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  1. The Sad Reality of Fan Z

    So, it's no real secret that Fan Z's had many cards changed from Preview to Release with both Set 8 and 9. This applies to Frieza, Android 17, Puzzler, Kami, Kami's Named Cards and Vegeta most notably, but also things have been changed after release due to their power levels being too high, such as Orange Bicycle Kick. Well, Joey Joe Jo gave us this nugget on Krillin today: I think we need to accept at this point that nothing in Fan Z gets playtested. We assumed this was the case for Pan Z, I think we were spot on, but for Fan Z? We're the editors. We are thrust into a position where we veto whether something is broken, doesn't work right, is shit, ect. We are why things get changed. Now I don't think this is a bad thing, given the track record of Joey Joe Joe and the gang, the community as a whole are better at card editing than them. I just think it's something worth noting as we go forward. We have far more control over our game than we realise. Also, little tid bit, I asked about early Pan Z and who designed it. Yeah, largely the same people since Premier according to David Fashbinder(Dev Team). All the problems with Premier? Yeah, this game was never playtested since day 1. Whole lot more makes sense in retrospect with Ginyu, Krillin, Namekian Knowledge, ect, huh? Yeah.... Makes me wonder if Fan Z actually has more effort put into it than Pan Z did due to the fact it became a community effort.
  2. Characteristics of a Successful Card Game

    I was going to write something yesterday, but I had a hard time expressing myself, so I'll take another shot at it. Simplicity is great and all, but it doesn't keep players. Complexity keeps players, but it doesn't attract new ones. This is partially my own anecdotal evidence, people getting bored of Pokemon, claiming it's interactions were too obvious, basically killed my playgroup back during late Gen 3 / early Gen 4 when I was in my late teens. Gradually everyone left, me leaving early Gen 5, peetering in and out during Gen 4. I find it hard to play any game without any form of instant speed cards or effects now, because I feel just sitting there waiting for the opponent to play through their turn just isn't appealing, nor is waiting for chance, Duel Masters' Shield Triggers. This is also not anecdotal evidence, it comes from Wizards themselves. Wizards dumbed down Magic by making any hate hard to play or simply not printing answers, because little Jimmy cry baby has a sook that his 10/10 for 7 with Trample, Flying, Haste, Vigilance, ect, gets cancelled by a 2-3 cost spell or that the opponent has the option to stop all Jimmy's Grave bullshit with Grave Removal. What happened? Shit formats, people left Magic till it calmed down and Wizards made answers. Money talked, bullshit walked, but now Magic has no real way to ease in new players and not scare them off with counter spells or control. Related, back before Wizards became a cesspool of losers and lunatics, in the early 2000s when they had Pokemon and Duel Masters, Wizards wanted you to 'graduate' to Magic from Pokemon and Duel Masters when you reach about 15. People didn't like it, and that's a large understatement, but I understand the reasoning, especially with Duel Masters. Use Duel Masters as the kids format with simpler cards and interactions, use Magic as the big boys forum, with complex cards and interactions. This was about 8th to 9th Editions and the Onslaught, Mirrodin, Kamigawa and Ravnica Blocks. Wizards keeps fucking over Duel Masters for reasons I don't understand, but it's a much better concept than ruining Magic or stupid shit like Portal.
  3. FanZ Set 10 - "Revelation"

    Krillin tomorrow. Joey Joe Jo said we'll get a Hero 17 eventually. :/ I want him now.
  4. FanZ Set 10 - "Revelation"

    I'm still playing on the kitchen table. I care.
  5. Cardfight Vanguard (and other bushiroad games)

    I like Legion a lot. I think it's a fun, interactive mechanic that just needed some tweaking to be perfect as a mechanic. Maybe limiting what can be chucked back into the deck? I maintain that Legion itself isn't a problem, it's the cards designed for it. Too explosive for a plodding, passive mechanic. However, and this is a big however, I don't think it's an era I'd want to ever play again. The English Block 1+ 2 or 3? I could be perfectly happy revisiting those and I did like Legion for a few decks, mostly Bloody/End, Brawlers and Liberators, but I don't want to revisit it. Machining, Dimensional Robo and Royal gave me a bit of shell shock, sure, but the entire format, even expanding into G Era for Legions to have an extended Legion format, just not appealing. It's something I discussed with my friend recently. We may both like it, but it's not a varied format due to being a stop gap and had some absolutely toxic decks. Compare to the end of Limit Break, I would argue every single clan has something relatively viable and there is a lot of fun to be had. Sure many clans might be limited to 1 deck, but it's varied and doesn't have anything incredibly oppressive, except maybe Omega Glendious. Maybe.
  6. FanZ Set 10 - "Revelation"

    King Kai only has the God Trait.
  7. FanZ Set 10 - "Revelation"

    Yamcha is so similar to the old one, it's a great argument for a Side Deck. He's also one of the one-off MP levels. We also know that Set 11 will at the very least end with Vegeta killing himself. That is half way through the Boo Saga/EP237. I am wondering now if we're just going to have the next set cover up to 'I Kill No More' and have the next block open with Super Boo. That would mean that the set would be Majin Vegeta, Majin Boo, Goku and Gotenks. EDIT: Also note this is 'Vegeta' and Hero/Villain, not Villain Majin Vegeta.
  8. Hitech Bardock

    Thanks. All the credit goes to @Royaken, he made the template. I just pumped in some numbers and chose images. Funny you say the hitechs look like a legit card game and the normal look like a fan game. I've been doing a lot of graphic design for cards recently because of a project, the Pan Z Hitechs are very easy to make from scratch. The work put into it was mostly to do with Set Symbol. Also another little note, YGO's design is really easy to copy bar the text box boarder. Magic isn't hard to replicate either.
  9. Hitech Bardock

    Hey guys. Keeping in @Royaken's spirit of making hitechs for non-hitech personalities, I made a set for Bardock. I really do not like the standard template vs hitech, never have, even in the old game. So much frame, so little image. If I can make the names for other MPs, I'll do some for them too, but Roy already had a Bardock. Shouldn't be too hard, I can't imagine it's terribly different to making full art cards, which is also really easy once you know how ;). They don't take too long to knock up, about 10m a stack. Dokkan Battle is a God send in that respect.
  10. FanZ Set 10 - "Revelation"

    Nope. And the set is meant to have 1 off personalities for older stacks.
  11. Majin Goo bought some Proxies

    Hey @Majin Goo how much did the cost run you for Set 8? My friend and I are looking to have the Fan Z stuff made up. Do you need a custom back and such?
  12. FanZ Set 10 - "Revelation"

    https://www.facebook.com/FanZDBZTradingCardGame/ Krillin is a pack type MP.
  13. FanZ Set 10 - "Revelation"

    Interesting that we have 7 Traits, though Majin won't be properly established till the next Starter set, and 6 Styles. Also interesting No18 is here, given she's very minor in the story. But saying that, Set 10 doesn't have an Alien as far as we know, the Mastery can't be paired with anything. Not that that matters now, but it's still eh, not right. Blue Copy Mastery is vastly more probable, but I'd be curious to see Trait Masteries if they ever come to pass. I just wish they'd tell us who the MPs are. 3 more.
  14. Card Identification Help

  15. Card Identification Help

    World Games Saga Hitech Videl.