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  1. Yeah I can do all that. I'll drop the site this evening and provide info on making them this weekend.
  2. As of right now I get mine through the Awesome Sauce Facebook group for FanZ. For Pan I own a play set of almost every card. The few I had made was done through a website that caught on and started refusing. I am experienced making my own and it's actually not that hard with an ink jet.
  3. Score Play for a Long awaited games on Kinect

    Posting to sell or buy cards should be done in the Marketplace and follow all relative rules in that area, one of which would be no posting external links to web-store sites and similar things. I've deleted the offending post. Thank you for understanding.
  4. Nintendo E3 Direct

    They're doing great so far with the Switch. They continue to regularly add titles and deliver 1st parties that are fun. They recently started cross play with Xbox on Paladins and with it coming soon for Minecraft, I got a feeling that library of cross play will grow which is a great thing for gamers in general. Now if Sony will jump on that bandwagon, there may never be a stale or dead multiplayer again.
  5. And why I still ride the Awesome Sauce train.
  6. Try using winrar. Just tested it and the file itself is fine. This however, isn't updated with 10 and 10.5 yet which I plan to do this coming week.
  7. I should probably update the card downloads lol. As far as Image packs go, that's handled by someone else and I haven't been on OCTGN in a while.
  8. Dragon Ball Super Anime Discussion

    Back on topic though, Super falls into the same level as GT for me. Half good, half horrible. It just happen to accomplish this through different methods. Now for the future of the franchise. If Toriyama can bring back the adventurous magic of Dragon Ball through a Kid Trunks, Goten, Pan, and Uub series, I would 100% forgive every transgression towards fans of every anime ever. Don't get me wrong. I appreciate what Goku did for anime in the early years when it was just starting to take hold in the west and DBZ is one of the biggest contributors to that. However, I think it's clear considering which anime are actually blowing up now, that while action is important all anyone cares about (outside DBZ fans) is character development. My Hero Academia is fun and filled with quirks (see what I did there) but its the development of my favorite characters that keeps me watching. Seeing more and more of their personality break through as they figure out what being a hero means to them individually.
  9. Dragon Ball Super Anime Discussion

    My only problem with Xenoverse is the community of people who don't understand the concept of competitive fighters. I understand that DBZ game fans are use to giant rosters of copy and paste (I saw someone once comment that every character in Xenoverse had a unique style of play and moveset but I think they were 10), but a competitive fighter can't be that. Every character has to be unique and built from the ground up and Arc System doesn't know any other way but to meticulously craft each character. Plus the FG community has only been waiting like 20 years for this. Also, I'll say it to their face. If a persons gripe is auto combos they most likely suck and haven't broken away from them... and if they're losing to them... that's a conversation for another day that ends with them sucking lol.
  10. Dragon Ball Super Anime Discussion

    I use the term Brawler for Xenoverse.
  11. D&D and other RPGs

    I actually liked 4th edition and have most of the books for it.
  12. Dragon Ball Super Anime Discussion

    You'll always have friends on that mountain here.
  13. Dragon Ball Super Anime Discussion

    ... Are... we ... twins? While there are moments that I enjoyed Super I also felt GT had better plot concepts. Unfortunately, GT got shit as far as execution and direction was concerned and will forever have a bad taste in most people's mouths. Transformations got out of hand with Super and when I first watched Gods I thought that was how it was going to stay. However, that is what trademarks Super. The series of transformation... Unfortunately though the Serious of Unfortunate Transformations ruined my hope that an updated GT would happen (essentially continue on into GT arcs but without the shit execution). However, SSG, Blue, and Instinct negate the idea of SS4 which is still my favorite transformation. So bringing it back would be pointless unless it was somehow the better option. I guess you could argue the transformation to kid rendered Goku unable to access the transformations and make it to where Baby cannot access the God forms due to some kind of impurities. I still think it could work though. You could still reasonably use the Black Star Arc, The Baby Arc, and The Shadow Dragon Arc. The Super 17 Arc is no longer needed as we have the 17 we deserve now. You could even make the Shadow Dragons a cosmic balancing act that Gods and Angels are not to interfere with leaving Goku and friends on their own. Beerus would be unlikely to care about Baby's revenge and you could argue that Whis would leave them too it as it was coming to the Saiyans and they must be the ones to overcome it. Just some thoughts.
  14. D&D and other RPGs

    This is the complaint most people had about 4th edition. 5th edition is however a strong compromise between 3.5 and 4th edition. There's plenty there for more serious players to number crunch and develop perfect builds with plenty of options still for the casual player who just wants to hop in and have fun, along with everything in between. Of course there is always Pathfinder which is basically 3.5+. Most of what you love about 3.5 with a few improvements to help you ease in newer players. The store I'm at, along with myself, have become obsessed with Legend of the Five Rings. We're already doing weekly events for the LCG and we're getting ready to implement the RPG coming out for it.

    I had the same problems with the X-Files card game. I really loved the aspect of playing "Clue" in a TCG with the X-Files theme and mechanics but it wasn't something for everyone. You essentially played detective, gathering witnesses and clues and putting teams together to win opportunities to ask your opponent a question about the Mystery they were hiding until you narrowed it down and could expose the Mystery. Wasn't intuitive for people use to playing Magic and most didn't want to play more than one or two games.