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  1. Finally got the chance to watch it. The changes to the game make it literally Duel Masters with a Force of Will ruler. Just need to see the drop rates now.
  2. I don't have a deck, just an idea and not being really familiar with Blue, I'm not too sure where to go with it. MASTERY Blue Tag Team Mastery MAIN PERSONALITY Trunks (Set 7) Trunks (Set 7) Trunks (Set 1) Trunks (Set 7) ALLIES 1 1 Dr Briefs SETUP 2 2 Blue Battle Readyness PHYSICAL COMBAT 12 3 Trunks Sword Slash 3 Trunks Knee Bash 3 Dashing Sword Attack 3 Blue Head Knock I think I'm looking at a Control deck here given Blue and the Trunks Named Cards. The deck is looking to use 1 and 2 to get past both up to 3. Dr Briefs in general is a great ally for Geets and Trunks, but the point of the 3 here is to look at the top 6 when entering, then choosing 2 to draw instead of 1, giving a hand of 5. Dashing Sword Attack is here just to give more consistency to Trunks 2. Not sure where to take the rest of the deck though. Any takers?
  3. Panini's whole problem is they do everything by the seat of their pants. No planning, rush rush rush. Rush to concept, rush to design, rush to market. This isn't going to go anywhere. At least Japan beta tested Super ._.
  4. That... doesn't look good. Not the type of thing I've find stimulating or enjoyable to say the least.
  5. Endurance is a double edged sword imo. When in the scenarios you're describing, yes, it's a problem, I agree, but it's a sight for sore eyes vs beat down doing 9+ damage a strike. I don't even think that's an unimaginable height either, it's fairly standard when they're at 0.
  6. See, I don't like unleashed. I don't think anything that more or less can read 'advance to 4. Lower your opponent to 1 if they're using autolevel cards.' is inherently a healthy design. It's both too fast/strong and a massive feel bads in one package. But, if I were to be making something along the same lines, I'd base it off Kaioken, make you card destroy the top 3 of your deck per level gained, let the opponent shuffle 3 from discard into life per level you lower them. But I don't think that design space is there thanks to Kaioken
  7. There is also a certain point where you have to accept a design is toxic to game development and enjoyment of the game. In theory, I agree with you, in practice, it's not always something one can do while keeping the original intention of the card.
  8. My idea: Ban Unleashed.
  9. Well, if they were humble enough to take criticism, play test, find a way to make money without making the game a bad case of pay to win, make the game more combat based instead of preferencing lame decks, make interesting archetypes within styles and design around Masteries instead of rushing to the idea that just hit them, you'd be onto something good.
  10. Thanks Verse, I'll take that all on when I next get a chance to play it.
  11. Just make stacks or make them alternate level 3/4 for their components that allows the stack to use component named cards and fusion named cards.
  12. Well, I tried it. It had the exact same problem. Leveling fucks up the Mastery. It has clauses for it, but shouldn't really be doing it. It breaks your momentum so bad, no matter how well you burst into play, you're fucked once you level. Also didn't pack enough ways to deal with Namek Ball 6 vs Namekian Knowledge.
  13. Despite, or probably because of Fan Z, both here and Retro are dead as door nails. 'The Dead Zone' for the blog seems disturbingly apt. I'm not terribly sure of how Retro/Score Z was before Pan Z, but it seemed to have a much larger community than Pan Z is now and Pan Z pretty much killed Retro/Score Z. Seems like Pan Z might have, in the long run, done more damage than good.
  14. I think I'm purposely trying to loose here. Raditz, Orange Adept, Physical Beats. YES. I'm trying to get Orange Adept to work and Broly seemed, well, like he was held back by Adept. IT'S POWER ISN'T MAXIMUM!!! So I figured, Raditz has a Drill theme, kinda, if he gets them out during Combat he does stuff. Adept gets them out during Combat. Why not Raditz? Really it's shitty reasoning, but worth a try. Sticking to a low Drill package, just focus on some. It's really how Adept wants to be played unless you camp on 1. Orange Encouragement seemed like the shot in the arm the deck got since last time I tried Adept. Something to help cycle the Drills. Checkup Drill too. This was the biggest problem I had with Adept. Keeping Drills circulating into play after Level Up. Only other thing worth mentioning is my meta has a house rule banning all UR. So no Unleashed or the like. Orange Adept Mastery Raditz - True Saiyan Raditz - Confident Raditz - Angered Raditz - Triumphant Event - 4 1 Time is a Warrior's Tool 3 Stare Down Setup - 4 2 Visiting the Past 2 Orange Encouragement Drill - 7 2 Orange Joint Restraint Drill 1 Orange Focusing Drill 2 Orange Disaster Drill 2 Orange Checkup Drill Physical Combat - 39 3 Raditz's Offensive Guard 3 Orange Truck Lift 3 Orange Launcher 3 Orange Refocus 3 Orange Searching Maneuver 3 Orange Charged Kick 3 Orange Saving Kick 3 Orange Confidence 3 Orange Extension 3 Orange Empowered Kick 3 Orange Enraged Bash 3 Orange Android Rising Punch 3 Orange Hug Energy Combat - 6 3 Orange Energy Evasion 3 Orange Energy Absorption
  15. It's kinda funny, actually. H&V introduced a lot of half assed archetypes, they try to finish one and they break it. Red Drills being broken when?