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    How to Make Proxies?

    I also did this, but got them printed on the heaviest card stock they had available. They feel similar to actual cards when double sleeved. I also ended up getting the Awesome Sauce proxies too (which are awesome!)
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    Correct. It is counter intuitive to the rule manual, but is confirmed in the Q&A.
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    Ginyu was the top Aggro Krillin was the top Control Piccolo was the top Combo/Tempo IMO, at least.
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    yeah, it honestly doesn't make sense from the current rules. If you follow the fold out rules from the decks or the Rule Manual from the website, you would think that, as with any "End of battle" abilities it would trigger even after a negate or an abandoned combat (if one of the combatants leaves play). But if you go to the Game Q&A under Revenge, you will see it doesn't. The reasoning is the purpose of Revenge, it is supposed to act like Deathtouch from MTG, meaning you MUST resolve damage step for it to resolve. However they need to tweak the wording on the ability so it isn't contradictory.