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  1. I'll never play a game where dice rolls are a core mechanic. Too much randomness, not enough skill.
  2. It doesn't change the fact that it's a non-interactive victory condition that's hard to balance AND doesn't flavorfully match the source material (in case it went unnoticed, the flavor argument was secondary) There are already 2 victory conditions that make sense. A game doesn't need 3 (especially when the dev team doesn't test anything before printing. No way namekian knowledge was actually tested.) Nothing happened, but somehow, the game is over. Unless your whole deck is built to stop it, there is no stopping it, especially when enraged was around. So then they try to counteract it with a bunch of cards that don't let players gain anger, or drop anger at an absurd level, which just ruins the mechanic in the game that's most fun, helps you reach the main victory condition, AND is flavorful to the series; and that's leveling up/getting stronger. So now because this bogus victory condition exists, I can't achieve a higher level to play non-solitaire? Oh, wait, that's no fun, so then we get broken cards like unleashed to fix that because players are no longer able to play the game how it's truly meant to be played. Then what? People bitch about unleashed because it reliably allows you to level in this anti-power up meta created, because, you know, high level vs high level is when the game's core system (combat) is at its peak. Now it's too easy to get there. All of which could've been avoided if either A. They would actually play test or B. MPPV didn't exist, causing all of these balance issues to begin with.
  3. I've never liked mppv. It feels like a cheap way to win, especially when it doesn't make sense for 80% of the characters in the game. Wtf is Krillin reaching maximum power gonna do? Absolutely nothing, but somehow, he's won the game. Anger should just be a leveling mechanic. The game should be about survival and dbv, because a wish is an obvious auto-win and even if you reach maximum power, you still have to kill your opponent.
  4. The best course of action was returning the cards to who you borrowed them from. Everything else has nothing to do with you.
  5. I can't count how many card games I've seen with practically the same rules as this one...I can't outright say current dbz is better, because I haven't played this one, but it's definitely more unique, interesting, and flavorful.
  6. I agree that examples would he more constructive in the development of your set. My issue here is the claim of balance...no one who is making this game right now is doing proper testing, unfortunately. A 230 card set in this time period just really needs MUCH more time in development before a claim of balance can be made.
  7. There are over 200 cards in your set, no? I create games and highly doubt that any amount of testing of that many cards since the announcement of the game's death has been sufficient. I also know panZ/fanZ devs do little to no play testing, which is why they print so many obvious problem cards. I understand the amount of time and effort it takes to create something, and that it's close to your heart, but you shouldn't get so defensive over an opinion. The fact is, no matter what philosophy you have on this officially dead game, fanZ is the universally accepted continuation (for better or worse). Trying to force feed your version down people's throats just isn't going to work. (Which you'll argue against, but the defensive behavior and lashing out proves otherwise). Game balance is hard. And for this game especially, with the almost endless combinations of MPs, masteries, and styles, no set of cards should be released without at least 3 months of internal testing and at least 1 month of semi-open beta testing. (Honestly, it should be 6months total, but for a fan set, I get not taking it THAT seriously). Sadly, the fan/panz team barely tests for even a week (if at all. No way Orange bicycle kick should exist). If someone sees balancing issues with your cards, it's time to take a step back, remove your ego, and assess possible issues. Also, 200+ cards is way too much to try and balance in a game like this in a set with minimal testing. (Minimal as in, the game was announced dead in mid-late January. To create a set of 200+ cards and properly test them in just 2 months with the vast library of cards that currently exist AND achieve balance is just highly unlikely.) Creating is fine. Posting your creations is fine. Hell, asking people to take a look is fine. But you have to be realistic about your work and expectations of people trying it. As much as you may hate it, fanZ is the "official" continuation of this game. It has communal "credibility" due to the same devs working on it. You're a guy who makes fan cards abd posts them...I'm not belittling you, I'm just letting you know how the community at large perceives this situation. I make dbz cards too, but to expect everyone to move away from the currently progressing game to try out my fan set would just be unrealistic. Also, you can't say someone who's played the game for literal years actively has a baseless opinion simply because they don't find your cards interesting or balanced. Obvious problem cards are obvious. He's entitled to not liking your creative direction, just like I don't like the creative direction of fan/panZ (it's always been bad design direction with really good mechanics to me). That said, I wish you luck. Test more and try not to take criticism so harshly.
  8. It displeases me. They broke both my favorite style and my favorite character.
  9. You just run the new stack with old level 4. Kanehameha is a terrible card. Run tank barrage instead.
  10. I'm an orange player and felt off about the anti-anger cards they added to orange. Styles should have inherent weaknesses. Turning every style into an answer-all isn't really how I would make this game.