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    Awakening Cell is broken.

    So, what I am seeing here is "Awkening Cell is bad because mt favorite decks don't do well against it" As a little insight. When set 5 dropped, locally I wasn't able to play alot and one of pur locals kept claiming he had the best deck in the area; Devious Raditz. He only ran blocks and utility attacks and refused to play against MPPV or DBV decks because 'that's not playing dbz" I personally could bot beat it with Tien. Try after try I couldn't land the hits. Yet Tien couldplay with thw big boys and still can. You seem to have the same issue. Cell is just a hard counter to what you like. Note: That black radtiz has yet to beat any of my 13 decks, or my top 16 O.20
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    Mysterious Youth


    The "Coming Soon" Goku is what throws me off when it comes to promos as the numbering on him is the same as the booster set's essentially making him an alt art but Trunks is actually a PR numbered card and I'm assuming the rest of his kind are as well.
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    Awakening Cell is broken.

    I think that is just because those decks aren't good. Better decks and options are gonna shut off other decks/options just by the nature of being better. Whatever "good" happens to be is going to naturally push out the things that are "bad" or just "not as good".