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  1. Game Launched! Initial thoughts...

    If you play against BG Control, they came make it to where you can't do anything for the longest time, then play a card that gives them Initiative then pass. It's possible to be non-interactive, but its either you're going to win fast or lose fast.
  2. Game Launched! Initial thoughts...

    Yeah, I really like this idea. We could do a Top Tier Tournament Circuit for cash prizes.
  3. Anyone else playing it? I've played for a bit too long (was only supposed to be an hour - got stuck playing four hours; whoops). I played through the demo games, played against the bots a few times, constructed a deck, played one casual game (and won), and now I'm playing the play-til-you-lose Call to Arms event (so far I'm 4-0; I'd keep playing but work tomorrow). Personally, I found the game a ton of fun, and VERY skill intensive. It reminds me of the Wizards of the Cost version of Star Wars TCG (which was a game I loved playing but never played competitively...or in a tournament).
  4. Set 5 is looking like a very diverse metagame with lots of viable decks. SSJ3 Goku was banned. If you were on the fence of starting up, or haven't played in awhile, now's a great time to get into the game.