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  1. Black Combo Question

    When I use the "Hit" effect of Black Combo to move an attached card to another MP, does the attached restriction apply? Example: I am playing Black Cooler and my opponent is playing Saiyan Nappa. I use Black Combo to attempt to move my opponent's Saiyan Clench attached to his MP to mine. Saiyan Clench has an attached restriction that says " This card cannot be attached unless the highest power level on your MP's Level 4 is 500,000 or less". Cooler has a higher power level higher than the requirement. What happens in this scenario?
  2. Set 9 printing problem.

    I have no idea... I think that the FanZ guys just develop an image from either photoshop or another image editor and save it under a default setting. Again, I'm not positive.
  3. Set 9 printing problem.

    Yeah I had the same problem. I ended up resizing each image to 825x1125 and then pasting them in a word document to print easier. I also edited the images to have the dimensions of a regular trading card. Here's a link to my print sheet.
  4. Kami Scenario Question

    So I came across a strange scenario while playing with Kami last night. There was a point in the game that I played Kami's Focused Beams and used its ability to give my opponent my Kami's Gaurdian Drill. Now the drill work on either side of the playing field if I am reading it correctly, but my opponent now "controls" it. I assume that "owns" and "controls" means two different things? If this is the case, can I use lookout drill to cancel out the effect of the guardian drill on my opponent's side? I also assume I can play another Kami's Guardian drill and pass it again giving my opponent two guardian drills even though they are styled?
  5. Mixing Dragon Balls?

    Thanks for the reference! I must have missed it when glancing through.
  6. Mixing Dragon Balls?

    Thanks for the quick answer guys!
  7. Mixing Dragon Balls?

    Could I build a deck with with both sets of dragon balls? Or can I run a mix? EX. playing earth db 1-4 and namek db 5-7 in the same deck.
  8. Chilled Ally Question

    This is how I read it too. Thanks for clearing that up!
  9. Chilled Ally Question

    The Chilled Ally states that cards cannot attach to personalities. I am curious if this only applies to cards after Chilled is in play and any previous attached cards are unaffected?