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    They've made Terry years ago. Arkym Asylum set, he was a rare (so like, a buck) IIRC. Superman Beyond was also made and is likely about 5 bucks. That set sounds cool if it uses the other shows. I'd love a super friends firestorm but they never do him well in clix. He's just kinda wonky for game mechanics.
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    Majin Goo


    Not sure which Beyond pieces we're getting since the focus will be The Animated Series, but if they don't do an Old Man Wayne and a Terry I'll be disappointed. I'll let you know what I pull. There's still a few months before that set drops. We're getting an X-men set focused around Xavier's school and students this February and then a TMNT set just after that.
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    The Bear

    Expansion Set Reveals! Full List!

    I really like these new cards. Time Ruler Towa seems like a very hard counter to Miraculous Gohan. Other than that, not sure why I'd use it. Mira, From the Darkness is a great pressure card, espescially if you can get one out before your opponent awakens. Overall, the black cards seem kinda neat. Comrades Combined Vegeta....wow that card is good. A 2 cost / 20k beater is definitely ahead of the curve. Vegito leader loves this card. Comrades Combined Goku is neat and seems to open up Vegito decks to run more blue than they do now. The new Goten and Trunks are just sick and really help that type of deck. So much board control in a green Gotenks deck.
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    Artificial Human

    The Caster Chronicles TCG

    If Kaijudo left America, I wouldn't have played Vanguard. Duel Masters was incredibly enjoyable.
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    Majin Goo


    Over-saturation is never a good thing for collectors who need time to buy product, fill in gaps, and shop for the best deals on the market. The ones who can't drop money on a half case from the start run the risk of falling behind when product is being released too fast. That coupled with exclusive promos to collect can disenfranchise a serious collector. For myself I'm what you would call a competitive collector. I collect a play set of each unique card. Alt art promos and reprints don't interest me much but even then, if unique content is released too close together it could mean trouble for me. Thankfully, they've been doing better. The Thor stuff is still good, and the next set shouldn't knock that or the recent Harley set out. Plus, Batman the Animated Series is getting a set. While I agree sets come out too quickly I can still just buy the IP's I care about and stay relevant. Now to wait for Uni Mind to cycle out.
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