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    MPPV is a secondary win condition that needs to exist so aggro and stall don't dominate play. Other games have this mechanic too and it works out well. Has it been executed right in any version of Dbz? Fuck no. Does it need to be around? Fuck Yes.
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    I played around with Orange Adept a bit. I tried to play to it, an aggressive physical package with very few Drills, honestly just the +Stage damage Drills and Focusing iirc. it's just too slow imo. It's got two main issues, firstly, it's on HIT. The entire Drill Engine is on HIT. That's slow as fuck and Orange doesn't really have enough Remain or native Card Draw to make it happen. Secondly, the rejuvenation clause. Getting everything back in when you jump around two levels can be a pain. One level, easy peasy, two, eh. Not sure why it couldn't rejuvenate up to 3. Frankly, the Mastery would have been better in Red or Saiyan rather than Orange. It suits their card pools better.
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    I can't speak for anyone else on that, but I have personally always felt that while yes, every game has and requires luck. A good game, and a well built deck/good player, will find ways to mitigate that luck. That's why most card games I have seen judge a deck based on it's consistency. No idea how well Destiny does that as I haven't played. But saying "all games have luck" while true, doesn't necessarily reflect how much luck.
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    I'll never play a game where dice rolls are a core mechanic. Too much randomness, not enough skill.
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    Given the current track record of these discussions, if you haven't won a regional yet your opinion doesn't account for a steaming pile of...