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    FanZ Escalation Checklist

    After getting my butt kicked on OCTGN, I can tell you guys a few things on my mind. As a disclaimer, all my decks seem to be garbage at the moment. I was hoping the recent freezing of Retribution and Tactical drill would open up room for new decks, but that doesn't seemed to have happened. Ascension Trunks, Saiyan Broly, Tag Cell, Future Gohan, Gohan, Drawku, and Yamcha were and still are the big boys. I haven't experienced the impact of the new Majin personalities yet. Future Gohan mixing with Gohan stacks was an atrocity and reverted for good reason. But these "Future Gohan and friends" decks are also kinda wrong to me imo. He was a loner in the canon, so him taking advantage of Chi Chi and Piccolo allies seems wrong to me. Making Future Gohan a seperate entity that can use Gohan named cards is how it should be imo. He gets so much action advantage as it is (by turning one off your power or gaining actions when you use your power). Anyways x2 Tug of War is very necessary these days, and I think very few decks can get away without using them. If there is one interesting thing they could do is replace the anti-anger effects on F. Gohan with "Banish an ally". Orange Combative and Red Amplified energy beats are my next exploration (unfortunately with Drawku/Yamcha/F.Gohan). For those that are not aware, Adept Drawku/Gohan physical beats can easily deck you in 2 combats (Tutoring key cards for the perfect combo is still very viable).