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    Awakening Preview - Goku and Vegeta

    Panini released their first preview for the upcoming Awakening set!

    Check out the new MP Goku and Vegeta stacks and the new Blue Mastery and Orange Mastery!

    Warren, MI Regional

    This weekend there is a DBZ TCG regional, in Warren, MI.
    For all the players that are attending, we wish you the best of luck in your travels near Detroit, and an enjoyable time at the event! Be sure to say hello to any of our staff members in attendance.
    For those that are not going to be attendance, be sure to follow the updates on this topic, as well as the Panini Blog for more updates. You can also watch at home with the Cubicorn Twitch channel:

    Justin's Kentucky Regional Top 8 Report

    Justin takes a look back at the Kentucky Regional, heat exhaustion and all!

    Hello fellow Dragon Warriors! After resting up and finally recuperating from this past exhausting trip I thought I would finally sit down and write a tournament report.
    First off, I would like to thank all the staff and everyone who made this regional possible. Without your dedication and personal sacrifice these events would not be possible. So, from the bottom of my heart, I want to thank you!!!!
    With that out of the way, I will say this: This was the worst regional event I have EVER been to EVER. Out of all my games that I have played, running back for the past 15 years of playing TCGs, this was single handily the WORST experience I have ever had. Throughout the day, I just was wishing it would be over with. It was hot. There were malfunctions with the pairings. The printer went out. We had to stand in long lines, in an excruciatingly hot/moist room. The actual venue was decrepit, unsanitary (It even scored a "B" from the health board which was surprising) and unbecoming. Now, a lot of this was out of the hands from the organizers. So I am not putting the blame on them. I'm sure the A/C was on when they checked out the actual venue. Now, if it were me running the event, I would be charging back that entire purchase and say that they voided their agreement. But hey, it's whatever. On a side note, I'm sure the concession stand made A LOT of money that day, charging us for water (THAT I HAD TO BUY EVERY ROUND NOT TO DIE FROM HEAT EXHAUSTION). Really, at a certain point it should have just been free, but I understand that you have to make some money running these things...
    Well, I won't continue rating about how awful the conditions were. If you were there with me, you are now a survivor. Hopefully you didn't end up sick like me after the event. If you weren't there, trust me when I say it was awful...
    ROUND 1
    My Saiyan Empowered Broly Mid-Range vs. Kelly Dennis Black Roshi
    I sit across and finally actually have a real conversation with the guy instead of two or three sentences. Always found him to be a good guy. We talk it up for a bit, seeing how his brother was doing (played him in TX last year). As we wait to get started Psyche! Re-match! Well, there went a good tiebreaker if I did in fact lose the game, though I tested my build against Black Roshi heavily, it would have been no means an auto win. Well, at least I have a shot playing a deck where I won't have to think as much.
    ROUND 1.1
    My Saiyan Empowered Broly Mid-Range vs. Eric Jones
    So I go to my new table, I'm playing Eric Jones. He might be a cool guy, or he may not even exist. I sat down and I wait, and I wait. He doesn't show up. PSYCHE! It's a re-pair anyways! Eric, I'm sure you are a cool guy, I just never met you.
    ROUND 1.2
    My Saiyan Empowered Broly Mid-Range vs. Sean Lambdin Saiyan Empowered Broly
    Hey! Another name I am familiar with, interestingly enough another player that has a brother that plays and is known in the community. We get to talking and he was actually a pretty cool guy. So we finally start the game. I lose the dice roll. He enters on turn one. At the end of the first turn, after he Unleashed and Saiyan Tracking Blast he ended up on level 3. I end up hitting him for a bit more damage/banishing from Broly level 1, Eraser Cannon into Saiyan Face Strike for the level 2 Banish. Then I take some damage. At the end of the combat. I am on level 2, he's on 3. My 50 cards, to his 48. My turn. I pass, rejuvenate for anger. Next turn he wails on me. I lost 23 cards (bringing me to 25, him 39) on that combat and he went to level 4. But hey, I draw my secret mirror match tech (can't say it just yet). Next combat, I Broly level 3 power, unleashed get to 4 and it's game. It was an excellent game. He is a great guy and I look forward to seeing him at future events!
    Performance: 1-0
    Dice Roll: 0-1
    Round 2
    My Saiyan Empowered Broly Mid-Range vs. Cole Redding Saiyan Empowered Broly
    Hey I'm playing someone I know. I guess that is how it goes. Cole is a Chicago guy that I have played a couple times in their local events before I moved out to Viva-Las Vegas. Pretty good player. His best friend is also Arvel Rowe. So he's pretty good. This also happened to be a feature match because everyone wants to see Broly beat on Broly. You can check the match out: https://www.twitch.tv/teambadman9001. Watching the game will do the match a lot more justice. I lost the dice roll. I only win that game because of my sweet Broly mirror match tech. If you watch it you will see it...
    Performance: 2-0
    Dice Roll: 0-2
    Round 3
    My Saiyan Empowered Broly Mid-Range vs. Drew Dodson Red Enraged Android 13
    Yet another person I know, and a really nice guy at that! He also happened to be the person that let me stay with him the night before. Ugh. I have played Drew in quite a few regionals. In Chicago (the last event I played him) I beat his Namekian Knowlege Piccolo with my Saiyan Cell. So going into the game, I was fairly confident. However, I was also kinda nervous because I know what 13 can do, and Drew is really due to win a game against me since he is actually a pretty ccompetent player. Winning the dice roll is crucial in this match. I roll a 4. Ugh. He rolls a 2. Wow. I won a roll!!! Hooray!!! Anyways. The game was pretty quick. I keep him off of three the whole game, my anti-Broly tech also happens to be really good against 13, so that helps. He also had two Android 13's Impenetrable Defense towards the bottom of his deck so that helped keep the anger in check. I finish the game on 3, he couldn't keep up with my hands. I know he wanted me to get to level 4, but then I unleashed myself back to three. He killed himself having four allies on the board and by advancing. Good game Drew, you'll get me one of these days
    Performance: 3-0
    Dice Roll: 1-2
    Round 4
    My Saiyan Empowered Broly Mid-Range vs. Derek Smith Black Devious Cooler
    I don't really remember a whole lot from this game. I lost the dice roll. At some point I rejuvenated a Saiyan Sword Strike. He rejuvenated a Black Defensive Burst on his turn, which gave me the tell he either had another one in hand or a Time is a Warrior's Tool, so the only way to enter next turn would be a block and a sphere. Low and behold, I draw a sphere, while I was holding the block. I don't remember much on this game, but I killed him that combat. Good game man!
    Performance 4 -0
    Dice Roll: 1-3
    Round 5
    My Saiyan Empowered Broly Mid-Range vs. Drew Borman Android 13
    Well if there was anytime to win a dice roll, I needed it to be now. Nope! I lose the roll. He draws three. He enters. Red Shoulder Grab. Red Double Strike. Use again. Red Double Strike. Use Again. When he leveled, he discarded a Red Sacrifice. He is at level 3 with 2 anger at the end of combat. My turn, draw crap. Pass and rejuvenate and gain an anger. He drops TWO Red Relaxations!!!!!!! TWO!!! He enters. Crit (3anger), (Crit 4 anger), leads with Shoulder Grab. Levels, discards ANOTHER Red Sacrifice?!?!?!?! Then wins by MPPV on the second combat. Nice shuffling man! He was a cool guy and all, but seriously, that wasn't a skill win. Nice deck selection making sure you COULD win by that, sure I can give you that. Sometime this game goes like that. Oh well...
    Performance: 4-1
    Dice Roll: 1-4
    NO, this can't be happening again? I took a loss in round 5, that is always a bad sign for me. The past few regional events where I X-0 up to round 5 and I proceed to punt in and not make it to top cut. It's been that way since everything after Chicago. I can't do this again. (SPOILER ALERT - I don't). I have to make sure I top cut. I'm better than this, right??? I built to the meta, I fine tuned this build to beat rainbow 13, Broly, Orange Yamcha and Blue/Red Cooler. I lost a game, now I go back into the "wild" decks again. I can't do this now, after suffering from heat exhaustion. It's got to get better right????
    Round 6
    My Saiyan Empowered Broly Mid-Range vs. Vinnie Delucca's Blue Tage Team Android 13
    NOT ANOTHER PERSON I KNOW!!!!! I also stayed with Vinnie the night before, and I pretty much told him how my build worked. He knew more than you guys Let me tell you a quick story first: It's top 16 in Chicago. I am running my Saiyan Cell. I look at the decks, and I like 95% of my matches. I didn't want to face the Namekian Restored Piccolo or the Red Ruthless Turles. I just so happen to play against Vinnie's Turles build. He won that roll. He enters turn one and hits me for about 30 cards. We somehow play a very grindy game where I got him down to 3 cards. I lost because I could't pay for the last attack in my hand and I draw out next turn. I know Vinnie is a good player, and I know he has actual rational thought to all his builds, so even though I won 90% of my Tag Team 13 games, I knew that playtesting didn't mean squat. Roll the dice... Loss. He draws 3, Drops Villainous Visage and rejuvenates a Sagacious Strike. His turn, he debates on which ally to grab, settling for Android 15. I don't remember much, but we traded a Ball 7 back and forth for a while, and I took a Visage for 18. I kept track of everything I drew and rejuvenated and set up a turn to kill him when I got low. It was a good game. Vinnie is a fantastic player, and I am sure he will get his invite soon.
    Performance: 5-1
    Dice Roll: 1-5
    Round 7
    My Saiyan Empowered Broly Mid-Range vs Ryan Lambdin's Blue Protective Cooler
    Hey, I just played your brother earlier in the day! Also another name I am familiar with AND he's playing Cooler who just so happens to be COOLER than Broly. I actually don't have many notes on this game. I actually won this dice roll, and drew an aggressive enough hand to enter on him and I kept him stage locked pretty much until he Blue Dominance after I killed a previous Dominance from a Ball 4. After that I remember Unleashing to 3 and just dealing lethal. Hell of a nice player, would love to play a control mirror against him on another day.
    Performance 6-1
    Dice Roll: 2-5
    Well at this point I relax and realize I 95% made top cut. Still, have to try and win that last one to guarantee it.
    Round 8
    My Saiyan Empowered Broly Mid-Range vs Scott Chad's Blue Protective Cooler
    This was a weird game. I lose the roll. He passes, I pass and at some point he decides he wants to enter on me. I end up taking 2 Supernova's to the face. Ginyu ally and Blue Mental Drill are making sure I never enter with sub-optimal hands. After his Ginyu ally draw, I realized that I am actually now the control deck (usually in this match up I am the aggressor) I end up down to about 18 cards with him at about 40 still, but the entire time I am sculpting my hands as I carefully rejuvenate a hand to where I can enter and just win. I drew a hand with a Saiyan Grab, pass, rejuvenated the grab. Next turn, drew an Unleashed, and rejuvenated it, holding a block. Next turn, rejuvenated a Saiyan Trample. As I am passing, I am waiting for a turn where I can just go off, He enters and I draw stuff, he gets me to about 11 cards. Perfect, I am one off from the draw I need it to be. My turn, my hand is Saiyan Grab, Unleashed, Saiyan Trample, Time is a Warrior's Tool!?!. Enter. Unleashed to three. He attacks. I time. Broly's power. Draw Saiyan Grab. I unload, get to level 4 and outright kill him while he still had 38 cards initially going into that combat. Sometime's patience is a virtue. A lot of players will waste Saiyan Grab as soon as they draw it, not realizing the potential damage they are wasting. Scott was a great guy, and I know he thought he had it, and I think most players at that point would think that too (at least I would). I'm sure we will get a rematch sometime, you are a great player.
    Deck Performance: 7-1
    Dice Roll: 2-6
    Whew! What a game. Even though I knew I made top cut, I had to stick around and wait for my name. Michael started to read off the top 16 in order (whoops!) I was second seed. I also tried to remember the second to the last name as it was read off. Chris Chapman. I'm going to be playing against Red Enraged Cooler in top cut.
    I did it!!!!!!!!! Top cut!!!!!!!!!!! Hooooooraaaaay!!!!!! Now to try and win it.
    Now we have to pack everything up and drive to the actual store since they only had the room until about midnight. When I get there, I'm talking to players as we wait for deck counts. I start talking to Chris and sure enough, he had come to the same conclusion too. They do our deck checks, I didn't fail it and sure enough it's him and I the first round of top cut...
    TOP 16
    My Saiyan Empowered Broly Mid-Range vs. Chris Chapman's Red Enraged Cooler
    This game was streamed, you can check it out: https://www.twitch.tv/teambadman9001.
    This game did not go well for Chris. I win the roll. I proceed to enter. He was stage locked and stuck on level 1 the entire game. The game lasted for maybe 8 minutes. I literally drew the best I did the entire event. I kept apologizing to Chris and Nikki (his girlfriend) as the game went on, it was that bad. It was his first event, and he had one hell of a run! It was nice meeting you guys and I hope to see you at future events!
    Deck Performance: 8-1
    Dice Roll: 3-6
    Wow, that went quick and a lot easier than I expected. That game I drew all my gas, and wasn't bogged down by some of my deck choices that made it the mid-range build that it actually was. It felt like I was playing Saiyan Suicide that game.
    Top 8
    My Saiyan Empowered Broly Mid-Range vs. Black Devious Cooler
    Now, I don't think this is a bad match up by any means. First, he was running Matthew Coombs list card for card, and in playtesting it USUALLY felt 60/40 in my favor going second. I run enough blocks to make sure I can't get Black Defensive Burst (Spoiler: Still haven't).
    So we roll. I lose. He drops Black Searching Tech, Black Power Up. Pass. I draw Broly's Eraser Cannon and two other crap cards. I enter to protect my Unleashes. Remove BST. He Black Swipes. He Scout Maneuvers. Naming Unleashed. Ugh. Then he Wall Breaker-ed me. I pass. Next turn. He plops another Black Power Up. Rejuvenates a Sagacious Strike. I draw no attacks, pass and rejuvenate. He passes, Black Commands to level 2. Now we are at my 36 cards to his 34. I also know that I am stuck on 1 until I can get Wall Breaker off. I draw Saiyan Back Breaker and a Wall Breaker. Now he is Wall Breaker-ed for a couple turns and I get to level 2, however he Villainous Power Ball's to prevent most of the damage. I draw a Saiyan Flip and hope he Cooler level 2 powers, but he passes?!?!? Pro play, now I can't deal damage. I hold the Flip. He then enters on a turn with two Supernova's. That makes me further behind. I'm down to 16 and he is at 31. He has Ball 1 and 7 in play. My hand Is Saiyan Tantrum, Dig, Saiyan Flip, Saiyan Grab. I need to crit with Broly level 1 power to crit ball 1, go to 2 and and make sure Tantrum stays for another crit to steal Ball7. I throw Broy's power. He Black Delay's. Random discard. Saiyan Tantrum.... I was out the next turn. Good game though Thomas, I was rooting for you to come out on top after that game.
    Deck Performance: 8-2
    Dice Roll: 3-7
    Overall, I was pretty satisfied with my mid-range Broly build. I was the only Saiyan Empowered Broly to make top cut even though the field was littered with them. (Probably had something to do with the control aspects of the deck). Congrats to Alec Ruden for winning the event and Edison making top cut with his Restored Gohan!

    Saiyan Empowered Broly Mid-Range

    Events: (13)
    2x Unleashed
    2x Villainous Energy Sphere
    1x Time is a Warrior's Tool
    2x Enhanced Reflexes
    3x Saiyan Outrage
    1x Saiyan Rescue
    1x Saiyan Scouting

    Dragon Balls: (2)
    1x Namek Dragon Ball 4
    1x Namek Dragon Ball 7

    Setups: (4)
    1x Tree of Might
    1x Saiyan Menace
    2x Visiting the Past

    Energy Combat: (6)
    2x Broly's Eraser Cannon
    3x Saiyan Tantrum
    1x Saiyan Demolishing Beam

    Physical Combat (36)
    2x Saiyan Flip
    2x Saiyan Arm Catch
    1x Saiyan Evasion
    2x Saiyan Backbreaker
    2x Wall Breaker
    2x Pulverize
    2x Saiyan Gut Kick
    3x I'll Dig Your Grave!
    3x Saiyan Spin Kick
    3x Saiyan Grab
    2x Saiyan Trample
    3x Saiyan Elbow Drop
    2x Broly's Face Crusher
    3x Saiyan Severing Punch
    2x Saiyan Sword Strike
    2x Saiyan Face Strike
    (Did you skim through just to look for a list, shame on you...)
    I believe that the list above is a great starting point to ANY Saiyan Broly list, as it contains enough raw power to win many games. However, I don't want to spoil the deck list just yet, as I hope I can still SURPRISE a few players with the build in Michigan this weekend. I'll post it irregardless of what happens next week.
    Also, if you haven't had a chance, make sure you pre-register to the BIGGEST DBZ Regional this year! DBZ Top Tier and myself will be hosting the 2016 Las Vegas Regional on October 8th! You can check out the details here: http://dbztoptier.com/index.php/index.html/_/news/las-vegas-nv-regional-2016-details-r252
    Thanks for reading!
    Justin McBride

    DBZ Toptier Deck Featured: Broly Beat down, Saiyan Empowered Broly 3.20

    Hey guys. It is Makeshift41. I am happy to announce I am one of the new content writers for DBZ TOPTIER. Very excited for this opportunity to share some decks, articles, general strategy, etc with the Toptier family now and in the near future.

    First thing I am going to share is my Saiyan Broly Deck List. I have been a Saiyan player at heart since the beggining of the game dating back to the Score games. With the cards found in Set 4-6, Saiyan has now become a style to watch out for in this meta. Big reason is Broly!!!!
    Here is my deck list. It includes URS, so for players out there that may not yet have these cards in their possession I will post some good substitutes for those cards to go into the deck.
    Saiyan Empowered Broly
    Broly 1-4 (Set 6)
    Saiyan Empowered Mastery
    1x Tree of Might (ToM)
    1x Saiyan Extreme Training
    3x Unleashed
    3x Villainous Energy Sphere
    2x Enchanced Reflexes
    1x TIAWT
    3x Saiyan Outrage
    1x Saiyan Rescue
    Physical Combat Cards:
    3x Saiyan Grab
    3x Saiyan Elbow Drop
    3x Saiyan Face Strike
    3x Saiyan Backbreaker
    3x Saiyan Trample
    3x Saiyan Left Kick
    3x Saiyan Spin Kick
    3x Saiyan Severing Punch
    3x Saiyan Flip
    3x SAIYAN Arm Catch
    3x Broly Face Crusher
    3x I'll Dig Your grave
    3x Devastating Blow
    Energy Combat Cards:
    3x Broly Eraser Cannon
    3x Saiyan Tantrum
    This deck does one thing and one thing only......beatdown.lol
    I know looking at, 3x Unleashed and 3x Dig seem excessive for leveling. But in this meta, you need to get to those key level 3/ level 4 Broly levels to bust out that survival Victory.
    3x Sphere are in the build to help me deal with Time and also make sure my unleashed gets thru. Plus it helps me provide a defense against an opponent entering and trying to black scout maneuver or unleashed themselves to a better advantage.
    3x Saiyan Face strike is in the build to help me get to level 3/4 as fast as possible. Plus it provides a nice choice for the opponent to either take some damage or stop the attack and allow me to possibly draw another attack.
    3x Saiyan Elbow Drop, 3x Saiyan Grab, 3x Saiyan Backbreaker, and 3x Broly Face Crusher help round the additional action cards to help me continue the beats.
    Backbreaker combos real well with Saiyan Flip. It allows you to shuffle flip in when it isn't beneficial for you and provide you either 1 endurance or another potential block to lose.
    This deck is pretty weak to Red Enraged and Anger decks. Even with Broly Lv 1-3 lose stage constant power it can sometimes be hard to kill an opponent fast enough before they get to key levels or MPPV.
    Reason I run the 3x Dev Blow, 3x Saiyan Trample, and 3x Saiyan Spin Kick. Dev Blow is just a great utility card. Raises anger, lowers anger, and helps me get rid of potential problem cards in opponents discard pile. With Broly's mods on Lv 2-4 and ToM it can become a pretty strong attack. Plus Saiyan Flip helps it always hit for 5 stages no matter the power level of you or your opponent.
    Saiyan Trample is nice cause it makes an opponent mill some cards if on lv 1-3 when they level. Extremely deadly when on Lv 3 and having Extreme Training attached to keep camping on lv 3 for card advantage and mill ability.
    My block package is a little weak on energy blocks but with the amount of endurance in the deck (64) I should be able to survive against energy beats long enough to survival out.
    Last card that I have in here is Saiyan Severing Punch. Hits pretty hard for AT +4 but being able to make those kaiokens, Trunks sword stance, Ginyu body change, raise anger 2 immediate effect cards [not in (xxxx) ] be only 1x anger gain is pretty sick. But the hit effect is where it shines. Allows you the ability to control your opponent from using cards or powers that can level or de-level. With unleashed and Android 13 lv 2 power, Blue Dominance and orange devouring drill out there, this card says NO!!!!!! On hit.
    Having 2 endurance isn't bad either.haha
    My energy combat package is pretty standard. I know lots of people are cutting down face crusher to 2x but I feel I need to have as much board hate as I can get. Saiyan Tantrum is so sick. It can stay in your hand to provide crit effects every turn for anger/ally/DBs control plus it can get a 1-4 anger card on its hit: rejuv 3 effect.
    Bad matchups for this deck:
    Anger decks (Red/Black 13 and Cooler)
    Black Defensive Burst and Devious mastery
    Dragon Ball Victory decks
    Good matchups:
    Ruthless anything
    Saiyan Rampaging
    Super slow control decks
    Non combat heavy decks
    So if you don't have any the 9x URs the cards you could sub in to make Broly still effective are:
    3x Stare Down (still just as good as a sphere unless they sphere it.lol)
    3x Saiyan Donination. May want to run Saiyan Discovery to make sure you always proc the no events for opponent but gives you a way to shut off time and is an attack to be used with Broly's lv 1-4 reveal powers.
    3x Saiyan Ki Burst
    If you don't run any of the above ultra rares and don't play any stares. Then you only have 13x Freestyle cards in the Broly named cards, omni blocks, Tom, and Dev Blows. Those are pretty good odds on not seeing them to often to be hurt by Ki Burst's no free style cards being played this combat. Has 3 endurance and an attack that shuts off time and other key freestyle cards.
    3x Saiyan Enraged. Slower than Dig being a setup but in empowered it can net you up to 4 anger, which is basically a level and draw a card if higher pl.
    2x Visiting the Past. It makes Broly a little slower but makes it possible to run 2x of cards and make the deck have more variety. Plus it is visiting.lol
    1x Saiyan Tracking Blast or Saiyan Discovery. If running 3x Enraged, 3x Grab, and 3x domination I would run discovery. But if not, tracking blast is an attach card that can be shuffled in to be used again via Saiyan Backbreaker.
    Other cards worth adding in:
    Saiyan Sword Strike. Still trying to add this card in. So hard with 60 cards.
    Saiyan Gut Kick. Almost a staple in Saiyan Aggro Beats. Still trying to make room fit it as well.lol
    Saiyan Leaping Strike. If WB is huge in your meta or gets more use than already in the regional meta then this card can help get rid of it and net a possible card draw on hit. Yes, 3 life cards isn't much but with Empowered you gain 3 stages of a hit and can help trigger some stage loss on opponents mps and allies. If they are at zero stages, then get some mill as well.
    Saiyan Strength Test. An attach card that helps passively mill....not a bad choice.
    Saiyan Crunch. It would run this card at 2-3x in a heartbeat if it was atleast 3 life cards of damage instead of 1. But it does raise anger 1(2x with Empowered mastery) via immediate effects and if your opponent passes becomes unstoppable. Can help you setup some combo potential late game for securing that Saiyan Grab or Elbow Drop to continue the Broly Pain Train.
    Shoulder Slam. AT+AT raise anger 1 and lower opponents anger 3 sounds good for broly.lol With Saiyan Flip you will always be hitting for 8 stages and possibly more with ToM and Broly Lv 2-4 mods.
    Saiyan Rapid Fire. I know Broly is physical based but a possible 2 anger card on hit and an auto crit as well via 5 life cards unmodified or unpreventable is pretty good, especially against these emerging Enraged Cooler decks.
    Saiyan Back Smash and Saiyan Pinpoint Blast. Both get you crits for those DB decks.
    Saiyan Transformation Drill. Being able to give you an addition rejuv 1 every turn is pretty sick. But it can banish your ToM when it comes into play.

    So there is my deck. If you guys have any critiques or possible card combos to add in let me know. Always nice having more people look at it.
    Till next time.

    Solution to the Meta or Madman Rambling?

    As competitive players we are constantly trying to re-invent the wheel with new decks that can counter the meta and have somewhat of a surprise factor. This is a list that came to mind today so I figured I would share the original version with you guys so you can have some insight on what I think is a possible anti-meta deck.

    It is hard to deny the meta has shifted to heavy physical beats decks as well as speed anger decks. Cooler, Broly, and 13 have taken over the meta from the start of Vengeance. When making a deck outside of Red Enraged or Saiyan Empowered you need to make sure you can beat both of those decks. I set out to make a deck that I have not seen yet that can counter the main meta decks as well as beat on the fringe decks.
    When taking a look at Saiyan and Ruthless Broly many games seem winnable until they begin to accelerate levels then the game can get out of hand quickly for any passive or midrange deck. The same logic can be applied when playing against a Black or Blue 13 where you are trying to keep them off of level 3 but once they hit 3 the game becomes much more difficult to maintain. So how can you control levels against a deck like Broly or 13? The first card that jumps to mind is Dragon Ball 2 which is probably the most reliable for delevling but alone is not enough. When considering other options Unleashed came to mind as a card that could swing games in your favor is used properly.
    Most players consider unleashed when trying to accelerate their own levels but what if you constructed a deck that ran Unleashed primarily to delevel those 13 decks or Broly decks. Even those Blue Cooler decks that rely on Dominance will be upset to see an Unleashed used against them. It may not be a fix against the Red anger Cooler and 13 decks that seem to be running rampant but it will be a nice base for a deck that can counter Broly.
    The next thing that needs to be considered is a Main Personality that can benefit from Unleashed but still have a solid early game against most of the decks in the format. The first one that comes to mind is Yamcha. His built in anger control and possibility for a Physical Block every turn is extremely versatile on level one. Also when using Unleashed on Yamcha hitting level 3 or 4 can instantly swing a game in your favor (while possibly netting you a draw). This allows for Unleashed to be used against those anger decks to jump to 3 and control anger better or against a Broly deck possibly jump to 3/4 while sending them back down to level 1.
    Now this list is a rough draft with no testing yet but the main idea of the deck is still there.
    Black Devious Mastery
    Yamcha 1-4
    Namek Dragon Ball 2
    3x Unleashed
    2x Heroic Energy Sphere
    2x Confrontation
    2x Tug of War
    2x Black Foreshadowing
    1x Time is a Warriors Tool
    3x Black Declaration
    3x Yamcha’s Expert Assistance
    2x Visiting the Past
    2x Black Power Up
    1x Black Erasing Drill
    1x Black Smoothness Drill
    3x Yamcha’s Rescue
    2x Black Delay
    2x Black Upward Dodge
    3x Black Finger Block
    3x Black Swipe
    2x Black Adaptation
    2x Energized Strike
    2x Quick Blast
    2x Pesky Barrage
    2x Crushing Beam
    3x Black Extreme Blast
    2x Black Dense Ball
    2x Blinding Energy Move
    3x Playful Punch
    2x Black Defensive Burst
    Other attacks I would consider (in no particular order);
    Black Energy Bubble – anger and some hand control, low costing Black Concussive Blast – extra anger Black Confident Shot - at level 4… wow! Black Demolishing Beam - Extra control if your format is less Broly heavy and more setup heavy Wall Breaker – Extra anger control Black overload – Late game closer but cost seems too high

    Again this is a rough version and many different things that can be done such as;
    Add an ally package Stacking the deck with strictly low costing energies Adding more anger cards to level consistently


    Why not Red or Orange?
    I think this theory could work in red also, possibly better than black but I love Black Devious Mastery. I also think Unleashed with some attached cards can work in orange but I think the idea would dilute orange more than it can afford to be diluted.

    Namekian Restored Lord Slug

    This week, I'm revisiting an old friend...

    Title: Namekian Restored Lord Slug
    Author: Jarrett
    Deck List:
    Main Personality:
    1 x Lord Slug - Aged
    1 x Lord Slug - Huge
    1 x Lord Slug - Renewed
    1 x Lord Slug - Successful
    1 x Namekian Restored Mastery
    Dragon Balls:
    1 x Namek Dragon Ball 1
    1 x Namek Dragon Ball 2
    1 x Namek Dragon Ball 3
    1 x Namek Dragon Ball 4
    1 x Namek Dragon Ball 5
    1 x Namek Dragon Ball 6
    1 x Namek Dragon Ball 7
    1 x Dragon Radar
    1 x Information Gathering
    1 x Namekian Disturbance
    1 x Namekian Dragon Clan
    2 x Namekian Growth
    1 x Namekian Wish
    2 x Visiting The Past
    2 x Lord Slug's Regeneration
    3 x Namekian Hybrid Defense
    3 x Stare Down
    1 x Time Is A Warrior's Tool
    2 x Tug of War
    Physical Combats:
    3 x Face Smash
    3 x Namekian Flinch
    3 x Namekian Knee Block
    3 x Namekian Reinforced Block
    2 x Sagacious Strike
    Energy Combats:
    2 x Namekian Double Strike
    2 x Namekian Energy Guard
    3 x Namekian Overhead Blast
    3 x Namekian Planned Attack
    3 x Optic Blast
    It's been a long time since I looked at Lord Slug. When Evolution released, there was zero reason to run him. You could just run Namekian Leaping Kick and the new Piccolo set and do everything Lord Slug wanted to do, but faster. Then, when Perfection came out, Cell was introduced, adding another Villain MP that can use Namekian (but which also could win by MPPV if the player wanted to and had superior level control as well as a better level 3). Well, with Cell being changed and Vengeance giving us a completely different metagame, I thought it was time to look over the slug again.
    Unlike the previous version that I piloted, this one is a complete rebuild from the ground up that takes advantage of the heavy physical attack metagame that is showing up right now. With this build the idea is to quickly ball out. With Namekian Reinforced Block, your Dragon Balls cannot be captured. If you take damage, Namekian Overhead Blast can be banished with endurance and again, your Dragon Balls cannot be captured. If you happen to take enough damage to where a dragon ball is discarded, you get to draw it up next turn with your mastery. In addition, there are several cards that capture dragon balls, and several cards that tutor out Dragon Balls (as well as your level 1 power). It's not uncommon to ball out by turn 4 or 5.
    The enhanced focused on dragon ball victory makes winning by Survival victory difficult, but not improbable. Lord Slug can get a good chunk of his deck back thanks to his level 2 and 3 powers, but more than likely you're doing very little damage unless you're abusing Namekian Double Strikes, or Optic Blasts. You can use his level 3 card power with Lord Slug's Regeneration and Namekian Hybrid Defenses to get back a good chunk as well. This will ensure that you can live another day (combat) and survive the onslaught of attacks to get you closer to winning by ball out. With some smart combat decisions, you can possibly outlive the opponent.
    Possible Different Card Choices
    There are a few cards that didn't make the cut that can easily be included.
    Villainous Visage - Since Lord Slug can get cards back into his deck quite frequently, you can make sure this card can hit play more than other decks. Helps even the game out when you're taking damage. I didn't include it because it doesn't help with the Dragon Ball victory. If you're looking to balance the deck out, this is a great addition.
    Villainous Power Ball - Lower's anger, and prevents damage. Very solid card, but with 9 physical blocks and 3 omni-blocks, it didn't feel needed.
    Namekian Maximum Will - I love this card. It's probably better than any of the ball searcher attacks, but this deck just wants to win ASAP instead of trying to slow the opponent down (especially since Energy Blocks are lacking in current decks).
    Namekian Salvo - If this card hits, it can possibly crit twice. It also has nice endurance.
    Namekian Multi-Opponent Combat - What a long card title. Gives the deck some drill hate, but the powerful part is the auto-crit when combined with your mastery. Lacks endurance.
    Namekian Hurried Quest - I LOVE this card in Namekian. However, we're trying to get all the dragon balls quickly into play instead of abusing their powers. Could be a good one-of.
    Namekian Face Off - This was in my original draft. I cut it because it conflicted with a lot of the cards in the deck from playing Dragon Balls. However, it could be included as a one-of if you want a proactive card that can protect your dragon balls from being captured.
    Namekian Ending - A sweet game finisher if you have a couple of ball searchers out and need to end the game. Only problem is that at the end of combat one goes back into the deck. Not bad for reusing balls or making Namekian Disturbance effectively tutor out more dragon balls (grab a ball 7, shuffle 1 back, then use Disturbance to grab 1). It's so situational that I didn't include it.
    Overall, if you're looking for something different to run at your next local event that can give some players frustration, Lord Slug plays completely different than most decks out there. Feel free to try it out sometime!

    Louisville, KY Regional

    This weekend, there is a DBZ TCG regional, in Louisville, KY.
    For all the players that are attending, we wish you the best of luck and an enjoyable time! Be sure to say hello to any of our staff members in attendance.
    For those that are not going to be attendance, be sure to follow the updates on this topic, as well as the Panini Blog for more updates.

    Trunks the Menace, Saiyan Empowered

    Hello DBZ community,


    As a newer content creator I'd like to offer you the first in a planned series of articles about casual deck ideas that you can try out at your local. If you're like me, you look to have fun in the Dragon Ball Z CCG more than anything. I hope that my deck ideas provoke some fun and thoughtful discussion about things that you may not have thought of when deck building, or at the very least serve as something that you can enjoy in a more relaxed scene.

    For the first entry, I bring you Trunks with the Saiyan Empowered Mastery. For levels we will be running the Vengence Set Level 1, Evolution Set Level 2&3,and Base Set level 4. The idea behind the deck is simple, sit on level 1 and rejuvenate cards. Saiyan menace and pure stage pressure are the main damaging tool of the deck; meanwhile the combination of your freestyle drills and pure rejuvenation will curb aggressive decks. In essence this deck plays like a menace deck except with many more potential triggers right off the get go, as well as the tool boxing of freestyle drills available to Trunks via his level 1.

    Now the general game plan is such:
    1. Grab Hidden Power Drill and Aggressive Sword Drill via your Level 1 power.

    This is very simple and easy to do right out of the gates. You can tutor for both with your Level 1 when entering combat effect and both aid you in making Saiyan Menace work. With Hidden Power Drill, you instantly limit the amount of stages that both players can have, making it much easier to start hitting the deck with all your stage drain cards. This also takes down the monster AT of MP such as Broly, God Goku, Android 13, etc. Hidden Power Drill further puts the pressure on Energy decks as well, making Hidden Power Drill an all around must have for this deck.

    Aggressive Sword Drill is the other drill that is extremely helpful in the game plan for it guarantees you a sword card. That guarantee means you can proc the rejuvenate effect of your Level 1 in combat; allowing you to either heal yourself or activate the effect of Saiyan Menace. When rejuvenated in combat, you can put menace in play,
    Being able to loop menace, provide intense stage pressure, and hand advantage out of the gates makes this build of Trunks very fun and at times quite formidable.
    2. Attach cards such as Saiyan Extreme Training and Saiyan Rescue to Trunks.

    Here begins the regular Saiyan Menace deck game plan, with a slight twist. When playing Trunks in this deck, you’re going to want to attach a Saiyan Extreme Training as fast as possible. You generally do not want to leave your Level 1 as it provides everything your deck needs. Saiyan Extreme Training makes this so. Essentially this card adds a 4th effect to your level 1 allowing you a Critical Damage Effect for the cost of resetting your anger to 0 instead of leveling. Extreme Training changes your deck from early game cheese to a legitimate and consistent mechanic that can overwhelm with stage force given the right sequencing in combat, For that reason we run 3 of this card.

    Saiyan Thrust is another card in the deck that allows for optional anger gain and can even help with menace looping and straight up healing in the right match up. Combo’d with Saiyan Peace for the Wombo, you can rejuvenate a whopping 10 cards while maintaining your cool Level 1 shine.

    The second card you will want to attach is Saiyan Rescue. Everyone who’s every played against a Saiyan deck has probably seen this card. It’s the Menace recovery card your opponent will see from a mile away and hence we run 2 in case they choose to knock it off your MP or should you lose it in the early game. Rejuvenating a card once per turn can be very killer by putting sword cards back in your life deck to grab later with Aggressive Sword Drill or just increasing your Saiyan Menace looping. All around a great card, however it does take the back seat in importance to Extreme Training in this build as Trunks Lvl 1 offers you rejuvenation.
    3. Loop Menace

    The Saiyan Personalities in this game loop Menace to varying degrees. Raditz does it the best late game when he gets to level 4. Cell has the hand consistency to grab looping cards, Nappa can bring the most raw stage loss and board hate. Trunks can do it right out of the gates with almost no setup. All opinions on who does it the best and is the most coherent deck are valid. This deck relies on Menace as it’s combo / finisher, however it still brings a healthy amount of healing and stage presence that can win you games.
    Once the combo starts it can become quite oppressive. The combination of Hidden Power Drill and Menace becomes very nasty very fast. While you may end up banishing allies with Hidden Power Drills affect, your menace will still hit hard. There are a plethora of Saiyan Cards that can loop Menace and you’re going to pray that you see menace hit either your hand or pile. Saiyan Rescue will be the most consistent loop card, being always available for use. Saiyan Club is a card that will make energy decks cry when you put even more heat on their already limited stages. Saiyan Transformation drill and your Level 1 effect make the opponent have to constantly observe menaces discard pile placement. Often you will find your deck having many actions that allow you to space out combat and play around putting menace in an unfavorable discard pile position.
    Now that the game plan has been explained and established, the current deck list is as follows.
    Saiyan Empowered Mastery
    Main Personality: 1
    Trunks, Protective
    Trunks, Sword Mastery
    Trunks, Defiant
    Trunks, Young Super Saiyan
    Drills: 7
    Hidden Power Drill x2
    Aggressive Sword Drill x2
    Lookout Drill x1
    Acquisition Drill x1
    Saiyan Transformation Drill x1
    Setups: 9
    Saiyan Menace x3
    Saiyan Extreme Training x3
    Saiyan Peace x2
    Saiyan Flight x1
    Events: 18
    Saiyan Emergence x3
    Saiyan Outrage x3
    Saiyan Obstruction x3
    Saiyan Trap x2
    Saiyan Assistance x2
    Saiyan Rescue x2
    Saiyan Scouting x1
    Time Is a Warrior’s Tool x1
    Saiyan Strength Test x1
    Physical Combats: 23
    Dashing Sword Attack x3
    Trunks Sword Slash x3
    Saiyan Sword Strike x3
    Saiyan Spin Kick x3
    Saiyan Body Blow x3
    Saiyan Sword Dodge x3
    Saiyan Wrist Block x3
    Saiyan Thrust x2
    Energy Combats: 3
    Saiyan Club x3
    Any Questions or suggestions? Drop them in the comments. Most of all go out and have fun with this deck!
    8/27/16 Edit: Recently have included cards such as:
    -Saiyan Prepped Ball
    -Overwhelming Power
    These cards add more hand consistency, card recycling, and a board hate answer.

    8/30/2016 Edit: Made more Changes with cards such as:
    -Heroic Plan

    Broly's Black Soul

    This week, we're looking at a quick-pounding Black Broly Devious deck.

    Title: Black Broly
    Author: Jarrett
    Deck List:
    Main Personality:
    1 x Broly, Determined
    1 x Broly, Legendary
    1 x Broly, Relentless
    1 x Broly, Survivor
    1 x Black Devious Mastery
    3 x Black Searching Technique
    2 x Visiting The Past
    3 x Black Command
    2 x Enhanced Reflexes
    3 x Stare Down
    1 x Time Is A Warrior's Tool
    2 x Villainous Energy Sphere
    Physical Combats:
    2 x Black Back Strike
    2 x Black Chin Kick
    3 x Black Combo
    3 x Black Dash
    3 x Black Defensive Burst
    3 x Black Dismissal
    3 x Black Hug Maneuver
    3 x Black Knee Catch
    3 x Black Lunge
    3 x Black Stop
    3 x Broly's Face Crusher
    2 x Devastating Blow
    2 x Sagacious Strike
    Energy Combats:
    3 x Black Resistance
    3 x Black Swirl
    3 x Broly's Eraser Cannon
    The idea of the deck is very straightforward. Our main victory condition is to win by MPPV, thanks to all the cards that raise anger in the deck like Black Command, Black Swirl, etc. If that doesn't work, we're looking to beat face with all the strong attacks that naturally get stronger as Broly progresses.
    Why Broly?
    Broly has built in anger on his level 1 and draws a card on level 3. In addition, his named cards are superb for an anger deck. Broly's Eraser Cannon clears the board of any problems and raises anger. Broly's Face Crusher can draw you into another card that raises your anger, and on hit raises your anger 2. Broly's also very strong, so if Wall Breaker is keeping you down, you're strong enough to eventually get rid of it.
    Why Devious Mastery?
    In my opinion, it's the stronger mastery, as the deck runs a good amount of styled cards for using with the mastery to keep the opponent's hand size down and does damage mods (which help keep a Wall Breaker off). However, I can see a strong case for Black Perceptive Mastery as well, since it destroys cards off the top of the opponent's deck (which works with Broly's powers as well), can potential raise your anger, give you some extra stages, and extra board control (which is never a bad thing).
    Why run this Broly over other styles?
    Broly works well in almost every style (except Orange, although don't hold me to that). Each style does things a bit different, but with this version, you get the power of Black and it's array of powerful cards, like Black Command. Black does lack anti-Wall Breaker options except for the weaker Black Combo (while powerful, has to hit) and Sagacious Strike, but Black does get access to Black Searching Technique. With that you can get rid of Wall Breakers, or any potential problem cards, before they affect the board.
    Different Choices
    The nice thing about the Dragon Ball Z Trading Card Game is there are subtle things you can do differently with each deck. Tim Sweeney won the Virginia regional with Black Broly. He did some things a bit differently, focusing more on Survival Victory. You can check out his list here.
    Black Devious Broly is a very solid deck in this Metagame, but be on the watch for strong defensive decks like Red Enraged Cooler or Black Devious Roshi. Critical effects are a weakness to almost all Black decks (unless you're Krillin, who hasn't fared well this season against Android 13). However, if you are not expecting a lot of these decks at your local tournament, Black Devious Broly can easily take it down!