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  1. I find it tedious and I don't like the turn structure. Something I think DBZ does better with the back and forth and attacks not stopping to be modded, then blocked. Smoother and more intuitive game imo. A merger of the two's better aspects would probably be straight sex though.
  2. I have. I own the Sophitia / Seigfried battle Box, a Chun Li starter, a Lilith Tin and a Felicia Deck, along with a ton of assorted Street Fighter cards. Why so much? I am crazy. I keep trying to like it despite never enjoying it. Made a solid effort with the Jasco games version too. Eh, I don't think the check system is too bad because of foundations being able to fix it. Not that I like it, I don't like Foundations in general and that's part of my problem enjoying the game, but the check being able to be fixed and acting more as a turn restrictor over a gambit changes the implementation a lot.
  3. UFS is a strange beast in my opinion. I think it does a hell of a lot right where DBZ fails, but it doesn't feel as good to play. Not as organic. Kinda like Magic vs The Spoils. Spoils was arguably a better game, but Magic played better. Except UFS is still alive...
  4. 'Much of the core' also exists in UFS, which honestly on a surface level feels exactly like what we're describing. No power stages, costs to play cards, ect. Maybe the next Z should scrap Jim Ward's game and try to make a simplified UFS with elements of Z? UFS isn't a bad game by any stretch, but it could stand to be made to flow better.
  5. I think we're veering on 'The entire game is rotten. Let's mod UFS or make something inspired by Z instead.' when you go that far tbh. Not that I don't think the game needs tuning up for it's own balance and longevity, it's just it stops resembling itself at a certain point. I feel we're reaching that.
  6. FFG

    Final Fantasy has a Supply not meeting Demand problem.
  7. I forgot Justice League is coming. I guess given that they're not promoting it, this is another quick cash in, like PanZ was intended to be.
  8. I don't think costs could work without ruining the game. It'll probably start resembling Re-Z or need another barometer on cards or need GT esc PUR/Cost/Damage to balance it out.
  9. I'm jealous of you guys having cheap clearance packs. God knows I'd open my wallet on some cheap packs. All my TCG allocated money, gone.
  10. Yeah, it looks cheap and nasty. Whom ever did Score Z and GT? Get that guy back.
  11. I've been thinking about things related to the topic at hand and I've pretty much came to the same conclusion. As much as I love Saiyan and my mate loves Namekian, I don't think they work. Like, at all. Saiyan, thematically atleast, treads on Red's toes because it's essentially an archetype of the same darn thing. I was discussing this with said mate, the core 4 styles represent different aspects of a fighter. Berserker, Collected, Learner and Deceiver. Saiyan is... another Berserker. Namekian is... flavorful? Pan Z Red really strays away from what makes Red Red, the beats anger style it started as, just to give Saiyan some space, turning Red into more of a combo based style. Can't say it worked terribly well, Red turned out very well eventually and Saiyan is on the floor in agony unless specific MP's pilot it, even then, it's not Saiyan bringing anything to the table. Namekian kinda treads on toes too. It's aggressive forms have more in common with Red and Saiyan, tons of card advantage, it's defensive forms have more in common with Blue and Black, it's darn good at defense and can mill. it's a tempo deck for a reason, it's essentially the multi coloured as a style. When you do what I suggested, make it Majin, Namekian looses a ton once it doesn't have Dragon Balls as a design space if you don't want to continuously tread on Red and Saiyan or rely on Rejuvenation to an obnoxious degree. I just can't help but feel the game would be better in terms of colour identity and being able to do archetypes without Namekian and Saiyan.
  12. It was both in my opinion. Lots of things in Pan Z were overly nerfed.
  13. The first three sets of Pan Z have more than a few really considerable nerfs from Score Z, most drop from staples to unplayable, or in the case of Saiyan Acute Rapid Slam actually goes against how Score Z translates to Pan Z just to nerf it. But it got me thinking. Pan Z, especially from Set 2 through 4, has a lot of underpowered MPs, but what about the normal cards? Pan Z originals especially. What would you say are the cards held too far back in terms of practical use in a deck?
  14. 'Who is the closest to a Victory condition' or straight Life Count. Not sure why that's so hard.
  15. I've been thinking about MPPV lately. I know many really love Tuff Enuff, but I've always been of the thought that 'Since MPPV was one of the original parts of the game, to remove it would be sacrilege' or something along those lines. But I do see where people are coming from and it can lead to problems. It's a feel bads victory condition. It's not really engaging in the slightest and you're rewarded for your opponent's inability to deal with it effectively along with your ability to play Solitaire. Same could be said of DBV, but Dragon Balls aren't part of the normal mechanics like Anger is. I also feel that to some degree, it holds the game back. In a game without MPPV, really severe Anger Restraints such as Wallbreaker, Severe Bruises, ect, wouldn't be needed. You don't win from it, you just get stronger. I still think Anger has a place, working towards gaining levels, just as the more I think about it, I think the game as a whole could be better without MPPV.
  16. It was more a comment about how the Pokemon VG community sees unsportsmanlike conduct, running the clock once an advantageous position has been established and doing so will result in a round win, as perfectly fine, excusable and honorable behavior in a competitive scene. 'It's a legit strategy' or something to that effect.
  17. I bet competitve pokemon players just adore you, lol.
  18. Vegeta and Turles are in the same boat imo. Very small mod to what they were going for would have fixed them right up. Vegeta needed much higher stats, why he wasn't 18000 max on 1 and closer to 650000 max on 3, I don't get. Just compare him to Goku and Piccolo, his power stages are downright bizarre. Higher stats and he would have both started stronger and stayed on track till 4. Turles needed some type of action. Even a small poke would have been better than nothing, but he comes from a different time. Frieza is just a bad design, reactive to a meta that didn't exist on release and by the time it did, he was woefully outclassed.
  19. Would u say with how toned down Pan Z was, endurance shouldn't have been carried over?
  20. Could probably remake combat as a system where effects enter the stack, then have spell speed type interactions. Blocks who's effects go off before the attacks effects is just one thing you could do. Fan Z really wants this to happen, so does the the spheres, but it's awkward as fuck. Make it so the stack so they don't resolve till 'pass' and it clears up all these cancel cards.
  21. Styled deck, corresponding Mp stack and mastery, random rainbow hitech and some foils.
  22. Only demoed. If I have an experience not reflective of constructed play, probably because of that. But saying that, I still stand by my statement that multiple factors of chance strip a game of competitive merit. Casual? Could be fun as all get out.
  23. We're talking about card games, so let's limit it to that, not pull the goal post back. Card games typically have one randomisation mechanic, the one intrinsic to their medium, card draw. It's only one type of chance influencing the game and only influences the tools at the players disposal. It can be swingy, but is largely manipulable through redundancy and using the good old hypergeometric calculator, the TCG players best friend. When you get to games like Star Wars Destiny, Cardfight Vanguard, to some extent Pokemon and Duel Masters, you add another type of chance, it's much more apparent because it's not intrinsic to the medium. It's also not very manipulable, unless you cheat. It compounds how 'swingy' the game is by adding another layer to it, removing a layer of skill, as you have less control over your cards. I'm not saying they're bad games, never once did I say that, swingy games decided by chance can be fun, but good as in 'this is a good test of skill', not at all.
  24. Oh I'm not arguing Wallbreaker's existance. I think it might have overestimated how easy Critical Damage was to deal, but I don't think it shouldn't have existed. I'm questioning when. Much like Ginyu and Premier Piccolo 2.
  25. I don't disagree with this either of you. This is why I made the topic, I'm of two minds on the subject. I also think because it's part of the original design, it has every right to be here. I guess I'll ask the same question to everyone as it relates, it was a direct result of Knowledge's MPPV and created a slippery slope to Unleashed. Do you think Wallbreaker's existance at the time it was released was justified?