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    And while this Drawku build is decent, some of the above mentioned crippling weaknesses keep it from being winner material imo. That first match showed me all too well that there are certain decks that it just cannot defeat. My Adept Gohan deck is way better. <3 How I love it so. Although, Black is making a meta presence again. Gohan could have trouble with Black decks that can rejuv/reuse their defensive bursts.
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    I have always wanted to make a deck PURELY focused on sniping cards. Black Scout, Black Enraged Assault (a card I adore but never get to use), Black Searching Technique, etc. Bardock might be perfect and I just realized I have him and his named cards now. Think I might give it a try. I am working on getting OCTGN up and running. The Dennis Games was the last bit of persuasion I needed. No more being lazy! I have WAY too many deck ideas to ignore OCTGN! We'll have to THROW DOWN.