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  1. Card ruling

    Correct, Broly's skill does not give you the option whether or not to choose 1 card from the battle area to place in the drop area.
  2. Card ruling

    I think the confusion came from it being a extra card, not a battle card, in the battle area.
  3. Card ruling

    Currently it can only be destroyed by awakened Broly's skill.
  4. Special Pack Set with Promo Vegeta

    I have only bought one special pack, but pulled 2 SRs from it.
  5. Combo Power Additions Lasting Beyond A Single Battle?

    The card is referencing itself. When you Combo with Boost Attack Piccolo, if your Leader Card is blue and your life is 4 or less, draw 1 card and add +10000 to Boost Attack Piccolos's Combo for the duration of the turn. Combos only last for the battle in which they are played.
  6. Set 1 Leader Card Rankings

    In no particular order. Tier 1: Vegeta, Goku (starter), Broly, Champa, Frieza (rare) Tier 2: Beerus, Goku (green), Gohan, Vados, Freiza (uncommon) Tier 3: Goku (blue uncommon), Hit, Captain Ginyu Blue: Vegeta, Goku (starter), Beerus, Goku (uncommon) Green: Broly, Goku, Gohan Red: Champa, Vados, Hit Yellow: Frieza (rare), Frieza (uncommon), Captain Ginyu
  7. First shot at Beerus

    Main Buu is a great card. Low cost with card replacement that can be used for a zero cost combo when needed. The 12 cost Whis is fool's gold at this point of the game. You will not be able to drop 12 energy in a game before you or your opponent win.
  8. First shot at Beerus

    I agree with The Bear. I run a mono blue Goku deck and Objection is a great card to speed up your energy drops, as long as you know when to play it.
  9. Supers per Box

    Pulled 7 in my box today: 1 Ginyu, 1 Broly, 1 Goku, 2 Beerus, 2 Hit
  10. Supers per Box

    I saw a opening video online where they pulled 6 SRs in their box. Like you said, should be an affordable and competitively balanced game.
  11. Awakening Cell is broken.

    Well this topic was good for a hearty laugh.