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    The Bear

    D&D and other RPGs

    A few months ago a convention was in south Florida (paradise city comic con or something like that?) and my wife and I decided to check it out. We invited one of my best friends and his SO and they in turn invited two of their friends, another couple. After going through the con and talking over lunch we found that the new couple played D&D, something the rest of us had talked about before but never seriously tried to put together. After the con I texted to get more information about it and the ball started rolling; we had our second session last weekend and I am HOOKED! D&D has been something I have wanted to try since college, where my roommate of 4 years had a group he played with that I always heard stories about. So this is something I've been interested in for a while. It's seriously tons of fun and very open, you are able to do things you can only dream of doing in video games. Every problem has multiple solutions and every character shines in a different way. In our campaign we are running Lost Mines of Phandelver and I am playing as a halfling rogue (currently level 2, with plans to spec into Arcane Trickster at 3). One thing I like is that the game is as fun as you make it; the possibilities are endless. Do you guys play D&D? Have any stories to share?
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    Majin Goo

    D&D and other RPGs

    I also got into making my own character cards for weapons, abilities, and traits. They look like professional cards in person. I guess I deleted the hi-res copies on my computer by mistake. The camera does no justice. But you can make them on Gimp and if you want it isn't expensive to have one of those online printing companies print them.
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    Artificial Human

    D&D and other RPGs

    :/ I agree with the moral panic people from the 1980s. It's an evil game. It steals men's souls. One of my friends got interested in it last year, now unless I specifically ask him about his D&D campaign from that week, he won't even reply to me anymore. If I ask about D&D, he goes on for hours. Evil, Evil game. Good cartoon though.