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  1. Lord Chilled reeks of Broly fucking the ever loving crap out of Evolution Vegeta and Red Enraged Mastery. Not sure why Chilled couldn't have been the Black MP, leaving Bardock for being an overhaul of the original.
  2. Just. For the love of Super Kami Guru. Don't over compensate. We don't need Red Enraged 2 Namekian Boogaloo
  3. Huh. Yamcha has two sets of Remain cards, and Orange has an energy attack that rips out another copy. I like Yamcha a lot as a character and an MP, but little much, don't you think?
  4. Black and Blue Fan Z 17 are totally things I want to play, but given I didn't get to play Pan Z post Set 3 as much as I wanted to, I want to to try out the MPs I haven't gotten a chance to play with yet in their original forms. True, but I'm getting a little bored of really mindless decks that just draw all the cards or for energy decks, deal all the damage and cost little stages. No real thought or what not. I actually ended up making Rampaging Trunks just because I felt like I was giving myself a handicap. :/ Thanks. I'll look at Orange Ret 18.
  5. Orange Eh, it could have it's uses. More fuel for Gohan, frankly. Good thing Instants only Trigger once, could have been easily broken without that. Namekian Hello Side Deck fodder. >_> Side Deck we don't have. EH, the Instant is ok at best. Blue Hey, that isn't bad. Copy needed more support. Black More Bardock support. >_> Kay. Saiyan This isn't bad, but I think it's a bit hard to use outside of Empowered, as you suffer the same problem of 1PUR. Red Isn't bad either, I like Drills that do things in the discard pile because they can leave play so easily. I like it a lot.
  6. Anyone got some Pan Z ideas for Android 17 and 18 that aren't beatdown? Nearly every deck I build ends up as some variation of Beatdown. I want to get away from that.
  7. Since we already have Broly... er... BOJACK WHEN?! *never* SCREW YOU! Ok, all seriousness, good to see them sticking to the game plan.
  8. I saw the MP Stack when I was out, but I wasn't able to talk about him. I think the most immediate things that come to mind are; > I hate how the first two levels come from Father, the second two come from Episode, it's very noticeable it's not the same source and I don't like it. Level 3 really shouldn't have been. 3 and Spirit Cannon being the literal same art is lazy as too. > I don't like the angle gone with him. The original Score version and Royaken's were more flavorful. Other than the constant Blue Mental Drill everyone but me gives him, Pan Z's has no flavor. Bardock was used as an excuse to make a better Wheelo and give Black a good MP. Not a fan. As for what we actually got, what can I say? Like Kami and Namekian Radiant Mastery, they made an MP tailored for Black Perceptive Mastery and a few select Black cards. It's going to do it's job at that. What else can I say? I'm more than a bit disappointed. I'm happy he's playable and Black can be playable again, but it's just not I was expecting and I wasn't pleasantly surprised. - As for the Villain v Hero, it's debatable. He's the protagonist, but neither a real hero or villain. His job is abhorrent, he's good at his job, but he doesn't seem to revel in it. He could swing either way.
  9. Black's Blocks being their best asset isn't an incorrect assessment. I think part of the problem is they're worried about turning Black into what it was in GT, where it's identity was stronger with Masked and Mill effects out the ass. But I'm probably the only person alive to like Masked...
  10. Being frank. Nappa, Raditz and Nail all needed new levels. The originals have problems where they're erratic in terms of what they do and make them hard to build around, with the exception of niche builds. Good niche builds, but they focus on one level and don't really work well outside of that level.
  11. Nappa 2 is nice. Really what the stack needed & Dynamic. Surprisingly good work.
  12. Mill Bardock confirmed?
  13. That's...really good. Kami can't take a hit, but I'm not sure that's a problem if you make a dedicated DBV deck. I like Orange Kami. Feels like he can veer into Energy Beats as a secondary wincon there. Namekian Radiant is the obvious one though.
  14. I've gone over the Starters in a video before, but I'll do a condensed version here. The starters overall have too much variance. 1/6 or about a 16.6% chance of getting who you want is too low. Saying that, Premier had more than just MPs/Masteries to purchase Starters, the entirety of the contents were new, which made them an overall less abusive product. It also however makes the product a proper Tournament Pack, not the Starter Deck it was advertised as. The later two starter decks were shit because Panini didn't put in design work beyond the MPs/Masteries. You were literally just buying MPs/Masteries, the deck was just C, U and a couple of Rares which plummeted in price. Only 1 staple rare to boot, I personally think they should have had Time instead of Stare/Con. The Decks were frankly too much for a 16.6% chance of getting who you wanted and nothing else of play value. If they had exclusives in them, say 5 cards per style at playset, so a quarter of the deck was new, a lot could have been forgiven, but no. They were too similar to Score's later outings, without the randomised Rares. Jank the Deck. By making them 'out of the box' playable, they actually made them a worse investment.
  15. Not sure how to feel. In an age where Hit Effects aren't used and 'if this attack is stopped' effects exist, Prevent isn't as bad as it once was, but I am not sure it's helping Geets that much. It does support him, sure, but it's not making him suddenly good. I'm not sure all the support in the world will do anything. Nappa might like his King though. All these new Saiyajin Allies will help him. Or Cell. Why not Cell? OK. That's really good. Lots of places to use it too.