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    Nintendo E3 Direct

    So I quite DBS a month or so ago and haven't really played any CCGs lately, but I had to post this somewhere because I'm still hyped. The Nintendo Direct for E3 was, frankly, a bit meek on new titles aside from the smash bros coverage. Some good titles (Fire Emblem, MHGU, Fortnite, Mario Party with multi switch gimmick, FighterZ) and also a bonus for new Pokémon, with Mew included in the Pokeball+ controller. But considering they spent half the direct on Smash, they made it COUNT. Some highlights: *EVERY FIGHTER FROM SMASH HISTORY RETURNS - Even Wolf and Ice Climbers *New Fighter Classification - Echo Fighter - these are fighters that are built off of other similar fighters, like Dark Pit and Lucina *Only 3 new fighters - Inklings, Daisy (Echo Fighter off Peach) and FREAKING RIDLEY *Omega stages are back *New game balances for 1v1 as opposed to 3+ players *GAMECUBE CONTROLLER COMPATIBILITY *Amiibo support *Louder for the people in the back: FREAKING RIDLEY So yeah, the hype is real.