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  1. Dragon Ball Super Anime Discussion

    BoG and Frieza arcs were a disgrace to the best DBZ film and even worse than one of the worst films in the franchise respectively. Universe 6 Arc was a boring tournament with none of the charm or character of Dragon Ball's tournament arcs nor the gravity of the Cell Games. It felt so cold. Future Trunks/Zamasu was good. Fuck the haters, it had gravity, it was so dire that literal Deus Ex Machina had to happen, but given this series, that makes it even more serious. Tournament of Power has a few good scenes, but was ultimately boring and wasted a lot of potential. Once Super finished, I was thinking about how much I didn't enjoy the vast majority of the 130 odd episodes. Honestly? Outside of Zamasu, Super's best parts were slice of life type stuff. The baseball episode, Goo Vegeta Clone, 17 on the island, seeing what lives Vegeta and Goku lead in down time. That type of stuff. The main plot was craptacular. I also echo the GT was better sentiment. As soon as GT gets to Earth, it does some fairly interesting plots, even if, year, the execution isn't the best. The ideas are better than anything in Super. I was leaning into this around the middle of ToP, but yeah, it's true.
  2. D&D and other RPGs

    Hey Nerds. Do any of you know much about Savage Worlds as a game engine? I came across a game for it called 'Freedom Squadron' that was funded on Kickstarter and as a huge, huge GI Joe fan, I am very interested in this. It's basically 'Not-GIJoe' the RPG, with one Lanard's The Corps! reference and one Metal Gear reference.
  3. D&D and other RPGs

    :/ I agree with the moral panic people from the 1980s. It's an evil game. It steals men's souls. One of my friends got interested in it last year, now unless I specifically ask him about his D&D campaign from that week, he won't even reply to me anymore. If I ask about D&D, he goes on for hours. Evil, Evil game. Good cartoon though.