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  1. Set 9 Spoilers

    Eyyyy stage drain to 0! The dream of krillin physical beats lives on! It's genuinely a very handy card though, anger + NC hate + PS drain on a normal strength energy attack is pretty good. I reckon I'd use this in most Krillin decks unless I was really hyper-specialising in a tactic.
  2. Set 9 Spoilers

    Actually, I quite enjoyed the concept behind Masked. It was problematic in that blind defense is no fun whatsoever and was just a gamble rather than strategy, but I'd love to see it reworked. Perhaps something like Decoy where you are basically performing two separate energy attacks over two Attack Phases (this would require skipping an opponent's action I suppose) and only one of them can be stopped, so your opponent is gambling on whether the first or second will be the big significant attack or not, but I dunno. I just like the idea of sneak attacks thematically and wish someone could find a nice way to make them work. Ugh. It's not that this is a bad MP, but does it really have to scream "HEY I'M FOR BLACK STYLE ALSO REMEMBER THAT TIME SCORE MADE A BARDOCK MP PRETTY COOL RIGHT?" I mean, why the always looking at opponent's hand? Bardock had like... 3 premonitions, none of them were about the immediate future as such (certainly not within the timeframe a Combat step would conceptually occur in) and the whole point was that he wasn't able to do shit about the things he saw. It was his punishment, not his advantage. Seeing you opponent's hand is a lazy cop-out for trying to integrate the visions Bardock had. I'd have just stuck with the named card and made it able to view but not change anything. Might even include in the power that you can't use effects to discard/alter opponent's hand to reinforce that "trapped in a fate he can see but not prevent" thing. Anti-Black Bardock as it were. Good on them for having the balls to make him a villain MP though. Eh. I like it as a Tenshinhan named card, the effect is pretty cool, but what? Thematically, it's a mess, the Solar Flare was never a self-harming move like the Kikoho and never dealt damage, it was a utility thing. I'd have preferred to see it as some kind of Event or just an uncosted/1 stage cost attack with maybe a bit more utility in it. Now that we're in an era where anyone can make cards and potentially get traction for their use, at least in their local area or with friends, designers need to step up their game thematically as well as in gameplay terms, I feel. It's a big pool of options now.
  3. Hmm, there's definitely some interesting ideas being bounced around here, having them as "side of game" cards like Masteries never occured to me. I think I'd like to have seen some ideas tested for PanZ or FanZ certainly, I'm less concerned with it making things convoluted than some, since I think this game is often a little too basic at times anyway. Making sure that they differ enough from Allies/Drills to be justified is the sticking point I see. Invoking movement of some form would definitely make them stand apart, it's just whether the ideas would work cleanly I suppose.
  4. So we all know that in the old Score game the Battlegrounds/Locations introduced in the Androids set were problematic at best. Generally only City in Turmoil or Winter Countryside were ever used and you always had to keep them in mind when building. I think there's been enough former discussion that a loose concensus was that the card type didn't integrate well. Had PanZ tried to introduce them, or if a theoretical 3rd revival ever does, is there any way they would work and be an engaging mechanic within the game instead of just being a handful of polarizing cards or was the idea mostly unworkable from the start?