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    There is no auto-pilot decks in Z, just salty players that can't stand losing. Hell I remember the extreme salt I felt with Ginyu, even then that deck turned out to be complicated.
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    We gave them that leeway the entire Panini game. They're not new developers, it's not a new game, it's not their first experience with the engine. @Edison Carasio was always right. This game's engine is a marvel to behold, satisfying in a way no other game is, especially so in the sea of Magic Clones, but it never had the developers it needed. Everyone from Score/Panini, except probably @Chipmunk, has really questionable design choices from most every aspect of the game and seemingly don't comprehend what people want from it. GT Focused as a whole was the closest the game has ever gotten to what I'd call 'a product of good design choices.'
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    O.20 auto-pilot? You must be high.
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    Here's a video showing off the Super Rares and foils in-hand
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    I almost wholeheartedly agree with you. There's just that 1% or so of me that wishes pulling a high rarity card would also yield a character I wanted or something I'd like to look at. In any game I know not all high rarity cards are meant to be "all-stars" and this personal grievance has no effect on the game as playability should be the priority. It's that same feeling a kid might have from pulling their favorite character/thing in foil from a pack. For me, it's almost absent here with the choices they made. I don't know how many people would trade a Goku for my Ginyu unless Ginyu's playability is through the roof. I suppose another point to make is that just because I don't care for the character choices, maybe others do. If so, I hope they pull who they want. At the very least, I'm glad none of the supers are leaders. There's nothing barring you from playing your favorite (if he's in this set) from the start. I've said it before but assuming boxes of 24 packs, I'm hoping they stick with 4 supers a box like their older games. Playsets would be a pain to collect but considering these high energy costs, maybe nobody NEEDS to.
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    I totally agree on just about everything lol Keaton is a really good actor, and his villain was a nice change from previous MCU villains. Also