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    which one?

    Id say Awakening as long as you don't pull Hercule
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    Final CRD

    OP bro. Clearly all Yamcha's are OP.
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    I do not. However, I remember seeing a site that did, or for the most part had almost all of the ones released. I'll take a look and see if I can find it.
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    Mysterious Youth

    The Metamoran Fusion Dance

    I would definitely like a more focused 2 hour movie adapting the Goku Black arc. I don't have much confidence it'll blow me away but I'd prefer it to be independent of the anime and manga versions with ONE trip to the future. I think most of all I'd like an OVA of Trunks dealing with Babidi and Dabura. Show us his training with the Supreme Kai and Z Sword. While those can be two different discussions, I feel like both things add to how unlikable Goku's become in Super. I don't know why I'm supposed to root for the guy anymore when in Dragon Ball you were supposed/happy to and in Z you might go along with him despite his stupid decisions. I think the difference is that you admit it's a guilty pleasure whereas it's the blind fanboys that sort of halt the series from being better. Why should they improve if people love what they're doing? I know it comes down to preferences and different strokes, but Super just isn't working for me. It's a blatant milking over a project born from good ideas and love of the franchise. It's not enough to just throw Future Trunks in to attract old viewers. I was very skeptical of his return and I was right to be. No Burning Attack because animating is too difficult. He learns Final Flash offscreen but because Trunks is trash here, it doesn't do anything. They may as well have not done it. Vegeta's first Final Flash was dragged out but it felt grand. Knowing how Trunks is written in the manga, I don't know which is worse. In the anime they have to make up a transformation he gets for no reason and no one else has so he can compete. Doesn't matter how stupid it is that he can all of a sudden fight Black evenly. They simply made it so. In the manga, the writer knows Trunks is useless and keeps him that way which is disappointing but makes sense. I don't like the idea of the healing powers coming in so randomly but at least it didn't come out of absolutely nowhere. It had an explanation. If I was writing the arc, I would let Trunks have the win because why bring him back to be a cheerleader? I don't know what I'd do with the Zeno button afterwards, but that was a stupid plot convenience anyway and really, what does having two Zenos add to the series? I REALLY hated the Spirit Bomb sword because that also came out of nowhere but if they established that he trained in the technique in addition to the healing with Supreme Kai or something, I'd accept it more. Trunks can't compete? Do the Super Saiyan God ritual with him. Vegito inflicts a wound that Trunks takes advantage of because otherwise Vegito DID NOTHING. If you cut Vegito's scene out of the anime and just had Trunks do his Bomb sword, it'd play out exactly the same except we wouldn't have this stupid time limit to the Potara.
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    Final CRD

    Literally never.
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    Uncle Sam

    Final CRD

    So, let's "thaw" the two best masteries in the game but limit them to the shitty MPs? LOL CLASSIC PANZ
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    The Bear

    Anime Expo event news

    The worst part of the failure of marketing that is MetaX is that the more information about it that is released the more solid of a game it looks. I remember the first pokemon deck I ever got was from my Grandma. I wrote her an email (my first one in fact!) where we talked about Pokemon and a week later I got a package with a deck in it. I can only imagine that if I ever wrote my Gma an email about "MetaX" she would probably think it was a new weight loss drug.
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    Majin Goo

    Anime Expo event news

    They're definitily king of marketing. I still haven't met one person that knows what MetaX is which sucks because I love Justice League but I can't get one person on board.
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    The Bear

    Anime Expo event news

    I really appreciate Bandai's initiative with disseminating information about the game. They are very on point when it comes to marketing.