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  1. Set 3 Attack On Titan - Information Thread

    The thing is, that can be corrected to some degree inside the game itself. MtG often creates mechanics to be thematically to the plane being visited in that block. Some are misses but others shine. MetaX is such a simple system it is easy to implement mechanics that are unique to the IP and set. They just need to figure out how though that part might be difficult.
  2. Dragon Ball FighterZ

    But... the tutorial... plus the Beta is specifically there for testing the servers. It's not there for players to enjoy the game but so the developers can try to take care of as many day one server issues as they can before day one. There is a practice mode in the full game.
  3. Set 3 Attack On Titan - Information Thread

    This is the problem I'm having. MetaX is the game I wanted to win. But no one within 4 hours of driving plays. So no one carries it. I think the first IP is mostly to blame. Also, a few people in my area still hold a grudge for the cash cow that was Set 7 and the termination that was the end of a beloved game.
  4. Set 3 Attack On Titan - Information Thread

    Popular is a relative term which is why I intentionally did not use it. I would say both of those games have a dedicated fan base but they are rarely successful outside that fan base. Similar to how Heroclix works. Sometimes the IP's will draw in a few new players or returning old players, but generally few stay outside that dedicated fan base. I have no doubt MetaX will be successful amongst its dedicated fan base. I have no doubt that some IP's will draw in new and old players at times. But the ones that stay will be mostly the dedicated fan base with others dipping in and out. For example, I don't like UFS. But I am getting a collection of the Cowboy Bebop set. Won't play it, won't collect it past that. They'll have a one time increase that won't be there for the next set.
  5. Set 3 Attack On Titan - Information Thread

    I think so. I don't think AoT will take it out of the slump the way the few die hard think. It will have some good sales at first and then people will realize that the next set may not be an IP they want. They will eventually have to have Power Creep or Rotation to filter out things that might be too powerful and to keep from printing the same cards just with different IP's. This will disenfranchise players that are there for their IP. Now, I know it has been said you will not have to leave IP's to stay competitive but lets face it... that is an impossibility that no game has ever achieved.
  6. Dragon Ball FighterZ

    I had plans to play but family bs screwed that for me. It's okay, I'll catch the next one. It is good to here a review from someone that actually knows what they're talking about. Most of the hate I've seen on mechanics have come from people that end up revealing that fighting games aren't their thing anyways... I can't understand the hate for Auto Combos, worst off, people acting like it's the first game with auto combos. In every game I've played that has an auto combo situation they have never been useful at high level competitive play. I could always tell when someone was using stylish mode on BB or didn't know manuals on KI. Once I realized that, the ass whooping was on. I think I remember reading someone didn't like it because they get ass stomped. Man... It's good to see casuals in the fighting game scene haven't changed. I missed the good old days of being called a cheater for blocking and parring attacks consistently. It's good to know that will be coming back with the accessibility of this game (Hint: I'm not a jerk, banter is part of the fun in Fighting Games).
  7. Oversaturation

    Not sure which Beyond pieces we're getting since the focus will be The Animated Series, but if they don't do an Old Man Wayne and a Terry I'll be disappointed. I'll let you know what I pull. There's still a few months before that set drops. We're getting an X-men set focused around Xavier's school and students this February and then a TMNT set just after that.
  8. Oversaturation

    Yep. The set will also include characters from Justice League Unlimited, Batman Beyond, and Super Friends. It's going to be an awesome set for fans of the DC universe during the late 90s and early 2000s. I'm super excited for it. Especially, since the Animated Series has my favorite cartoon Joker.
  9. Oversaturation

    Over-saturation is never a good thing for collectors who need time to buy product, fill in gaps, and shop for the best deals on the market. The ones who can't drop money on a half case from the start run the risk of falling behind when product is being released too fast. That coupled with exclusive promos to collect can disenfranchise a serious collector. For myself I'm what you would call a competitive collector. I collect a play set of each unique card. Alt art promos and reprints don't interest me much but even then, if unique content is released too close together it could mean trouble for me. Thankfully, they've been doing better. The Thor stuff is still good, and the next set shouldn't knock that or the recent Harley set out. Plus, Batman the Animated Series is getting a set. While I agree sets come out too quickly I can still just buy the IP's I care about and stay relevant. Now to wait for Uni Mind to cycle out.
  10. Oversaturation

    The key word is "past". If there is a market for it, it is on their mind. Whether or not they ever try it depends on whether or not they have respect for the market and if they believe they can keep the vast majority of their player base after doing it.
  11. The Caster Chronicles TCG

    I wish Kaijudo had been successful. I still have my Set 1 competitive deck but I saw it dying and didn't bother buying product after Set 1.
  12. The Caster Chronicles TCG

    The reason I'm not following this game and the reason I left Force of Will. Oh we know. The problem is, no matter how many not THOSE types of guys you have playing this game, the filth will come... in droves... and will eventually creep out most gaming scenes playing this or drive into perpetual toxicity.
  13. Red/Green Hit/Champa?

    Moved to the appropriate section.
  14. When to call it quits.

    For some people proxies are not enough. It's why I'm still buying PanZ and why I've waited for my Awesome Sauce cards before touching FanZ.
  15. What's everyone looking forward to in gaming?

    Wasn't looking forward too it but I bought Player Unknown's Battlegrounds for Xbox One on a whim... I didn't know I had a thing for the "hunger games" genre but apparently I do. If you go into it casually looking to just tactically cause mayhem you actually do pretty well and have lots of fun.