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    [FanZ]:FanZ CRD & Frozen List Update

    Justin McBride

    Hey FanZ faithful – check out our first ever CRD & Frozen List update on our new Rulebook & CRD Page.

    A couple of comments on the changed items:

    • Gohan, Armored – with the unfreezing of Namekian Knowledge Mastery, the unintended loop on Gohan’s Premiere Level 4 is unbalanced and too strong for the game.  We have clarified his shuffle trigger to an instant power, making it effectively once per combat.  This will prevent abuse, especially when combined with his FanZ levels.
    • Red Trailing Blast – this card was being abused with certain personalities and Unleashed.  It can still be taken advantage of, but only as an ‘underdog’ card now.
    • Blue Terror – This card creates an unfair advantage for the Blue Style, and when combined with Blue Rebuke from Awakening, creates excessive actions and card selections.

    There are several other interactions we are looking at closely, but would like to see the meta take shape and the playerbase develop, especially with multiple new sets on the horizon.  We will commit to a Frozen List & CRD update after the first 3 Kai Events are completed — and of course if any other negative interactions reveal themselves in the meantime.


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