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  1. Let's talk: Oppressive Trunks

    I used to play L5R competitively back in the day, and one thing I learned from it was that Americans played more aggressively and focused on their own win condition. Europeans ran a lot more meta cards and focused on stopping their opponent from winning. Also seen it in other games. Maybe it's a cultural thing?
  2. Let's talk: Oppressive Trunks

    I haven't played too much with Set 10 yet with the holidays and all. Hope to fix that this week. But I feel like the mastery forces your opponent to enter in on you otherwise when you enter on them, they're screwed. I like that aspect of it because the Styles I've mainly played like Saiyan would get wrecked against decks with tons of board. And while I love this game a lot of the times, it was just drop non-combats and pass and wait for answers on my end. Very boring. Also, feel like DBZ players have never put more than 2-4 anger lowering cards in their decks in. There are a lot of good ones now so people should be running them especially blocks that lower anger. Lastly, probably the easiest fix would be to make Blinding BAU or make Trunks level 3 only grab styled attacks.
  3. I used it, and even foiled out my deck. RIP Black Tien.
  4. Fan Z Winning Decklists/Gen Con

    I used to have Perceptive Tien. Played it at Western Kai. Got Top Black and just missed the cut. If I had to rank Black Tiens, it'd be: Devious > Conflict > Perceptive.
  5. Fan Z Winning Decklists/Gen Con

    I played Black Tien. We had the opportunity to play for money but only one person wanted to. So take that for what it's worth. The atmosphere was pretty chill and fun except for when Coombs got salty when I beat his Radiant Slug. You know, because I got "lucky." Other than that, I enjoyed playing against all my opponents.
  6. Fan Z Winning Decklists/Gen Con

    I can't speak for the other people in Top 8, but I had played with Set 9 before. In fact, I have a Bardock deck that was tempted to play. However, I accidentally brought Nail in my suitcase instead. I thought I had a good chance of taking it. There was only one deck I feared and while I somehow beat it in swiss, I had to get paired up against it in Top 8. Oh well. Them's the breaks.