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    I wish they used this set to make a king vegeta mp
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    Raditz is too good for this game. Raditz and his sexy, long, luxurious Saiyajin locks. >_>
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    I think limiting the old masteries to specific MPs was a god decision. One that was 7 months too late, but a good one.
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    Essentially, you try to use probability to determine how likely you are to have a card by a certain turn and on which turn you want to try and guarantee it. For example: A card at 4 has a about a 41% chance of being in your starting hand. After your life is set aside, if none were put into the life and you did not draw one in your starting hand you now have about an 11% chance of drawing it at the beginning of your turn. So if it's a card I NEED and at the early stages of the game it gets put into a 4 of category. If it's a card that's situational or late game it can sit at one or two so as not to clog my hand early game risking me putting it down as energy and then needing it later.
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    fanztcg.wordpress.com/legends-checklist/ I kind of wish there were more single levels for old MPs that they were holding off on previewing. Was really hoping for a new Piccolo and maybe a Raditz just to finish the trio. The Saiyan blocks seem like they'll be really annoying and essentially staples outside or perhaps in tandem with MPPV builds.
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    That's an even better point to design Bardock around allies. I think his Budokai ultimate move involved remembering his team. Unless the allies for the set were just his team and Chilled it wasn't going to happen. I was disappointed that the last set didn't have the four directional Kais or even West, South, East, and Grand as it was the perfect set to do so. I don't think anyone would've questioned the loss of Olibu. Pikkon was missing, but he has more appearances. Same with Bubbles and Gregory.
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    Yeah I think the power up idea could be bad, now that you mention it. The player going second would get PUR advantage every game. What if we just made it so that both players started at 8 stages above zero, and there was no PUR on each player's first turn? Half the MP stacks in this game need serious redesigns. Even the official game creators have admitted that via giving us new levels for old MP stacks. If every MP stack were competitive, this game would be played for years and years. It would be almost impossible to run out of all the combinations of decks. As far as point 4 goes, maybe not everything would need to be banned so hard. There are some main offenders though like Orange Destruction, Black Foreshadowing, and Namekian Overtime. I think some combination of those would need to be banned or nerfed. Either that or give the playerbase better answers to the milling strategy. Print answers other than Lookout Drill. Maybe give Saiyan an attachment card that prevents milling or banishing? Or an ally with the same effect? As far as point 3 goes, I consider this game to be dead. FanZ doesn't exist in my mind. The game ended with set 7.
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    I'm sure in some sort of cosmic sense Kami has more to do with Bardock than Raditz, who I'm kind of surprised even ended up with an MP given how he's treated. Maybe he'll get some focus in the Dragonball Zero set. Also I don't feel like needlessly commenting on every single typo I see in a preview but there are still typos present on some of these reworked cards and I really wonder how that manages to happen.
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    Yeah, I am disappointed we didn't get nail or raditz support. Felt like there should've been more allies too.
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    Orange grimace is cool. All you pleabs talking about new Raditz levels, I just want a Raditz Ally
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    ... But, but Raditz. GUYS. THIS EXPANSION WAS LITERALLY ABOUT HIS DAD. If there was EVER a time to give him a new level |:
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    Have some more fusion-related random thoughts. Old Kai was a fusion with random witch too. Not that that tells us anything because Supreme Kais are inherently terrible when it comes to fighting relative to the Saiyans and their God of Destruction counterparts. The Vegito being stronger than Gogeta thing comes solely from things Old Kai said. That the earrings produce a more effective fusion and Goku/Vegeta being rivals makes the fusion more complete. However, we don't know any such details about the dance as Goku's the only one who knew it and didn't make these comments. I think the only benefit of the Potara at the time was the lack of a time limit (a huge advantage) and one of the participants didn't have to power down which may affect the result. Gogeta probably could've defeated Super Buu if that option was viable. Thanks to Super's lousy writers and their penchant for spitting on lore, both methods have a time limit now so they're as bad as each other unless you buy into Vegito being stronger. You can always try a Super Buu (Gohan) vs Janemba debate which would be difficult. If Janemba is stronger than that Buu and Gogeta defeated Janemba instantly, maybe Gogeta's stronger? In Super, Goku and Vegeta were pretty beat before they fused as well. I suppose the fusion arrives fresh regardless of the condition of the materials. However, when they defuse, they revert to whatever shape they were in before fusing. On another note, there was no reason in Super for Vegito to have his standard outfit as Vegeta was wearing his Saiyan armor instead of his Buu Saga outfit.
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    I didn't say anything as to whether it was a good decision or not, just that, like most things in this game to do with balancing in every version of this game, it's inelegant. It's not really simple or easy to remember. Fan Z, for everything wrong with it, in my opinion, handled the situation with more finesse. Except Unleashed. In Pan Z Only, I think it needs to be dealt with.
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    xD I'll make it good YOU'LL SEE