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    Namekian was designed around DB manipulation, and rejuvenation. That's enough to base a style on. Add in some discard pile manipulation and effects that draw from the discard pile. Suddenly you have three things that Namekian does well. Namekian shouldn't have gotten mill effects, anger, or extreme anti-anger cards. Just like how Red didn't need drills. Saiyan was meant to be the style that foregoes MPPV in favor of using higher levels to win via survival. The problem? It wasn't fast enough at leveling, and most of the Saiyans sucked. Saiyan was also meant to be the endurance style, but eventually every deck was running 30-40 endurance per deck. Finally the "If your power level is higher than your opponent's do X" cards should have been better, and more frequent. Anyway... Black = Hand Destruction, Life deck dismantling, and discard pile banishing. Red = MPPV, Level Hopping, and Combos. Orange = Drills, Drills, and Drills. Blue = Anti-Anger, Allies, and blocking. Namekian = Rejuvenating, DB Manipulation, and Discard pile stacking. Saiyan = Endurance, Survival via leveling, and "Do X if higher."