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    [FanZ]:Legends of Tomorrow

    Justin McBride

    The next release of FanZ will be here on July 1st!


    Legends consists of a 45-card set pulling from the popular Bardock specials, as well as a subset called Reflections that will bring a MP stack for a character never before playable in Panini’s Dragon Ball Z game!  Reflections will also bring additional support for characters that aren’t prominent in the current sagas covered by the game’s regular releases.

    There will be 2 new MP’s in Legends – Bardock and Chilled.  They will each receive 2 powerful named cards, so expect them to make their place known in the post-Legends meta!  There will also be 2 new Legacy MP levels for older personalities, and 4 new Ally cards.


    Kai Locations – Locked in!

    After careful deliberation, the locations for the 6 Kai events this year have been chosen!

    With North Kai taking place tomorrow, March 25th, at Xtreme Games in Lindenhurst IL, store owners/tournament organizers who requested events need to check their email ASAP and confirm the necessary details — anyone we don’t hear from by Monday 3/27 will lose their eligibility to host a Kai event!

    There will be the following Kai events this year:

    North Kai – 3/25 – Xtreme Games, Lindenhurst IL
    East Kai – TBA
    West Kai – TBA
    South Kai – TBA
    Grand Kai – Gencon 2017 (exact tournament day TBD)
    Supreme Kai – TBA

    The season will be split into two distinct halves — at the halfway point, we will update the Frozen List and CRD in order to keep the meta fresh and balanced for the home stretch.

    Midwest Madness

    While not a Kai event, don’t forget to check out the Midwest Madness event at the Collector’s Cache in Lenexa, KS!  The event is on Saturday April 22nd and more information can be found here.



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