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    Ascension Trunks

    How is the ascension trunks build compared to its previous iterations? I would appreciate a deck list if you guys have
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    The Bear

    Best decks for this 3 please :$

    I still like Hit, his awakened ability is very useful against decks that run the A16 or Whis blocker cards. For Goku Black you can run him in a blue/red deck that isnt too expensive since it doesnt run the Goku Black SR or promos. It's called Babidi Black and pretty much focuses on using blue ramp and the leader ramp to drop the 6-cost Babidi. Vile is right when he points out Gotenks is pretty much a better version of Broly. He has a very similar effect and does not have to rely on Broly's Ring, Paragus, and Bio-Army. The only thing Broly has that Gotenks does not is the Bio-Army loop. Broly is still fun to play, but I got tired of relying on getting the Ring early.