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  1. I couldn't agree more, @The Bear. My gut reaction was that It looks like a fan-made expansion for Legendary: Marvel between the fonts and the symbols that trigger certain events. When DBZ died again and Meta-XXXTreme was introduced, my first thought was, "Eh, maybe I'll look it up on OCTGN once it comes out." Now, I'm just, "Eh..."
  2. Legends consists of a 45-card set pulling from the popular Bardock specials, as well as a subset called Reflections that will bring a MP stack for a character never before playable in Panini’s Dragon Ball Z game! Reflections will also bring additional support for characters that aren’t prominent in the current sagas covered by the game’s regular releases. There will be 2 new MP’s in Legends – Bardock and Chilled. They will each receive 2 powerful named cards, so expect them to make their place known in the post-Legends meta! There will also be 2 new Legacy MP levels for older personalities, and 4 new Ally cards. Discuss.
  3. I always thought the Saiyan Tragic Mastery from the OCG was good and not too meta-breaking if ported to PanZ: (You can't win by MPPV.) Your MP starts the game at level 2. Your Styled attacks do +2 power stages of damage and gain "HIT: Rejuvenate the bottom card of your discard pile." Another theme that I wanted to see was ignoring or punishing your opponent for using Endurance. Something like: Saiyan Onslaught Mastery: (You can't win by MPPV). Once per combat, you may destroy the top 2 cards of your Life Deck to change the HIT effect of an attack played from your hand into an immediate effect. Whenever your opponent would use Endurance against one of your attacks, you may gain anger equal to that Endurance amount. Whenever your opponent Rejuvenates a card, raise your anger by 1. You could probably drop the last sentence to give MPPV back.
  4. "Fine, you baby. We'll cut off your other arm and both legs to fix this 'perceived' arm growth 'problem.' Happy now?"`
  5. Why not just freeze Unleashed for an event or two to see if it destroys the game or not? The game's dead, and no one (should) be making money off of tournaments, so what's the harm? The thing that still blows my mind is that Panini went out of their way in Set 1-6 to make drawing cards/card advantage difficult to obtain without banishing cards (outside VTP and Saiyan Grab). Then, in Set 7, they design an MP explicitly able to gain card advantage with no drawbacks.
  6. I used them recently. The card weight is marginally heavier than a standard PanZ card, but the difference is indistinguishable once sleeved. The proxy image was a little bit darker than Panini's as well, but that could have just been an error on my part when I edited the image. While they have a couple of options to upload images, I found it was easiest to use their downloadable Photoshop template. I created a layer of black as a background, dragged the card image into that PSD, and did a transform effect on the image until it fit their frame. After that, I turned the black background layer on, to cover up any discrepancies. It's not a two second process, but the final product turned out pretty well.
  7. I generally do a 20/20/20 split on a first draft: blocks/attacks/misc (Drills, Allies, Setups, DBs, etc). From there, depending on the MP, Mastery, and win condition, I retool those numbers.
  8. I'm pretty sure you have to hit, and you have to have changed levels prior to resolving the HIT effect.
  9. I like Pikkon quite a bit, but yeah, Future Gohan dumps on everything. Honestly, while it might be "bland" game design, Future Gohan should have just had Pikkon's ∞ effects, only referencing Powers instead of Events (and probably change his level 1 to a HIT effect). You're still punishing Power use, but it doesn't completely blank strategies (Turles) or make it a do nothing game (everyone).
  10. I like Thunder Flash a lot, but I'm lukewarm towards Hyper Tornado. What has a lot of Rejuvenation effects besides Namekian? I feel like most of the other styles don't really do it, or they Rejuvenate specific types of cards (e.g. Orange with Drills, Blue with Allies).
  11. Is it me, or is the wording on those two messed up (or at least inconsistent), per typical Panini? On Bubbles, it says that "You may use this Power regardless of your MP's power stage" in the parenthetical. Is that referencing the shuffle parenthetical, the "discard & name a card" Power or both? On Gregory, can he use his parenthetical to Rejuv if King Kai is at 2 above?
  12. 1) Yes, you can have multiple copies of the same Setup in play at the same time. 2) You can have multiple copies of the same card attached to a personality, as long as there are no restrictions on the card in question (e.g. "You may only have 1 copy of Saiyan Rescue attached.") 3) Yes, you could use both abilities.