I end up doing enough damage to where he eventually draws out to lose. This was by far one of my hardest games ever. He’s a very good player, I hope to see him again.
    In my testing this is a very favorable matchup and it ended up being so. Another gift to me was he wasn’t playing unleashed either, which also was a big swing in my favor. I get some early damage in then I unleashed to LV3. He never leaves LV1 and I manage to get the victory.
    This match was on Twitch stream over at Cubicorn games or on youtube at the link here: https://youtu.be/jgkEkrRBLn8
    I don’t remember this game too much. All i know is that face strikes came into play this matchup. I unleashed to LV3 when he Wall Breakered me. I had a very good combat where he had no blocks and i had a lot of attacks.
    This match was on Twitch stream over at Cubicorn games or on youtube at the link here: https://youtu.be/jgkEkrRBLn8
    We have history, and I knew he wanted this win badly. Like many games before, I get a great early hand against him and he draws minimal defenses. I cut through about half his deck. Midway through he starts to make a come back, but is unsuccessful. I Wall Breaker him at LV2 and make sure he is at zero to low stages, so he can’t play any of his answers. This was a great game and i expect to see Gustavo at worlds.
    This match was on Twitch stream over at Cubicorn games or on youtube at the link here: https://youtu.be/jgkEkrRBLn8
    I never thought I’d be here writing a winning report. I was content with just Top16, but my group pushed me further to win. I couldn’t have done this without my Guys from Alaska. This win was for you guys!!!
    Special thanks to WILL HOUSER & JOE INSINNA

    Vacaville Regional Report Top 16

    Well, Team Matrix from Redding CA made it to Vacaville's regional a bit later than expected but we got to enjoy a bit of catching up with friends we hadn't seen in a bit before the tournament got underway. Whether talking to Jerrett and Justin Mcbride, Blake Barton, the shop owners Russ and Lance Park, the Bartholomews, or even the OG Bulma Tiffany Vollmer, the day was full of fun and friends. I made it to top 16 piloting my Black Devious Yamcha deck, which I had never piloted until the tournament, so these games were my testing! Now, onto the rounds!
    R1- Bye. I was kind of disappointed to get the bye on Round 1, but I'd rather have it first round than third, no way I'd have made it to the top then! 1-0
    R2-Gustavo Valles. Blue Protective Cooler. This was my first game of the tournament and it was fought well. Gustavo hit me with a couple supernovas, but I managed to lock it in in the end of time with either an anger victory, or survival, as I had Black command in hand with 3 anger on 4, and a Black foreshadowing with 4 left in his deck after combat start. It was a fun game and I hope to see Gustavo again. 2-0
    R3-Sam Pivarnik Red Enraged 13. I think this was the first time Sam and I faced off, and I hope its not the last. The game went back and forth in damage, and I took out all of his energy blocks early in the game with a 2 black searching techniques and black swipes. It came down to Sam at 1 anger at 4 with enough anger left in hand to win, but he only had six left in deck on my turn! So I entered and Used Black power up, and offered the handshake. He was a great sport and is a great player! 3-0
    R4-Ryan Huff. Red Ruthless Broly. Alright so Ryan is one of my teammates from Redding, and this game was intense! I took out his blocks by halfway through and was dealing immense damage. It came down to 2 cards in my deck and 5 in his, and the next amount of damage would decide it, as he was on Broly 3 while I was on Yamcha's 3. If he had used his power I'd have won, but he used a physical and took it away. Great game man! 3-1
    R5-Douglas Perdomo. Black Devious Cooler. So, my second Cooler matchup of the day and I went into it confident. I ended up with pretty large board states due to him getting no Supernovas early and managed to have some insanely strong combats. The game was won after a few crushing Beams, Black overhead Burst, and Black Swirl landed. Good Game Doug! 4-1
    R6-Rick Ketchum. Red Enraged Roshi. Okay, so this was the most intense game I played all day, and in my opinion my biggest play mistake of the day. The game was close in the end, he had six balls out, one in hand with red stop, red energy defensive stance, and roshi's back strike. I had a black swirl, an overhead burst, black command, and confrontation.
    I used confrontation to bury the stop and he back striked it back out. And here is where I lost. I used swirl and called defensive stance, unfortunately I didn't realize he had red forward Stance drill in the grave. So he stopped and got the drill. Afterwards, when we looked at his deck just to see, if I had called Red Stop, he had no endurance and My overhead burst could have gotten it out for me! I ended on level 2 with 4 anger after the command was pitched, but it was to late. Rick is friendly and a great player! He made it to the finals and was second place for the invite, good luck at worlds! 4-2
    R7-Aaron Pavon- Black Devious Cooler. So needless to say I'd seen enough Cooler at this point to know what to do. He got my commands early but I managed to anger up to 3 and lay down a bunch of huge energy attacks. We had a feeling the winner would make top and I enjoyed playing with him, but it was still pretty well fought.5-2
    T16, first round knockout
    I played against the tournaments winner, Logan Cordell. His Saiyan Broly was Just brutal. First round he jumped to 3 with unleashed after I had wall breakered him. UGH! But I managed to lock him down for a bit and get some heavy damage in with pesky's, swirls and defensive burst. Once he hit 4 though it was done. 2 Grabs, elbow drop, trample, and terrifying strike, and I couldn't sustain. I'm glad I played the winner of the tournament. He was amazing an amazing player and I'm proud to play the guy who put a Saiyan deck at the top! Good luck at worlds!

    Vacaville, CA Regional

    This weekend, there is one of the last DBZ TCG regionals, in Vacaville, CA!
    For all the players that are attending, we wish you the best of luck and an enjoyable time! Be sure to say hello to any of our staff members in attendance.

    Final Awakening Preview - Blue Strike

    Thanks to Panini America for providing spoilers for this release!

    Blue combo players rejoice! Blue Strike has a lot of combo potential after Awakening's release. It's a physical attack dealing 2 life cards (3 life cards with Blue Resolute Mastery which will be it's home). This card is oozing with potential value! When running a high styled setup count, you can potentially net huge advantages with the card. Need to draw an extra card and prevent some damage? Pitch one of the setups to the mastery and go nuts. Keep the other for your planning step next turn and you 3 for 1'd them! The card even combos well with Master Roshi - Expectant, Blue Training, Blue Intimidation or Blue Upward Barrage. Allowing the possibility to get ahead in a game that may have started to go south.

    Las Vegas Regional

    This weekend, there is a DBZ TCG regional, in always-sunny Las Vegas, NV!

    You can check out more information here!
    If you plan on attending but are not pre-registering, make sure to check in on our Facebook page (doing this will help figure out table space needed).
    For all the players that are attending, we wish you the best of luck and an enjoyable time! Be sure to say hello to any of our staff members in attendance. In addition, for live updates, check out the Panini Blog.
    Note - Due to licensing issues on who can record video at the resort, there will be no Live Stream.

    Top 20 Most Important Cards in the Meta

    In this article I will discuss the 20 cards that have had the biggest impact on our current Regional environment. I'm not going to include MPs or Masterys as they would take up the vast majority of spots on this list. Keep in mind, this isn't a list of the 20 best cards in the game. Rather, it's a list of which cards either rose to prominence as the meta evolved or greatly impacted the decks that established themselves as tier 1 in the meta.

    20. Surprise Attack - While this card has only found limited success in Regional play so far, it was the entire backbone of Tim Batow's Regional winning Blue Tag Gohan list. It tore down the established pillars of deck building fundamentals and it made us all question the very idea of what we should consider a staple.
    19. Black Chin Kick - This card has been seen in many Black Devious Broly lists and some Black Android 13 lists this season. It has been the go-to silver bullet in any ally friendly meta and for good reason.
    18. Black Delay - There are so many good options for physical defense in Black and for the longest time this wasn't one of the premier choices. With many of the new MP levels having built in physical attacks this card has gained a lot of steam.
    17. Orange Fierce Attack - The one thing Red Yamcha had over Orange Yamcha was Red Static Shot. This card is better in almost every way and it fit perfectly into a deck that's very close to breaking into the tier 1 meta.
    16. Blue Decapitation - While this card is most common in Blue Cooler it has also seen play in Blue Android 13 as well as a few rogue decks. This card gives you a toolbox in which to draw from that Blue has been sorely lacking in the past. Blue Overpowering Drill adds some icing on the cake.
    15. Red Shoulder Grab - This card has always been a big presence in the meta. however we've never seen the likes of Red Enraged Android 13 before. It's arguably the fastest MPPV deck to ever be piloted. The fact this also blows up allies or counters your opponent's anger is sweet. With each new deck I design I am forced to ask myself the all important question... "Can this beat Red 13?"
    14. Saiyan Grab - Yamcha was built to beat decks like Broly, and he does a pretty good job. Unless of course you're talking about Saiyan Broly... With this card, and to a lesser extent Saiyan Face Strike, Broly has found his answer.
    13. Blue Blanketing Blast - This card does more than almost any attack in the game. It can help you loop Time, put an ally back in your deck to than tutor out, banish Super Nova's from the DP, wreck the bottom of your opponent's DP to mess up Red Relaxation, it can deal critical damage, and it has good endurance. This card is pure value and when you're running a deck like Blue Ginyu or Blue Gohan then value is everything.
    12. Android 15, Relaxed - The fact that this isn't the most impactful ally in the game speaks volumes about the other two... This guy answers Wall Breaker, gains you a ton of "out of combat" anger, and is one of the many reasons why non-combat cards in general are bad right now.
    11. Black Defensive Burst - Not much needs to be said about this card. Honestly, Black Broly, Black 13 and Black Cooler are all arguably a little worse than their Red counterparts. However, we are playing in a physical aggro meta and if you run Black then you get Burst... If there was ever a reason to chose Black over Red in all of those examples then it's this card.
    10. Villainous Energy Ball - This card is great against the 2 things that you want to be good against in this meta: Stage aggro and anger. If Yamcha had access to this card then Broly's head would explode, and this card is a big reason to run a villain.
    9. Broly's Eraser Cannon - This is yet another reason as to why non-combat cards just aren't very good right now. Broly get's to clear away problems and all of those people running 2 copies of this card are wrong. This card is absolutely nuts and if Turles had access to 3 of these a couple of sets ago we would have seen a different deck win the last World Championships.
    8. Android 13's Impenetrable Defense - This is the most unfair card in the game. The idea that only one MP gets to use it doesn't make it fair. I have literally lost games by throwing a successful killing blow into this card... The fact that I don't even have to mention what the card actually does beyond the parentheses to rate it's power level is just silly.
    7. Nappa, Space Traveler - As we receive more and more ways to keep allies in play Nappa just gets stronger and stronger. He is another reason why non-combat cards are just bad right now... This guy has found success in Broly, Android 13, and of course the Cap'n.
    6. Red Inferno - If this card didn't exist than Red Broly wouldn't be good... There I said it, and we were all thinking it. Black Krillin showed us the power of consistent critical effects and giving that power to Broly along with an Unleashed target is a recipe for pain.
    5. Black Command - If this card didn't exist than Black Cooler/Black Roshi wouldn't exist... Also, this is the second most unfair card in the game. Non-interaction at it's best, and the fact that it puts itself back for later is just plain troublesome.
    4. Saiyan Tantrum - Blue Blanketing Blast and Orange Fierce Attack are great examples of value attacks, but neither of them can live up to what this card does in Saiyan Broly. Here's your very own Red Inferno or just your big hitting energy that auto levels you on hit. Oh, and it has good endurance too.
    3. Cooler, Angered - This Ally shuts down the best decks in the game and demands an answer. Other than Black/Red Cooler there are almost no tier 1 decks in the game that don't shed a tear every turn that passes while this guy sits on the board. Combine him with Blue Tag ally support and a bunch of anti-anger and you have a recipe for tier 1.
    2. Cooler's Super Nova - A wise man once stated that this is the single best card in the game, and I'm starting to agree. At the very least this is the real reason why non-combat cards just aren't very good right now. Cooler's biggest weakness involves being stuck at level 1 and this helps you get rid of Wall Breaker as well as gain a ton of anger. This card blows right through endurance and puts itself back for later in a more effective way than Crushing Beam could ever dream of. I know it doesn't have endurance, but if it did and you used the endurance in almost any case then you'd be an idiot.
    1. Unleashed - This card defines the meta. This is the card everyone is either playing or playing to beat. It is the reason why Broly always finds that level 3 and why the best way to keep someone down is to just go up with them. This is the single biggest reason why Wall Breaker isn't good right now. Unleashed moved Saiyan and Red Ruthless from good to Tier 1. It adds a dynamic that has given players nightmares over that one nagging thought, "I could have won if I drew Unleashed..."

    Awakening Preview #5 - Orange Left Burst

    Today, Safe on Block takes a look at a great new Orange Attack that may see play after the release of Awakening!

    Orange Left Burst (OLB) adds a lot of, arguably, needed utility to orange. First, the attack gives two anger in a style that has had an increasingly strong support of anger cards over the past few sets. The continued anger support gives the Orange style even more opportunities to level outside of Orange Devouring Drill and Unleashed and open precious slots for more aggressive Orange Style builds. Second, OLB has enough base damage to threaten critical damage, which forces an opponent to think twice before they decide to take the damage. Furthermore, when paired with Orange Fierce Attack, OLB is a guaranteed crit. Finally, the hit effect of OLB allows banished drill recursion, which is something that has been lacking in the orange mastery. This will allow players to keep non ∞ 1 of drills in play even if they are banished, which can be incredibly strong. Furthermore, Anger victory in Orange style has become an increasingly real possibility, especially with the introduction of the new Orange Retribution Mastery.
    However, the card does have some setbacks: There is a lack of endurance, the anger stipulations may put players in a precarious situations because they may have to lead with OLB to gain the anger benefit when they may have an Orange Fierce Attack in hand. This stipulation could lead to sub optimal lines. Finally, limiting the drill recursion to non ∞ Drills is a bummer.
    Final thoughts: I really enjoy this card. I think aggressive anger builds will have fun with OLB. I would give this card a7 ½ out of 10, 8/10 for pure anger builds.
    Also, if you haven't had a chance, make sure you pre-register to the BIGGEST DBZ Regional this year! DBZ Top Tier will be hosting the 2016 Las Vegas Regional on October 8th! You can check out the details here.

    Las Vegas Regional Reminder

    The Las Vegas Regional hosted by DBZ Top Tier is this Saturday! Pre-Register for a chance to win a box of Awakening!

    You can check out more information here!
    If you plan on attending but are not pre-registering, make sure to check in on our Facebook page. (Doing this will help figure out table space needed!

    Awakening Preview #4 - Saiyan Clench

    Justin talks about one of the most hyped up cards to be released in the upcoming Awakening set!

    If you weren't able to attend the Colorado Regional, I'm sure you have heard musings about an incredibly powerful attach card that Saiyan gains access to in Awakening. Maybe you saw a post from Jarrett over on Retro showing a tiny glimpse of what many players are saying is an incredibly powerful new card.
    Well I don't have much to say at first, I'll let the card do the talking...

    This is another powerful tool to help a long list of personalities that have seemed to fall out of favor for the past few sets and wow, maybe they will come back...
    Saiyan Clench is a physical attack with three endurance! Three endurance is a great number to help reduce the damage you take when you don't draw a block. Currently, personalities like Nappa, Raditz and Turles can run this card for full effect. Now for that awesome effect: when it's attached, non-AT attacks have their power stage damage DOUBLED. I'll Dig Your Grave! for 12 stages. Android Arm Breaker for 12 stages. Even more obscure styled cards such as Saiyan Charged Fist or Saiyan Back Crash do 10 stages!
    It gets even crazier with modifiers. As an example, Turles with simply a Saiyan Back Crash would do 14 stages!!!! Unpreventable! On Nappa Level 4, that same Saiyan Back Crash would do 18 stages of damage! Even more insane, that same Nappa could discard Saiyan Dive to the Saiyan Rampaging Mastery (10 stages +1 stage from effect) and now you are looking at a physical attack doing 30 (!!!!) stages of damage! This card is definitely a great build-around me card and will reward smart deck builders in the upcoming meta!
    If you haven't had a chance, make sure you pre-register to the BIGGEST DBZ Regional this year! DBZ Top Tier will be hosting the 2016 Las Vegas Regional on October 8th! The event is only a week away and if you preregister you have a chance to win a box of the upcoming set! You can check out the details HERE.