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    SDCC2017 - Set 2 announced, set 3 rumors are at the wall

    Greetings fellow faithful.  Big news out of San Diego Comic Con.  Not only can you pick up 4 exclusive foil promos from their booth, as well as buying early boosters ($4ea) and starters ($15ea), but they have dropped the bomb on MetaX set 2 and rumors are FLYING about set 3!
    MetaX has been billed as a Crossover TCG, meaning they are planning on mixing many different titles into this game.  However, it looks like we are going to be staying in the DC universe for set 2, coming this fall:

    (Photo courtesy of Trent Betts/TAK games)
    Set 2 – Titled “Green Lantern” will release in winter of 2017 and will apparently be a booster only set. (as shown on the poster)
    So what does this mean for the game?  We can possibly extrapolate a few things here:
    Starter+Booster 2 set IP blocks?  While not a NECESSITY, new starters would probably be a good idea with each IP.  Could we see blocks of “Starter/Booster” set releases with each new IP?
    While many were excited to branch out into a new IP, staying within the DC-verse for one more set could be a smart play.  They really haven’t even scratched the surface on the property and delving into the Lantern spectrums promises LOADS of potential for both new characters and revamped characters from Set 1.
    “Winter” release?  Pure speculation, but much of what we have seen so far in the structure Panini has used for MetaX comes from similar practices on PanZ.  PanZ releases generally went Oct/Mar/July(early), repeat.  Being that MetaX releases in early August, a month later than normal PanZ sets used to, does that mean we’ll be seeing this set come November?
    Finally, there are some WILD rumors going around the Facebook MetaX community about the next IP, supposedly in set 3, next year’s spring set.  Rumors of brutal new ATTACKs.  Some might even say of TITANic proportions.  But who would I be to push those rumors here?  For now why don’t we just put a wall (or 3) around that topic. 
    Update: no sooner than this is posted, Richie confirms the rumors on the blog.

    MetaX Previews #4: The (Dooms)Day has Come

    Well, we are still a little over 2 weeks from the August 4th release date, but if you've been keeping track, there will be some early sales at San Diego Comic Con starting tonight.  While I'm quite sad that I won't be able to make the trek to San Diego this year, I am working with some people to get a box, hopefully I can put together an unboxing video.  But since those packs will start hitting the net shortly, let's push through with the rest of our spoilers before that happens!

    A light start, good size INT attack with a bit of a prying ability.  Using this as your first attack on the turn can give you insight on whether or not to consider extra attacks that turn and how strong they need to be.

    Next another good utility card. Hand filtering can be extremely handy.  Particularly if you run Ra's Al Ghul the Demon's Head and you have a bit of luck up your sleeve.  Just don't do it TOO many times or you might deck yourself out.

    Here's another quality battle card.  It is strange that this effect wasn't made a straight attack power, it serves no purpose on defense, but you still have a moderately sized STR BC that can fit into a lot of decks for some easy evasion.

    Aquaman has caught some flack over the years, but it definitely takes a badass to take a swing on Grodd.  As for the effect, -8 to bounce ALL characters this is a powerhouse late game card, particularly handy with Ra's (again) and Blue Beetle.

    Here's another nice draw source.  Straight 3 for 3 swap, unless you ditch a 7 drop.  Hmmm....maybe Atom can lend a hand?

    Winding down, just one more card after this one.  And here is a beast.  Want to save that big beater that's about to be KO'd?  Here's your answer.  The 7SPL is daunting, but there are ways(J'onn J'onzz) around(Combat Mastery) that...

    Last but never least is the killer of Kryptonian's himself, Doomsday.  Boasting a huge 7STR, but very much on the intellectual low end, this can be a mainstay of a STR aggro deck with his continuous effect to blank ALL battle card effects.
    Well, that's it guys and gals.  Keep your eyes on the interwebs as more and more spoilers pop up throughout this week!

    Early product and promos this week at SDCC!

    Panini Blog posts from last Friday and today have outlined their offerings at SDCC, starting tomorrow night.
    First on Friday they revealed the final XR, Wonder Woman Princess Diana of Themyscira, and revealed the first 4 promos for Set 1: Wonder Woman Amazon Princess, Lex Luthor CEO of LexCorp, Paralysis and STR/INT/SPL 5 Battle Card, all alt art foils of rare and uncommon cards from set 1.  Each day a new promo will be debuted at the Panini booth.  Players can get the promos by downloading either the Panini Direct, NFL Gridiron or NBA Dunk apps and showing the staff at the booth.  As well, the foil pattern is recognizable as the same crosshatch pattern used in PanZ Perfection, which was in turn inspired by the pattern from ScoreZ Android Saga.
    Today's post revealed the final 2 URs, Harley Quinn Dr. Harleen Quinzel and The Joker Certifiably Insane.  They also announced that a limited amount of Starter Decks and Booster Packs will be available for purchase at Comic Con, starting on preview night.  No details were given on limits or price, but it is likely that MSRP will be observed (3.99/pack, 18.75/starter).
    Given the availability of product that will start hitting the internet tomorrow night we'll be revealing our last 7 spoilers tomorrow morning, stay tuned!

    MetaX Previews #3: Does size really matter?

    So I posted up a little Cipher on Facebook yesterday to see if anyone could figure out Atom's power.  The Cipher Key was METAX.  How'd you do?  No more dilly-dally, on with the spoilers!

    Atom may be tiny, but he's got big power.  Able to bounce a 7 rank to its owner's hand could be devastating, whether you are pushing your opponent's fighter back to see if they want to waste a turn playing it again or pulling your own to reuse their Triangle power next turn.  However, this comes at a price as pretty much ANY hit on Atom will lead to an HPKO.

    Consequently, if you'd like to block Atom for a turn (or another more threatening opponent) here's a low rank SP battle card that could do that and supply you with an MP for your troubles.

    To continue this chain of thought, how about pulling that Battle card back up so you can use it again, or just heal up a bit.

    Finally, here's another juicy target, a bit rough to play with that Str7 rank but it opens you up to playing a heavy hitting battle card on your next attack (or defense) for FREE!
    That's all for today, stay tuned next week for some more spoilers and stay tuned to the Panini Blog tomorrow, for supposed details on how to get your hands on some early product at SDCC next week.

    MetaX Previews #2: Injustice, Superiority and a heavy case of the blues

    Welcome back, faithful followers!  Today's post was a bit delayed due to preoccupation with the Marvel-verse (seriously, go see Spider-Man Homecoming), but we're back on track for some great spoilers today.  We'll start at the back end and move up this time.

    One of the big questions going in was "What kind of defensive effects can we expect on battle cards?".  If this card is any indication, we should be happily surprised.  The INT6 limits the playability somewhat, but for -3 you get to push a threat off the board so you can push a little harder on your next turn.

    We heard you like some aggro in your games.  How about limiting your opponent's options until the end of your turn and a bit of draw power for a mere -1?  Seems like a deal to me.

    This card has SO much potential.  Your opponent has blockers trying to scare you out of attacking?  Why not pick one of them off or maybe wound one so they'll think twice before blocking?  Even more intriguing, you know that Harley Quinn you just played?  Why not give her a wound so that next turn she can block, get KOd and give you a VP?  Versatility abounds.

    SO much to unpack.  STR3/INT5, not GREAT but fair.  +4MP, definitely above average.  But the huge strength here is character ramp.  So far this is the first effect that lets us play more than 1 character per turn.  Definitely seems a huge deal, especially early game.  Will there be an archetype to build around this?  Suicide characters like Harley and Dr Fate?  Only time shall tell.

    MetaX Previews #1! - Fear and Disgrace

     MetaX info is dropping daily and TCGTopTier is in the game.  Stay tuned Thursdays for exclusive spoilers and check out our other discussion, including a continuously updating card list.
    Today we'll be discussing a new villain card as well as some utility

    MP is the lifeblood of MetaX.  Scarecrow can quickly drain that, making it difficult to play good battle cards, events, even team attack.  Combine that with 3/5 INT/SPL and supplementing your own MP by 2 and this card is a versatile addition to any control deck.

    On the other side of the coin (vague Two-Face reference intended) if you CAN manage to scrape up enough MP against Scarecrow, Disgrace can be a decent weapon to combat him. The MP cost is hefty, but removal/card draw in a pinch is worth a lot.

    This card will be a BIG hit.  Defensive powers seem like they will be well worth playing, to give yourself a boost going into your turn.  You won't win the war with this card, but using it to 1-shot an attacking single stat character, or even to finish off a multistat character for an extra 2MP (on top of the MP+2 just for playing it) will be a great boost.  The fact that it can be used by nearly ANY character with a STR stat is just icing.

    If you've had a chance to peruse the rulebook you may have noticed this card.  And what a card it is.  Yeah, you have to dump a single MP to play it, but that's little sacrifice considering it replaces itself in your hand, plus lets you filter with 3 new cards and ANY character with an INT stat can use it.  HUGE playability here.
    So remember, check back next Thursday for more spoilers!  For now, discuss these cards in the comments, or check out the growing checklist and discussion thread.

    MetaX Now Live on TCG Top Tier

    The MetaX Trading Card Game by Panini Games now has its own dedicated section on TCGTopTier.com. In the coming months, we hope to be your number one source for the new game, with forums, articles, decks, videos, and other content.
    In addition we are looking for Content Writer(s) for the game as well.
    The content writer positions are strictly volunteer positions, but writing for this game is a great way to get known in the community. In addition, there are other perks thrown your way occasionally.
    Interested individuals should:
    Be active in the community.
    Passionate about the game.
    Willing to submit content on a regular basis.
    Possess adequate writing skills, in addition to proper grammar.
    If you are interested, please message me via Private Message, or message us on Facebook.