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  1. Side decks are for lazy players. I dont understand why out of all the games I've played, this player base is so hesitant to put tech cards in their decks.
  2. You guys STILL whining about Unleashed?
  3. I'm too lazy to post pictures, but the PDF turned out great. Unfortunately, I had to buy new ink. I also ordered proxies from that Facebook group so I didn't do it it color. But this will tidy me over for now and if I need multiple of things.
  4. I don't think it's that big of a deal. I already asked people if they have any when entering effects when they declare and I ask if my events are good when I play them. Those don't slow down the game so I don't expect this to. I also used to ask the same thing for Instant Transmission but no one plays that card. Although I did Top 16 with it when I ran it once.
  5. Every set people say, "it sucks" or "it's broken." Glad to see things haven't changed in FanZ.
  6. A general rule for blocks is approximately 13-16. However, it depends on the deck. If you're playing a defensive deck like Namekian, you'd run more. If you run blocking drills or personalities, you'd run less. And if you're aggro you can run less too. DBZ is different from Magic as there's no resource system. It's built into your MP and a lot of cards have no cost. I'm not sure what you mean about the curve of energy attack costs. As for anger decks. Running meta depends on your deck. In my Restored Cell, I ran about 10 anger lowering cards. Gohan or other Namekian decks only had Max Will but they had Ball 2 and ways to keep using it. Orange, Black, and Saiyan are probably the weakest to anger. It really depends on what type of deck you're running. Like Orange Yamcha has built in anti-anger, but running Energized Strike and one or two other anti anger cards aren't a bad idea. If you're playing against Trunks, you kind of just accept that he'll get off 1 with 1 card. You can also end combat against anger decks or only enter and hang onto cards with anti-anger in them. It's harder to answer questions and get a feel for the game when you're starting out because there's so many variables. You have to take into account your deck and what it's trying to accomplish and what it's weak to and adjust cards and gameplay accordingly. There's no sideboard and it doesn't play like Magic or any other game that requires you dedicating resources. Plus, you draw three cards every turn and discard down to one. Hoped my rambling helped.