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    Majin Goo

    New CRD

    There still needs to be some ground work laid out before rotation starts to happen. Rotation is a fickle beast that isn't as simple as, "let's just delete stuff from the game". A game needs to be built and developed with rotation in mind. It's only part balance mechanic. The other benefits are why you build for rotation. The first and most obvious benefit is that it allows developers to develop free from the constraints of older sets. It's impossible to test for every situation and this becomes more obvious as the game grows and more unaccounted for broken interactions happen with each new set. With rotation, you can use a temporary fix such as an errata or ban and then wait till the problem cards go into legacy, which is a format the developers need not concern themselves with. The other benefit is Meta. As more sets release, it becomes harder to account for possible situations. A smaller format with a controlled meta is more viable as competitive and less likely to fall victim to RNG and Variance being the reason people win. It also alleviates the time needed in research and development for deck design. The whole purpose of competitive play is to see how well you can circumvent RNG and Variance and create consistent wins. While variety in decks is good, variance itself defeats competitive play and makes it feel more like 5 card draw. Think about Yugioh and the number of times the meta was, "who draws the most crippling hand at the beginning". This is why Archetype design is crucial and something they failed at in PanZ that I think they are getting better at with FanZ. Archetype design allows you to simulate variety without over-contributing to variance by keeping things to defined strategy concepts. This allows you to refresh the game without having 80 different deck types in a single meta where every deck is a 60 card deck of 60 different cards. For example, the Sword Archetype is a type of Physical Beats with its own unique twist, but essentially it is still Physical Beats and falls into the triangle of deck types and requires key elements that are consistent in the deck type to function. I'm not sure I explained this part as well as it is in my mind, the key is that Variance isn't good, but variety is and rotation can help with this. The next benefit is entry point. Getting new blood is how you grow your brand and account for old blood leaving. Rotation allows new blood to buy in at a certain point, buy sets going forward, and eventually the stuff they missed rotates out. At that point they are now even, collection wise, with the old blood and competitive play becomes about skill and not about how deep their wallet was at entry and how far back they could buy for the old broken cards that are now rare and expensive. The biggest benefit is it reduces the need for pure power creep. While there are instances where Power Creep might be needed, such as the lack luster MPs presented in the early sets, it generally is frowned upon in competitive and casual environments alike. From there, if you need specific cards from legacy sets you reprint them in new sets or create new cards with new names that are modified with balance for the current block in mind. While this does contribute to balance, balance is just a way to sum things up. This game would have benefited with rotation in mind from the ground up, however, I guarantee you rotation wasn't a thought when the first 3 sets were released. With sets 5, 6, and 7, power creep became their form of rotation, however because set 1 cards are instrumental to the styles they are in, it isn't working. Rotation could have started with the block beginning set 15. At set 15 set 1 could rotate out, with each set in succession rotating out as new sets come out. This would leave you with a large but varied pool and provide some benefit. However, that all rested on building the game with rotation in mind. It's still possible, but there is some foundation work to lay out and it NEEDS to be in place first. Not rotate and then fix the holes. They should design with the idea of the rotation going forward and then when ready rotate. This minimizes the impact, reduces culture shock, and has the highest chance of retention. For cards that are printed in multiple sets, you just use the version from the sets that are tournament legal. Eventually, all versions of the unwanted cards will rotate and this is the method that will create the least amount of confusion. Remember, rotation involves rotating the set. If you were to rotate the card names in the set like what sounds like is being suggested in this thread, you create confusion and if a card can appropriately return to the standard format you will require a retcon ruling. It's easier to just say cards printed in set x and forward are standard.
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    Mysterious Youth

    New CRD

    I run Devastating Blow in most of my decks, thank you very much. But nothing stops them from using Ascension and banishing Panic off the top and like anything, just because there's answers doesn't mean it isn't stupid. There aren't any good answers to forced passes/skips which Trunks has in spades. You're most likely not going to stop Trunks' Evo 3 picking up a Sword Slash and skipping your action. The timing of the Dev Blow is crucial which sometimes it just doesn't work out especially if Red Panic hits the discard because of the damage from Dev Blow for example. I'd run more discard hate if I could but some styles just don't have enough. There's also little you can do if they build up a good amount of Red Bribe and Red Relaxation. I like Quick Blast, but in Ruthless it's tough to fit a set in. It's more freestyle cards which can screw up your game plan especially if they crit it off at the wrong time and as an attack it's obviously lousy.
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    Everything is up to date and caught up through set 11. Thank you for your patience fam.
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    If you're talking about fire Octgn, you download the compressed file, unzip it down to the ofc files, then click add image packs on the octgn start page. Select the ofc file and you're good to go.
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    New CRD

    Dude, I think you're overestimating how much of a change this would actually effectuate. Especially in a post-Reality Check universe in regards to Stare Down and Betrayal. It might knock down how MANY cards people have that are universal board control, but it still wouldn't change things too dramatically. As for Neck Beam, Blue DOES have other cards that de-level, and otherwise would probably just work around a couple of DB techs. Also, I've never really thought of Red Blocking Hand as one of the more broken Red cards. A common one, sure, but I don't think it's broken or too good o-O In my view, Black is probably the Style most deeply affected by dropping Set 1 just because those cards are actually pretty vital to a lot of their strats, and they don't have adequate replacements. Everyone else will probably be fine. Namekian might see some dramatic shifts and changes, but tbh, Earth Dragon Balls have literally got all the same support as Namek Dragon Balls do, + 1 with Radiant and a LOT of other cards (I'm not actually sure why Namek Dragon Balls are still run over EDBs. The effects are better, but only marginally so, and the extra support REALLY pushes DBV a lot harder). Also, straight up, no. It's not obvious what cards are Set 1. I could not tell you without actually checking a database, except by the old card style. I came into this game at Set 6, and my interactions with almost all of these cards have been reprints. For me to know what Set 1 cards are requires me to constantly go back and check, which... No? Shit dude, I don't even own any cards actually from Set 1. Remember that only America really has any kind of adequate scene with this game (someone feel free to correct me if else-wise), and I don't think anyone from outside (excluding the most die-hard fans) would engage with that kind of change. If you want to actually effectuate change WITHOUT alienating someone like me, then dedicate a FanZ set to errata'ing the stronger Set 1 cards, and actually give them flavor. While you're at it, go back and fix some MPs. Fuck knows, Broly needs some addressing, Awakening Goku is a mess, and old MPs like Ginyu are dust in the wind. And ftr, I mean, dedicate a FanZ set to this. Nothing new. Just erratas. Also, it's not a superstitious behavior in card games? It's just how things go. People see certain cards and strategies do well competitively, on a frequent and common basis, then adopt them into their own decks. It is exactly because they're good that they become staples, and again, we'd just get a new set up of staples. It wouldn't blow the game open in this amazingly creative way, just modify it.