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  1. Deck testing

    I do self test to get an idea of actual chance vs. theorized chance. To see how often specific combos are drawn together and stuff like that.
  2. Future TCGs

    I would play just about anything on the Jim Ward engine. However, I think it'll be at least a decade before we can even consider this coming back. I wouldn't say a complete Cash Grab. Set 1 for sure, but you have to understand they had no clue it would be successful and were prepared for it to die there. Set 2 and 3 feel like they weren't sure still shocked that set 1 was successful. Set 4 had glaring template and printing issues they argued in defense of to death but I feel they were just trying to make the best of it. Set 5 and 6 were perfect in my opinion. They finally found their mojo and I believe it would have been great going forward. Now, Set 7. Was absolutely a cash grab. 6 UR, two of which were reprints of must have cards and two of then new ones being must haves with one of them being super must have kept at a 1:2 ratio on booster boxes making it impossible to get a full play set of UR in a single case. Yeah that was a cash grab. Especially, since I remember reading from one of the developers that the game was licensed per set. Did the development team know... probably not. I'm confident Aik and Richie had an idea the game could die but Panini parent absolutely knew what direction they were going in before the announcement and most likely shortly before Set 7. It is my understanding that Parent Panini had say on the distribution rates of UR and I would be willing to bet they are the ones that did the 1:2 ratio with 6 UR.
  3. Future Sets

    Their refusal to do it for what is probably no other reason then because a great number of people just absolutely hate GT (some have sworn to quit the game all together if any of it leaks in) just shows to me that they still aren't in control of their game's development and are unable to separate themselves as developers. I'll still continue to put in money for AwesomeSauce proxies just because I love the game but I've finally left the page because people have just gotten so board that it has slowly been heading back to the crap that was around when the game first started and when the "superseded" fiasco happened. From what I believe, this is mostly due to the openings they continue to leave in the game. Not fixing issues that have been present since before the game was dropped and then making a theme entirely around non-interactive game play just to fan-service people that like that style, coupled with obvious issues that were "not" tested properly before release or tournaments seem to be the most glaring issues. I will hand it to them, the engine is difficult to design and keep balance for and near impossible to do so on a Legacy Format with no thought to rotation. So they do what they can as volunteers and I applaud them for that. I just wish they would openly admit there are issues they may not be able to fix instead of talking about sleeper strategies that get out shined. The second problem is the majority of the fan base continues to convince themselves nothing is wrong or the problems are minor. This keeps discussion about actual issues and fixes to a minimum and a lot of them just degrade into troll fests and "you just suck get good" contests "or wait till you see my secret deck that specifically beats what you're talking about but loses to everything else" brags. With all of that, the game is still fun and PanZ sets 1-7 are actually relatively easy to level out. Of course, I'm exhausted with a kid coming soon and this may all just be in my head lol. And I'm one of 3 GT fans in the world so I'm a bit biased.
  4. FoWCo TCGs.

    I was going to say something along the lines of it not being an personal agenda when the majority of players are saying the same thing. But you put it out there nicely. Some players will have dumb ideas, but when it is nearly every player presenting the same problems, it is very unlikely the players are wrong. 9/10, when you have a a majority like that the developers are actually screwing up. What kills games is the people who wear blinders and refuse to acknowledge there is a serious problem and continue to buy in because they're afraid of change, being wrong, or they think their game will die otherwise, or a combination of any of those and more.
  5. The Games We Play

    Oh I'm sure it's not doing great. I picked up a starter a very long time ago and didn't care for it. I'm guessing very recently they did a reboot, simplifying the game and changing the distribution model to something more akin to an LCG. I am a huge fan of the Aliens franchise when it's not being treated like trash. I saw the art and saw Ripley and was like F' Yeah! Was even more excited to find that it was a stand alone and no booster collecting. Then I read the rule book... And I was surprised. It was well written and the game is in fact simple and I find it's current form fun. After reading the section that just goes over the VS mechanics I felt I had a strong grasp. Best part, game takes 5 minutes to teach. I built the two suggested decks in the rule book, read the Aliens set specific mechanics and went straight to facehugging people. Which is a mechanic.
  6. The Games We Play

    On a side note, I picked up the Aliens VS. game and it's actually a bit fun. I didn't realize they had redone the game and did stand alone set buys instead of a traditional booster model and this might be something I collect.
  7. The Games We Play

    I generally only get to play on weekends right now. My focus is FighterZ, FFXIV, and Paladins. Everything else is kind of on the back burner until I get to my next set of classes.
  8. What is OCTGN? OCTGN is a virtual table top with an integrated player lobby and chat system that supports custom card and board games. The DBSCG Game Definition lets players play their favorite Dragon Ball Super Card Game on there!! This OCTGN patch is maintained by Brandon Shollenberger. What you need: OCTGN - Download Here Image Packs - http://www.hi-izuru.org/DBZ/ After you install OCTGN, here are the steps to add the DBSCG patch to the program: Open OCTGN. Click on "Games Manager" tab Click "Add Game Feed" From Add Game Feed, input the following: Name: DBZ Feed Feed URL/Path: https://www.myget.org/F/dbzccg/ Leave the rest blank. After the game feed is installed, click the drop box to the left of "Add Game Feed" and select "DBZ Feed". From there, you have the option to install or uninstall the game. To add images, you have to download each image file. To add the images in-game, click "Add Image Packs" and select the .o8c file(s). After installing the image pack(s), you should get a success prompt. That's it! You're all set to play DBSCG online via OCTGN. Enjoy the many benefits OCTGN has to offer, like game rooms, matchmaking, etc. Notes from the developer: "As a quick note, you will need to add both versions of your leader to your deck (and manually switch them out) until the code can be written to add an Awaken command. Also, I want to give a big shout out to Manveer Singh who has helped out quite a bit with getting this patch ready. There are a few useful shortcuts you might want to try to use while playing. At the start of the game, you can right mouse click the table and select an option to setup the game (or press F12) to automatically place your leader into play and draw your initial 6 cards. After you mulligan, you can do the same but select the option to setup your life or press F10) to automatically place the top 8 cards of your deck into your lIfe zone. When placing energy, I recommend right clicking on the card or holding Ctrl and pressing E to automatically send the card to your energy zone (this will also place the card upside down)."