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  1. What's everyone looking forward to in gaming?

    I grew up with Street Fighter II' Special Championship Edition. It is my favorite. Though I thought 4 was alright.
  2. What's everyone looking forward to in gaming?

    Yes. Hype. Much hype. My first opportunity to play SF3
  3. Are Trading Card Games / Collectible Card Games Dying?

    Jeremy and Wizards of the Coast both wear their political agendas on their arm. I wasn't even referring to Christine having an agenda politically, her agenda was very blatantly $$$. Never the less, none of this really matters. Wizards has said Magic has a 40% slump. This will cause more of a slump. Wizards are seemingly incapable of fixing it due to the tiredness of the old guard, coupled with the arrogance and ineptitude of the general staff.
  4. Are Trading Card Games / Collectible Card Games Dying?

    "famous" I think you mean 'Pushed by the ideologues at Wizards of the Coast to push a political agenda.' :/
  5. Orange Adaptive No18

    Here's the second half of the Android Decks. This one was more inspired by a deck posted on Retro. Can do Triple Threat, but MPPV seems hard. Optic Blast should be kept back vs Namekian so you can try to take NB1. Should probably run Earth Balls, for vs Namekian Knowledge, but eh. NB1 gives +1 LC Damage. FORMAT Fan Z HOUSE RULES No Ultra Rares MASTERY Orange Adaptive Mastery MAIN PERSONALITY Android 18 Directing Android 18 Prepared Android 18 Effective Android 18 Determined ALLIES 2 1 Android 16 1 Android 20 EVENTS 7 3 Stare Down 1 Time is a Warrior's Tool 3 Orange Juke SETUPS 2 2 Visiting the Past DRILLS 8 1 Android Attack Drill 1 Orange Aura Drill 1 Orange Steady Drill 1 Orange Burning Aura Drill 1 Orange Focusing Drill 1 Orange Hiding Drill 1 Orange Energy Dan Drill 1 Orange Captivity Drill PHYSICAL COMBAT 3 3 Orange Refocus ENERGY COMBAT 38 3 Overpowering Attack 3 Android 18's Toss 3 Android 18's Destructo Disk 2 Blinding Energy Move 3 Optic Blast 3 Orange Distracting Beam 3 Orange Stare Down 3 Orange Power Point 3 Orange Rage 3 Orange Offensive Strike 3 Orange Precise Shot 3 Orange Fierce Attack 3 Orange Energy Absorption
  6. Are Trading Card Games / Collectible Card Games Dying?

    Force of Will isn't going to be around much longer anyway. The last few sets have been both shit and money gouging at the same time, later of which is seemingly being made worse with R3, while it's community participation is at an all time low. Once upon a time it's Reddit had 300 comments per new preview, now? Average 25. 25 comments per preview. Less than 25 people give a shit, because some people post multiple times in comment strings. FoWCo themselves are much more interested in Casters and Architect, but Casters is a complete dead zone and FoWco, in their infinite stupidity, have made a Japanese Exclusive Set. The game literally just launched. Also it's a perverted game for perverts into little girls.
  7. Orange Adaptive No18

    Got to try this deck the other day, the DBV was a complete waste of time because it went like a hot knife through butter. Orange Fierce Attack + Mastery + 18 Prepared + Android Attack Drill + Orange Aura Drill was just resulting in sexy attacks dealing 12ish Life Cards and they can't endure it, so I just went whole hog. I'm really tempted to try Hero 18, because all the buffs, but I really don't want to lose the 20 Ally. Orange Fierce Attack or not.
  8. What's everyone looking forward to in gaming?

    450 Aud
  9. Black Mischievous 17 anybody try yet?

    No17 Entertained is a strange to me now I've given him a whirl. Build around him and the opponent draws cards anyway, all those nice combo pieces feel like a double edged sword. Don't build around him and he can be basically just the attack. :/
  10. What's everyone looking forward to in gaming?

    Beyonetta 3 has nearly got me on the Nintendo Train again. Just want to see the Switch be closer to 250 than 450.
  11. Red Ruthless Videl

    Ok guys, first and most obvious build of the wonderful girl Gohan ruined. >_> So anyway, just going for a bare bones build, nothing amazing or interesting. Only notable choices are the anger costing cards, which I felt I had enough anger to utilise. Might work on Black Videl after this. I could see that being an enjoyable mill deck. No one plays Black Foreshadowing anymore. EDIT 2: -Visiting the Past -Devastating Blow -Red Lightning Slash -Red Lifting Kick -Red Face Break -1 Red Power Rush +2 Red Cover Drill +Red Burning Stance +Red Shoulder Grab +Red Right Punch +Red Cheap Shot FORMAT Fan Z HOUSE RULES No Ultra Rares MASTERY Red Ruthless Mastery MAIN PERSONALITY Videl - Student Videl - Heroic Videl - Battle Ready Videl - Battle Hardened DRILLS - 2 2 Red Cover Drill SETUP - 2 2 Red Relaxation EVENT - 6 1 Time is a Warrior's Tool 2 Red Restriction 3 Red Stop PHYSICAL COMBAT - 44 3 Videl's Eagle Kick 3 Videl's Determination 3 Red Burning Stance 3 Red Shoulder Grab 3 Red Power Lift 3 Red Heel Kick 3 Red Double Strike 2 Red Power Rush 3 Red Shattering Leap 3 Red Right Punch 3 Red Collision 3 Red Sword Stab 3 Red Arial Assault 3 Red Cheap Shot 3 Red Blocking Hand ENERGY COMBAT - 6 3 Red Defensive Stance 3 Red Interference
  12. Cleaned up Look of Site, Added Clubs

    It really doesn't. I kinda tossed up leaving over how annoying it is to find any thread now there is no separate categories for anything but Super.
  13. Red Ruthless Videl

    Got to try it yesterday. The deck works, it won, but needed a lot of tuning. I was basically relying so heavily on Red Shattering Leap and finding it really hard to get past Level 2, but I think the deck as a whole needs to be made to function a lot better. Edits are in the OP. Endurance was a big issue. My friend jam packed his deck with it and unless I could turn it off, I was boned. So I went for Red Cover Drill and a small amount of Drill support. I also found the anger costing cards and non-styled cards to be a bit of a burden because of the Mastery, so I removed all but Red Stop and Red Heel Kick for the anger costing cards and brought down my non-styled down to just named cards. Dragon Balls were a freaking nightmare to deal with when my opponent has so much endurance, so I went back to packing Red Shoulder Grab like the good old days.
  14. Blue Resourceful No17

    I actually got to play some decks yesterday. Adept 17 was.. eh. Not aggro enough imo. But I liked the Anger control aspect in both No17 Entertained and Orange Dressing Room. He was using Evolution Piccolo 1 with Namekian Knowledge, I wasn't wallbreakering, and he was still struggling to level past 1. So I decided to take advantage of the Anger control and make a Blue Resourceful deck with some Mill to speed things up. Still working out a build before I go anywhere with the deck, but this is the first draft. Won't get to try it for two weeks unless I get time for OCTGN or something. FORMAT Fan Z HOUSE RULES No Ultra Rares MASTERY Blue Resourceful Mastery MAIN PERSONALITY Android 17 – Entertained Android 17 – Imposing Android 17 – Battle Ready Android 17 – In Action ALLIES - 3 1 Android 14 1 Android 16 1 Android 20 DRILLS – 3 3 Blue Biting Drill SETUP - 9 3 Blue Stretch Kick 3 Blue Off-Balanced Punch 3 Blue Sword Stance EVENTS - 6 1 Time is a Warrior's Tool 3 Blue Shifting Maneuver 2 Blue Excitement PHYSICAL COMBAT - 36 3 Sobering Hammer 3 Blue Betrayal 3 Blue Head Knock 3 Blue Lunge 3 Blue Slash 3 Blue Head Kick 3 Blue Challenging Strike 2 Blue Smug Punch 2 Blue Strike 3 Blue Easy Knee 3 Blue Tempo 2 Blue Wrist Block 3 Blue Deterrence ENERGY COMBAT - 3 3 Blue Brace
  15. Saiyan Oppressive Nerf BAYBEEE

    BAU isn't used liberally enough with Freestyle period imo.
  16. FanZ Set 10 - "Revelation"

    I hate the wording on Blue Resourceful. I think someone mentioned this, but instead of what? Instead of the attack or discarding it? Needed a little more text to clarify.
  17. Saiyan Oppressive Nerf BAYBEEE

    Why not just Freeze/Ban Saiyan Sword Skill? Seems a whole lot easier than changing two cards and is the root cause of why the Mastery is way too consistent.
  18. Dragon Ball Top Tier

    With the recent 'announcement' that Fan Z will not touch GT, very likely the entirety of Dragon Ball or characters like Bulma for really flimsy reasons, I started tossing around the idea of making my own. I'm not the first, I'm not the last, but I have a better proposition I want to put to all of you. Why don't we do our own 'expansion' to Fan Z? Just enough to cover the major players of Ball and GT, while including the MPs they won't touch. We propose ideas, test them individually, come back with our data and iron out the design. No big set to release, just MP by MP, with their Named Cards and Allies where appropriate. A very lax project that will tackle each MP as a member wants to play them. No defined schedule and the project is open to any regular to the board or actual Fan Z designers that want to chime in with designs they can't make within the constraints of Fan Z. Here are what I feel the project should cover: Dragon Ball Top Tier Bulma (Dragon Ball) Yamcha (Dragon Ball) Emperor Pilaf (Dragon Ball) General Blue (Dragon Ball) Demon King Piccolo (Dragon Ball) Chi-Chi (Dragon Ball/Dragon Ball Z) Pan (Dragon Ball GT) Goku (Dragon Ball GT) Vegeta (Dragon Ball GT) SS4 Gogeta (Dragon Ball GT) Baby/Baby Vegeta (Dragon Ball GT) Super Android 17 (Dragon Ball GT) Omega Shenron (Dragon Ball GT) Majuub (Dragon Ball GT) I think this covers the main things people would want to play from the original Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball GT. Yamcha is really only here because I know people want Wolf Fang Fist and the current crop of Yamcha MPs wouldn't work with it as it's a physical attack. SS4 Gogeta can probably wait till Fan Z hits him as he will be interchangeable with theirs and could probably get by with only being a Level 4. As for ideas, I could see Bulma, Pilaf and Pan all being Dragon Ball decks of some sort, Pilaf having Mai and Shu as allies, Pan having Giru, GT Trunks and GT Goku. Chichi being an Anger/Saiyan Ally/Physical Beats type deck. King Piccolo as some type of anti-Dragon Ball deck. Feel free to suggest ideas.
  19. Are Trading Card Games / Collectible Card Games Dying?

    I've noticed this too. There are some reasonable explanations for each game though. Magic - Poor design philosophies, poor card quality, too much politics. YGO - Introduced Link, pandered to nostalgia while producing a game nothing like Duel Monsters. Vanguard - Outrageously expensive now. Buddyfight - It was never big. Final Fantasy - Seemed to just flounder after the big hype. Pokemon seems fine. DBS seems quite strong.
  20. What would sell you on Xenoverse 3?

    Actual new plot. The second one had a great idea using the villains from the films. I swear the trailer for 2 had a scene where Turles and Slug did to Goku what Goku and Piccolo did to Raditz and that wasn't in the game. Unfortunately, the game became more of the same once Turles and Slug were done with and the very game itself seemed annoyed, having much faster pacing to the end than the first game. It was disappointing.
  21. Cleaned up Look of Site, Added Clubs

    Wow the changes from a couple of days ago have made anything not DBS a cluttered mess.
  22. Dragon Ball Top Tier

    PICCOLO Piccolo goes both ways. Piccolo Lv4 from Premier is already titled 'Fused'. The episode where Piccolo fuses with Nail and the episode where Piccolo fuses with Kami both follow the naming conventions of the Saiyan Fusions first appearance, using the word 'Birth' in the title. But at the same time, the Manga explicitly calls Nail a "Power Up", while Kami is a "Union". Either way, it's properly titled 'Assimilation'. - SUPER ANDROID No17 The Japanese dialog for Super 17's fusion is a bit, odd. Gero basically says 17 is incomplete, including his personality, and Hell 17 completes him, then goes with the idea 17 is reborn as Super 17. He says they 'become one', not one absorbs the other. The Wiki, as unreliable as it may be due to the nature of a Wiki, lists 17+17 under 'Machine Mutant Fusion', as Hell 17 is a Machine Mutant like Rildo and Myuu. 13+14+15 is under Absorption btw, like Cell, Boo and even Oob. - MAJOOB Majoob is arguably the same thing as 'Kamiccolo', two separated beings becoming one again. But at the same time, 'Mr Boo' isn't really Majin Boo, it's the Grand Supreme Kai with aspects of Majin Boo, while Oob is the reincarnation of the pure original form of Majin Boo. The logic the wikia goes with is sound, it's technically an absorption when you consider what Oob and Mr Boo really are. @v3rse I got the renders for Baby you requested. I'll get images for the allies when I get the chance and mock up all the cards.
  23. Dragon Ball Top Tier

    Fusions in FanZ are their own entity. Joey has already stated as much.
  24. Dragon Ball Top Tier

    Got a handle on the graphics. Haven't posted a 'normal' card yet, but I have the template to make them. I understand the difficulty of testing though, but I did take it upon myself to assume we all at least have the ability to play with our own friends, giving the opportunity to gain data and conference on them here. I see the arguments for both. Hell, I don't even personally think the new 1 for Vegeta is entirely necessary and Trunks could be a new Lv4 for Kid Trunks. However, I think the Trunks thing gets very, very confusing because he's not 'Kid' Trunks anymore, nor is he Future Trunks. He's just Trunks. That thing with Panini not labeling 'Future' Trunks as such is biting us in the ass here. As to not tread on further FanZ or Super, I actually wonder if the GT stacks should be their own thing, as the Future ones are in FanZ. It's not like it's even canon now either. :/
  25. What's everyone looking forward to in gaming?

    I have 2 locals that play Super. For both, it's mostly the people. No one's lax, fun loving or chill, it's all arrogance and dick swinging. It's not the type of environment I like to play a game in. My friend had an exchange where he was belittled for selling his Link Joker(Vanguard) collection for a PS4 and having actual bills. Yes. Belittled for having bills to pay and selling something he didn't use for something he wanted. That was the moment I stopped bothering.