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  1. Best decks for this 3 please :$

    Goku black requires the promo black roses to really compete with the meta decks at all. But if you dont have access to them, then actually playing red/blue babidi ramp engine with goku black leader is pretty good. As far as hit, and broly go... Burn em lol. Broly is still playable but hand destruction with no ramp cant keep up with the meta amymore. The best broly decks are gonna rely on heavy board destruction and using bio warriors to create shenanigans. Kale is a center piece in the deck though, and shes the most expensive pack sr right now, and having the broly promos helps too. So yeah, if you wamt a dexk you can actually compete with then id say goku black, but try broly if youre not scared lol.
  2. Let's build a deck: Vegito

    If you want to play the vegito cards, just use starterku tri color. You can chain super saiyan gotenks, into lightning speed, into repeated force as early as turn 4.