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  1. Card Identification Help

  2. Card Identification Help

    World Games Saga Hitech Videl.
  3. FanZ Set 10 - "Revelation"

    Didier Greenleaf dropped a hint that if you're making Blue Frieza, wait 25 days for the new Mastery. Theorise away.
  4. FanZ Set 10 - "Revelation"

    Calling it. This set will nearly be entirely freestyle. The theme of the set, traits, would lean that way. Saiyan and Namekian would turn out entirely Cell and Gohan otherwise. Next year it wouldn't be so had, you have Majin Vegeta, but then you most as well just make more Named for Vegeta that are Saiyan Style and Majin Trait locked. Focused Beams I good card, opens up drill stabilisation outside of Goku and Orange Adaptive. I think there are probably some good decks in general it would like.
  5. Saiyan Dynamic Nappa

    The rate I'm making lists this will be once a day, lol. Realised I hadn't tried Dynamic yet, nor Clench, so why not Nappa? Have to give credit to @Denithan here, I looked at his Saiyan Rampaging Turles Clench deck for a bit of inspiration. Thinking about using Quickness Drill in tandem with Saiyan Rescue to cycle Saiyan Headbutts into my hand, but it's probably too slow. Can easily reach +18 Stages from just modifiers alone on static stage attacks. Part of me wonders if I should switch to Empowered as I have no Drills, reach that 4 and shut off Endurance with Base x2 +22, or in other words, half the deck in one shot. But eh. It's a thing to try later. FORMAT FanZ HOUSE RULES No Ultra Rares MASTERY Saiyan Dynamic Mastery MAIN PERSONALITY Nappa - Rested Nappa - Supportive Nappa - Overconfident Nappa - Enraged ALLIES - 2 1 Vegeta 1 Turles SETUPS - 6 2 Visiting the Past 1 Tree of Might 3 Saiyan Extreme Training EVENTS - 14 3 Nappa's Confidence 3 Stare Down 1 Time is a Warrior's Tool 1 Saiyan Rescue 3 Saiyan Outrage 3 Saiyan Enjoyment PHYSICAL COMBAT - 35 3 Saiyan Uppercut 3 Saiyan Elbow Drop 2 Saiyan Charged Fist 3 Saiyan Body Blow 3 Saiyan Headbutt 3 Saiyan Lunge 3 Saiyan Overhead Kick 3 Saiyan Clash 3 Saiyan Clench 3 Saiyan Stomach Thrust 3 Saiyan Dive 3 Saiyan Reverse Catch ENERGY COMBAT - 3 3 Saiyan Energy Release
  6. Partners for Black Conflict Mastery?

    Trying to make a deck for each Style and I'm having a hard time deciding what to make for Black. I was going to go along the obvious Black Perceptive Bardock, but I've heard it's poopy and I've been warming up to the idea of Black Conflict Triple Threat. Easy Criticals for Dragon Balls, good Anger speed, Black can Survival. I like the idea. But who to use. Krillin is an obvious choice. 5 Anger off Command after his own attack on Level 1 is like, wowzers, his effects on 2 and 4 are good, even if 2 is costy at 3 stages. He has the Destructo Disk. It just feels like it's a bit of a one trick pony and peeters out, in theory. Piccolo isn't a bad choice. His Level 1 can Crit is you get Black Vehicle Toss attached. 2 can just Crit period and feed into cards that ask if you're destroying your opponent's deck. 3 gives really easy Criticals for days, need 4, deal +2, maybe +1+3, woah, and just DBV out there and then. Cooler can use the Namekian Balls via Face Smash, so that's a thing. No fearing Namekian Knowledge for Cooler. Black Punt makes his Named Card work with the Mastery. Those are cool things. Any idea?
  7. Partners for Black Conflict Mastery?

    13 is actually someone I'd want to try out. Haven't had the opportunity yet. Might look into him. Not really interested in Pikkon. :/ Or Tenshinhan. I've been trying to get a Blue Protective Frieza deck together using the full original stack to post here, but it never looks right. :/ I have tried Black Golden Frieza before, back in Set 3. It was okish back then, but I am completely out of my element with Black and Blue, probably built it poorly.
  8. Saiyan Dynamic Nappa

    Oh yes. I've been saying this for a while. Broly kinda works, as his 2 and 3 just do so much versus his 4 which is kinda just... Nappa 4 with more beef and an activated effect you'll probably never use fully, so hovering on 2 and 3 is good for Broly. When I first saw Nappa Supportive, I thought he might be the Dynamic MP, jumps straight into action and a nice passive buff vs the old Level 2, which is terrible. I didn't think much about Rampaging. I am currently rocking Saiyan Rampaging Trunks, but I use Rampaging to get to a cheesy MPPV victory lickety split. Nothing like 1 card to essentially jump Level 1. Never once used the pitch nor thought about it. But it's something to look into. Empowered the main issue I have and thought about a lot today was leveling quick. I don't want to sit on 1 or 3 for long due to Allies. I think there are some options if I can time Face Smash properly, but I am not sure I'd want to run Saiyan Enraged. I'd need to use Saiyan Discovery to get maximum benefit, space is hard. Bardock was thought about, but since he didn't provide a passive mod, I passed him up. He seems very circumstantial, especially if I run Saiyan Empowered Mastery but if in an edit I find the space, I'll give him a shot. Extreme Training was mostly because of Nappa 3's Banish an Ally HIT effect. I literally cannot use it if my opponent lacks a Drill or Ally. Plus 2 provides the 2 come 4 Stage Modifier. I'd go in an Empowered build focusing on 4, but atm, little too scared of the 3 being blank unless they kill all my allies. No real comment on Saiyan Interruption just yet as last time I played with my friend, no combat enders, so it's literally a 5 come 10 Stage attack and that's it for me. I don't think I need Sobering Hammer with Saiyan Overhead Kick effectively filling the same niche, just with Banish after use. Redundancy would be nice, and as you said, works with Clench, but I'd want to see how things play out with it first. Android Arm Breaker is a card I looked at, but it's more of a meta call and my meta is, atm, entirely just Namekian Knowledge Piccolo. Same as it's been since Day 1. Because my locals sucked. :/
  9. Saiyan Empowered Goku

    I am on a deck building bender at the moment and seemingly obsessed with making DBV decks. So here is another. Can run Namek Balls here because Saiyan Concussive Blast and Awakening Goku 4 reusing till it hits and bam, Namekian Knowledge means nothing. Falls back on reusing Saiyan Energy Toss and Saiyan Offensive Rush to just push through a ton of damage if DBV becomes unavailable somehow. Thinking I might want to work Saiyan Multi-Blast and maybe Saiyan Straight Shot in here. Potentially wind down the cards that are dead in hand. There are a lot at 18. FORMAT Fan Z HOUSE RULES No Ultra Rares MASTERY Saiyan Empowered Mastery MAIN PERSONALITY Goku - Training Goku - Determined Goku - Couragous Goku - Selfless DRAGON BALLS - 7 1 Namek Dragon Ball 1 1 Namek Dragon Ball 2 1 Namek Dragon Ball 3 1 Namek Dragon Ball 4 1 Namek Dragon Ball 5 1 Namek Dragon Ball 6 1 Namek Dragon Ball 7 SETUP - 11 2 Visiting the Past 1 Dragon Radar 3 Saiyan Enraged 3 Saiyan Offensive Rush 2 Saiyan Intimidation EVENT - 9 3 Confrontation 1 Time is a Warrior's Tool 2 Goku's Search 3 Saiyan Outrage PHYSICAL COMBAT - 6 3 Saiyan Arm Catch 3 Saiyan Hand Swipe ENERGY COMBAT - 27 3 Optic Blast 3 Saiyan Pinpoint Blast 3 Saiyan Energy Toss 3 Saiyan Concussive Blast 3 Saiyan Demolishing Beam 3 Saiyan Rapid Fire 3 Saiyan Tantrum 3 Saiyan Ki Web 3 Saiyan Energy Deflection
  10. Namekian Radiant Gohan

    After @Mysterious Youth gave me the suggestion to switch from Piccolo or Kami to Gohan due to the Level 2, I thought I'd change. Ended up looking at @Edison Carasio's old Namekian Restored Gohan build for inspiration and while I have no doubt that deck is tons better, I wanted to try out Radiant. Not willing to give up the Earth Balls if I switch to Namekian Restored Mastery because my friend is still rocking Namekian Knowledge Piccolo. :/ Most debated card is Namekian Training Ball for Namekian Force Push. Force Push is hard to block and does a ton of damage, but Training Ball isn't effected by Endurance. FORMAT Fan Z HOUSE RULES No Ultra Rares MASTERY Namekian Radiant Mastery MAIN PERSONALITY Gohan - To The Rescue Gohan - Young Warrior Gohan - Determined Gohan - Armored DRAGON BALLS - 7 1 Earth Dragon Ball 1 1 Earth Dragon Ball 2 1 Earth Dragon Ball 3 1 Earth Dragon Ball 4 1 Earth Dragon Ball 5 1 Earth Dragon Ball 6 1 Earth Dragon Ball 7 ALLIES 7 1 Chichi 1 Bulma 1 Piccolo 1 Kami 1 Yajarobe 1 Korin 1 Icarus EVENT 10 3 Confrontation 1 Time is a Warrior's Tool 3 Namekian Hybrid Defense 3 Namekian Overtime DRILL 4 2 Namekian Heritage Drill 2 Namekian Assistance Drill PHYSICAL COMBAT 6 3 Namekian Forceful Block 3 Namekian Flinch ENERGY COMBAT 26 3 Overpowering Attack 3 Namekian Maximum Will 3 Namekian Onslaught 3 Namekian Confident Burst 3 Namekian Door Destruction 3 Namekian Salvo 3 Namekian Training Ball 2 Namekian Resourceful Shot 3 Namekian Crossed Guard
  11. Namekian Radiant Piccolo

    I wanted to try something new. Still ended up a Beats deck primarily, but it should be able to Dragon Ball Victory. Earth DB over Namekian + Restored or Knowledge simply because my friend mains Namekian Knowledge Piccolo still, two years on, and won't try anything else. This should be perfectly doable in Orange too, probably a little better there because more Anger and can shut off Endurance, but why not Namekian? All I've ever done with Namekian is take advantage of all the Remain cards and make Physical Beats. FORMAT Fan Z HOUSE RULES No Ultra Rares MASTERY Namekian Radiant Mastery MAIN PERSONALITY Piccolo Stoic Piccolo Combat Stance Piccolo Unleashed Piccolo Revitalized DRAGON BALLS 7 1 Earth Dragon Ball 1 1 Earth Dragon Ball 2 1 Earth Dragon Ball 3 1 Earth Dragon Ball 4 1 Earth Dragon Ball 4 1 Earth Dragon Ball 5 1 Earth Dragon Ball 6 1 Earth Dragon Ball 7 ALLIES 1 1 Kami SETUPS 8 2 Visiting the Past 1 Dragon Radar 1 Information Gathering 1 Namekian Wish 2 Namekian Fusion 1 Namekian Dragon Clan EVENTS 7 1 Time is a Warriors Tool 3 Confrontation 3 Namekian Hybrid Defense PHYSICAL COMBAT 3 3 Namekian Flinch ENERGY COMBAT 34 3 Optic Blast 3 Namekian Planned Attack 3 Namekian Onslaught 2 Namekian Double Strike 3 Namekian Palm Shots 3 Namekian Salvo 3 Namekian Training Ball 3 Namekian Surge 2 Namekian Resourceful Shot 3 Namekian Force Push 3 Namekian Stance 3 Namekian Deflection
  12. Namekian Radiant Piccolo

    @Mysterious Youth I haven't had a chance to change anything, but I didn't really think much about getting past Level 2. Looking at it, it's a pretty big problem with the build. I guess I could run Namekian Leaping Kick to level. That said, I didn't give much thought to Gohan as I was trying to give Piccolo a whirl as he's still rocking Namekian Knowledge Piccolo to this day. Gohan isn't a bad idea. I haven't built Kami yet, but Gohan seems a bit more straight forward. I like the idea.
  13. Orange Adept No17

    I've wanted to make the Androids for a while. I just haven't known where I wanted to go with them, but Orange Lasso seemed like the card that Orange wanted to open itself up to 17 and since Orange is one of my favorite styles, why not? Deck is meant to camp on Level 1, but I don't see why it couldn't restablise on 2. Wouldn't advise it though. This is primarily the reason why Orange Disaster Drill isn't here. If someone can find a card to lower my own Anger, I'd like to include that. FORMAT Fan Z HOUSE RULES No Ultra Rares MASTERY Orange Adept Mastery MAIN PERSONALITY Android 17 Entertained Android 17 Imposing Android 17 Battle Ready Android 17 In Action ALLIES 4 1 Android 14 1 Android 16 1 Android 18 1 Android 20 EVENTS 6 1 Time is a Warrior's Tool 3 Orange Juke 2 Orange Memory SETUPS 5 2 Visiting the Past 1 Android 17's Van 2 Orange Dressing Room DRILLS 4 1 Orange Joint Restraint Drill 1 Orange Steady Drill 1 Orange Burning Aura Drill 1 Orange Freezing Drill PHYSICAL COMBAT 41 3 Android 17's Back Smash 3 Sobering Hammer 2 Orange Elbow 3 Orange Extension 3 Orange Left Punch 3 Orange Enraged Bash 3 Orange Hug 3 Orange Collision 3 Orange Knee Strike 3 Orange Bicycle Kick 3 Orange Lasso 3 Orange Confidence 3 Orange Grimace ENERGY COMBAT 3 3 Orange Energized Push
  14. Orange Adept No17

    Long time since update, been busy. I decided to remove Stare Down, I didn't feel I needed it as I wanted to maximise my ability to strike my opponent. My hand is limited, I don't have a lot of card gain and I'm not a control deck. Feels weird not having them though. Took out Orange Saving Kick as I felt I had enough Anger control without it. Orange Searching Maneuver got removed due to the speed problems mentioned. Orange Elbow got reduce to 2 because I had very limited use for it. It's a nice card, but would be better in Blue imo. I decided to take the advice given to me and add Orange Enraged Bash, Sobering Hammer, No14 and Orange Bicycle Kick. Haven't had the chance to test this deck out, but I look forward to it. I decided against Orange Leaping Punch because it feels very... I dunno, if we had one, a Side Deck type card if you're not going for Drillku type stuff.
  15. FanZ Set 10 - "Revelation"

    One of the many reasons I prefer GT
  16. FoWCo TCGs.

    So with Force of Will being largely fucked over by incompetent development staff and having to fire their English Manager/Translator recently, FoWCo are releasing two new games. Both reuse quite a bit of terminology from Force of Will. Family of games I guess? Company flair? Casters Chronicles is a loli game for weaboos, I am not kidding, which rips off Duel Masters, because what doesn't these days >_>. It's quirk is it has a Vanguard, for some reason. You level it up to boot. Gives 'Ride the Vanguard' a whole new meaning... Architect is YGO, Magic, UFS and Hearthstone's Scifi love child. Using actual people. The game has Elvis. Basically YGO with Magic's health system and the threshold system of Hearthstone, except you play cards like Mana and those cards operate like UFS's Foundations x YGO's Trap Cards. All you really need to know is it's YGO with Mana and a scifi bent. Architect is most certainly the more interesting of the two games and the idea of a potentially balanced YGO has me interested. Casters and Architect are not handled by FoW's dumbass developers, so there is hope there, but FoWco are money grubbers at heart, so the game might be pricey or end up that way after sales pick up.
  17. FanZ Set 10 - "Revelation"

    Saiyan arguably doesn't do it on par with Red. It's Masteries do. Even then, it's mostly Empowered and niche builds of Rampaging. Black can, but I don't think anyone really uses all the Anger in Black for an MPPV x DBV or Survival deck. Irregardless, Anger is a general mechanic used for leveling. For everyone not being able to do it period would be a massive game flaw. Not really, no. Orange and Blue don't so much 'Rejuvenate' as they use it as a way to regain access to Drills and Allies respectively. For them, it's more akin to Namekian shuffling a Dragon Ball back in. Black and Red have so little it's not even worth mentioning. Black has like 5 cards that rejuvenate your cards, none of which being things you'd use. Red isn't much better, but the quality of card is higher. Things you'd actually play, but for Red it'd be more to circumvent the fact it's drawing cards with it's Red Enraged, slimming the deck down. Then we have Saiyan and especially Namekian, for both of which there are a slew of cards that Rejuvenate. There is a very definite divide between how little and why Orange, Red and Blue 'Rejuvenate', the lack of Rejuvenation in Black, then the amount of Rejuvenation Saiyan and Namekian do. No it's not. It's no different to Orange Gathering being Orange or Assisted Kamehameha being Freestyle. It's a further restriction in an attempt to justify what they're doing and lock off certain combinations. Namekian selectively rejuvenates from a Staple. Up to 4 cards at once. Without Banish After Use. No restriction of not Rejuvenating itself. I don't think Saiyan compares to that with exactly nothing worth mentioning as a staple. Closest you get is Saiyan Rescue. So you're saying all these characters would like to rejuvenate cards. But let's play a little thought exercise. Problem: We have a fair few characters that would really like rejuvenation of key cards to set off triggered abilities or general recursion. The only styles where this is anywhere near reliable is Saiyan and Namekian, both of which are exclusive. None of the styles these characters have access to can provide what they want. In Black it barely exists, Red only really does it to counteract some self destruction, Orange and Blue do it to reoccur some specific card types. Research: Blue also has a theme of putting cards back on the deck, such as Blue Positioning Drill, Blue Energy Overload, Blue Torpedo, Blue Rest, Blue Narrow Escape and Blue Crouch, all from Premier alone. This is a fair wack of cards. Finding: Placing cards on top of the deck isn't terribly different from Rejuvenation. Blue has a theme of doing this. Blue is defensive and healing is part and parcel of defense. Solution: Open up Rejuvenation to Blue. It already has a variation on it and this gives access to Rejuvenation for all characters.
  18. FanZ Set 10 - "Revelation"

    Majins have their own tag. Babidi may have Alien, unless they're fully ripping off Super's card game. So ah, yeah. This is from the person who does the card creation for Fan Z. Context is questioning the colour identity of this card: So. This is a thing. The last one is a very negative thing in particular. Why do we even have styles? What is the point?
  19. FanZ Set 10 - "Revelation"

    That's the thing. I love to rag on these people like the best of them, I don't think their design style produces much quality, but 8 and 9 were really good for Freestyle. Nothing that was an instant staple or format warping. This card is a really shit return to form and I don't like it.
  20. FoWCo TCGs.

    Dude. Words escape me. How the fuck does praying a child, in front of their father, constitute as a 'view'? It's disgusting behavior and the fact she basically defended this degenerate, in my eyes, makes her just as bad, if not worse. Fuck these people. I know, right?
  21. FanZ Set 10 - "Revelation"

    I don't understand why it's Freestyle. I just look at that effect and think to myself 'that's a Namekian or Saiyan card alright.'
  22. FanZ Set 10 - "Revelation"

    Previews Very Soon.
  23. FoWCo TCGs.

    >_> My friend doesn't know about this forum, so I guess it's safe to post here. He fits in this topic. He doesn't act inappropriately with people or the like, but he acts really creepy over young female characters. I very much doubt he'd do anything, but it put a huge rift in our tiny play group, as my best mate couldn't help but find it so creepy, he openly mocked him for it. Coupled with me having a melt down due to FoW's garbage tier developers and personal reasons as well as my friend being highly defensive of the mothership until he personally was burned, it basically split the group. Did I mention he exclusively plays females and hype decks? Even today he's the butt of a lot of my best mate's jokes. I don't think the person in question is dangerous or bad, he does seem to understand it's inappropriate, he just always does it. He's got Casters product on preorder, because of course he does. However, I don't blame FoW alone. This is a JTCG problem. Vanguard has it bad with Bermuda Triangle. Real bad. Always attracted people that fit this niche. Then we have YGO and it's fandom fawning over DMG. If I were to make a TCG, I'd be scared of female characters, only because I don't want this problem and them screeching for their fan service. I'm not against sexuality or anything of the like, just I wouldn't want to have to both deal with that type of person and have them give a bad impression of the type of people who play my game.
  24. FanZ Set 10 - "Revelation"

    I don't think it matters, personally.
  25. Dragon Ball Z OCG - Opinions?

    I just found out this was a thing. I knew there was a database for the old TCG under the name OCG, but I didn't know it was a full fledged thing that died with Pan Z's release. I have to admit, I like a lot about it from what I've seen. Rogue very liberally used, Level 5s galore, cards restricted to certain Masteries, damage seems scaled back and very little Endurance. The new stuff that isn't 'Best of Z' can be very unique and interesting. Even the template is nice. Colours are a bit garish, but it's nice. Same used for Retro's Virtual Sets. Did anyone play this? How was it in comparison to Pan Z, GT and Score Z? https://www.facebook.com/pg/Dragon-Ball-Z-OCG-143299595689043/photos/?tab=albums