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  1. Well, it'll be fast then. lol. But I see the point from a balance viewpoint. As for name, Hyper Fighting? I'm sure someone here loves that reference, but the whole point is speed of combat, the whole point of SFII HF was the increased speed, so...
  2. I'd just drop Level 1s tbh. Make the rest -1 Level. Get to the meat faster >:-D
  3. DBV is faster with 40 cards. Less to go through. Part of Pan Z's issue is it was 'trying' to be 'balanced', making it completely toothless compared to Score Z, but had weapons such as Endurance and Wallbreaker made for a much faster game.
  4. 'When you use a Critical Damage Effect' over 'When you deal Critical Damage' was a mistake. As was not giving Red more Damage Buffs, beefy attacks and cards that have effects that are set off by dealing Critical Damage. 'Use a Critical Damage Effect' was lazy. Red Enraged Mastery wouldn't have been broken with good designers behind the helm. :/ Or whomever made Red Enraged didn't design it with a loophole built in. Black Devious was unsalvagable though.
  5. Yes.
  6. Most triggers are advantageous to the player that controls the card. I have no sympathies for people that give up their own advantage because they can't keep a track of their own deck.
  7. I said it on Retro, I'll say it here; Future Trunks and Future Gohan not being named as such was a mistake. They are not the same characters as Main Gohan and Main Trunks and shouldn't be able to mix with them.
  8. Saiyan Blitz is fine so long as you make the Skip on-hit.
  9. Hint #1: The Time Period This one should come down as little surprise I feel, given that we just came out of another movie/supplemental set, but set 10’s time line will pick up where the story last left off – starting at the 7 year gapafter the defeat of Cell and ending at the Gohan vs Majin Dabura fight! So what does this mean we will see in the set? Well likely: – The Great Saiyaman arc – The World Martial Arts Tournament arc – The beginning of the Babidi arc What we likely won’t see: – Goku SSJ2 – Majin Vegeta – Majin Buu Hint #2: The World Martial Arts Championship Belt is a card! That’s right folks! You too will soon be able to rep gold like The Champ himself very shortly in the game! Not only is the belt in the game, but I’ve heard tell that it will likely be a non-Styled Attachment! Those looking to play cards like Unleashed in less promoted Styles, like Orange and Black, may soon get your wish if the belt is good enough! As founder of the WMAT Format, which is played on the Dragonball Z OCTGN League, I know I’m personally excited to see what the Champ Belt will do (and may look into customizing or signing a few to give away for the official event if able)! Hint #3: Number of MPs in the Set Since set 10 will be a starter set of sorts (similar to Premium, Evolution & Awakening), we will be receiving a total of 8 full MP stacks as well as several single levels to help promote weaker MPs. What could these full stacks entail? Well if I had to guess…: – Gohan (as The Great Saiyaman) – Videl – Goten – Kid Trunks – Android 18 (as a Hero stack!) – Majin Dabura – Majin Spopovich – Babidi As far as the single MPs, my guess would likely be: – Hercule (possibly a different level 1?) – Krillin – Piccolo – Vegeta (Hero Level) [possibly to help with the Evo stack?] Allies for this set may turn out to be any of the following: – The Announcer – Chi-chi – Bulma – Marron (Krillin & A18’s Daughter) – Supreme Kai – Kibito – Majin Yamu – Majin Yakon – Majin Pui Pui Hint #4: Heritage Matters! Our final hint for the set is a rather interesting one – that of “Heritage Matters”. Now for those that played in the original ScoreZ days, you may remember cards with the text “Namekian Heritage Only” or “Saiyan Heritage Only” dictating that only MPs of that particular heritage could use those cards. Likewise, those who played the “Re-Z” brand of the game may recall that each MP and Ally in the game came keyworded with a particular heritage (called traits in the game): Human, Saiyan, Alien or Namek. Could this be a similar mechanic that checks to see which sort of trait/heritage your personality has? Certainly we already have guidelines on “Heritage” of sorts thanks to the MPs that are allowed to use the Saiyan and Namekian Masteries. What exactly will this mean for the game moving forward? Only time will tell!
  10. Orange has no Ally support and the small steps kinda stop it from happening to a meaningful degree. Besides, I think Namekian has enough Ally support to warrant an Ally Mastery. Orange I'd like to see something like Trunks Saga Orange Style Mastery. I really like that one. Probably needs to be tweeked a bit because it's incredibly underwhelming by todays standards. I'd like to see Black get taxation as a theme. Give it the effect of Gravity Chamber from the old game. Physical Attacks cost +2 Stages. Blue I think is pretty good right now. The only place they really have to go is Copy unless they try to get creative. Not a chance of that happening. Red I'm not sure. I like the idea of further effects from Critical Damage Barrinmw brought up. Saiyan. Oh Saiyan. Maybe something like Saiyan Blitz Mastery since GT is all the rage these days? Vegeta could do with a new named Attach card that makes all attacks to be considered as if they raised your Anger 1?
  11. I'm partial to the idea of 'Miss a Trigger? Tough fucking luck.'. It's not your responsibility to play your opponent's game for them, you should not be required to keep track of their triggers, only floating effects.
  12. Kumite Mastery Tournament So I was checking the Saiyan Saga rule book and I found this, something I both didn't remember personally and have never heard of ever again. It kinda seems like a precursor to Tuff Enuff, in that turns off MPPV, but has some interesting other rules where you start on your second highest level and only need to deal 20 Life Cards of Damage to win Survival. I guess you'd put actual damage side ways to denote 'Life Card Damage' vs using cards. It clearly stopped being a thing because it probably wasn't played and power creep made 20 Damage too low, but what do you guys think about it? I think the second highest level part is probably the most interesting part of it.
  13. Coincidentally enough, this is what I'm disliking about Super. Nothing to do with Bandai, I'm happy with them, but who it's attracting. As soon as I saw Six Sages Gaming worming it's way into trying to be a big wig like it was in Force of Will, I wanted to vomit. They are product whores, like Magic's Professor, except worse. Matt Kozmor was given a ton of product from Ultimate Guard and shilled it out no end, worse than The Professor. Ultimate Guard makes dodgey deck boxes and gips you sleeves. Tried to bring this up and the whoring, because Free Product, enough to supply a whole team of players, was his sell out point. Then they had to get V-Mundi in. You know where the V comes from? Vanguard. In the larger Vanguard community, the V-Mundi one was seen as a toxic, up itself, self righteous know it all group that was openly mocked for it's attitudes and how it acted with hostility for being questioned. Then we have the FaceBook group, which is trying to out cesspool DBZ Retro. I would argue it's getting close, which is quite the accomplishment. I'm already at a point of 'Why bother? The fanbase is people I already dislike.' Darn shame too, as the game itself looks quite enjoyable.
  14. Enraged decks turn into autopilot when you draw the right cards, but aren't inherently autopilot and they do run out of steam.
  15. I will agree with Changling Bard with an asterisk. There are no autopilot decks, but there are autopilot opponents. Look ma, no effort needed, woooo! But that's nearly true of all games.