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    I liked having every card for PanZ. They were worth money. Now they are worth less than 25% as much after the game died. And no one in my area plays anymore so the cards sit in my closet doing nothing. Value. But that DC Deckbuilding game that I paid $40 for (well, plus expansions) that I pull out every couple weeks so we can play? Still enjoying that 5 years later. I can definitely tell which one is worthless at this point.
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    The game is indeed playable.....except no one plays it....save for a very small group that lives NO WHERE near me. That was my whole point. Dead CCG - you just spent thousands of dollars on cards you might now use once a year at a huge event you have to pay a lot of money to attend. Board game/DBG - you just spent $40 on something you can pull out at any time and people can/will join in. This is one of the key problems with a collectible model. Once the card value declines, you lose 90% of your crowd. Pretty much overnight DBZ went from players in nearly every area to minimal players and EVERYONE dumping their stuff on Ebay. Once the cards you spent thousands of dollars on to play in high level events and win big prizes are now near worthless, no one wants to play, aside from a small few trying to keep it alive. How many games are still being played extensively since dying? How many have come back to the extent that DBZ did?
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    Supers per Box

    I think it will help get prices down, but tournament promos will likely still be the money cards for this game. in PanZ, a good number of tournament winner promos got into the $5-15 range, and these were just 2 per event alt art reprints. DBS tournament promos are unique cards that you can get ONE of in an event, and it's one out of 16 possible pulls (8 cards foil and non-foil). There are a limited # of events and distributors are already sold out of series 1 and preselling series 2 (for November). Not to mention several posts I've seen of people who bought kits off their LGS and are selling sets of all the cards. There will definitely be more out this weekend, but the prices will likely still stay a bit up. I would estimate $15-20 for a non-foil, $35-50 for a foil.
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    Need opinions.

    Honestly the demo decks were quite boring. Played with them twice and I did have the same fear that this game wasn't going to be fun. However after playing with a good friend on Octgn for a while I started having fun and starting seeing the strategies this game can have. I wouldn't say there are "deep" strategies yet but that's also to be expected from only one set. Now granted I do feel this game is simple at its core but at higher play you will need to think about every move you think, and I only expect it to get deeper as more sets come in. My thoughts is that you should try a few games on octgn with already prebuilt decks and see if it's something you would like to get into. If you do decide to get into it the game is very cheap to get into at its current form.