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  1. No real advertisement or announcements of its own. Horrible previews with bad resolution. Absolutely no evidence that real support will be provided for the game. This doesn't bode well and at this point unless the next month of information is mind blowing fantastic I have no intention of buying a single card. There are a lot of games that can scratch the collector/competitive itch that have a long standing, advertise appropriately, well supported organized play, and are not one of the big 3. I really want MetaX to work, especially given that they are opening with a heavy hitter that has a movie coming out soon as well. This is the perfect opportunity to make amends for their shit practices in the past when competitive/collector games are concerned and they don't seem to give two shits. Hopefully, I'll be wrong and this will be awesome.
  2. Well, they dropped the ball. Good thing there's an oversaturated market of hobbies for me to choose something from.
  3. That's what I've always thought should happen. Have 4 distinct styles while focusing on Archetypes, using freestyle as a way to make minor gap adjustments.
  4. Playing defensively to outlast your opponent for survival victory against your opponent vs. stalling for time so you walk away with a draw point instead of 0 points for the match. Change the doctrine to give a point for a loss and no points for a draw and players will have less incentive to intentionally hit time. Of course even then it's mostly a problem because of not having tie breakers in swiss.
  5. I don't play competitive TCG Pokemon because 90% of their meta is trash in my opinion. When I do competitive VGC there are no draws. Players are punished for stall playing by risking a forfeit of turn or a DQ because a judge can clearly see they've been running the clock. A winner is always determined due to tie breaker rules being applied at all times either by number of wins vs. losses when time has been called or by a sudden death match so in the VGC environment, draws are rarely an issue if at all. All of this is in the VGC doctrine so everyone has an understanding and expects it, so generally, there are rarely hard-feelings directed at each other. As for the TCG, I don't have a clue how they function. To answer your question directly, not liking something I find to be unsportsmanlike and counterproductive to a competitive environment doesn't make me an unlikable person. I'm actually very loved in all three gaming communities I hang out. Pokemon VGC/SmogonOU, Heroclix and DnD.
  6. They'll be more inclined to push for a finish to get the 1 point for the loss vs. intentionally slow playing to get a draw point. The problem isn't really control and stall for survival outlast, it's the fact that many players were circumventing the natural flow on purpose outside of the game mechanics to get that +1 for the draw. A + 1 for a loss and a flat 0 for a draw gives incentive to play the match to its natural end instead of aiming for time which is the issue. Stalling to try and outlast your opponent is fine, stalling to hit time to still get a point for the match is unsportsmanlike and should not be encouraged through natural tournament doctrine.
  7. For any TCG that wants to be competitive, it's easy to argue that 20 minutes should be the sweet spot for a single round. The problem isn't the 40-minute matches at events, it's the fact that for that full 40 minutes you're still working on the first round. That coupled with the fact that they rewarded draws created the slow play environment that we have. Control players built their decks to do two things; 1. Win and 2. If you can't win, stall out the game to create a draw. If draws were 0 points and losses were 1 point that would change over night.
  8. I would say for the most part, the number of cards that have endurance is fine, but Endurance should never have been more than 1 or 2 for most cards. A few choice cards in Saiyan with 3 or 4 to help Suicide Rush builds and maybe just a handful of freestyle cards with 3 Endurance to help out some decks that may not have the defensive push.
  9. If you get the stack right. Set 4 had a huge problem with incomplete MP's due to getting 2 of one level or a level from the wrong character. The problem was consistent enough that Erin himself was tracking through Retro to get people corrections made. Not sure if he ever did given that he lost his job either realizing he wasn't wanted and quitting or for the reasons peopled complained about him for.
  10. I think the first mechanic fix needs to be cards resolving as a whole vs. sentence by sentence with cards being interrupted half way through their effects. Essentially, it needs a stack mechanic and built with that in mind. Interactive play needs to be introduced in set 1 as a core concept. The designers spent the first 4 sets afraid to make this game interactive, but that's not their fault. From my own observation, a vast number of DBZ players didn't want this game to become interactive. Simply put, players just don't want the opponent to be able to respond to their actions.
  11. It's all over Retro. If they say 12 cards then that is what they are. Distributers are liquidating. They even have UR chances.
  12. Just checked them. The files for the image packs for OCTGN are working fine for me. You have to extract them all the way to the .o8c file.
  13. Given the current track record of these discussions, if you haven't won a regional yet your opinion doesn't account for a steaming pile of...
  14. Shit will happen and you're smart to steer clear for now. Hopefully, things will cool down.
  15. I feel this statement is filled with bias and counter-intuitive to the amount of experience you've gathered in 20 years. While luck is a factor in all games and in casual can be fun, in high-level competitive play it should have a minimal factor at best. It's one thing to lose to a small act of luck in a game that could have swung either way, but to assume a player should just get over a complete steam roll from a clear lead and win, that would have been achieved in less than one or two more actions, entirely because of luck, while money is on the line is a bit much. With that being said, I've never played SWD and am not speaking to it's merits. I would probably be playing it if I hadn't already sworn off of TCG's for the time being. However, as a table top lifer, you should understand why that statement is too generalized when speaking of competitive play which is the point of view Artificial is coming from. It won't help in defending the game to throw out generalizations like that or to speak to someone else's experience without their confirmation. That's what I've seen and it doesn't seem so bad, but I can understand how some players looking in that have little experience with dice based games might be put off. Have you tried convincing people to play Heroclix before, it's painful and a downhill battle as soon as they see the dice and learn character abilities and which ones you have access to are based on were your character is on life. There's tons of manipulation to counter luck in the game but easing people into it can be hard.