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  1. Gencon 2017 - News and Exclusive spoiler from Anniv Tournament

    That Vegeto teeters on the realm of broken. He's not, but he's very close in just what he can easily enable via colour fixing and tri-land Goku and Vegeta. If a Yellow of both happens, it might be actually broken, but for now I'd say he's held back by the fact he only interacts with Red cards on Leader side and dead cards on Awakening. He himself doesn't work with what he can enable.
  2. Gimmick Cards - What's your take?

    I'm curious on this as Force of Will recently did what basically amounts to ripping off Score's Gate Fold Hi Tech cards, what do people think of gimmick cards? By Gimmick Cards, I mean the following: Thick Hi Tech (Score Z, Pan Z) Gate Fold Hi Tech (Score Z) Backer Hi Tech (GT) Dual Faced Cards (Duel Masters, Magic, Force of Will, Super) Multi-Part Cards (Magic, Pokemon, Duel Masters) And any other cards like these I'm not familiar with.
  3. Set 1 Leader Card Rankings

    I am really surprised Vegeta is that good. Kinda expected him to backfire badly.
  4. What masteries would you like to see?

    It's ok. Would any Saiyan want to camp on 1 though?
  5. Worst TCG you've ever played?

    It's what Pan Z did once Super IC was released in Japan. Very next set, Perfection, ramped right up.
  6. Why don't Living Card Games get more popular?

    That's actually a really sad reality. When things die, no one wants to keep on the memory. I suspect it's got a lot to do with when games die, it's always after the company being silent and things end on a bad note. The community goes hostile and community leaders become fascist in nature, except TCGTopTier as Jarrett felt as burned as we did. 'All the death talk will be silenced, those who speak it will be banned.' is how Kaijudo went down, how Duel Masters went down, how the Retro side of Pan Z went down and is how Force of Will is at the moment. I suspect this is also why 'Revived' games don't do well. Burned bridges, hurt feelings, having to rely on nostalgia. The only revived game I can think of that's not dead in TCG form is UFS and I wouldn't call it's numbers healthy. None of them, even VS in LCG form, do well. I think it's easy to understand why Hasbro rebranded Duel Masters on the relaunch.
  7. Why don't Living Card Games get more popular?

    I'm still playing Pan Z, but that's mostly till I get to play everything I couldn't afford/wasn't around for when the game was alive and that's only with one friend. After I play everything, I can't imagine the game would hold much interest. For all the 'Oh my God. 3 Victory Conditions, such variance.', the Z engine, at least the way it's been developed, becomes very, very samey very very quickly. I'm already fucking tired of MPPV and Physical Beats decks, they all operate essentially the same. But for other dead games or even games I've quit? I don't see playing FoW again, or Pokemon, YGO, Duel Masters, basically any of them. The only way I'd touch Vanguard again is in a custom format. I don't even see getting the opportunity to play Dragon Ball Super. I want to play Magic again, but nope. Nothing on during times I can play. :/
  8. Why don't Living Card Games get more popular?

    Spoilers: Their worth is fleeting at best. Most cards are worthless from either the moment they exist, the moment they are rotated out or the moment the game dies. By most, I mean the overwhelming majority. In the realm of 99%+ for every game.
  9. Why don't Living Card Games get more popular?

    Uh... no? You seem to really like bad analogies. The 'puzzle' isn't solved for you. That's Net Decking. Highest Level? Well if by that you mean have all the maximum amount of points in a Perk system, sure, why not. Again. I like the Gatchapon vs Buying the Figure analogy, because that's what the entire argument is, gambling vs buying the thing straight out. Abusive Business Model. TCG's are abusive. Bad? Not really. It does some things better for both getting people in and the company's bottom line. Question. Since you seem to believe that buying a product is an accomplishment, if we were bitching that an LCG Starter was 1000 USD, something you had to actually save up to, would you argue the same? We're complaining because it's not being handed to us?
  10. Why don't Living Card Games get more popular?

    More people are 'casual fags' over 'Totally Cereal Pro Players'. Never underestimate how many people play at the kitchen table.
  11. Why don't Living Card Games get more popular?

    LCGs require an investment. We just discussed with you how we want to invest in them because we want the tangible real cards. They just don't require the same level and type of investment. I'm not even sure your comparison is truly apt because with any other hobby, you just buy your gear straight out, you don't have to buy lottery tickets each time. Think of it like this, a CCG is like a Gachapon Machine. You'll spend a ton trying to get what you want, but eventually you get it. An LCG is just buying a set of figurines. Larger initual investment, smaller in the long run, no addictive component.
  12. Why don't Living Card Games get more popular?

    I can see that argument for a Deck Building Game ala Dominion, but not an LCG. LCG is closer to just ordering a playset of everything on release.
  13. Why don't Living Card Games get more popular?

    Same reason people want actual cards of Fan Z, card stock and convenience of just buying it over making it.
  14. Post your pulls

    I could only afford a Special Pack atm I got: SR Champa R Cabba R SSGSS Vegeta Leader R King Cold
  15. Supers per Box

    Stryyder is absolutely correct. Force of Will has the same problems and only spikes when something is a staple across the board. It will make the game nicher than it has to be.