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  1. Mira Black/Green

    After looking threw stuff this is my first shot. Haven't tested it yet. i will state this is not my concept and i would like to try to work off this. Leader: Mira Battle: Dimension Breaker Mira x3 Mira, From the darkness x3 Absolute attack Mira x2 Relentless destruction Mira x2 Trunks, Power overseeing time x4 Time Patrol Trunks x3 Supreme Kai of time, World's protector x4 Chilling terror Android 17 x3 Hidden Awakening Kale x4 Unstoppable Ambition Super Sayian Caulifia x4 Sayian teamwork Cabba x4 Trunks, Bridge to the future x4 Extra: Dark Plot x3 Create Android x4 Speedy Surprise Attack x3