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    In a move that is possibly a hit to Panini's methods, Bandai has revealed an official website for the English DBS game. http://www.dbs-cardgame.com So far the only things live are a "What is" page, rules page and an event page (currently only showing GAMA). As well, distributors have received set 1 order info and are disseminating it to game stores for preorders. Nothing that really hasn't been revealed so far, but here is what it available: (Launch kits are due to arrive in June, actual release expected in July) Launch Kit – 20 half decks, 20 promos, 1 manual, 1 large poster, 5 small posters, 20 flyers Booster Boxes – 24 packs per box, 12 boxes per case. $3.99msrp per pack Starter Deck boxes – 6 starters per box, 8 boxes per case. $11.99msrp per deck Special Packs – 4 boosters + 1 promo, 6 packs per box, 8 boxes per case. $15.96msrp per pack ($4 per booster +$2 for the promo approx.) Tournament Kit – 16 player promos, 3 posters, 1 tournament manual and prizes for winners: 1st – 5packs, 1 mat; 2nd – 3 packs, 1 mat; 3rd – 2 packs. (Tournament kits must be purchased and are not free, but out of respect for distributors and LGSes I will not reveal the cost. Suffice to say, $5/player seems a reasonable tournament fee.)
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    Thank you so much for these requests! As far as Kami and Nimbus go, I don't wanna say anything just yet but... -wink- I agree about the little details, which is why I did Dende Ally and MP as well as Raditz and Saibamen. Honestly can't believe they were all missed... That being said, I know I didn't do a Guru Ally, but I was running to many personality cards in F&M so I made "The Passing of Guru" which I thought was a super neat effect which I would have given to Guru anyway. I may still do a Guru Ally down the line, but not sure yet. As far as Fusion characters are concerned, Wait for my set after the "Terror" revision >3>... I'm pretty excited about it xD. Not sure how I am gonna work it yet, may be something ALONG the lines of the Fusion format rules, but I am not entirely sure yet. Since most people are following FanZ, and I'm a little ahead of the game as far as they're concerned, I have no way of knowing what I personally do with Fusion characters will fall in line with what THEY plan to do. Not like it matters, if people want use mine they will, and if they want FanZ's they'll use those xD. At any rate, thank you so much again for your reply. This is the kind of feedback I need from players so I can make everything the best it can be.