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    MetaX Previews #3: Does size really matter?

    So I posted up a little Cipher on Facebook yesterday to see if anyone could figure out Atom's power.  The Cipher Key was METAX.  How'd you do?  No more dilly-dally, on with the spoilers!


    Atom may be tiny, but he's got big power.  Able to bounce a 7 rank to its owner's hand could be devastating, whether you are pushing your opponent's fighter back to see if they want to waste a turn playing it again or pulling your own to reuse their Triangle power next turn.  However, this comes at a price as pretty much ANY hit on Atom will lead to an HPKO.


    Consequently, if you'd like to block Atom for a turn (or another more threatening opponent) here's a low rank SP battle card that could do that and supply you with an MP for your troubles.


    To continue this chain of thought, how about pulling that Battle card back up so you can use it again, or just heal up a bit.


    Finally, here's another juicy target, a bit rough to play with that Str7 rank but it opens you up to playing a heavy hitting battle card on your next attack (or defense) for FREE!


    That's all for today, stay tuned next week for some more spoilers and stay tuned to the Panini Blog tomorrow, for supposed details on how to get your hands on some early product at SDCC next week.


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