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  1. FanZ Set 10 - "Revelation"

    I wonder how far down the rabbit hole they're going to go with Traits. While most personalities are straightforward, I feel like arguments can be made for several MPs. Is Cell going to be just Saiyan and Namekian, or will he have Android as well? Will Gohan be Saiyan, Namekian, and Earthling? Is King Kai a God, or is he an Alien, or both?
  2. FanZ Set 10 - "Revelation"

    Dat Endurance, tho.
  3. Dragon Ball Z OCG - Opinions?

    I never played GT, but I really enjoyed the OCG. It was an extension of the Score game (MP Levels 4/5 and Masteries were optional, deck size had a range instead of a set limit) , so it was more in line with that than PanZ. The biggest change was how the combat step worked: Draw Step:You look at the top 6 cards of your Life Deck,put them back in any order, and then draw 3 cards. Non-Combat Step: You may play Allies, Dragon Balls, Locations, and Non- Combat cards face-up from your hand and leave them on the table. Power-Up Step: Gain Power Stages! You now power-up your MP and all your Allies by raising their power stages equal to their Power-Up Rating (PUR) found on their Personality cards. Declare Combat? If you are going to enter Combat, you must declare it to your opponent at this time and then go to the Combat Step. If you choose not to declare Combat, you go directly to the Rejuvenation Step. Combat Step: Prepare Phase: You and the Defender prepare for the fight by doing any effects that occur “When entering combat.” The Defender looks and rearranges the top 6 cards of his Life Deck and draws 3 cards. Alternating Attack Phases: You and the Defender now battle it out in alternating Attack Phases. You get the first Attack Phase to either attack or use a card power. Afterward, the Defender gets an Attack Base to attack or use a card power. This goes back and forth until you both pass in back-to- back Attack Phases. Then, the Combat Step ends. Rejuvenation Step: First both players discard down to 1 card in hand. If you skipped the Combat Step, you may choose to have both of you take the top card of each of your Discard Piles and put them at the bottom of each of your Life Decks. As you might suspect, being able to check at the top 6 each turn made it pretty easy for control decks to run amok. There was a dark period where Orange Tactical Mastery ruled the scene, and it was more or less a race to Caught Off Guard Drill to shut off your opponent's Drill tech. Regardless of that, one neat thing was that there were tournaments that gave prizes like being able to create an MP or a card. There was also a League, where you got points for doing certain things (playing with an "Underdog" MP, using one of the less popular masteries, etc.), and you could use those points to also create things like new Named cards or even TIAWT-level staples (with an insane amount of points). I'd love to have access to that game in OCTGN again. I think I still have the files for each set of cards, but I don't think the overall game file works anymore. I can't imagine that it's much different from the PanZ one, but maybe someone could show me the ropes to reinstate that as a game?
  4. https://fanztcg.wordpress.com/2017/09/30/introducing-dragon-ball-z-revelation/ The new set is called Revelation. The release date is November 15th, with previews starting October 15th. The biggest news is that MPs will now be coded with traits. For example, Kami will have the God and Namekian traits. Traits will determine special effects available to specific MPs, like this recoded Blue Terror (to be unfrozen for the FanZ variant: For MPs without the God trait, Blue Terror is just a vanilla energy attack. However, God characters get to use the search ability. Discuss.
  5. Set 10

    About two days ago.
  6. Set 10

    Any word if this is still happening? I haven't heard anything in a while. Though, to be fair, my interest in FanZ is more or less academic at this point, since my locals dried up almost instantly when Panini shut it down, but I'm interested in continuations.
  7. Fan Z Winning Decklists/Gen Con

  8. What masteries would you like to see?

    Here are the rest that weren't already imported directly into or reworked for PanZ: Saiyan Suppression: ⚡ : When entering combat, you may draw a card and show it to your opponent. If the card is Styled, choose an opponent's personality in play to lose 4 power stages to a minimum of 0. Blue Discipline: ∞: Your energy attacks do +1 life card of damage. ⚡ : When you stop an attack with a Styled card, destroy the top card of your opponent's Life Deck. Namekian Impulse: ⚡ : When entering combat, draw the bottom card of your discard pile. If that card is Styled, raise your MP to its highest power stage. Namekian Remnant: ⚡: When you play or use a Styled card that has printed Endurance, raise your anger X levels. X = the card's printed Endurance. ∞: Your Styled Energy attacks do +Y life cards of damage. Y= half the number of PS you gained in your previous action, rounded down. Namekian Rush: ∞: Your non-Styled cards gain "(Banish after use)." ⚡ : When entering combat, draw the top card of your discard pile. ∞: Your Styled Attacks gain "HIT: Choose 2 cards in your discard pile and Rejuvenate them." Orange Amplified: ∞: Your energy attacks do +1 life card of damage and gain "HIT: Your opponent can't play a Physical Combat card as their next action." Orange Blitz: ⚡ : Twice per combat, when a Styled card effect shuffles or Rejuvenates cards from your discard pile, you may put one of those cards into your hand instead. ∞: Your Styled physical attacks without modifiers do +2 power stages of damage. Red Riposte: (∞: When responding to an opponent's attack, you may perform an attack to prevent damage equal to the damage that attack would have dealt, using any modifers that would be applied during your Attack phase.) ⚡:If you prevent all damage with a Styled card, you may use any HIT: effects on that card or raise your anger 1 level.)
  9. What masteries would you like to see?

    I was bored, so I "PanZ-ified" some of the masteries from the Old DBZ OCG, to serve as a jumping off point for discussion. Note: the vernacular may be off as far as what's considered constant or ⚡ , since there were not as many shorthands for mechanics as there are in PanZ. ************************************ Black Eclipse Mastery: ∞: Damage from your attacks can't be modified by your personality Powers or ∞ Powers Power: Once per combat, after performing a Styled Attack, search your opponent's Life Deck for a non-Dragon Ball card and destroy it. Power: ⚡ Your first Styled attack performed this combat gains "HIT: Destroy a Setup or Drill in play." Blue Blazing Mastery: ∞: Your physical attacks do +1 PS of damage for each Dragon Ball you control, to a maximum of +3. Your Styled attacks gain "HIT: Capture a Dragon Ball or lower your opponent's anger 1 level. Namekian Fusion Mastery: (Each level of your MP must be able to declare a Namekian Mastery. The level 1 and Level 4 must have the same name. All levels must have the same hero/villain alignment and are considered to be your Level 1's name for card effects.) ∞: Your card effects cannot draw cards or put cards into your hand. Power: Discard a card from your hand to use a POWER from one of your MP's personality levels (other than your current one). Orange Zenith Mastery: Power: ⚡ (Use when a Styled card effect banishes the last card from your opponent's discard pile): Advance your MP 1 level or shuffle the bottom X cards of your discard pile into your life deck. X = your current personality level. Red Maelstrom Mastery: ∞: Your Styled energy attacks that do not raise your anger cost -2 PS to perform. ∞: Your energy attacks gain "Choose a card in your discard pile and banish it. Choose a card in your opponent's discard pile and banish it." Power: ⚡ Once per combat, after paying any costs for an attack, you may make any HIT effects into immediate effects. Saiyan Animus Mastery: ∞: Your non-styled Setups gain "(Banish after use.)" ∞: Your non-styled cards cannot end combat. ∞: When entering combat, place a Setup in your discard pile into play. Power: ⚡ Once per combat, after using a Styled Setup, you may put a Styled Drill or Setup at the bottom of its owner's Life Deck. ************************************ I'll do some more later, when I have time.