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  1. Set 10

    Yes. It's still moving forward according to the developers. Seeing as how this should be a Mastery set I suspect it will take a bit more time to develop. At least, I hope it does since Mastery cards are suppose to introduce new specialized deck types.
  2. Worst TCG you've ever played?

    I wanted to love FoW but couldn't stay in it long enough to hate it either. Not so much due to mechanics, but mostly due to the demographic it attracted in my area.
  3. Worst TCG you've ever played?

    I think it would be similar to Archenemy from MtG. Someone from the fantasy card Facebook group put together boss MP's and decks. With some tweaking and balance adjustments it could be done that way.
  4. Welcome @Vile, I knew someone loved me!
  5. Yay! A member!

    I think what makes him great is that he doesn't lose range when he uses Hypersonic. I can't stand Superman though. Most of them are built like a tank with too many good powers on and single click. They can easily take a team alone if you don't play 110% and it just leads to slow games where you're trying to figure out getting around him.
  6. DBS new pplayer

    Welcome. Make sure to have a fun time, check out the clubs, and socialize with the awesome people that make Top Tier the best place on earth.
  7. Yay! A member!

    High Noon Flash is great. I can Hypersonic and attack and hide all in one move making it impossible for them to get to him. This allows me to move in with lesser range characters on that target without fear of them retaliating with them.
  8. Yay! A member!

    I picked up Heroclix when PanZ announced its death. Now I'm around 400 pieces in. I've slowed down collecting now that I know what I like to play which is mostly stuff from the TMNT universe. I am enjoying the High Noon theme from Elseworld.
  9. Yay! A member!

    Yeah, I had to create topics in order to have people post. I was going to grab the starter for new rule pamphlets and the map. After that I was going to grab a gravity feed of undead and a yondu from the last guardians set. I collect monsters, guardians and turtles.
  10. Thor, Zombies, and Dr. Frankenstein, Oh My! Plus, the 2017 Ruleset. 2017 Ruleset This month the new Thor set releases and with it should come the new 2017 Ruleset. The ruleset was originally expected to release with the DC Elseworld set, however, WizKids felt it was best to postpone the release of the new rules to finish fine tuning them. The new ruleset brings much needed balance as well as less complexity. The idea is to make the game more intuitive, making it easier to learn and bring in new players. The most notable stage is the change in phases. Before, if you didn’t do a non-free action, you remained at the beginning of your turn. This allowed players to perform as many free actions as they wanted before using their beginning of turn effects. Now free actions will end the beginning of turn phase and players will have to consider the final board state at the end of their turn when considering the beginning of their turn. Many abilities change that now limit combos, for example, Psychic/Penetrating Blast and Energy Explosion. Before, Energy Explosion did not require spending a non-free action and could be combined with other actions such as Psychic/Penetrating Blast, creating an explosive zone that ignored all defenses. I will miss the combo as it significantly reduces some of my favorite pieces such as Boom Boom from the Deadpool and the X-Forces set, but I understand limiting someone’s ability to wipe a full team in one or two attacks. However, some abilities become stronger. Leadership will get a notable increase in strength. Its current text is “At the beginning of your turn, give this character a free action and roll a d6. On a result of 5 or 6, add one action to your action total for that turn and this character may remove an action token from an adjacent friendly character with a lower point value.” Its change will now automatically give you an extra action total and will now also allow you on a result of 5 or 6 remove an action token from a friendly adjacent character with a lower point value or shares a keyword. The tradeoff is that it will be an Unique Modifier making it to where you can only activate the ability once a turn. While this may seem like a steep trade, it makes the ability stronger through reliability. The Mighty Thor Thor set releases this month. It will feature a starter set, token pack, and booster box known as a brick. Normally bricks are 10 packs, but this set will instead come with 8 packs and 1 colossal figure. Colossal figures take up a 2x2 space, are much larger than normal figures, and boast more power per point cost. 8 Colossal figures will release this set and I look forward to seeing which ones are released. Below is the distribution of rarity in the set: The Marvel HeroClix: The Mighty Thor Booster Set has over 70 new figures to collect: · 16 Common figures (plus one Prime) · 16 Uncommon figures (plus one Prime) · 16 Rare figures (plus one Prime) · 12 Super Rare figures (plus one Prime) · 8 Chase figures · 8 Colossal figures · 24 Weapon Objects (included with select figures in 5-Figure Boosters and Super Boosters) Every pack will contain at least 1 rare or higher and each case (2 bricks) should have 1 chase. Zombies and Dr. Frankenstein Also announced for release in August is the Undead Heroclix Gravity Feed set. With it comes new monsters, ghost, and madmen alike. I’m looking forward to playing Dr. Frankenstein and Frankenstein’s Monster. I’ll be buying a full gravity feed. Below is the distribution of rarity in the set: In this 24-count gravity feed, there are 19 different figures to collect. The rarity breakdown is as follows: · 9 Common figures · 8 Rare figures · 2 Chase figures With an impulse-friendly price point, single-figure foil packs are a great purchase for new and established players alike! References Heroclix 2017 Rules 2: Keywords. (2017, March 2). Retrieved from Heroclix: https://wizkids.com/heroclix/2017/03/02/heroclix-2017-rules-2-keywords/ The Mighty Thor. (2017). Retrieved from Heroclix: https://wizkids.com/heroclix/marvel-heroclix-the-mighty-thor/ Undead Heroclix. (2017). Retrieved from Heroclix: https://wizkids.com/heroclix/wizkids-heroclix-undead/
  11. Worst TCG you've ever played?

    I'm not one to give into conspiracies, but I'm almost certain that Panini Corporate knew there was a chance they weren't going to take the license. I don't believe the whole development team knew, but I find it hard to believe for a second Aik didn't know.
  12. Why don't Living Card Games get more popular?

    Yeah, I wish they would find another way to push FanZ. I still like the concept of FanZ and plan to keep a deck built for larger events but Retro right now is just a troll fest with most legitimate conversations being buried or picked apart by a few who don't seem to know what they're actually rebelling against. Revived games don't do well. I play Heroclix and technically it's a revival since it's original existence was pure shit and they had to completely overhaul it to make it actually fun. Even then, it barely hangs on in most areas. This month marks its 2nd overhaul when Thor comes out. A complete re-balance and supposed rewrite of the rules to make the game approachable. Hoping it works because Heroclix is the perfect game for a massive IP pool and all they need is the popularity to pull in the IP's. Literally, overnight everyone I knew was quitting. I took in two collections, one I got for free, the other I got for 3 DnD books and he had around $450 worth the cards even after the Z Market crashed. I'm actually planning on building a LCG out of Commons and Uncommon. My goal is to have 4 sets of everything Common and Uncommon, have a few friends over, set the timer for 1 hour for deck building and then throw down a few games.
  13. Worst TCG you've ever played?

    It almost sounds as if they knew their time was coming and decided to start ramping up production for dream cards and strategies they wanted to do.
  14. Why don't Living Card Games get more popular?

    This is the hardest point to drive home. There are a lot of TCG's that are not MtG, Yugioh, or Pokémon that are dead and worthless. Some of which are considered successful. Few people play them and you'd be hard pressed to find a game even with those that have large collections. But my LCG's and DBG's, I pull one out and can easily fill a table. Tons of people in my area still have their PanZ cards, I'm the only one willing to put effort into playing, but I bring in an LCG supported or not and people take the time to learn and play.
  15. Why don't Living Card Games get more popular?

    The RPG comparison is a bad comparison. Unless you cheat, in most RPG's both table top and digital, your character takes days worth of hours to get to max level and puzzles are inherently challenging as part of the fun. I don't think anyone is knocking the experience of chasing cards, what sets people indifferent to your opinion that you still don't seem to get is assuming that people who would prefer TCG's move closer to LCG's "...want everything handed to them..." when for most it's actually quite the opposite. Most of us are looking at the potential in competitive environments when every one is an equal in terms of collection. The idea that people are winning and losing entirely based on deck building and piloting skills vs. your normal local scene that usually has it's top players based on luck pulls and money sink. Here's a better comparison. You have two major types of MMO's nowadays. You have P2W or Acquire and the Subscription model. P2W is comparable to TCG's in that the more money you sink, the more access you have, the more advantage you have over someone that didn't sink as much money. Where subscription base (and yes, they still exist and thrive) is comparable to LCG's in that you pay a periodic charge to move on, everyone is on equal footing in terms to content access and advantage is entirely based on time spent, skill developed, and natural talent. Both spend money, though people that are heavy into P2W or Acquire tend to spend more money then they would on a subscription based model. The Subscription base player doesn't expect everything to be handed to them, they just prefer that the challenge of competition be based solely on time spent vs. a combination of money and time spent. Essentially, they don't want to be at a disadvantage because they bought 50 less packs then the guy they are facing which is a factual problem in most TCG's. Try to remember, most of us are coming from a competitive standpoint, not a collector's standpoint. So return value isn't the most important to us and "...everything handed to them..." is a logical fallacy based on an assumption that applies to a different argument all together. Most every competitive player will agree, losing to someone because they pulled better cards in their packs isn't ideal nor is it a test of actual skill. TL:DR If you left out the "...everything handed to them..." part you bring up in every discussion that follows this same track, most people would probably agree with you and see your point as extremely valid. That's not to say, some people couldn't try to lay there's a bit less stern, but given that is your constant go to, you should understand some of them being frustrated with it.
  16. Why don't Living Card Games get more popular?

    I think most people knew who you were talking about when you mentioned him earlier sadly. I've been through a lot of different games and LCG's and DBG's (besides RPG's) have always been my favorite. The problem comes down to finding players. When I crack open Star Realm, people will play. The game takes 5 minutes to teach and games are finished in 20 minutes. It's an extremely well done DBG. The problem? As fun and competitive as it is, people don't want to buy it themselves or play it long term because of the hold TCG's have. I've met people with the idea that it would make them a casual (which has become a dirty word somehow), I've met people who are worried they'll miss out on the next big thing from their favorite TCG, and I've met people who have a gambling addiction and can't help cracking packs every time they have an opportunity to buy (I use to be this person). From a customer standpoint, LCG's have the better business model and can offer an extremely large pool of competitive players vs. what most average locals have which is usually a few heavily competitive players (that can afford to dig deep in their pockets) that dominate and a large number of casual players that are just having fun with what they have. LCG communities also deal with theft and "collection elitist" a lot less and every one that I've had the pleasure of visiting is extremely welcoming and excited for new players. With an LCG, I just need to buy a box for about $65-$100 and I'm caught up and ready to play. All that's left is to learn, study the meta, and practice.
  17. Welcome Kit and Gencon promos, lead up to release

    And I quote "... dead on arrival here.." I've already done four demos for DBS. They're well advertised, no one has any interest and the PanZ players have moved on. Chances are it's not going to pick up here for a few sets. At least not until OP actually happens.
  18. Welcome Kit and Gencon promos, lead up to release

    Same here. I even have comic book stores that also do gaming that have heard nothing. They have access to it but none of them received push notifications from Panini nor distributers. It's actually looking like both this and Super are going to be dead on arrival here though my store got correspondence about super and did a demo day for it with no success.
  19. Fortunate Events

    Well, originally I was going for Black Goku... but given the current state of my country I don't think that would go over well for unrelated to DBZ reasons.
  20. Fortunate Events

    Well this is hard to do. Unfortunately (fortunately?), due to some exciting events in my life I will be unable to pick up Dragon Ball Super as a hobby. I've recently started a new job that demands a great deal of my attention as well as finishing up some degree stuff in school. That coupled with my wife becoming pregnant with what will be our 3rd Z warrior, my financial plans have shifted and I won't be able to take up a new hobby. In the near future I will be investing in a new vehicle and a new house (need another room now), however, I will still be around to talk to you guys about whatever is going on and as soon as things stabilize I'll hop in and join the battle. I was looking forward to helping everyone pioneer this game. Good luck and hopefully your battles will be many. I will still be keeping up with my download hosting of PanZ and FanZ.
  21. Allow me to reintroduce myself, my name is....

    Doing good. Couldn't get into BanZ for certain reasons but I too am patiently awaiting my set 8 and 9 cards.
  22. Worst TCG you've ever played?

    That's why I pointed out "fun on a strategical level," otherwise it was worth giggles and shots. I actually think a few games one of us almost died taking shots.
  23. Worst TCG you've ever played?

    The worst game I've played was Shaman King. It's been a long time and I'm going off of memory but I'll try to describe it. You had a character with a slide out part similar to a pull tab in a pop up book. You had a deck. Sounds simple... Very simple. The game played a lot like traditional "War" and I can't remember a single game out of about 50 or so that was fun on a strategical level. I'm absolutely certain it was a money grab trying to profit off of the ending steam of the anime. The game that pissed me off the most was Inuyasha by Score. I actually liked its concepts and thought with work and actual effort it could have been great. However, in Score/Panini fashion they completely fucked it up and dropped it. The sad part is that Inuyasha was still popular and with proper effort and advertisement could have done well. However, I guess if that hadn't happened we may not have gotten a proper Yu Yu and Bleach game.
  24. Timing of Extra cards

    Specific timings are listed for a turn. The non-turn player only has counter timings and defense step timings. You cannot play a card with timing "Activate: Main" while you are the non-turn player. It is only listed as a Turn Player timing.
  25. Fortunate Events

    The hardest part so far has been convincing her to let me name the child Marron if it's a girl or Bojack if it's a boy.