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    [FanZ]:Pose with Style

    Justin McBride

    Styled cards will make up a lot of the Celestial Tournament set – all the styles are getting handy cards, ranging from solid upgrades to filling out playstyles that didn’t get a lot of focus during the printed run.  Certain Masteries such as Black Conflict Mastery and Red Ascension Mastery introduced new themes in Awakening that did not have the proper time to marinate.  We will be dropping a ton of Styled previews over the next few days leading up to the release of Celestial Tournament on March 1st – so stay tuned!


    King Kai HT’s

    Check out these awesome King Kai HT variants!  The King can be played in a variety of styles, which are you most leaning towards?

    king-kai-1-1 king-kai-2-1 king-kai-3-1 king-kai-4-1

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