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    The Bear

    Fastest players pt 2

    Nope. Hoping it arrives Monday. It said to contact them if we didn't have it within a week of July 7th but I'm gonna wait a few more days.
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    Awakening Cell is broken.

    I have a hard time considering Cell as anything more than another rogue deck when he continues to be a non-factor. Yeah, cool he mills. Mill is a strong option against some decks. That's like complaining 13 is too strong because he can level when you hit him and hit his Impenetrable Defense cards. You say we should redefine what we think is a "good" deck. Personally, I think you should. You bring up that these decks you like have a chance to win against the top decks. That's cute. But a good deck shouldn't be defined by it's potential. It should be defined by it's consistency AND it's performance. Tien is a good example of a high potential deck. Perceptive Tien can literally beat any deck out there if it hits the right cards. But it can also lose to any deck out there. Tien is not a good deck, because it lacks consistency, despite having really high potential. Right now, I would say Empowered Broly and arguably Namekian Gohan are the two decks that are in contention for "Best" right now. They have really high potential, and are very consistent. There is a reason they continue to top events. Even when Empowered was banned for worlds, Dynamic Broly showed up. Awakening Cell on the other hand has done... a few top 8s I think? 0 top 4s? I get not liking an MP stack and what it does. I'm pretty sure we all have that MP. Mine is Trunks... Honestly when I play against Trunks I feel like they gave him everything. Is he OP? Doubt it. But man, am I one triggered SOB whenever I play against it. The fact that I have typed out 3 paragraphs ranting about it (Deleted each one) just thinking about how many things about that MP upset me. I get the feeling that Awakening Cell is to you what Trunks is to me.
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    We gave them that leeway the entire Panini game. They're not new developers, it's not a new game, it's not their first experience with the engine. @Edison Carasio was always right. This game's engine is a marvel to behold, satisfying in a way no other game is, especially so in the sea of Magic Clones, but it never had the developers it needed. Everyone from Score/Panini, except probably @Chipmunk, has really questionable design choices from most every aspect of the game and seemingly don't comprehend what people want from it. GT Focused as a whole was the closest the game has ever gotten to what I'd call 'a product of good design choices.'