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  1. Set 3 - Cross Worlds - Information thread

    I will fight the both of you. At Clayfighter. >:-( Get on my level
  2. Part of me wants to say flat out 'Well, no you know why only 5 main sets were planned and why they're pumping them out so fast', but @Stryyder is right. They're doing Xenoverse now. It's already disconnected from the Super property. They still haven't finished Super, they have Ball, GT, and I'm not sure, have they finished Z? They have plenty of material and I doubt anyone would mind new versions of the same characters. I don't think it's worth screaming the end is nigh just yet. Wait till Set 5 and a long silence, then you know.
  3. The Caster Chronicles TCG

    I looked through it after this thread, properly. The whole 'Caster/Will aka Mana' mechanic is frankly, confusing, initially. The cards for them aren't self explanatory. It also changes the game significantly from DM imo. I am also not a fan of having 7 Civs over 5, I found there to be a lot of similarity between Civs and lastly, the lack of Summoning Sickness irks me. The game actually has reverse Haste that gives Summoning Sickness. That's weird. Also, my friend was saying one of the Civs has a way to bypass Shields and go straight for the player. What's that about? It raised my eyebrow. Terra something?
  4. The Caster Chronicles TCG

    If Kaijudo left America, I wouldn't have played Vanguard. Duel Masters was incredibly enjoyable.
  5. The Caster Chronicles TCG

    So a third Duel Masters reskin? The world sure needed that. >_> I don't mean to be a dick about it, just tired of everything being DM except DM.
  6. The Caster Chronicles TCG

    A guy I know was hyped for this. Then they skipped a release in English and he doesn't talk about anymore. He is also one of those guys. It creeps me out a bit. Kinda weird, he hated Bermuda in Vanguard, mostly because he got his ass handed to him, repetitively.
  7. What's everyone looking forward to in gaming?

    EHHHHH. I liked it enough, but the twist with Monika was too telegraphed, same with Yuri. :/ Sayori's was the only one that felt legit shocking. I only played DDLC and Sonic Mania from 2017 though, but I adored Sonic Mania. Big Sonic fan since the early 90s.
  8. Cards that ruined the game...

    Ginyu was the top Aggro Krillin was the top Control Piccolo was the top Combo/Tempo IMO, at least.
  9. Red Energetic Krillin

    I've yet to try this out due to the time of year it is, but I'm glad to get some comments on it. Forward Stance Drill was a case of I don't like giving up my Anger for it. 18 is just a lot more reliable and less costly as I do want to level. I know where you're coming from with the Non-Combats, it's a concern. I'll do what you said and reduce each of the Setups bar Red Relaxation by 1 each and add 3 Energy Toss.
  10. How to Make Proxies?

    If you want them fast and are OK with print outs, magic set editor and the full art plug in are the way to go IMO. Right size, no space between cards so you speed up the process.
  11. Red Energetic Krillin

    I've never touched Red Energy or Krillin before, so this is new territory for me. The deck is mostly built on Synergy. Krillin fetches your Setups, Red Burning Rage shuts down Endurance and gives you a buff for the turn, making Critical Hits easy. Same with Red Flourish, which give Red Shoulder Grab's floating to Energy Attacks. This, along with Red Blaze, into Red Intimidation Drill, gives you a draw a turn as a basic given, on top of what Krillin does and shutting down Endurance and Critical Damage Effects. Since Red Blaze and Red Burning Rage are not BAU, Red Controlled Anger and Red Hurl can push them back into the deck for Krillin to get. Red Right Blast gives a draw if used before this Rejuvenation, and Red Blaze, so that's a +1. So is Red Left Bolt for a +6 over the game, on top of Krillin's +s himself. It's bogged down with some 18 Non-Combats, so I though Marron for some filtering, and stage gaining, was worth the use. Plus No18 is just for an extra omni block a turn. Seems like it needs some more eyes on it, but I like where it's going. FORMAT Fan Z HOUSE RULES No Ultra Rares MASTERY Red Energetic Mastery MAIN PERSONALITY Krillin - Settled Down Krillin - In Training Krillin - Z Warrior Krillin - Victorious ALLIES - 2 1 Android 18 - Wife 1 Marron - Popular DRILLS - 5 1 Red Despair Drill 2 Red Intimidation Drill 2 Red Controlled Anger Drill SETUP - 11 3 Red Relaxation 3 Red Burning Rage 3 Red Blaze 2 Red Flourish EVENT - 7 1 Time is a Warrior's Tool 3 Confrontation 3 Red Stop PHYSICAL COMBAT - 3 3 Red Blocking Hand 3 Red Duck ENERGY COMBAT - 29 3 Krillin's Destructo Disk 2 Krillin's Solar Flare 3 Overpowering Attack 3 Red Left Bolt 3 Red Energy Blast 3 Red Static Shot 3 Red Freezing Beam 3 Red Right Blast 3 Red Hurl 3 Red Retreat (Revelations)
  12. Orange Adaptive No18

    I've yet to see it on the defensive, but I did figure having no safe guards for Physical Decks now my friend is starting to switch gears was a mistake, so I made some changes. -Orange Energy Dan Drill +Android Efficiency Drill -Orange Precise Shot +Orange Quick Dodge Thinking about changing Dodge to Swerve though, but I'd need to print it out. Also considering -Orange Hiding Drill +Namek Dragon Ball 6.
  13. Resourceful is really poorly worded.
  14. poll, best way to win in tcg's

    I don't think any are particularly superior to one another. I know there are some arguments against Prizes/Shields/Damage Cards/Life Cards as they remove cards from the players chance to draw cards, more of a case for Prizes/Damage Cards ala Pokemon and Vanguard, but they're fine. The games usually have ways to cycle through the deck fast and/or small decks with hand sizes calculated to give some consistency.
  15. Blue Resourceful No17

    Honestly I'm not terribly knowledgeable about Blue. I've never tried to self build, only netdecked Blue Dominance Piccolo and Blue Tag Team Goku, so any comments help. I don't really have much of a Drill problem or Ally problem, more Setups like Namekian Fusion and Black Power Up. I do understand the push for more Stage Attacks. I didn't really realise 17 of my attacks have to Life Cards and can only do a maximum of 3 stages via mods. I was mostly looking at effects. You're probably right I have too many attacks for something aiming at control. What would you suggest looking at?