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    Completely destroy

    Lighter fluid and a match will completely destroy any deck
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    Completely destroy

    Yes you can print cards and use them in events.
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    Tournament of Power Set

    My mistake, Mecha confused me. In other news, I no longer care about this leader now lol
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    Draft Box 2 Info

    I love how I can't zoom in on the images or open them in a new tab to view via phone. Bandai can't even preview their cards correctly.
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    Completely destroy

    Protective Future Gohan has the best MPPV match up in the game IMO. An important thing to note against MPPV decks is to try not to attack into their blocks as much. Ascension Trunks specifically loves to enter with 3 blocks and a slam. My advice would to play Baba, Blue Mental Drill, Bardock, or any other consistent hand knowledge cards. You’ll know when attacking is just advancing their game plan and if you can handle it. Orange has a good matchup for MPPV as well. Orange Meditation is one of the most degenerate cards in the game. As far as black Bardock goes, I think he has a bad matchup against Trunks. Your win condition is to get rid of all Trunks Knee Bash and Red Mule Kick; then slap wallbreaker on them and coast to victory. It’s a pretty fragile plan. Random Number Gaming has both Mischievous Bardock and Protective Future Gohan breakdowns on youtube. It may be worth checking out.