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    I also kind of want to come back here and give my two cents, since I am also pretty disappointed with the direction of the game. After looking over all the new support and new decks coming out, the game just feels like it's becoming this wild mess of partial archetypes and incomplete support. Goku's Lineage feels like a really good example of this, where it's part GT, part U7, part Earthling and part Saiyan while almost entirely only working within it's own archetype and offering VERY little support for these auxiliary traits (and barely having any thematic connections with them). More than that, the "Swap" deck doesn't come across as having been fully thought through, or having received the polish needed to make it fun/engaging to pay attention to. It just comes across as though, rather than support the older themes and builds them up further, they want to keep throwing more and more ingredients into the mix. There are of course some exceptions to this, like Dark Over Realm, but the constant recycling of effects just makes this equally maddening to me.
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    Majin Vegeta and Escalation revealed

    Yeah, I was excited to play buu, but I have to echo that he's pretty underwhelming. My biggest concerns: - AT: his upper levels are great sure, but he drops off REALLY fast. To the point where his brackets overall are pretty mediocre. Especially for an mp that seems to want to do physical stage beats. It only takes one weak stage attack to drop him to C or lower. Reminds me of SSG goku, but on every level. His relatively low PUR doesn't help this either. - Overly balanced: he takes a lot of good effects that we've seen on other MPs and mixes them together. This makes him good at a lot of things, but not great at anything since these effects have no synergy with one another. Jack of all trades master of none. This leaves him feeling very unfocused, and I think is leaving a lot of us scratching our heads thinking about what direction to take him. Maybe some new cards in the set will reveal some synergy where it does not currently exist, but it's a small set so even if that happens it will likely be narrow/niche. - No win condition: this has been said by others, but cannot be overstated. He does a lot to rejuvenate and hamper his opponents win con with board control, but this just serves to draw out the battle. Basically he's just trying to outlast the opponent rather than trying to win. This is not a great strategy with how fast the game has become. Especially against mppv decks since he has no built in anti anger support. Or even against dbv decks if you can't crit sufficiently. Best case scenario you're going to end up going to time a lot. He seems to want to be a stage beats mp, but other than having a physical attack on every mp level he does nothing to support this. That's not enough these days. Long story short he doesn't do anything that broly or cooler don't do better. Joey did hint that there have already been changes to the final version, so hopefully they're good. Some possible ideas to improve him may include: - beefing up the power of his effects. If his effects aren't going to synergize then they need to be a little stronger to be serviceable. For example the lv 1 could be changed to 4 stages instead of 3 and 2 rejuv instead of 1. This will be difficult to balance though as this could easily snowball into buu being great at everything. - add some consistency across levels: this would give him a direction to build him and a win condition to pursue. For example you could just add "your attacks do +1 stage of damage" to all of his levels and that would go a really long way. Suddenly he's a consistent stage beats mp. - make his named cards less gimmicky/more consistent: this could be solved any number of ways with small modifications to mp or card powers. Currently these effects are unreliable unless you're on lv 3 and have many counters and ways to play around them. When I first saw the named cards I was fine with them being gimmicky for the sake of flavor because I assumed his mp would make up for it with pure power. This is not the case so far. Fingers crossed for the final version.
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    The Legendary Flute

    Thanks lol But you are absolutely right about this, I just found out about the Bardock/Goten shenanigans this weekend. Add to the fact you can cheat out the Bardock ape promo for a turn 2 double strike 20K beat stick, PLUS you can march on turn 3 (if the game even makes it that long) for extra board presence and card draw. I don't mind aggro decks, even fast ones, but what really kills me about this is that it automatically makes about 70/80% of the leader pool completely unplayable. You can't play Androids this meta. You can't play Cell this meta, you can't play ANYTHING that doesn't generate 5+ actions on Turn 2. It is just bad game design, and the incompetence of Bandai's testing team continues to amaze.
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    The Legendary Flute

    Fantastic phrasing. To be honest, this entire last set is just horribly thought through especially in regards to how it synergizes with the SS3 Goku Lead. For example, while I may hate the Swap archetype, there is something to be said about how INSANELY overpowered it can be when you focus on JUST the low-cost units. You can a very similar set-up to what you're offering there with The Legendary Flute, only I'd argue slightly stronger (although you trade out the Criticals). Working from your basic set-up, you can use the SS3 Leader Skill. 2 Energy, 6 Life, -1 in hand, the same as your set-up. Bring out Bardock, the Progenitor. +1 to hand. Swing at the enemy, swap out to Scrambling Assault, Son Goten. Son Goten swings, you check top 3 and add a card to hand. Other two cards go to bottom of deck. Another +1 to hand total. Resummon Bardock, another life to hand (+3 total). Awaken SS3 Goku BEFORE swinging with Bardock again. Also swing with him if you don't have Goten. Draw 2 from Awaken, and 1 from attack (+6 total, I believe). Swing with Bardock, swap out to another Goten (or a Dependable Dynasty, Son Goku in lieu of that, for the extra power). Swing Goten for another + 1 (+7 total). That's 5 swings at at least 10k turn 2, giving you a +7 in hand and 2 units left on the board who each give you a +1 when they swing. Your opponent gets the pluses from their life, I will grant. But they're also only on 2 energy, and you still easily have the hand advantage. And if they didn't drop cards to stop at least SOME of your attacks, they are at a HUGE disadvantage. Regardless on if this is stronger than the Legendary Flute + Intensifying Power, Trunks combo or not is irrelevant, that is straight up unreasonable and unacceptable. EDIT: AND LET'S NOT GO FORGETTING THAT YOU CAN RUN SUCCESSOR OF HOPE AT 4 AS WELL, AND SEARCH YOUR COMBO PIECES FOR LITERALLY NO ENERGY COST. BECAUSE THIS DECK NEEDED TO BE MORE CONSISTENT AND FASTER. WHO THE FUCK CAME UP WITH THIS.
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    The Bear

    Set 4 Green Revealed on Website Today

    Glad there is finally a Piccolo leader. But the real reason I came here today was just to say how disappointed I am in the direction of this game. I've been glancing at the cards previewed for the next set and am just unimpressed with their design. Effects like "draw a card," "switch 1 energy to active mode," and "send an opponent's battle card to the warp/drop" are on a great deal of cards, with many cards getting two or all three of these effects. Some of the new archetypes look neat and fun to play, but I wish they would be more creative. ETA: A few extra gripes No keyword yet for sending battle cards to the drop or warp? Long overdue. Same with effects like switching an energy to active mode. New cards that say "choose an opponent's card ignoring barrier..." just seems like sloppy design. If you're going to do this just make a keyword [Pierce].
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    Majin Vegeta and Escalation revealed

    Piccolo’s Lethal Chop is great. I didn’t expect Piccolo to get a named card seeing as he is plenty good but a sinister choke with setup/drill/ally/attach card hate is pretty damn amazing. Concussive blow has a place in Majin Vegeta decks easy. Saiyan Flying Kick is a mediocre card for a garbage Mastery.
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    This is a bit of a side note, but in terms of design philosophy, I actually don't mind them deliberately making new MP Level 4s that are weaker or lateral to old ones. Not every MP needs to be a complete winner, and I think there's a lot to be done/said about his previous levels. That said, just changing the attack from Physical to Energy might make it a bit more likely to land. I just straight up dislike the HIT though, personally. Rather than banishing what's in play, it would be nice to see it rejuv for the one's that are already banished. There is just a bit too much set-up needed as things currently sit.
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    The Bear

    Nintendo E3 Direct

    I didn't plan on quitting DBS a month ago but that's pretty much how it is playing out. I haven't gone to any tournaments I said I would, havent hit up any drafts; hell, my wife and I only got a few games in over the last month. I still want to draft some time but I haven't been paying much attention to new stuff at all. Getting into D&D really phased DBS out of my hobby rotation. I don't even own a Switch and I'm excited for a new Smash. Ridley is an awesome addition. From what I read, the damage scales different depending on the number of players that started the match; so damage is higher in 1v1 than a 4-man free-for-all, which is awesome. New Gamecube controllers made for this game too; perhaps they saw pro player's crutching on old controllers or the Smashbox and finally decided to compete? Maybe they'll start having a hand in competitive play? Nintendo had their stuff together this year (I think they're on a roll at this point). Companies like Squeenix, on the other hand, advertised big things and then shit bricks.
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    And why I still ride the Awesome Sauce train.
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    I have no problem with a "next generation" show. Hell, one of my favorite series ever is Batman Beyond. Jojo's entire gimmick is that it is a next generation show. Which brings me to a thought I have had since the beginning of Super. Dragon Ball NEEDS to Jojo itself. What do I mean by that? We need a time skip, we need a new lead character, (not necessarily 100% new, have it be Gohan or present timeline adult Trunks, etc.), but it needs to reinvent itself. This is all from a creative standpoint, however. Financially Dragon Ball is doing fine, and therefore the company has no reason to change it. But creatively it has been stagnant for a long time. With so many other Shonen series (Hero Aca being the BIG one) essentially doing everything right that DBS (and Shonen in general) is doing wrong, I can only hope it is just a matter of time before the fan base gets tired of it. I am not holding my breath for that though...