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  1. Awakening Cell is broken.

    I actually think Enraged decks are auto pilot decks. Red Shoulder Grab + a lot of cards - opponent have time or a lot of blocks = win! Are mill Cell decks any good? I mill with his levels but it's just incidental. I feel like building a deck with just milling is too slow and boring. Sadly, I'm sure it'd be better than Wheelo.
  2. Awakening Cell is broken.

    I have no problem with Goku or Unleashed. I've also been running this Cell since the beginning and it's a Tier 1 deck and not broken. Of course, I didn't build the lame run all the blocks Cell decks. Those are incredibly boring to play against I don't understand how people play with them. Your problem seems to be more with the Namekian card pool, which is incredibly strong and annoying. I never had a problem against Goku unless they had the god draw and jumped up a few levels in one combat. I beat damn near all Blue Gokus when PanZ was alive. I think I only lost to the Blue Goku who got Top 4 at world's once in the times we played together. Most of our games were close. I find the weakness of Cell is being stuck at 1 sucks and getting rid of the allies while being at 1. Between Unleashed, anger and Draining Attack it's hard to be stuck on 1, but it can happen.
  3. Final CRD

    This was a horrible CRD. I feel like old masteries should be banned and rotated out. Not sure why some were OK to bring back and others weren't. Bringing some back and having restrictions on them is just cumbersome. Having drills with memory is just better for future game design. I feel like the CRD didn't take into account FanZ cards not that it should. Might have been better had it come out months ago. Also, as a Black Tien player, Devious while good, Conflict may be better. I'll have to test it with the new cards. I loved Devious for the buff and Perspective was OK, the fact is half of those masteries were blank since you didn't run too many styled attack cards. And sad that Solar Flare got both neutered and buffed. Sad days are sad.
  4. New FanZ CRD...

    Nope. I played Tien. I think I barely beat out Black Tao for it. He was seated two seats down from me and I won my last match.
  5. New FanZ CRD...

    I also had fun at Western Kai. While I got Top Black, I just missed the cut. It was great not to be judging since I did it in the last two regionals there. A lot of good vibes there for a "dead" game. I also find it amusing how people say they can't go play DBZ because of X excuses and wonder why some people have stopped playing. It's a self-fulfilling prophecy.
  6. Set 9 Spoilers

    What I mean by blocks being black's only good cards is that when there are actually choices and options when you pick blocks. Meaning they have a lot of good ones. They have maybe three good attacks, and really one has seen play in every deck. Although with the black cards shown today, looks like Black is getting better. With all the Oranges, if there's enough Blacks it may hamper their numbers a bit. Also, RIP Wheelo.
  7. Set 9 Spoilers

    The reason why I don't like the omni block is that it's very niche be it in MP or mastery, it doesn't have endurance, and it's effect is OK at best. To be honest, black has a terrible card pool. Probably even worse than Saiyan. The reason why Devious was so great was that it boosted all the non-styled cards that people ran and the few black cards you did run, you made them chuck a card. The one thing black does have is good blocks. They have great endurance and good secondary effects. I really wish the new black attack card could be run by heroes.
  8. Set 9 Spoilers

    While I love the picture, I have a feeling that the Black Omni-block will not see play. It's not good.
  9. Set 9 Spoilers

    Maybe there are so people that don't have a problem with Unleashed like me. If Unleashed were banned, it'd really just be nothing but Orange, Namekian, and Saiyan as they can get crazy amounts of anger. Saiyan would be the only one who can't win by MPPV if using Empowered.
  10. New FanZ Villian Vegeta lv1

    I've never understood why people think his Level 1 is bad. You can get off level one and unlike old Frieza 1, it doesn't require your opponent do something to you. It's not a good level but it's not the worst level either. Now, his level 2 on the other hand, is terrible.