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  1. Dragon Ball Super Anime Discussion

    BoG and Frieza arcs were a disgrace to the best DBZ film and even worse than one of the worst films in the franchise respectively. Universe 6 Arc was a boring tournament with none of the charm or character of Dragon Ball's tournament arcs nor the gravity of the Cell Games. It felt so cold. Future Trunks/Zamasu was good. Fuck the haters, it had gravity, it was so dire that literal Deus Ex Machina had to happen, but given this series, that makes it even more serious. Tournament of Power has a few good scenes, but was ultimately boring and wasted a lot of potential. Once Super finished, I was thinking about how much I didn't enjoy the vast majority of the 130 odd episodes. Honestly? Outside of Zamasu, Super's best parts were slice of life type stuff. The baseball episode, Goo Vegeta Clone, 17 on the island, seeing what lives Vegeta and Goku lead in down time. That type of stuff. The main plot was craptacular. I also echo the GT was better sentiment. As soon as GT gets to Earth, it does some fairly interesting plots, even if, year, the execution isn't the best. The ideas are better than anything in Super. I was leaning into this around the middle of ToP, but yeah, it's true.
  2. D&D and other RPGs

    Hey Nerds. Do any of you know much about Savage Worlds as a game engine? I came across a game for it called 'Freedom Squadron' that was funded on Kickstarter and as a huge, huge GI Joe fan, I am very interested in this. It's basically 'Not-GIJoe' the RPG, with one Lanard's The Corps! reference and one Metal Gear reference.
  3. D&D and other RPGs

    :/ I agree with the moral panic people from the 1980s. It's an evil game. It steals men's souls. One of my friends got interested in it last year, now unless I specifically ask him about his D&D campaign from that week, he won't even reply to me anymore. If I ask about D&D, he goes on for hours. Evil, Evil game. Good cartoon though.
  4. Mecha Frieza

    Now everything's settling in and even worse Mecha Frieza decks have been discovered, Great Apes, I think it should be errata'd or banned. It hasn't been a month, maybe something can be figured out to shut it down, but it doesn't seem likely.
  5. Favorite MP

    I think it's easiest to do this by era. There are things I liked/mained that I'd never try again due to being unviable: Set 1-3: Saiyan Vegeta and Orange Goku. Set 4-6: Saiyan Broly and Orange Yamcha. Set 7-9: Orange Vegeta, Red/Saiyan Trunks, Saiyan Goku, Orange Android 17 and Orange Android 18. Set 10: Red Videl But to be fair, the person I usually play with is now burned out on the game and needs a break, so I've yet to try Hero 18, Goten, Black 17, ect.
  6. FoWCo TCGs.

    That's an assumption and doesn't take into account context. You're not taking into account a narrow meta, power creep, poor design decisions. All reasons people complain. Someone else on TopTier brought up a similar argument before when Pan Z was dying 'You complain all the time, you clearly hate the game, why are you here?'. Well, the answer is simple, and it's true for many of the people on this board who aired their grievances at the time: We complain because we care. We complain because despite liking the core mechanics, a narrow meta, poor design decisions or power creep has reduced our enjoyment of or straight up removed any enjoyment we can have from the game. Yes, it is an agenda on how we want the game to be, but it's wanting a diverse meta with either no or minimal unfair cards or mechanics. That's really it. That's the agenda. Take the Mecha Frieza thing in DBS right now, I'm sure @sh0ryu_repp4 is very adamant on his opinions on Mecha Frieza because he enjoys the game and that card removes or reduces his enjoyment due to it's unfair combos. If someone wasn't interested in the well being of the game, they would just leave, because they wouldn't care. Trolling and getting people really triggered, which admittedly is easy with TCG players, is the only reason they'd stay. Yes, the lead designer/publisher do have to find a middle ground that pleases most people. It's kinda their job to know how loud the concern truly is and given that most TCG players, especially mods, are easily triggered, especially regarding game health and enjoyment of the game, how much concern is being suppressed. I get biases and having to ignore some people because their biases interferes with game diversity. Someone who likes Control and wants a control meta isn't going to like Combo or Aggro being remotely viable, fine, ignore. But when your game is a shit show like Force of Will has been... forever, only getting worse as time goes on, you need to listen. When sales plummet? That's when you listen. Most of Force of Will's complaints come down to really one thing right now: The card balance and colour pie is absolutely atrocious. It needs fixing. Everything else? Superfluous. When every single complaint echos this in some form and the game is hurting as bad as it is due to people giving up on it, they should be listening. This is what I mean about making your own judgement. There are a lot of complaints about this game, ranging from art, to story, rarity, to how support is distributed. But this key one about balance and the colour pie? It's the loudest. The arguments for it are really solid because of the game's history. Everything else can be either ignored or is already tackled. But hey, choose not to listen. Go listen cultivated communities where complaints are shunned by the 'community leaders' because the game will die immediately that second if they're not suppressed. Only means the game dies that much faster. More assumptions on people's motives.
  7. DBS 2018 Product Releases and Nationals Confirmed

    Don't play JTCGs then.
  8. FoWCo TCGs.

    This is correct. They have to correct that really severe screw up with the rulers having mismatched sides. I seem to recall there being more issues with the print run, but I don't think it was anything major enough to remember. Rudy, God bless him, doesn't know this. However, you are incorrect it's doing well. It's community participation peaked mid Lapis and is like when it started now. The game has always had anecdotal reports of 20 man ARGs, tournaments not reported on numbers outside of anecdotes. While I hear Time Spinning Witch is a good set, surprisingly, the FoW community have not been happy with the state of the game for quite some time. For what it's worth, nearly every Vanguard old timer I knew from the original through early G is long gone. It's communities are slow compared to the old days and Bushiroad apparently only prints Preorders+Buffer and tiny second printing now and that's been the case for a while. I really need to research Pokemon now, because on the outside, I like a lot of what they do, but I haven't played since early BW era, and I've heard conflicting reports as to it's health. But it's also at the end of a Generation, pokemon usually lulls around that time.
  9. FoWCo TCGs.

    So with Force of Will being largely fucked over by incompetent development staff and having to fire their English Manager/Translator recently, FoWCo are releasing two new games. Both reuse quite a bit of terminology from Force of Will. Family of games I guess? Company flair? Casters Chronicles is a loli game for weaboos, I am not kidding, which rips off Duel Masters, because what doesn't these days >_>. It's quirk is it has a Vanguard, for some reason. You level it up to boot. Gives 'Ride the Vanguard' a whole new meaning... Architect is YGO, Magic, UFS and Hearthstone's Scifi love child. Using actual people. The game has Elvis. Basically YGO with Magic's health system and the threshold system of Hearthstone, except you play cards like Mana and those cards operate like UFS's Foundations x YGO's Trap Cards. All you really need to know is it's YGO with Mana and a scifi bent. Architect is most certainly the more interesting of the two games and the idea of a potentially balanced YGO has me interested. Casters and Architect are not handled by FoW's dumbass developers, so there is hope there, but FoWco are money grubbers at heart, so the game might be pricey or end up that way after sales pick up.