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  1. I didn't trust Panini the entire time. I sure as hell won't trust anyone else trying to capitalize on the DBZ license.
  2. Let's make DBZ into a dice game on motorcycles.
  3. I'll have to look into UFS, I have no idea what it is. If it can improve upon the downfalls of DBZ's current design, then I'm all for it.
  4. We are reaching that, and possibly for the better. We've looked at a ton of issues and identified a few that are just core to the game. I love the hell out of Z, but after seeing so many iterations, I'm confident that the repeated problems are inherent. Not that it couldn't be highly changed and still be the core game, but much of the core itself will be altered if it were to be rebooted as a new IP.
  5. Costs could work, but the entire game needs to be revamped in order for it to work. If everything had a powerstage cost, power stage damage would become too swingy and would need to be removed. The combat system would also be in question since the cards played per turn would significantly reduced.
  6. Getting rid of Namekian and Saiyan styles seems like the right way to go. Artificial is right, they don't really have their own mechanical flavor. Namekian controls anger and it's own deck, as well as mill. It's like the weird child of Blue and Black. Saiyan is combat focused and anger focused. It's just Red. A new reboot would also need to keep its color pie more aligned. Don't break or expand the color pie in the first 3 sets. Red drill theme was useless the ENTIRE game.
  7. Goku level 1 Premiere. The first card I looked at and was like, "What does Ginyu do again?"
  8. I think this is true because the DBZ following is well established and wants to promote tradition, but I think a larger audience outside of the established crowd would prefer a more interactive game. Of course, I have no clue how to do that, since the core of the game revolves around the combat system, and that very combat system is what promotes passive and uninteractive play. I think the principle of it could create an original new game however. Totally agree on the stack, chain, or some form of rules that cover the resolution of effects.
  9. This is the balance that no DBZ game has figured out yet. The more I retrospect on DBZ as a game, the more I think a new iteration needs to switch up the mechanics a bit. Compared to Yugioh and Magic, this game is just uninteractive. You have a brief opening to interact with the opponent, and with secondary effects, the best decks usually come down to generating anger or setting up a board that your opponent can't out value, meaning interaction is typically a one dimensional "lower anger" or just basic removal. I love the hell out of the game, but it only tends to appeal to the control player and has rarely found balance due to the non-interactive ways to outvalue the opponent.
  10. I think the inevitable conclusion is that DBZ is just a very un-interactive game. Like most games, the winning strategy is to deny input from your opponent so your game plan goes through. In DBZ you can do this VERY WELL. The best decks most often end up playing off of what they can guarantee: Anger or Inevitability, both of which can be done with limited interaction.
  11. It's necessary because it is aggro and tempo in this game. Seldom do we actually have enough force in beatdown to topple the inevitable control strategies that come to the forefront. It feels bad, but so does getting locked down and lose to attrition. MPPV puts a fast tempo on the format, and it's one of the reasons this game lasted as long as it did.
  12. We've hit rock bottom. It's really confusing at what the actual issue is.
  13. Tell him to get his shit together, you returned something you borrowed.
  14. There definitely won't be a lawsuit. You should've returned the cards to Ben since that's who you borrowed the cards from, and the rest is heresay. You can't control if other people are going to gossip or hold grudges or whatever. Literally it doesn't sound like you owe anyone apologies. Get out of this because it's toxic asf. Let them handle their relationship problems themselves.
  15. Control would've had an even easier time. The game would've had to had been designed around it from the start. Black Smoothness would've needed to be dealt with a lot sooner.