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    Another thing could be the higher than average price tag. Obviously we all know that if you actively play a CCG you will spend more than the $50/$70 charged for a VS. System/Netrunner box. But to the uninitiated that whopping $70 price tag looks a lot worse next to a $10 starter deck. Just a thought.
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    I enjoy TCGS more because I don't have access to everything. I do play the VS LCG but only because I played the old version and a few friends convinced me, otherwise I wouldn't have bothered because we all ended up with the exact same decks. I'm enjoying star wars destiny more because, just like PanZ, I can't build those Meta decks and I'm left with trying new and interesting combinations. With LCG's its real hard not to build the meta decks as you can have everything you need. In short, non-idiot words, I'm saying I enjoy tcgs more because I don't have access to it all and therefore have jury rig decks that end up being enjoyable.
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    I live near The Games Cube, one of the better LGS in Western Sydney for Western Card Games, accessibility is no issue to me. Lindsey stocks most known board games and Living Card Games. He's got a pretty nice section for all this stuff, yet no one seems to play any of these LCG there and he doesn't seem to have events for them. The Adventure Time Living Card Game is also very easily accessible for kids at any EBGames or Zing store. Good Games at Burwood NSW played it for a little while, then it kinda went away. Exposure and Advertising might have something to do with it, they're all very niche products, but that's something else I couldn't put on my phone in great detail, most of them are packaged in very bland and unappealing boxes. Nothing like a bright bombastic TCG pack. Even the VS System is regularly using muted colours and is boring to look at. Look at this shit. Do you want to buy this? What's a VS System? I wouldn't even notice it unless I knew what I was looking for and I sure as hell don't know what the hell it's about by looking at it. No advertising in the world will help when you have a product that looks like a cure for insomnia. People need to notice it in the store. It needs to shout at them. Netrunner is marginally better, but you still wouldn't notice it. I know a lot of these types. I call them Magpies. They like the bling. They get distracted by it and dive into it. Conversely, my friend and I have turned off foils over time. Standard is cheaper, does the same job, doesn't curve. I mean I get it, it's nice if it's got a nice pattern to it or is generally well done, but I don't need it. The Magpies though? They're freaking obnoxious. Like some guy was showing me his Blue Storm Maelstrom deck because we got talking about Vanguard and it was my favorite deck, he made a huge deal about how I'd be 'jealous' because he had SP of every card that could be SP. I was just thinking he had more dollars than sense and was some type of rich moron. But that's just me. I've been called a tight ass before. VS System at the very least seems to have some OP. But I do think it's not enough of a thing for the games, or at least not well known enough. Charge me a $5er for entry, everyone gets a promo, top 3 get a Deck Box or Sleeves or something practical. Or even some treats, IDK. But it's easy to set up. This is interesting because it leads into my questing of whether they are bad games or not. It's Straylia Post. They suck. Lose your shit, unhelpful, charge the earth. This is more the stores both not stocking it and not having time to play it. Stores surviving on the smell of an oil rag can't help, they're terribly understaffed to run multiple games, even if they have the space and time. Lazy ass nerds not getting up early doesn't help either. I rather play bright eyed and bushy tailed than late arvo.