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  1. I was really hoping they would wait until Majin Vegeta to fix the villain stack. It's a nice homage to the stack but it could be done better and seems like a waste of design space for a stack that otherwise won't compare. Frieza was an easy argument for a new level 1. He has a good stack otherwise. Not an S Tier stack but a good, fun stack. All he needed was a level 1. Fixing villain Vegeta will require a new stack. All you can accomplish with a new level one is to create a good camp level.
  2. Eventually, we will receive a final CRD for PanZ. FanZ devs have already made it clear that they intend to build the FanZ engine off of the final CRD, which is most likely the reason there's been a delay in set 9. My solution to correcting some of the items that will most likely remain problematic even after the final CRD is to re-balance a few choice problems through errata'd reprints in FanZ sets. For example, set 9 could release a "Promo" Orange Retribution Mastery with proper errata's to help bring it more aligned with the strength of other Mastery cards. This allows a virtual correction for a problem card that can be corrected and change as needed. Too big of a buff, loosen up a bit. Not enough, ad a bit more. This allows changes to PanZ cards without a large errata document since you just enforce a most recent print rule with the virtual version being the most recent. Now someone will bring up copyright this and that. Pretty certain if they change the set symbol, image, wording (obviously if you're errata'ing it), and add the FanZ disclaimer it will fall under fair use. However, given the fact that Richie openly supports the idea of the format, I don't think Panini is going to come after us for making new versions of old cards. Now... discuss.
  3. The only thing you need to do to fix Orange Retribution is remove the +2 Anger.
  4. I like it. As I said earlier, something to level you up without benefiting your opponent or having to sacrifice a whole lot that can fit in most any deck is needed to compete with MPPV without being another MPPV. People complain about Orange Retribution but don't think about a world without Blue and Red Goku's to stand against it. Your idea is probably the most balanced.
  5. The game play is fast though and that will be a breath of fresh air compared to 1hr + rounds. It'll be nice since there's a good chance of this game having best of 2 throughout a tournament.
  6. It's selling point will be the 15min rounds that seem possible.
  7. True. Even given I'm not 100% on Bandai's MS War/Naruto/Yugioh hybrid engine, I'm 1000% more likely to play it over MetaX at this point.
  8. They're not looking so hot right now. Given that Bandai is pulling out all the stops and holding nothing back. Even giving away demo product to anyone who wants some up to a limited amount of course... Things are looking bleak for the Richie and the gang.
  9. That reminds me. Before f***ing fixing anything else. They need to go over and undo their bullshit because we f**ked up and need to change the laws of language to fix it. My first example. Bulma Ally. The ruling stating that cards attached to her are not considered in play is counter productive to the ruling that cards attached are considered in play. I understand they did it because of Acquisition Drill. Seriously though. How broken can it be given that most decks don't run Bulma and it's rare you would attach a drill to her given the number of greater threats in most decks. Want to chase players away... make rulings that contradict each other and enforce them both at the same time. Next fix, Beerus Ally. I understand the reason behind the ruling. However, the ruling goes against both the text on the cards in question and the rules of the game. Instead... freaking errata him so that it works within already existing parameters. I swear. Panini devs were on jenkem when they were making some of the rulings and cards.
  10. It's honestly nothing more than one last attempt at insulting the customer bases intelligence. We'll see what the final CRD does. Hopefully, it includes all of the wiki and blog clarifications. Otherwise, that shit will eventually be lost to time.
  11. Banish after use is an official errata for Unleashed.
  12. My idea for Unleashed Unleashed - Event (Limit 2 per deck. If you advance a level with this cards effect, you cannot win by MPPV for the remainder of the game.) POWER: If there are no cards attached to your MP search your Life Deck for a card that can Attach to your MP and Attach it to your MP. You may banish any number of cards Attached to your MP. If you do, advance your MP X levels where X equals the number of Attached cards banished by this cards effect. If your opponent cannot win by MPPV, you may lower your MP to a lower MP level. If you do, lower your opponent's MP to the same level. (Banish after use.) There's a rough idea for a fix I thought of. Probably could use some work.
  13. Of course, the Mastery I created revolves around getting rid of Unleashed so that Goku isn't more broken by its existence. If it proved too powerful I already have the nerf on hand. Add to the parenthetical "If you advanced or lowered a level with this card's "POWER" this turn, you can only use your MP's CONTINOUS effects."
  14. At this point, banning Unleased takes away a reason to not play Retribution. They have a near limitless power in FanZ to bring the ultimate balance but the good old days seems to have them by the balls. I would fix Blue Terror. It was banned because of Goku. The problem is, Goku is the problem, not Blue Terror. I would change it just enough to fix that combo while maintaining the intent of the card. This way, we keep our only good Goku stack (still needs nerfs but a style only nerf would not fix the Blue Terror problem). Blue Terror (After this card resolves, for the remainder of the game, you cannot play or use cards named Blue Terror.) ... rest of Blue Terror... A simple, easy to understand fix. The card remains in the game, and cannot be juggled. It remains functional and keeps its intent which was to be a one-time search. Now for my thoughts on Stryyder's idea. Red Phasing Mastery (If you advance or lower a level with this cards "POWER" you cannot win by MPPV. This cards "POWER" can only be used once per game.) Continous: Whenever one of your style attacks deals 5 or more life cards of damage, raise your anger 1. When you advance a level, draw a card and then discard a card. When you lower a level, draw a card. Power: Banish 5 styled cards with different names to advance or lower you MP by 1 level.
  15. Here it is, the image collection I've been working on. Everything needed is there except some alt art promos and Beerus. I couldn't find a hi-res scan of Beerus, but as soon as I get one it will be updated. I have painstakingly renamed every card based on its collector's number to make it somewhat easier to find (Panini's naming conventions for their files became horrendous as they got into later sets). Below is a link to tournament documents needed for competitive play. It includes the most recent CRD's, Tournament Guide and Rulebook for PanZ and FanZ. This will also be updated each time there is a change. Below is the link for the Image Packs for OCTGN as provided and maintained by Brandon Shollenberger. All other instructions for installing OCTGN and the DBZ Feed remain the same for now. Drop a comment to let me know if anything isn't right or if the link stops working. I'm not sure how you request a sticky but I think this would be something useful to have at the top. I will be keeping this updated as FanZ progresses. I'll continue to keep a quick startup for new players active for as long as FanZ is still a thing.
  16. I find the current rule book to be clunky and drawn out. I think it could be done better and creating a new document for PanZ allows them to flesh things out while having a document that can easily be edited. Any time a ruling changes how something in the rule book works, it's better to change and update the rule book than it is to add another line to the CRD and having their own that isn't cluttered by images allows them to do this quickly without much process.
  17. Also, what are your thoughts on a full re-write of the rule-book to coincide with FanZ?
  18. Proper play testing would have fixed most of that. There rules for banning cards was ignorant and put them in a bad spot with Unleashed. Making MRP versions of errata'd cards was a great idea. Not dating the part saying MRP was stupid and making them promos not easily obtained was lemming level stupid.
  19. We could always pay you to do it lol.
  20. In that case I redact my first paragraph.
  21. I'm honestly hoping for a stacks. The fusion mechanic in ScoreZ was just bad and while there may be a smart way to implement a mechanic, if it creates any sort of complexity even on a small scale it will get picked apart by speed decks.
  22. You're doing it again. Making assumptions about assumptions. I said I expect it to and did not push it as fact. It's my opinion about the situation. Naruto was successful and no one has denied that. However, it can easily be argued that its success was due to IP. While the game can be fun it was handled poorly at times and there were many valid complaints from consumers that went unheeded through the course of its lifespan. However, I can name 4 CCG cash grabs, 3 of which came after Naruto and an LCG that came after Naruto off the top of my head that was all badly done cash grabs. Being that these are more recent than their 1 successful game, they become the pillar of which you base the pattern. Statistically speaking, DBZS by Bandai has low odds for proper support and success. I also apply the same logic to MetaX. PanZ was a cash grab from hell. Poor marketing... shit... no marketing, poor customer service, employees running rampant on social media, horrible pull rates on UR's, UR's that became staples in every deck and the list goes on. Now you have Afterworld which follows the same marketing strategy. No one knows of it except a very small group and they make almost no effort to promote and support it. In my book, Afterworld is a failed game. If you include ScoreZ under their belt that leaves you with 1/3 games being successful and they are exhibiting the same patterns with this game that they had with PanZ. The chances of them successfully supporting this game are not on their side. I won't be giving either company my money. Both Bandai and Panini have odds that are stacked against them. It isn't mean, dumb, or ignorant to choose not to support them given the numbers. It isn't bad or mean for people like me to advise others of their recent mistakes, none of which have been rectified. It is, however, ignorant of you to assume other's intent and lump people together in a sinking boat. When I talk about Bandai or Panini and their ability to make decisions that negatively impact consumers, it's based on experience and measurable evidence. I do it so that others can make more informed choices. Believe it or not, many people have never dealt with either company and they should know about their recent endeavors before investing large amounts of time and money.
  23. It's a little ironic when someone makes assumptions about another's assumptions while being upset about assumptions. Bandai has a bad track record. I expect it to fail because of measurable patterns. I expect the same results for MetaX based on measurable patterns. A lot of people have come to these ideas based on record. It would help your argument if you held yourself to the same standards you wish others would hold themselves to. With that said, I don't wish either game to finish, but I can look at the patterns the two companies have set and know better than to give either of them more of my money.
  24. It basically comes down to people having lives and this no longer being a major focus. I have two hobbies at any given time and this is not one of those active hobbies. The only reason I still visit this site is that there are still some decent people to have conversations with here but Score/Pan/FanZ is not a current focus for me right now.
  25. That's nothing to be sorry for. Re-Z died in most places before it launched and in set one in other places. Continuing past set 1 only happened in a few locations. The support for the game was near nill.