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  1. Set 3 Leader Opinions

    I found this posted on FaceBook with all the Set 3 Spoilers Since I am so far behind and am just getting into the groove the more I get the chance to play, I was curious on opinions on the Leaders. Dr Myuu - Seems bad. Free card that was really cheap anyway and can't make a dent. Best thing you're going to get is some deck searching. I mean, searching isn't bad, but it doesn't feel like a good Win Con. Pan - Pan feels to me like the Leader Red needed. She helps aggro by pushing it a stage on the turn it's played and draws cards for more offense and defensive choices. She's very brute force, but that's Red's ideology, but she also seemingly balances out Red. Stablises it. Majin Boo - Ok, this card is amazeballs. Ok, it makes you deck out at an accelerated rate, but the draw is arguably less restrictive than Pan, but Restanding with +5? I'm getting Vanguard flashbacks here, but it's more balanced than Vanguard because of no Triggers, but look out for any cards that give effects for the duration of the turn for Buu. Abuse the shit out of this wording. Goku - Bad. Would rather use the SSGSS Goku. Even with the ramp and awakening acceleration, SSGSS has none of the downsides. Vegeto - Ah, yeah, seems good, but impractical and bad due to other cards. Between Barrier and Indestructable, let alone the Zamasu with both, I just don't see this happening. Enjoy the Auto, the permanent is unlikely without hand destruction like Ostracize from MTG and mixing into Red. Android 13 - A bit too restrictive. It's not a bad skill, just too meta dependent or opponent dependent. Bardock - Oh hey, powered by Dead Saiyans. Bandai gets it. Glares at Fan Z. Anyway, with no way I can think of to KO your Saiya-people during your turn, Bardock becomes interesting with Blockers. Block, oh hey, permanent +5 Buff for the turn. That's nifty. It's not aggressive, but the Apes and King Vegeta are for that. Kid Goku - Free Bulmas? all of which replace themselves in your hand? Cool. TAP DOWN AND LOCK DOWN? WEW LAD. I thought Bardock sounded neat, but Goku my lad, you're right up there in my Blue MTG/Light Duel Masters heart. Mira - Arguably strictly superior to Vegeta. :/ We go from Self Destructive Vegeta to Too Restrictive Android 13 to Too Easy Mira. It's not Power Creep, because it needs cards multiple cards in tandem, but it makes me a tad uneasy. Yes, it self mills 3 a turn, so total 4, but it feels like it gets to a point where it doesn't have to soon enough. I could see this being top tier. Trunks - It's alright. Fueling it means it needs to be timed well or wasted, even with 2 fuel a turn. I think it's good, but not as good as Mira.
  2. The Games We Play

    Doing a second run in Fallout 4 for the platinum trophy. I also need to finish Pokemon Moon I got during the Christmas sales, but it's so fucking boring. After I finish Fallout, my little spare time will be devoted to Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth Hacker's Memory.
  3. Set 3 official preliminary info commercial

    Under SS3 Bardock
  4. R/G Gotenks

    I've been trying a few decks after I posted Broly, which I'll try with suggested updates when I get the chance, but I wanted to give Red a shot, however, it seemed to me Red wasn't really good without something to kill of their hand and had no real strong Turn 2, so I used Goten Leader to use Super Ghost Kamikaze reliably on T2 for Rush Down. If I don't get Super Ghost Kamikaze Attack, the Gohan Package seems nice T2 into T3. There is a bit of hand destruction to try to migate giving the opponent hand so early, but it's not reliable on the Leader. Jiren felt more reliable than Fickle Destruction, since it was on a body. Trying the deck out tomorrow. LEADER: Gotenks / Prodigious Strike, Super Saiyan Gotenks MAIN DECK: 4 Saiyan Cabba 4 Trunks, Protector of Children 4 Fully Trained Son Gohan 4 Gohan's Partner, Videl 4 Furthering Destruction, Champa 4 Energy Power, Gotenks 3 Raging Cabba 4 Jiren, Fist of Justice 4 Ghost Attack, Super Saiyan 3 Gotenks 3 Miraculous Comeback, Ultimate Gohan 4 Cabba's Awakening 4 Vados' Assistance 4 Super Ghost Kamikaze Attack
  5. R/G Gotenks

    Is the Evo Cabba play that bad in reality? It seems quite good on paper. Videl is my only Blocker, is it better to go full balls to the wall in Red and just avoid Blockers period? I've never been good at Red in these types of games, more a Water/Light kinda guy in Duel Masters.
  6. While they're over there discussing what makes him bad and which level is to blame, I'm just thinking about how much I liked the one from Score. :/ It's really simple, but so much better than the convoluted crap that we got. So I spent all of 5 minutes on this.
  7. So Retro is talking about how bad 19 is.

    I didn't notice I reversed the effects of 1 and 2, the defense shield is physical and block is energy on the original score cards. Oh well.
  8. Dragon Ball Top Tier

    With the recent 'announcement' that Fan Z will not touch GT, very likely the entirety of Dragon Ball or characters like Bulma for really flimsy reasons, I started tossing around the idea of making my own. I'm not the first, I'm not the last, but I have a better proposition I want to put to all of you. Why don't we do our own 'expansion' to Fan Z? Just enough to cover the major players of Ball and GT, while including the MPs they won't touch. We propose ideas, test them individually, come back with our data and iron out the design. No big set to release, just MP by MP, with their Named Cards and Allies where appropriate. A very lax project that will tackle each MP as a member wants to play them. No defined schedule and the project is open to any regular to the board or actual Fan Z designers that want to chime in with designs they can't make within the constraints of Fan Z. Here are what I feel the project should cover: Dragon Ball Top Tier Bulma (Dragon Ball) Yamcha (Dragon Ball) Emperor Pilaf (Dragon Ball) General Blue (Dragon Ball) Demon King Piccolo (Dragon Ball) Chi-Chi (Dragon Ball/Dragon Ball Z) Pan (Dragon Ball GT) Goku (Dragon Ball GT) Vegeta (Dragon Ball GT) SS4 Gogeta (Dragon Ball GT) Baby/Baby Vegeta (Dragon Ball GT) Super Android 17 (Dragon Ball GT) Omega Shenron (Dragon Ball GT) Majuub (Dragon Ball GT) I think this covers the main things people would want to play from the original Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball GT. Yamcha is really only here because I know people want Wolf Fang Fist and the current crop of Yamcha MPs wouldn't work with it as it's a physical attack. SS4 Gogeta can probably wait till Fan Z hits him as he will be interchangeable with theirs and could probably get by with only being a Level 4. As for ideas, I could see Bulma, Pilaf and Pan all being Dragon Ball decks of some sort, Pilaf having Mai and Shu as allies, Pan having Giru, GT Trunks and GT Goku. Chichi being an Anger/Saiyan Ally/Physical Beats type deck. King Piccolo as some type of anti-Dragon Ball deck. Feel free to suggest ideas.
  9. Set 3 official preliminary info commercial

    That would be a nice balancing mechanic. I've been kinda worried that the Black cards might end up with a Promo that's a staple in everything and creates a similar staple issue to what Naruto had.
  10. Mono G Broly - Literally Saiyan Style

    I made this deck up for fun games on Untap, since DBS on there. First shot at a Super deck, going for a mono-Black Aggro type deal from Magic. Lots of control. But I haven't played a game yet, so IDK how bad this is. I'm not sure how the curve is on this game, if it's slow enough to get big guys out, so I stayed low to the ground. 16 and 19 from Set 2 looked good. But I don't know what to edit. LEADER: Broly/Broly The Legendary Super Saiyan MAIN DECK: 4 Slasher Trunks 4 Human Shield Krillin 4 Son Gohan, Family of Justice 4 Paragus, Controller of Monsters 4 Tenacious Vegeta 4 Trunks, Protector of Children 4 Son Goten, Family of Justice 4 Aura of Rage, Super Saiyan Trunks 4 Full Power Vegeta 4 King Vegeta's Suprise Attack 4 Full Power Energy 2 Broly's Ring
  11. Starting Now

    I might finally have the opportunity to start playing Without these hard to get and expensive promos, as well as needing to ease into the game due to financial reasons, just how fucked am I compared to having started day 1? Also, how diverse is the meta? Varied or bad? I'm probably looking at a Broly, Vegeta or Android Leader deck.
  12. Mono G Broly - Literally Saiyan Style

    Thanks for all the advice guys, I'll work on a second build of this. I've tried this deck, Androids and SSB Vegeta so far, this one was the only one I didn't have much success with. I can't believe I overlooked Gotenks though. I got roadblocked by a Zamasu with Indestructable. It made the flip side of Broly rather crappy aside from the power buff. Likewise, with the Life going to hand and drawing, the discard of Broly didn't seem like it made a dent. The game had too much raw draw. I had much more success with Vegeta denying my opponent hand rather than discarding what they had. I get I need to mix the colours, Blue I think is most obvious as it has bounce.
  13. Set 3 official preliminary info commercial

    https://www.reddit.com/r/DBS_CardGame/comments/7v31pf/yellow_cards_revealed_as_of_2218/ Someone managed to make out the Yellow cards.
  14. Set 2 news

    Have to admit, was a bit gutted when it was clarified to not be the case, but +5 across the board isn't bad. Just 20 Def is better, lol.
  15. Current Tier List (Pre-Deckbox Expansion)

    Kinda surprised the Starter Deck Leader is so good.
  16. Starting Now

    Thanks for the advice on what cards to look out for. I have 1 Objection, boo and Boost Attack Piccolo from the special set 1 with the Vegeta I got when the game came out and got a starter deck today for the rest. I have the critical Vegeta leader, should I switch to it?
  17. Score MP into Pan/Fan Z

    I was gutted Panini 19 wasn't a remake of Score 19. But Score 19 does have a Level 4. It's a Redemption Promo Cell Saga Redemption Promo 17 - Android 19, Refreshed
  18. Dragon Ball Top Tier

    Not really, mostly because I have been busy with other things. Truth be told, I haven't even played any TCGs since this was posted. That busy.
  19. I didn't like Bardock when he was first revealed, as it wasn't what I was expecting, but it's grown on me over time. It's different. But Black Bardock is a bit of a dud from what I've heard, despite having the most immediate synergy. @ChangelingBard mentioning him today got me thinking of him again, I haven't touched the game since last year, but I want to do something with him. So I thought about what he's trying to do and what has the most synergy with that. It's Orange. Both Orange Energy Dan Drill and Orange Precise Shot interact with him really well on 1 and 2, then work in tandem with him on 3. I don't think you need to go past 3 if you can rejuvenate and cycle the Precise Shots, as they aren't BAU and his own effect is gutting their deck of 3 cards a turn, precise cards. Mastery is a bit hard, especially in my kitchen table format with no Ultra Rares, I think there are great arguments for both Retribution, speed to 3, and Adept, stability due to Energy Dan and Captivity being the main Drills I think I'd run here. However, after his Named Cards, I'm not sure where to take the deck. I believe this is the ideal place for Bardock, but not sure how to build this type of control deck. I'm an Aggro or Turtle kinda guy.
  20. The Naruto CCG

    The Naruto CCG died here during it's third set, don't know why as Naruto was really popular here like the US, but since discovering Americans are still playing it and it went for a whopping 28 sets. Kinda curious why it ends with the Konoha Invasion/Pain arc and hasn't had Fan Sets to cover the 4th Ninja War and Kaguya, but apparently people are happy with their 28 Sets and ending on Pain. I get that, I'm watching Naruto atm and just got through Pain, if it didn't have more loose ends, it would have been an amazing end for Naruto. This game actually went longer in English than Japanese, which ended long before the American game did and changed the rules for Shippuden, which the English one did not. Anywho, the game has a unique resource system where some cards are discarded for costs of Ninjas and Missions, which are turned into Chakra, which is used to pay for Jutsu and effects, Jutsu and Missions are also turned into Chakra when they resolve, so while you are discarding Chakra, you don't exactly run out because you are constantly pushing things into it. The combat system is also unique, where you make teams of three Ninja, having a head Ninja using it's combat/left numeral, with two support Ninja, using their support/right numeral. Kinda like 'Banding - The Game', but many Jutsu worked with it. Ninja also have two states, Normal and Injured, during injured they turn sideways, lose non-Valid(circumstantial) effects and use different stats. Unlike other games, they do not heal at the beginning of your turn, you need effects to heal them. If a Ninja is damaged while injured, it is discarded. If a team is dealt 5+ Damage, it's considered an 'Outstanding Victory' and 2 damage is dealt to the head ninja, discarding it, while the support takes 1 damage each. Ninja's don't really have costs, but work like Hearthstone, you have to keep track of your turn. Ninja also all have Legendary and along with Missions, are 1/turn. At it's very core, it was a bit of a Magic Clone, but a very customised one. Missions were a merger of Sorcery and Enchantments, Jutsu's being Instants. The game also had something like the Extra Deck from YGO for team ups/fusions and upgrades. Damage is like a precursor to Vanguard however, except you don't see the damage and your damage is considered your opponent's reward for attacking you without being blocked. Your Battle Rewards = Your Opponent's Damage. It's a little confusing to be honest. 2 damage is dealt with 5+ Power, this is called an 'Outstanding Victory.' The game wasn't without it's problems. The game was riddled with Staples and little deck variance from Day 1 till the day it died. This is the big one the fandom talks about. Secondly, and this is mostly me perusing through the cards, but Elements/Colour was boarderline meaningless, as you can find a substantial amount of every mechanic except specific Counterspells in every colour. Did anyone here play a substantial amount of this game? I only played the first two sets till the staple thing became prominent early, Sasuke No1 Rookie was very prominent and dominated early game, so I moved on. Frankly, it was the only TCG I'd forgotten how to play, but looking back, it looks fairly enjoyable bar some design problems.
  21. Hero 18 Combative

    Saiyan Oppressive Mastery was a mistake.
  22. Hero 18 Combative

    I like this deck a lot, something I'd want to try myself. Just a few comments: Do you feel the loss of Android 20? I know Orange Fierce Attack, but it's not technically as consistent. It's one of the points I actually like for V No18 over H. You can use Orange Distracting Beam to reuse Orange Fierce Attack, it's a combo I've become fond of lately. Use Distracting as my final attack to place Fierce on top of the deck. Do you feel Leisure, Attack Drill and Efficiency Drill are worth running No18 over Yamcha? I'm loving Attack Drill myself, especially with Toss just searching it, but Yamcha has some really nice tricks in Pesky, Spirit Ball and his defensive tricks in his original two named cards? Have you thought about running NDB6? Boost your PUR, lessen Stage Damage more. In my current Orange Adaptive No18(Villain), I've gradually moved from 16 and Hiding to 16 and NDB6.
  23. Set 3 - Cross Worlds - Information thread

    I will fight the both of you. At Clayfighter. >:-( Get on my level
  24. Part of me wants to say flat out 'Well, no you know why only 5 main sets were planned and why they're pumping them out so fast', but @Stryyder is right. They're doing Xenoverse now. It's already disconnected from the Super property. They still haven't finished Super, they have Ball, GT, and I'm not sure, have they finished Z? They have plenty of material and I doubt anyone would mind new versions of the same characters. I don't think it's worth screaming the end is nigh just yet. Wait till Set 5 and a long silence, then you know.
  25. The Caster Chronicles TCG

    I looked through it after this thread, properly. The whole 'Caster/Will aka Mana' mechanic is frankly, confusing, initially. The cards for them aren't self explanatory. It also changes the game significantly from DM imo. I am also not a fan of having 7 Civs over 5, I found there to be a lot of similarity between Civs and lastly, the lack of Summoning Sickness irks me. The game actually has reverse Haste that gives Summoning Sickness. That's weird. Also, my friend was saying one of the Civs has a way to bypass Shields and go straight for the player. What's that about? It raised my eyebrow. Terra something?