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    The Legendary Flute

    Thanks lol But you are absolutely right about this, I just found out about the Bardock/Goten shenanigans this weekend. Add to the fact you can cheat out the Bardock ape promo for a turn 2 double strike 20K beat stick, PLUS you can march on turn 3 (if the game even makes it that long) for extra board presence and card draw. I don't mind aggro decks, even fast ones, but what really kills me about this is that it automatically makes about 70/80% of the leader pool completely unplayable. You can't play Androids this meta. You can't play Cell this meta, you can't play ANYTHING that doesn't generate 5+ actions on Turn 2. It is just bad game design, and the incompetence of Bandai's testing team continues to amaze.
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    The Legendary Flute

    Fantastic phrasing. To be honest, this entire last set is just horribly thought through especially in regards to how it synergizes with the SS3 Goku Lead. For example, while I may hate the Swap archetype, there is something to be said about how INSANELY overpowered it can be when you focus on JUST the low-cost units. You can a very similar set-up to what you're offering there with The Legendary Flute, only I'd argue slightly stronger (although you trade out the Criticals). Working from your basic set-up, you can use the SS3 Leader Skill. 2 Energy, 6 Life, -1 in hand, the same as your set-up. Bring out Bardock, the Progenitor. +1 to hand. Swing at the enemy, swap out to Scrambling Assault, Son Goten. Son Goten swings, you check top 3 and add a card to hand. Other two cards go to bottom of deck. Another +1 to hand total. Resummon Bardock, another life to hand (+3 total). Awaken SS3 Goku BEFORE swinging with Bardock again. Also swing with him if you don't have Goten. Draw 2 from Awaken, and 1 from attack (+6 total, I believe). Swing with Bardock, swap out to another Goten (or a Dependable Dynasty, Son Goku in lieu of that, for the extra power). Swing Goten for another + 1 (+7 total). That's 5 swings at at least 10k turn 2, giving you a +7 in hand and 2 units left on the board who each give you a +1 when they swing. Your opponent gets the pluses from their life, I will grant. But they're also only on 2 energy, and you still easily have the hand advantage. And if they didn't drop cards to stop at least SOME of your attacks, they are at a HUGE disadvantage. Regardless on if this is stronger than the Legendary Flute + Intensifying Power, Trunks combo or not is irrelevant, that is straight up unreasonable and unacceptable. EDIT: AND LET'S NOT GO FORGETTING THAT YOU CAN RUN SUCCESSOR OF HOPE AT 4 AS WELL, AND SEARCH YOUR COMBO PIECES FOR LITERALLY NO ENERGY COST. BECAUSE THIS DECK NEEDED TO BE MORE CONSISTENT AND FASTER. WHO THE FUCK CAME UP WITH THIS.