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  1. Panini made the decision not to compete. It was a business decision. Read the official announcement. It clearly says that parent Panini did not want to compete due to saturation issues. Whether Panini renewed their license or not, this game was coming out and Panini did not feel it would be profitable enough to challenge it. Now, whether Bandai pushed to have the licensing price increased to an uncomfortable level or not for Panini is speculation but a common business practice.
  2. For reference, the answer can be verified at: Section: Making a Deck.
  3. Not necessarily. I'm buying two because I'm a collector and I love opening product. I will have a play set of every card so that I can build any deck anytime. However, some players know what they want to play and this game's secondary market could be pretty fair which makes it inexpensive for those players to buy singles. If he's unsure he could wait to see what the exclusives sell for as singles.
  4. I see it being fairly successful. There is solid hype, we've already gotten to test the engine with real cards, a good number of players have been play testing with proxies and it seems to get better with the booster set applied. Bandai has been very connected with communications with the players. They seem to understand there is a player base, we have dealt with DB card games in the past and we have expectations to meet. They also seem dedicated to helping us bring in new blood which is something that was lacking in the last DB game I played. Looking forward to attending events and will enjoy being the reason @Jarrett gets knocked out of a top cut.
  5. That's normal for Bandai. In the Dragon Ball CCG by Bandai, the Chibi Promos in Set 1 share the same collection number as their normal counterparts.
  6. GT Focused was my favorite iteration of the game as well. Mixing in Z and GT together created a garbage environment.
  7. Thank you. I appreciate the assist.
  8. This.
  9. I do not. However, I remember seeing a site that did, or for the most part had almost all of the ones released. I'll take a look and see if I can find it.
  10. This will be updated Monday 7/2/2017 after I get off work. The update will include a complete package updated with set 9 and a separate download for set 9 by itself.
  11. Yes. If you had his named cards with Dragon Balls, he couldn't be killed due to his named card counting as damage and cycling back in. With well placed timing you could come back from that and DBV. Fortunately, the one thing the Developers had on this game was they would hear us and at times listen.
  12. Endurance should exist but it was overdone. No card should exceed 3 Endurance and even then high Endurance should not have been put on Tier 1 cards. I feel like Panini's biggest issue with development was properly scaling cards to be both balanced and fun. In most cases, they either went too far or some cards were just useless. Here are my fixes for them: Create a standard for keywords. Define Keywords. Consistently use them every time. Roshi wouldn't have shuffle problems and Vengence Roshi wouldn't have some weird clarification in how he gets along with Beerus if this had been a part of the design. Create a standard for wording mechanics. Define those standards. Consistently use them every time. One of their biggest problems was wording. There are only so many things you can do with the engine. A finite number of options. As you come up with each one write it down, proof-read it, let average people proof-read it, test it, finalize it, and always word it the same. Speaking of mechanics... Don't create card effects that are not apart of the damn card. The way parenthetical text worked in this game was asinine. If it's printed on the card it is apart of the card and therefore an effect of the card. Doing it any other way is counter-intuitive and creates confusion. Roshi Ally and Blue Tag interaction being a prime example. Focus more on developing Styles and giving them unique identities. Focus less on making Freestyle Cards the best part of any deck. Those are my ideas. I honestly would never believe they carefully planned any sets other than set 5 and 6. Sets 1-3 were extremely meh. Set 4 failed to accomplish their overall goal with the exception of Android 20. Set 7, I feel their Mastery Card design was spot on and there MP development was good with the exception of 2, but there were still printing errors and obvious balance issues. How they didn't see Goku and Orange Retribution Mastery being problems is a mystery and did they not see the potential loop for Hercule. I get that they fixed the loop, but only after we pointed it out to them and it was an extremely obvious loop.
  13. A: Remember what I said about inexperienced players. Nappa is only one threat and once I know it's apart of your game plan you will not have it out alone again unless it is your only ally (which won't happen in a Ginyu deck). B: Reread my original post. It says nothing about Nappa being in the field and averaging 2-5 critical damage effects a turn. It's an overall average for the deck in general. Also, remember, an average isn't a minimum. I can have combats with 1 critical damage effect and some combats with 3+ and still average a minimum of 2 overall. C: You don't need to loop anything to do that with those 6 cards. 1 Shoulder Grab turns all attacks into CDE generators. So it isn't unreasonable to land two hits afterwards. Red Knee Lift always generates a CDE and on hit generates 2 CDE's at no actual cost in Red Enraged. D: Got to include that Tug of War. That card is incredibly consistent in hurting Ally decks. E: If I'm feeling froggy, Red Energy Blast. That's just to name a few, with just those examples you're now looking at possibly 12 cards, with 2 additional cards that turn into any card I want and I don't have to show the pull to you. All of that can consistently set me up to deal with Nappa and get the crit train rolling again. Red has a lot of options and why Red Enraged was so powerful. As much as I hate it, Blue in the set 6 meta was not enough to keep Red Enraged down in the hands of Roshi and Cooler. So in conclusion I agree with Richie's decision. Red Enraged is too consistent with Cooler and Roshi. Going against either Blue Mastery at the time they could easily win by attrition or DBV and even pull off MPPV. I understand on paper it looks impossible, but in practice Roshi and Cooler are incredibly consistent MP's that bring a lot of options to a Mastery and Style that already have a lot of options. I stand by what I say, Nappa has never been the factor in me losing with Red Enraged Roshi and Blue hasn't been a problem for Red Enraged since set 5. Just remember, my perspective is based on the set 6 meta. There is no such thing as Red Enraged Roshi in the set 7 meta and shouldn't be a factor in anyone's planning.
  14. This. Trust us, ChangelingBard, Dashy, and myself have been running Red Roshi since before it was a thing and Tag Ginyu has never locked us or any other Red Roshi player down unless it was a luck sack or the Roshi player was inexperienced. I can literally crit 2-5 times a turn on average in a Red Roshi deck. The first thing my play group did was switch to variations of Blue to go against me. On paper it looks like Roshi has met his match, in practice there is too much anger and crits for Tag or Protective to keep up with. To make it worst and to justify Roshi still not being allowed back in Enrage, Roshi can fully get locked out of MPPV and stuck at level 1 or 2 and still be guaranteed the match through crit control and stall and win by attrition or DBV consistently. This was the reason Roshi was so hated. It could play aggressive and then when things start to go bad, immediately switch to defense and control against most any deck while staying viable in that match. I actually agree with Roshi being locked out of Enraged. It was my favorite deck, it's fun and exciting to play, but I never once felt challenged while running it. Now, I say this only considering the set 6 Meta. I haven't touched Red Enraged Roshi since Enrage being banished and probably won't as I'm going to play PanZ in it's final form. This however means I probably will never play with Red Enraged again since none of the MP's listed for it seem fun to me. I also don't understand Roshi not being allowed for Black Devious Mastery seeing as how it's strong but not broken and they literally made a level 1 to go with it.
  15. Probably not. Richie himself has suggested that FanZ keep Devious and Enraged frozen.