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  1. When did I say anything was toxic? Please don't assume or try to put words into my mouth. It would just be more convenient for me to play online in hopes of finding more people to play against. Would be much easier to grow a community where it is easy to find people to play with / against. There is no one in my area that I know, of who play the game. I'm rarely home, so my suggestion for app was to make it convenient for those who are not able to be at home and something for on the go. Thanks for the asshole comment though.
  2. I really wish the property of the game would go the online route and have it so we can play on computers / apps, like Hearthstone. More and more games seem to be going this way and would be beneficial for player base so we can have tournaments etc. without having to go try and find a nearby place with 7-8 people tops at events. Bandai already has a tutorial app for the game. I hope at some point they expand it so we can play the entire game. I am fine if they charge for packs online, or have it so if you already purchased the card you can somehow register the card in app.