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    Obligatory post-FanZ post discussion.

    A16 has a tutorable exclusive vtp that doesn’t BAU. I look forward to the potential A16 magic that may come. Without thinking about it enough, I am going to predict he has the juice he needs for some tier 1.5-2 fun but Majin Vegeta is going to bully him so hard. Red Android twin blast is way too good with hero 18. Red Drawku anger resource has a new competitor, but I almost think Drawku is still better than hero A18. Nevertheless it puts the RED in redneck robot decks out there, reminiscing their Enraged times. Namekian Assimilation is a fun one. It can be used in your opponents planning step(!) is the key thing about this card. Very bold game design, and it’s synergistic with the Enlightened Mastery while also competing for those event slots with hurried quest in other Namekian decks. Blue 2 anger energy attack. An archetype for blue at this point. I don’t see it relevant until we have a Villian that can whip out positioning drill consistently. Orange sword break is fine, given that it’s a minimum of zero and therefore cannot mill. “Not that orange needed it”, I am happy the net-deckers can now oscillate between blue ally mill and orange phys beats (of the Broly variation of course). Saiyan Reinforcements is great. I will atttmpt a Saiyan Raditz saibamen deck at this point. Wish me luck. Black face crush is stupid because black captures is stupid. Stupid stupid stupid. I hope A16 doesn’t find a home here because that would be disappointing. Discuss. Slander. Etc. Anyone else hate what they love and love what they see?
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    Obligatory post-FanZ post discussion.

    See, I dunno, because it does let you just kick off with Cell Jr. shenanigans immediately without needing to wait to set-up. That said, I think I'd still prefer Rampaging myself. His Level 1 + Rampaging's passive pretty much means any anger gain full-stop is Level 2, and after that, Level 3 is pretty easy to reach.
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    Obligatory post-FanZ post discussion.

    Man you got my hopes up with that one. I've been trying to get Nappa Saibamen to work for awhile now (or even Turles Saibamen), and unfortunately, I just don't think Saiyan Reinforcement is the card to do it. Unfortunately, just like Saiyan's other Ally Tutor card, this thing can only grab other Saiyans. Which honestly bodes really well for Nappa decks, since its flat stage damage AND grabs back your Clench, and drops a Turles to your board whose stage bonuses will also get doubled. But besides that, is super disappointing because I'm just waiting for a Saibamen deck to be made viable at this point.