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  1. Flute/SS3 "Errata"

    I don't have a negative opinion about FanZ but I've always felt set 6 was the best state of the game.
  2. Flute/SS3 "Errata"

    Damn. You know what's worst about this. I called all of their shenanigans from the start and then got blindsided by how gung-ho they were coming in. On the one side I hate that I was right but didn't listen. While on the other side there were a few key players from Retro pushing this game too hard and trolley like so I was turned off from it before buying in to catch up so I didn't put more than 50 in this game. I should have stuck to my guns the whole time though.
  3. MetaX set 5 revealed - is it a new IP?

    I think the part I like most about the rotation is that you essentially don't lose what you've got. The current live set would be broken given its creep if it had access to the comic cards so a separation was needed to keep development simple, but if really don't want too, you don't have to stop playing the decks you love. Even if they eventually stop being competitive.
  4. MetaX set 5 revealed - is it a new IP?

    I basically just buy each set and build the starter decks that are listed in the rule book. I have a bunch of starter theme based decks I keep around and just play with people for fun. Game takes 5 minutes to teach to someone.
  5. MetaX set 5 revealed - is it a new IP?

    I can only speak for the current incarnation (LCG) of the game as I never played it as a TCG. Learning the game took me a few minutes. My first set was the Aliens set and the rule-book was well done in my opinion. Took just a few minutes to read the game play section and start playing. If I ran into something specific I usually found in it in the rule book for the set the card came from. Which means they took the time to forward clarify. You also get a play set of everything so each set is a one of buy. Most rulings are what I would consider intuitive and straightforward. Essentially, they're rulings are either based off card text, rule-book, or precedence. Not the shit some companies, who will remain nameless but they know who they are, would do, such as making a ruling completely out of their ass and rework the English language to fix something broken. If something is broke they errata or ban it and they're not afraid to do it to preserve a fair tournament environment. Themes are released fleshed out which is nice and while I don't go to any events at this time I keep up with the community and most tournaments seem incredibly varied and people seem to play what they love. Since themes are better fleshed out more than most games I've played it seems like you'd still have fun even if you're just going 5-2 or 4-3. The community really stands out and everyone seems awesome, I haven't encountered a single troll in the Facebook group yet. Some joking around with friends but everyone seems to genuinely love the game and it shows. We also received hints that we might be getting a Buffy the Vampire Slayer set. Hoping that pans out. Now on to the recent meat and potatoes. They recently did their first rotation and at first it was a culture shock but now it makes sense after implementation. They've been releasing comic book based cards. Recently they released their first live based cards featuring the Marvel Movies. The rotation works like this. Comic book cards can't mix with live action cards. At first this shocked people but it actually worked out. The one set has enough creep to put it on par with comic book decks featuring all of the resources they already have. This allows someone to drop in new to the game and have a very cheap entry while being competitive. As more Live sets come out the Comic sets will receive support so they stay on par and don't feel the creep. So far I've seen few if any complaints about this implementation and I'm hoping it pans out in the long run.
  6. MetaX set 5 revealed - is it a new IP?

    TTG was probably the only IP they could get at this point.
  7. MetaX set 5 revealed - is it a new IP?

    I'm enjoying the reboot so far and think they did great making it an lcg.
  8. MetaX set 5 revealed - is it a new IP?

    For the love of Kami, Panini let go of DC so VS. can have it and put it in a game people actually play.
  9. ***UPDATE*** 11/18/2017 Once I am certain all changes have been made to set 10 or on December 1st, whichever comes first, I will update the starter pack. ***UPDATE*** 11/18/2017 Here it is, the image collection I've been working on. Everything needed is there except some alt art promos and Beerus. I couldn't find a hi-res scan of Beerus, but as soon as I get one it will be updated. I have painstakingly renamed every card based on its collector's number to make it somewhat easier to find (Panini's naming conventions for their files became horrendous as they got into later sets). https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BzI8YZLelEpkZk9uNnpsWHlxQ0E/view?usp=sharing Below is a link to tournament documents needed for competitive play. It includes the most recent CRD's, Tournament Guide and Rulebook for PanZ and FanZ. This will also be updated each time there is a change. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BzI8YZLelEpkOTZ4NVZVLWFYbGM/view?usp=sharing Below is the link for the Image Packs for OCTGN as provided and maintained by Brandon Shollenberger. All other instructions for installing OCTGN and the DBZ Feed remain the same for now. http://www.hi-izuru.org/DBZ/ Drop a comment to let me know if anything isn't right or if the link stops working. I'm not sure how you request a sticky but I think this would be something useful to have at the top. I will be keeping this updated as FanZ progresses. I'll continue to keep a quick startup for new players active for as long as FanZ is still a thing.
  10. Yep, a simple matte finish from a can. Really helps protect the ink and I like the feel of it.
  11. Dragon Ball Super Anime Discussion

    Oh I forgot to mention the complete ignorance of death being a repercussion. There's that.
  12. Dragon Ball Super Anime Discussion

    Warning. Opinions Inbound. I have a wife, 3 kids, full time job, college, and take care of my disabled mother regularly... I still have plenty of time to exercise and maintain my fitness. I do all that and I don't have a Time Chamber. The issue is that Gohan has access to this and a babysitter with nothing else to do that won't charge him and Toriyama still shit writes him into mundaness so that Goku can be the star. All serious joking aside though... Gohan was built up to be something amazing and then thrown to the side. It isn't so much we're giving Gohan a hard time but that we give Toriyama a hard time for building this character up just to propel Goku. Toriyama constantly screws up and then just goes, "but Goku guys! He's awesome and all you need!" So when someone gives shit to a character just remember they're really giving shit to Toriyama. Honestly, I don't see Goku getting a free pass on being a shitty father anywhere. It's literally one of the largest DBZ memes. I think the general consensus is that Goku is a bad father. If Toriyama could let go of Goku I think something magical could happen. Hell, the Captain Ginyu moment was brilliant. He brought back a fun character and made him a real threat and just when he got warmed up... "derp derp... I'm Toriyama and forgot Goku is the star... derp derp... insta kill you, Ginyu... derp derp". Most threats are handled in this order... Introduce threat, threat is too strong, train, get beat up still, introduce new level of transformation, eliminate threat, rinse and repeat. If Toriyama put more limitations on transformations and forced his characters to overcome their opponents by outsmarting them and exploiting weaknesses and character flaws it might not be so obvious. The smartest moments in DBZ are when Yajirobe thought to cut off Vegeta's tail and when Vegeta thought to wish for Goku to have his energy replenished against Kid Buu. Closest thing to outsmarting through the whole thing. Everything else was just wait for someone to reach the next level through necessity. With Super there were some moments though that I really enjoyed. A Krillin moment that was needed, that Ginyu moment, ANDROID MOTHER F****ING 17... You know what... there are more but all you need is Android 17. That and Frieza actually playing a bigger role.
  13. MetaX

    Did you expect anything else? I have my opinions about it but I keep them to myself because despite being intelligently formed opinions, they piss most people off. MetaX was an opportunity to do something great but it didn't quite get there and I'm not sure that was ever the plan. Hoping it picks up but they'll have to get off the DC train if they want it to be bigger.
  14. https://www.printerstudio.com/ Here's where you can make some cards and not order a bunch. I used them to make some of my PanZ proxies. I may have lost the bookmarks to the videos I used to learn to make my proxies. It basically boils down to finding a cheap foil in a game you're wanting to make them in, peeling the foil off, applying a digital base coat to the white of the card, printing a piece of paper with a outline of where the card should be during print, taping the card to the sheet with NON-permanent double sided tape, print, let the ink settle, then add the finish you want. I normally add a matte finish to the front.
  15. Yeah I can do all that. I'll drop the site this evening and provide info on making them this weekend.
  16. As of right now I get mine through the Awesome Sauce Facebook group for FanZ. For Pan I own a play set of almost every card. The few I had made was done through a website that caught on and started refusing. I am experienced making my own and it's actually not that hard with an ink jet.
  17. Score Play for a Long awaited games on Kinect

    Posting to sell or buy cards should be done in the Marketplace and follow all relative rules in that area, one of which would be no posting external links to web-store sites and similar things. I've deleted the offending post. Thank you for understanding.
  18. Nintendo E3 Direct

    They're doing great so far with the Switch. They continue to regularly add titles and deliver 1st parties that are fun. They recently started cross play with Xbox on Paladins and with it coming soon for Minecraft, I got a feeling that library of cross play will grow which is a great thing for gamers in general. Now if Sony will jump on that bandwagon, there may never be a stale or dead multiplayer again.
  19. And why I still ride the Awesome Sauce train.